Josh Heinrichs – Set Fire To The Rain feat. Stick Figure (Adele Cover)

Josh Heinrichs, former frontman of Jah Roots, puts quite the twist on Adele’s “Set Fire To Rain”. He not only wraps it in his unique, muscular croon but the ballad gets a lively breath of real reggae grooves. The cover, which was produced by Stick Figure, does not lose its passion, however; its slow, slightly dramatic bounce alongside Heinrich’s aching vocals still makes for a more than convincing love song.

Set Fire to Rain (Josh Heinrichs)
Produced by Stick Figure
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HOHME – Our Reason (Nervo x Special Features x Hook N Sling)

Anyone that loves the eccentricity of Madeon will surely enjoy this amazing new mashup by HÔHME, a promising producer from Brooklyn NY. Devising a delicious cocktail with Nervo, Special Features, and Hook N Sling, this mashup packs quite a punch, topping the charts of Hype Machine for a couple of days now.

Our Reason (Nervo x Special Features x Hook N Sling)
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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – Dog Pound (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)

Mac Miller has been keeping his buzz steady on the interwebs with each newly leaked track. Recently he teamed up with Waka Flocka Flame to drop some heat and a new sound with the DJ Dani produced single “Dog Pound”. This chill, laid-back tune is not only enticing with its haunting background vocals and smooth drum rip, but definitely unexpected from the usually turnt-up rapper Flocka. Both emcees come correct over this organic beat. Although this track will not be featured on Miller’s upcoming effort, it is available as a free download. Check it below:

Dog Pound (Ft. Waka Flocka Flame)
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[Live Show Review] Gramatik – Denver, CO

All three artists who took the stage Saturday night had something in common; they all had fallen in love with music at an early age. Using his undeniable ear to mix and mash parallel sounds, Mux Mool started the night showering the audience with an electronic shockwave. For Mux, he found his sound in a sampling keyboard when he was a kid. For Talib Kweli, he found his echo from the Afrocentric rappers he heard and met in high school. Talib took to the stage with a mesmerizing voice showing the audience how strong one voice can be. His unquestionable ability to rap at a sharp pace left the audience captivated.

The man has had funk, soul, blues and jazz running through his veins since he was a little boy, literally. Gramatik’s mother used to find him sitting in his older sister’s room listening to the radio captivated by the music he heard. From there his love for music only grew and he was making his first beats by the tender age of thirteen. Today, Gramatik is one of many talented and admired artists found on the Pretty Lights Music label. His passion for the sounds and his dedication to #digitalfreedom makes him one admired artist and that admiration is shared by the copious amount of fans that showed up to hear Gramatik’s addicting beats.

Besides throwing the crowd into a frenzy with his ever moving musical talents, Gramatik also introduced his new stage/light design called the Tesla Coil, which resembled a giant set of electrical wires that threw light and beats with every wave from Gramatik’s fingers. The combination of the lights, a live electrical guitarist, and Gramatik’s simulating jazz, funk and hip-hop sound were nothing short of an unforgettable experience. Thank you for sending the music pulsating through my and every other audience member’s veins.

Fist Up

Illusion Of Choice
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[Indie Pop] New Navy – Regular Town

With the inevitable cold weather creeping just around the holiday season, some of us can’t help but wish for a resurrection of summer heatwaves. Arriving just in time, however, is a new and aestival tune by New Navy, indie band from a tiny beachside town in Australia. Much like their hugely successful track, “Zimbabwe,” “Regular Town” features jangly percussions accompanied by a ukulele resulting in a cheery rhythmic beat that will light up even the gloomiest of days and moods. Reminiscent of Bahamas‘ “Caught Me Thinking,” this song is bound to bring on relaxing and summery vibe.

New Navy
Regular Town
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[Fresh] Daft Punk – Emphazed

Fake or not fake…..that is the question. To be completely honest it doesn’t matter right now, but this shows some light at the end of the tunnel. This could be off their upcoming 2013 album, we’re not sure yet; nonetheless it’s a funky tune featuring an infectious melody with flawless pitch bends on catchy and uplifting chords. Whether this is Daft Punk or not, is up to you. Cheers.

Daft Punk

via Indie Shuffle

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[Hip-Hop] Wiz Khalifa – Bluff (ft. Cam’ron)

As he prepares for the release of his sophomore studio album, Wiz Khalifa recruits Harlem veteran Cam’ron for the latest glimpse into the anticipated project. “Bluff” carries a light, hazy feel with Wiz’s most recent staggered flow accompanied by a strong, gritty verse from the leader of the Diplomats. Per usual, Khalifa’s melodies are on point as well.

The releases from O.N.I.F.C. thus far have been of high quality and diverse styles, offering hope for any loyal fans who may have been put off by his debut. Stream below and make sure to grab the album when it drops on December 4th.

Wiz Khalifa
Bluff (ft. Camron)

Bonus: Check out and download this loose cut released earlier this week featuring Taylor Gang signee and legendary member of 36 MafiaJuicy J. We Trippy Mane!

Wiz Khalifa
Gone (Ft. Juicy J)
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