[Indie Rock] Caveman – Caveman (Album Stream)

Caveman - In The City

New York indie rock group Caveman will release their self-titled sophomore album next Tuesday via Fat Possum. We’ve already heard “In The City” and “Over My Head” — both such lush, richly-textured, well-paced and patient tracks — and now we’ve been treated to the entire album, thanks to NPR. Check it out below, as well as a new track that the band recently released called “Where’s The Time”.

Stream Caveman’s Caveman album here.

Wheres The Time
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[Electro Pop] Carousel – Another Day

Carousel - Another Day
Another Day

It’s not quite April yet and the flowers are still waiting to bloom and burst with color, but we all know that Summer’s just around the corner. We can smell it in the air, feel it on our skin, and with breezy, love-tinged electro-pop tracks like Carousel‘s “Another Day”, we’re already daydreaming about and yearning for those long, sunny, hot July days. So hit play, tune in and let’s start the countdown to that fun, sizzling season.

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Laura Mvula
That's Alright

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Classixx - Holding On Jerome LOL Remix
Holding On (Jerome LOL Remix)

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[LP Review] This Town Needs Guns –


I first got turned on to This Town Needs Guns years ago. I fell in love with their track “Want to Come Back to My Room”. The love song is often a trite thing, but TTNGs’ track was something that moved me: it captured the complex feelings of heartache and longing while creating an amazingly elaborate instrumental effort. I was impressed and remain so today upon reviewing

The album blends together with all the predictable elements of a TTNGs album: outstanding technical expertise blends together underneath a soothing lead singer’s crooning. Intricate drumming, bass lines and guitar riffs blur together into an ultimately listenable album of lullabies, easy listening jams and will-be indie rock classics.

The album begins with “Cat Fantastic,” starting with succinct drumming and guitar riffs while the lead singer drifts lyrics about “tan lines and red wine,” giving a dreamy French Riviera feel to the first track. “Left Aligned” brings a beat structure that demands a patient listener who is well rewarded for the effort: the drums, guitar and bass create an intricate tapestry at first that fades to a lullaby before emerging back into a complex indie song. “+#3 Awesomeness Repels Water” provides a stomping good rock song with all the characteristic TTNGs intricate guitar work blended with simple percussion.

The entire effect of the album is a dizzying, dazzling and impressive feat of instrumental precision, drifting lyrics and attention to detail that makes it an immediately identifiable This Town Needs Guns album. Although this band may not be for the casual listener, it rewards the enthusiast with some incredibly complex and enjoyable tunes. Listen here!

This Town Needs Guns
Cat Fantastic
This Town Needs Guns
Havoc in the Forum
This Town Needs Guns
Left Aligned
This Town Needs Guns
2 Birds, 1 Stone And An Empty Stomach
This Town Needs Guns
+3 Awesomeness Repels Water
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Alt-J – Dissolve Me (Fryars Remix)

Fryars - Dissolve Me

London’s Benjamin Garrett, aka Fryars, injects woozy, busy effects and electro-soul flavor into the track “Dissolve Me”, originally by Alt-J. The remix makes us look at the song in an entirely different light and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t impressed. Check it out below, along with Fryars’ own excellent, soulful piece “On Your Own”.

Dissolve Me // Alt
J (Fryars Remix)
On Your Own
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Paper Diamond & Christian Rich- XIX feat. Angela McCluskey

paper diamonds xix
Paper Diamond & Christian Rich
XIX feat. Angela McCluskey

A sensual and downbeat experience you will not want to miss. Bonnaroohas just premiered a free download of Paper Diamonds new collaboration with LA Based production duo Christian Rich and featuring the Scottish vocalist Angela Mccluskey of Telepopmuzik.

Filled with glossy undertones and a palpable rhythms, “XIX” delivers a more exotic sound than we have seen from Paper Diamonds.

“XIX feat. Angela McCluskey” is from The Forthcoming EP Paragon releasing Date April 16, 2013

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