[Indie Rock] Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat

“Heartbeat,” the outstanding single from Kopecky Family Band‘s first official full-length album, Kids Raising Kids, was recently unleashed into the musical universe. My guess is this clap-driven single is only a small taste of the gritty yet smooth rock n’ roll to come from the Nashville sextet who, by the way, was voted as one of the top 20 bands of 2011 by Paste Magazine. While you wait for the debut record to drop on October 23rd, kick it with frontman Kelsey Kopecky and the gang here — although they are not literally familial, I’m sure they will welcome you as a long lost cousin — ’cause “Heartbeat” will make you feel right at home.

Kids Raising Kids
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[Experimental] Crystal Castles – Wrath Of God

After releasing “Plague” back in July, Crystal Castles have finally decided to tease us with their 2nd installment, Wrath of God”, off their forthcoming album III. This time around, the Toronto duo lead in with a dreamy and haunting intro before kicking into a synth heavy, four on the floor verse helmed by front woman, Alice Glass. If any of you are looking for accompaniment through your midnight frolic through a foggy and murky graveyard, search no further than “Wrath of God.” Download it below.

Crystal Castles’ III comes out November 4th on Fiction Records. Let us know your thoughts on the newest single and what you’re looking forward to from the album in the comment section below.

Crystal Castles
Wrath Of God
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[Hip-Hop] Lupe Fiasco – Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1

Fresh off the release of his 3rd album, Lasers, early last year, Lupe Fiasco expressed his frustration with the project, essentially claiming to possess a love/hate relationship with the project. Many of his fans felt the same way. While the same politically-charged messages still remained in much of his music, many of the songs lacked the impact of his previous records and felt entirely forced at times. Considering the lengths his dedicated fans went through to even get the album released (seriously, how many fans of other artists would stage a protest to get an album released?), it just seemed like an utter disappointment to have an album delayed for that long that didn’t quite live up to expectations once it finally dropped.

For those fans who were disappointed with Lasers though, Food & Liquor 2 serves as a restitution of sorts. Two mixtapes and two albums later, we finally have a true sequel to Lupe’s legendary debut album, representing a return to classic Lupe form.  The reemergence of Lupe Fiasco is established early on through one of the album’s standout tracks, “Strange Fruition,” which he ends with a coy taunt simply stating, “Hello evil, I’m back.” The album does start out in much the same way as the original, with his sister, Ayesha Jaco, performing the poetic intro that provides a landscape for the rest of the album. You may have also noticed the subtitle to this album is The Great American Rap Album.  Contrary to what you might expect though, this album is by no means a celebration of America, but instead a condemnation of what’s wrong with it.

Lupe Fiasco
Strange Fruition Feat. Casey Benjamin
Lupe Fiasco
 Unforgivable Youth Feat. Jason Evigan
Lupe Fiasco
Form Follows Function

Read the rest of the review & stream more tracks after the jump… Continue reading

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[Dubstep] Bon Iver – Woods (Zeds Dead Remix)

Dreams can come true. “Woods” from none other then Bon Iver gets a sexy dose of wobbles from Dubstep heavyweight Zeds Dead. We were recently blown away by ZD switching it up and remixing Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs track “Household Goods”. This track is another step in that same direction, taking Bon Iver’s vocals and propelling them into bass heaven. It features some catchy 8-Bit mixed with low and heavy wobbles that blend together flawlessly. Zeds Dead completely murder this remix, showing again how versatile their productions can be. Cheers.

Bon Iver
Woods (Zeds Dead Remix)
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Native Daughters’ War Elephant:This One’s a Keeper!

When the post metal band ISIS disbanded, I was heartbroken. My friends tried to introduce me to other potential love-affair bands—Pelican, Russian Circles, Old Man Gloom. I was flattered, but I wasn’t ready. I mean, they’re cool bands and I do enjoy listening to them, but not on that level. They just weren’t my beloved ISIS. I almost gave up hope. Then came Native Daughters…

I may finally be getting over my heart break, because I’ve got a little crush on Native Daughters! The five piece band (two guitarists, a bassist and two drummers) offer lots to listen to, and to fall for, in this album.

“War Elephant,” the track which the album is named , contains a nod to influential post metal bands like ISIS and Neurosis by showcasing a slightly Old Western sound: The song opens with a brief narrative by what sounds like an old cowboy, spinning a story about a dream he had about being on horseback on a snowy pass, before launching into the music. The song moves the listener from twangy guitar riffs to crushing throbs of electric fury all carried by intricate, interlacing tribal drumming from two percussionists.

Native Daughters offers a little variety in other places of the album. “The Glowing” starts off with an uplifting excerpt from a speech about human consciousness, then builds a triumphant song with top shelf drumming and twinkling, high note guitar riffs that remind the listener a little of Explosions in the Sky and Red Sparrow. In other tracks like “Special Sauce,” Native Daughters provides a more feel good melody that reminds the listener of a more accessible Don Caballero.

Although Native Daughers may be still finding their musical identity throughout their debut album, their soul searching is natural for a freshman effort. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to their existential search!

In summation, Native Daughters a keeper; the kind of post metal band you can bring home to Mom and Dad: That is, if mom and dad don’t mind a little head banging!

Native Daughters
Native Daughters
The Glowing
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Star Slinger – Ladies In The Back feat. Teki Latex

After releasing the more high-impact “Take This Up” a few weeks ago, Star Slinger has decided to take it down a notch with his latest single “Ladies In The Back”. Featuring French vocalist Teki Latex — whose singing is more of a robotic, hypnotic speak-talk — the track is far more laid back than we’re used to from Star, but nevertheless is a strong piece. Bits of his signature style can still be heard here, which, coupled with the song’s swagger, help convince us that this relaxed approach is most definitely worth trying out.

“Ladies In The Back” will be included on an EP of the same name, due out November 26th via Star Slinger’s own label Jet Jam.

Star Slinger
Ladies In The Back (Feat. Teki Latex)
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[Progressive House] Cookie, Norman Doray, NERVO – Something To Believe In (Original Mix)

French producer Norman Doray is back again with a new release, this time collaborating with Cookie and my favorite Australians NERVO on “Something To Believe In”. With crisp production and excellent progressions, “Something To Believe In” is a song that resonates with the ’90s style house, with simple, yet powerful vocals, and classic piano stabs. But this song is still very 2012, with the strong lead synths and arpeggiated melodies that characterizes the progressive house genre as we know it. It is well worth a listen, and does not disappoint.

Norman Doray & Nervo ft. Cookie
Something To Believe In (Original Mix) Out Now on Spinnin Records

“Something To Believe In” was released this week on Spinnin’ Records and can be purchased on Beatport.

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