Tegan and Sara – Closer (Video)


Once the holidays come around, it’s as though they never leave. All the work days in between feel painfully slow and arduous, and the omnipresent scents of pine and gingerbread are torturing teases. So what’s the perfect Wednesday cure? Spanx, a 90s-era house party and an überinfectious synth pop jam. Thank you, Tegan and Sara. Check out the video for “Closer” above, stream the track below (because it’s so good it deserves multiple listens), and then mark your calendars: the duo’s new album Heartthrob comes out January 29th.


For the full story behind the video, SPIN’s got the scoop here.

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[Indie] Yellow Red Sparks – Monsters With Misdemeanors

Yellow Red Sparks is an indie/acoustic act born in the Midwest, but now based out of Los Angeles with hints of Fleet Foxes and early Nada Surf. The band, led by singer-songwriter Joshua Hanson, is quiet, humble, but filled with enough warm-blooded passion to thaw through even the coldest heart. They stun in the simplest ways, make music that’s beautiful in its subtlety. Take for example Hanson’s voice — it doesn’t soar or do curvaceous tricks, but its inherent tremble and crack speak volumes of emotion. Cozy up to “Monsters With Misdemeanors” tonight, you won’t regret it.

Yellow Red Sparks
Monsters With Misdemeanors

Yellow Red Sparks’ self-titled debut album comes out January 29th via Org Music.

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The Warehouse Project feat. Diplo, AlunaGeorge, Four Tet (Video by Yours Truly)


Known for their intimate, performance-based music videos, Yours Truly traveled across the pond to film a special 12-minute documentary on The Warehouse Project, the annual series of club nights in Manchester. It features interviews with artists like Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar, Skream, Diplo, and more. Seeing as we’re fans of all those artists (and the Project itself), we considered this a must-see video.

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[TMN Exclusive] Grandtheft – We Run Dis

Grandtheft has been grinding out some trapped out bangers lately. Most recently teaming up with Diplo on a massive remix of Calvin Harris‘ and Florence Welch‘s track “Sweet Nothing”. But this time we got a reggae-infused tune with vocals from Phillip Frazer and Bunny General, mixed with grimy dubstep breaks and a heavy 808 beat. The vocal chops are what really make this tune, big ups to Grandtheft on this one. Make sure to find the biggest speakers possible for this filthy track. Cheers.

We Run Dis
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[Indie Rock] Incan Abraham – Springhouse (Video)


“Springhouse” is like an exploding kaleidoscope — vibrant, fluid and bursting with colorful, captivating sounds. Take one listen to the track and immediately Incan Abraham‘s musical textures might call to mind the grandeur of Grizzly Bear, the quirkiness of Yeasayer and the wild spirit of Local Natives. These newcomers from Los Angeles recently put out a music video, directed by guitarist Teddy Cafaro along with Jack Johnson, and just yesterday celebrated the release of their EP. This band is certainly one to watch, so don’t sleep on ‘em!

Incan Abraham

Springhouse EP is out as a 10-inch via JAXART.

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[Electro Pop] Lovelife – The Fourth Floor EP

Originally from the UK, but now residing in New York City, Lovelife make that kind of lush electro pop whose feel-good vibes seem to wash over you gently and persuasively, wave after wave, until you finally give in. Their newest collection, The Fourth Floor EP, boasts four pretty tracks, synths all sparkling and aglow, which you should check out on this sunny afternoon. The standout song, “Your New Beloved,” is below. Listen to the entire EP here.

Your New Beloved

The Fourth Floor EP comes out December 17th via National Anthem.

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[Groove] Soul II Soul – Back to Life (Follow Me Remix)

Over the past few months the productional duo hailing from New York, Follow Me, has quickly become a favorite here at TMN for their unprecedented ability to transform soulful R&B classics into sensual deep house tunes that infectiously spread good vibes. This time, Follow Me is back at it again with an absolutely fantastic remix of Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life (However Do You Want Me”. Accentuating the vocals of the original with deep bass, meticulously crafted melodies, and whimsical space-age synths, this remix truly is a work of art. It is one thing to remix a classic but few possess the vision and talent that Follow Me demonstrate; reworking the original to sound as if it were an original production of the highest caliber. As to be expected the duo gave this gem out for free so jump over to Facebook, show this duo your appreciation and snag a copy of this track here!

Soul II Soul
Back To Life (Follow Me Remix)
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