[Future/Melodic-Trap] Kimbra – Settle Down (P A T H Remix)

Settle Down (P A T H Remix)

Sometimes it seems the most forward thinking talent within the electronic and dance communities keeps getting younger every year. Such is the case with our latest find teetering on infancy, 16 year old beatsmith P A T H, who has taken Kimbra’s pop hit “Settle Down”, and completely flipped the tune on its backside. P A T H plays with sound kits and structures most teenagers wouldn’t dream of going near, which makes his take on electronic music all the more intriguing. A metallurgic synth lays most of the framework for the young maestro’s revision, while a pitched down take on Kimbra’s sweetly drawn vocals, splice about P A T H’s soundscape creating an impressively intoxicating atmosphere from the onset. We’re definitely excited to see where the future takes our newest wunderkind, but you can be sure we’ll be staying on top of it here at TMN.

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Outside Lands 2014: 10 Acts to See Before 3PM [Event Preview + Playlist]


With the inevitable shenanigans that occur during preparation, it can be difficult to get to a music festival in a timely manner. As a result, its fairly common for festival-goers to miss out on acts that play early in the day. While headliners rarely disappoint, there’s something incredible about discovering an artist for the very first time during a live performance–a mutually beneficial exchange between artist and fan. The first few hours of a lineup provide ample opportunity to do so without compromise often producing some of the most energetic shows of an event.

Outside Lands is coming up on Friday, and we’ve decided to do our best to compel all our ninjas to make it to Golden Gate Park early this weekend by highlighting 10 acts worth seeing before 3PM. In creating the list, we found that there is certainly no shortage of artists, both established and up & coming, that we’re excited for during the first few hours of each day. If you can’t make it in early, don’t sweat, because at least a few of these bands will be headlining festivals themselves soon enough. Check out the playlist below and we hope to see some of you at OSL this weekend!

Day 1 (08/08):

Night Terrors of 1927 (Noon, Panhandle Stage)

Sounds like: Brooding, dark pop bringing together powerful emotions on either end of the spectrum.

’Night Terrors of 1927 – Young and Vicious’
’Night Terrors of 1927 – Dust and Bones’

Aer (12:45PM, Twin Peaks Stage)

Sounds like: A sunny blend of hip-hop, alternative rock and a splash of Sublime.

’Aer – Feel I Bring’
’Aer – Won’t Laugh’

Run the Jewels (2:15, Lands End Stage)

Sounds like: Hardcore hip-hop with counter-cultural commentary.

’Run The Jewels – Banana Clipper feat. Big Boi’
’Run The Jewels – Get It’

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[Melodic House] Susie Suh x Robot Koch – Here With Me (Bearson Remix)

Susie Suh x Robot Koch
Here With Me (Bearson Remix)

Sometimes the best time to listen to music is the moment you open your eyes to start your day. After sleeping for hours on end, our senses become vulnerable to the stimuli surrounding us; it’s as if we experience new sensations each and every time we shed light upon our dormant minds. With that said, it is crucial that you choose a song to feed your soul the energy it needs to flourish from here on out.

As we browsed SoundCloud in absolute silence, we stumbled upon one of our absolute favorite melodic house producers, Bearson. The Norwegian artist took our spirits to new elevations with his last release of astronomyy’s, “Nothin’ On My Mind”, which had us floating in the clouds for a solid week and a half. Well ninjas, just a few moments ago, Bearson unleashed the next wave of emotions on the world with his newest remix of Susie Suh and Robot Koch’s stunning track, “Here With Me”. Once again, Bearson flooded our sensory receptors with pure melodic melotonin and sent us soaring above the universe with this stunning number. As soon as we pressed play we were instantly drawn in with the tranquil synths, the wavey vibes, and an angelic voice that sent us into sensory overload. There is such a thing as too many feels and Bearson seems to have a knack for giving us too much of a good thing.

Make sure to get your free download today so you can soar above the clouds whenever you please.

