[Indie Rock] Bad Suns – We Move Like The Ocean

Bad Suns
We Move Like The Ocean

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock as of late, you’re probably familiar with the tremendous trajectory Woodland Hills based Bad Suns have been on. That’s right, these guys are pretty much on fire right now, and while we’ve already been fans for quite some time, “We Move Like The Ocean” has us shaking our heads saying, “No, no, no! Don’t stop a rockin’.

Dated Simpsons jokes aside, this newly released single is a piece of indie-rock mastery, infusing classic post-rock undertones, beckoning on such classics as The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen and Joy Division. Featuring a playful, waivering guitar section, some electronic elements, and a solid pop-rock structure, “We Move Like The Ocean” is an indie-rock ballad worthy of your summer playlists.

Dropping on their debut album Language & Perspective (June 24th), you can pick this tune up, along with three others, by pre-ordering today.

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Q and A with Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


Following the release of their second album, The Speed Of Things, Detroit born and bred indie pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have begun making a name for themselves for something beyond, well, their name. Quirky yet accessible, polished but never bland, Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein have found the sweet spot between pop sensibilities and uniqueness, expanding their electronically-tinged hooks and dynamism just enough to keep things interesting without abandoning their comfort zone, deftly outmaneuvering any possibility of failing prey to the dreaded sophomore slump. The Speed Of Things changes gears often, shifting between exuberant choruses, love poem sensitivity, introspective melancholy and conversational assertions, but never stops moving forward through the swirling melodies and smooth vocals.

Joshua Epstein

Joshua Epstein

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. recently packed Chicago’s own Metro with a sold out crowd, their largest ever outside of their hometown. Epstein’s colorful world map jacket and Zott’s curly hair tied into a ponytail on the side of his head were framed by flashing J’s and R’s sidestage as they opened up the set with “Hiding,” singing into a disembodied phone receiver and thrusting fists in the air with every “Hey!” The solitary incandescent bulbs attached to each mic stand illuminated intermittently, seemingly signaling new ideas realized mid-lyric, while each half of the duo dutifully took their turn leaping into the crowd to lend credibility to their synth-infused single “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor).”

TMN: Congratulations on what was your biggest ever show outside of Detroit to date! How does it feel?

It’s an amazing feeling to have people in another city show up at all, so to have a record crowd made it even more special.

TMN: How have you been enjoying the tour so far?

​It’s been the most successful and most fun. That’s a good combination.

TMN: You brought your dog Potato on stage during the show. What’s it like bringing him along? How does he like it so far?

​It’s actually Josh’s dog, but yes, he’s been incredibly well behaved. He brings a lot of joy to the bus and helps us keep things in perspective.

TMN: I understand you recently did a benefit concert to raise money for a sick child. Can you tell us a little bit about this? How much of a responsibility do you feel artists have to give back to their communities in ways like this?

​Alex is a kid who recently discovered he had brain cancer. His family got nailed with a huge bill and we were just trying to help out. It was a really fun day with him and his family. Being in a band is full of self-centered moments. You spend most of your time trying to make people care about you. So, it was good to spend a day thinking about someone else.

TMN: So I have to ask, what’s the story behind the name?

​We wanted a name that wouldn’t restrict our sound. It’s so outrageous that it gives us freedom to sound like anything we want.

TMN: Will your children carry on the legacy as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Jr.?


TMN: Is Dale himself a fan?

​He is. He says so in a video on tumblr via fox sports.

TMN: I understand you started the band rather casually without many expectations. Do you believe art is always best created with spontaneity? Is your process more calculated now that you’ve found success?

​There’s a good mix of both. In order to finish any good idea you need to have vision and execution which is more calculated, but spontaneity is good for coming up with ideas and changes.

TMN: You both seem to split frontman duties 50/50 more or less. How does this work? Is your songwriting process the same?

​We are finding our roles more and more as we grow together. We never plan for it to be perfectly split, but it does seem to balance out.

TMN: Many people consider indie pop to be a bit of a contradiction yet you guys blend the two worlds perfectly. Do you consider yourselves to be more of one or the other? How do you find balance?

​We are just trying to make pop music in the old sense of the word. We’d like to make a popular song that has some substance to it.

TMN: How has the Motown style popular in your native Detroit and the presence of legends such as Jack White influenced your music?

​Greatly. There is pride that comes from being from Detroit. You respect the history and feel responsible for the future. Makes us work hard at writing good songs.

