Birdcage Chain

The excitement around our musical ninja dojo couldn’t be more palpable as we just might have found a future prodigy. MURAMASA, whose name derives from the famous Japanese swordsmith Muramasa Sengo, founder of the Muramasa school, is equipped with equally as sharp technical capabilities to create complex musical structures in the world of trap music.

If there is one thing that the dance scene is consistent of, it would undoubtedly be its cyclical nature of grabbing founding principles and taking them over the edge. Dubstep is a clear example, where in the last 2 years creating the most aggressive and weighted basslines produced the best of results. And if you follow its evolution, the post-dubstep era is soon changing from all the unnecessary and uncontrolled “bro-step” elements and rolling back to a more sensible and technical place that echos its very origin.

And this is why we strongly urge everyone to pay attention to this promising 16 year old producer. While he has nothing to do with dubstep (not yet anyways) it is his purified view of what trap music means to him that makes Muramasa a fresh new standalone act. The balanced layers of both bass and harmony, the progressive and controlled nature in his music almost comes out as poetic if it weren’t so BOSS. Trap, once dismissed as just another experimental bass genre, is gaining a lot of popularity and the milestones of its evolution can easily be witnessed by experiencing what Muramasa is bringing to the table.

Muramasa will be releasing a self-titled EP on April 2nd and today we have for you a signature track from the four track complication that serves as a representative to not only the EP as a whole but to his very movement he is creating. “Birdcage Chain” exhibits all the expressive nature of a typical trap single yet it is submerged in simple but substantive technicalities that are like nothing we have heard before. Play a preview of the song below as we all wait for the official release coming next week.

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[Stream] CHRVCHES – Recover EP

CHVRCHES - Recover

Scottish synth-pop group CHVRCHES have released their new Recover EP this week via Glassnote Records. But just in case you remain unconvinced by cuts like the shimmery one above, the band’s made the entire four-track collection available for streaming pleasure.

Stream CHVRCHES’ Recover EP here.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] J Majik & Wickaman – Lift Me Up (Guzzla Radio Mix)

J Majik & Wickaman ft. Kate Loveridge
Lift me Up (Guzzla Remix)

Gah! We love us some garage here at TMN. If you ever want to see a blogger pop and lock across the office floor, just give us a two step beat and driving bassline. Well kiddos, that’s exactly what we have for you today. J Majik and Wickaman’s DnB track “Lift Me Up” has gotten a little facelift by Guzzla. While there’s little to no information out there on this UK remixer, we’re happy he showed his skills on this energetic, uplifting vocal gem.

The remix will be featured on the “Lift Me Up” package, which will be released on 7th April via Infrared Music. The guys also have an LP in the works which is set to drop in a couple of months, so keep an eye out for that.

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Phoenix – Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

Phoenix - Entertainment (blood orange remix)
Blood Orange Remix

Talk about a remix. Blood Orange — aka Dev Hynes, aka the mastermind behind such hot pop tracks as Solange’s “Losing You” and Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” — has totally flipped the newest single from Phoenix. The smooth, synth-poppy “Entertainment”, in the hands of Hynes, becomes a velvety R&B jam, complete with tingling piano, a groovy bass, and a very real late night ’80s-classic feel. Considering the transformation, it’s a pretty stellar, stellar remix. Check it out.

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[Show Review] Dillon Francis – Boulder, CO

Nicky Romero Ft. Nervo
Like Home (Dillon Francis Remix)

For a guy who started off making music in his parents guest house, Dillon Francis has come a long ass way in the past year exploding onto the music scene with his catchy, body dancing sound.

Taking the stage in Boulder on Thursday, Dillon’s bright white hair and his pearly white smile beamed as he gazed around the many fans crowded into the Boulder Theater. And then, the beats began. Dillon has such a stage presence about him, he’s always rocking along with his music, smiling and singing along with the lyrics in his remixes. He was right to take the huge risk on music and it is paying off one hundred times over. The crowd was constantly moving, girls were screaming at the top of their lungs and many fans were finding themselves lost in the lights and the captivating rhythms. Dillon dropped his new remix of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” which added even more catch to the already catchy song. Dillon has the ability to take any song and put his own charm into it. Thanks for the smiles Dillon, keep rocking that sunshine hair, just makes you that much brighter.

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[R&B/Soul] Tuxedo – Tuxedo EP


It looks like the comeback of Justin Timberlake‘s got everyone stepping their soul game up. After Robin Thicke reemerged last week with his brand new single, “Blurred Lines,” mysterious soul group, Tuxedo, has also decided to show off why they’re better than any old “Suit & Tie.” Rumored to be a collaboration between Motown crooner Mayer Hawthorne, and industry veteran Jake One, Tuxedo is a godsend for enthusiasts of the smooth and funky. Although the EP is only three songs deep, it has just enough flavor to keep you satisfied. Starting things off with the hip-swinging, finger-snapping “Do It,” the EP soon proceeds onto the classic West Coast rhythms of “So Good,” before finally winding things down with the slowjam, “Get U Home.” The EP is definitely worth a listen the full way through, and we look forward to learning more about the identities behind this enigmatic group in the coming weeks.

Do It
So Good
Get U Home
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2013 Round #4)

There’s plenty of dead space in life to drive a person mad. So, keep somewhat sane and fill up the silence with some Indie from the Dojo today and for the remaining future Tuesdays of this lifetime

Logan Vath
Better Man or Ghost
Tall Tall Trees
Waiting on the Day
Vance Joy
The Mariners Children
In My Bed
Shes A Keeper
Happiest Hat in the Hat Shop
Brendan Losch
Son Of A Gun
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