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[Synth/Dance-Pop] Mansions on the Moon – Somewhere Else Tonight

Mansions On The Moon
Somewhere Else Tonight

With So-Cal alt-pop troupe Mansions on the Moon‘s debut LP release right around the corner in October, our anticipation has been piquing towards the group like never before. A few weeks back, the tasteful pop purveyors dropped the first single from the album, “Don’t Tell”, and today they’re back with the latest offering from their impending self-titled long player: “Somewhere Else Tonight”. Whereas “Don’t Tell” rode a more subdued dance melody, “Somewhere Else Tonight” feels much more aimed towards the dancehall than almost anything we’ve covered from MotM in the past. Their cadence rides more agile and quick than most anything within their library thus far, feeding on an expansive synth and perhaps our favorite vocalist in the entire indie landscape to bolster the tune’s entire sonic atmosphere. Speaking about “Somewhere Else Tonight”, the crafty ensemble of skilled musicians stated: “We wrote Somewhere Else Tonight during our first few months in Los Angeles.  The chorus was inspired by our move from East to West Coast .  After we wrote the verses, the lyrics became a metaphor, not only for getting out of one’s comfort zone but also for returning to a childlike, imaginative perspective towards mundane everyday life.” That inspirative vibe is absolutely felt with every kick, clap and synth stab contained in this four-minute pop stride, so do yourself a favor and feel it above.

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Le Castle Vania
Nobody Gets Out Alive Part II

Holy shit, ninjas. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in our Resident Artist for May, casually talking about the sunny summer months that lied ahead. Well, as it seems to go every year, summer is passing us by without so much as a glance, and will soon leave us wondering why the hell it’s already so cold out.

As we look into the final weeks of summer, it’s important to remember two things. One, there are still a few weeks left for your warm-weather debauchery. Two, Le Castle Vania is going to close it out like it’s nobody’s business.

Few artists can electrify a stage, bringing endless energy, showcasing what is ultimately a culmination of years of experience. This Hotlanta-based recording artist, DJ, and label owner does so with ease, bringing hard, relentless, and unforgiving electro styles that have a rock-infused edge to them. With an original sound founded in razor sharp synths and driving basslines, this storied artist has carried through years of an evolving scene, always maintaining a unique presence and a defined sound.

Starting back in ’06, LCV was asked to remix “Black Eyes,” his fellow ATL-musician kin Snowden’s track. After tagging the name Le Castle Vania in association to the remix, the name once associated with the 1986 video game was about to have an entirely new identity associated with it. Fast forward to just a few months ago, the world was left wide eyed and ready to dance as he dropped his debut EP, Phrophication, on deadmau5‘ mau5trap label. With that in the rearview mirror, LCV’s fanbase had only a quick window to catch their breath, as Feels Like Fire came out a few short months later.

Hitting a lengthy stride, Dylan Eiland, seems to be charging ahead with no intention of letting his foot off the gas. We couldn’t be more excited to be showcasing him all month long during this thrilling time in his career. Stay tuned with us all month long as we feature everything that is Le Castle Vania.

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[Soul] AstroZu – Sungod ft. Tusks

AstroZu Sungod ft. Tusks
Sungod Ft. Tusks

This week seems to be dragging along and not really moving as fast as we’d like. AstroZu and Tusks team up to give us this soulful treat, and the slow pace of the week just got a lot better. “Sungod” is probably the most soothing track to hit our inbox all week, and we’re ecstatic to share it with you. It may come off as an odd warning label for a track, but try not to eat turkey before this one… The combination of AstroZu, Tusks and the tryptophan from the turkey will make you drift away. We all know you have a busy week ahead, so we wouldn’t want that!

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[Swoon] Nick Hakim – I Don’t Know

I Don't Know

As if pre-destined for major motion pictures, “I Don’t Know” possesses an undeniable charm that makes us want to give up music blogging, instead looking to a career in screenwriting. In an enchanting progression through this five-minute, cinematic musical journey, we can’t help but think of a drizzly day on the streets of our nation’s capital.

Nick Hakim is back, and he’s brought his glorious voice with him. In this latest release, out today, this DC-based crooner has pulled out all the stops. With a haunting bassline, light flicks of the guitar and an eloquent twinkling of the ivories, this story comes to life. The instrumentals are more than enough to hook our minds and hearts, Hakim sends us into another world with his sometimes smokey, yet always refined vocals.

If you’re looking forward to the fall months and the chilly weather that accompanies them, make sure to bookmark this page. This tune begs for a glass of something stiff and some grey, rainy weather.

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