TMN: You recently made a hip hop mixtape, can you tell us a little about that? What inspired such a side project?

​It has been a dream for a while. We really like making beats and producing other people’s tracks. It was a way for us to let people know what we can do.

TMN: I heard Paul Simon worked on your new album in some capacity, what was that like?

​It was wild to get his thoughts. He didn’t just have general thoughts either. He gave some recording tips that really worked well for War Zone.

TMN: What’s next for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.?

​I need some lunch.


Photos by Andrea Calvetti

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[Drum & Bass] Kove – Way We Are

Kove Cover

To be released on 22nd in the UK and the 24th June for the US, the incredibly versatile Kove delivers his next single via Chase & Status’ MTA Records. Another opportunity to display his effortless production style, ‘Way We Are’ is a sun-kissed slice of bassy House. Featuring the crystal clear vocals of Melissa Steel, the track has hints at old school rave tunes, with its use of piano chords and bouncing rhythm. Accompanying the original comes a Dub Mix, which gives the track’s Jungle-inspired elements another showcase, an Extended Mix and a spirited 174 Mix.

Having risen to attention via his mammoth dance floor tearing drum and bass, Kove stays true to his roots and also releases ‘Liberator’ on the flip. It’s a surging piece, with rapid and explosive drum patterns and a shimmering melody.

Flourishing in every style of production he attempts, Kove is most certainly an artist to keep an eye on. This pair of tracks are an essential additions to any summer playlist. Time to dance! Pre order here.

Way We Are feat. Melissa Steel
Way We Are feat. Melissa Steel (174 Mix)
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[Hip-Hop] G-Unit – Nah I’m Talking About

Nah I'm Talking About

After a surprise performance at last night’s Hot 97 Summer Jam, the original members of G-Unit (minus Olivia, plus Kidd Kidd) have given us their first new track together in recent history. Despite rumors of beef and a few unpleasant interview remarks, 50 CentLloyd BanksTony Yayo and Young Buck reunite over the Hit-Boy produced HS87 cut “Grinding My Whole Life,” transforming it to “Nah I’m Talking About.” To our surprise, and delight, it absolutely slaps.

Although my dreams of an all-out 50 and G-Unit comeback have been repeatedly shattered over the last ten years, I can’t help but think about how the rap game might have been different had they kept their momentum from 2004 going for just a few more years. It is unlikely that this is the start of their return but hopefully there will be a few more songs where this one came from. In the meantime, enjoy this blast from the past and check out the stream of 50’s upcoming album, Animal Ambitionto help nurse any remaining G-Unit withdrawals.

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The McMash Clan – Birds Sing EP

Birds Sing Art

Dropping at the end of last month on Circus Records, The McMash Clan‘s ‘Birds Sing’ EP has garnered a wealth of praise across the bass scene. The 3-man production and DJ group are known for creating hugely versatile material and  this collection of work is no exception. With a groove-filled, down tempo remix of their track ‘Jericho’ from Dodge & Fuski, other collaborations include the title track with band Late Day Breakers and orchestration and vocals of ‘Requiem’ arranged by Kate Mullins.

This EP quite simply takes you on a musical journey through the realms of bass – exploring Drum & Bass, down-tempo and Reggae-tinged Glitch Hop. Each track is effortlessly catchy and produced with inimitable style – a real essential addition to any collection and I look forward to hearing more from this trio.

Grab a copy of ‘Birds Sing’ here.

Birds Sing (feat. Late Day Breakers)
Shadow Dance
Requiem (with Kate Mullins)
Jericho (with Million Dan) (Dodge & Fuski Remix)
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[Indie] Bahamas – All The Time

Bahamas Music
All The Time

Once again, we’re reminded how easy it is to fawn over Finnish-Canadian singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen, better known to the masses as Bahamas.

Dropping off of his upcoming album Bahamas is Afie (due out August 18th), “All The Time” is a delectable single that flaunts a perfect blend of both charming folk style and modern song-writing appeal. With a backdrop of some crunchy guitar chords that casually mingle with light and airy fingerpicking and a simplistic percussion pattern, this song is a beautiful way to cure the blues we’ve all been experiencing during this two year hiatus.

If you’ve seen Bahamas live, you’ll definitely appreciate this song in particular, due to the stellar solo Afie laid down. If you haven’t seen Bahamas live just yet, know that you’re in for some unique and eye opening guitar work, amongst finding yourself swooning over his every word and some nonchalant comedy in between songs.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #87

chill dojo

When it comes to selecting tracks for our Chill Dojo playlist, there are a few instruments which can instantly grab our attention, and the pan flute is one we have a very soft spot for. Add to that superb sax, magical female vocals and a groovy beat and you’ve pretty much sealed the deal. If you happened to catch this feature on Felix Jaehn’s ‘Shine’, there would be no surprise in seeing it top the list for this edition. Together with countryman Freddy Verano and the songwriting prowess of Linying, this combination of musical perfection is the perfect way to get summer started. Matoma sat atop last week’s playlist, and true to our predictions he is back in no time at all with that Norwegian sound we just can’t get enough of. This time he’s gotten together with his friend Nelsaan to craft an uplifting tribute to the John Mayer original. The song may be about free falling, but the hype behind this artist is only going to continue as each release consistently outdoes the last. Once we’re on that tropical vibe, it’s really hard to shake, so we’re going to keep that going with some bright summer disco courtesy of That’s Nice on the remix of this recent Keljet release. Whether it’s a huge pool party or a quiet outing with friends, this track is built to be a weekend anthem and the fuel to your good times. Sweden’s Tobtok has featured in the Chill Dojo for this same reason plenty of times before, and he is back once more with another piece of smooth paradise in his latest remix of ‘Catch’. Tropical soundscapes and uplifting vocals seem to be the theme of edition #87 so far, and there’s plenty more sweetness for your ears where that came from.

Next up it’s Bono’s turn as Belgian producer Henri Pfr and Chicago’s Kiso forge a U2 remix whose power goes far beyond the lyrics alone. This edit is pure feels, wrapped in a bed of floating chords and care-free feelings. Lana Del Rey’s lyrics usually go down a different route of melancholy, but as always we love to hear music which can flip all expectations on its head. That’s exactly what we have hear with Stint’s take on ‘West Coast’, stripping back the brooding  original to reveal a cheery side you wouldn’t see coming. Complete with whistle solo, this is all kinds of chill, the likes of which we haven’t heard before. And speaking of new directions, we are loving how Austrian DnB duo Camo & Krooked have been expanding their musical repertoire into a more laid-back style of late. Their remix of the Klangkarussell original puts their refreshing liquid sound on full display, and we’re looking forward to seeing plenty more of this in the near future.

But that’s only scratching the surface of what is on offer this week, so make sure to dig all the way down to discover all the treasures we’ve got for you here. Peace out.

Chill Dojo # 87 zip

Felix Jaehn
Shine (feat. Freddy Verano & Linying)
Matoma & Nelsaan
Free Fallin Tropical Mojito Remix (John Mayer Tribute)
Keljet ft Mereki
Run This World (Thats Nice Remix)
Kill Me Softly feat Jane Elizabeth Hanley
Catch (Tobtok Remix)
With Or Without You (Henri Pfr & Kiso Remix)
Lana Del Rey
West Coast (Stint Remix)
Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)  CAMO & KROOKED REMIX
Floating Point
Evoke & Bijou
Louis Futon
Sir Rock
Chandelier (Night Cruise Bootleg)
☆  H o n e y b e l l ☆
Down, B, Up, B
Foolin (Basenji Remix)
Chop Bowl
LAGOON 。◕‿ ◕。
Red Milk
Its You (with TastyTreat)
Obey City
Fallin (Merlot VIP)
Last Lynx
Curtains (Dinnerdate Remix)
The Twins (Patrick Baker Bootleg)
De Hofnar & Dennis Kruissen
Ayo Technology (Bootleg)
Kyla La Grange
The Knife (Equator Club Remix)
Cosmic Quest
Water Winds (Female Remix)
Love (Keljet Remix)
Once Again (Layzie Edit)
Sevyn Streeter Ft. Chris Brown
It Wont Stop (Manila Killa & Hunt For the Breeze Remix)
Ellie Goulding
Starry Eyed (MaxxWell Q Trap Remix)
James Deen
Her Pretty Face
Freddy Winter X Sampha
Too Much (REMIX)
Milo Mills
I Need You
Foolish feat. Ryan Ashley (Tom Misch Remix)
Saturday on WB
Omapa ( J LOUIS ) FLIP
Shore (Original Mix)
Sean Mackey
You Are The Sun (Original Mix)
Floating Cloud
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