[Hip-Hop/Soul] Paris 96 – Afternoon

It isnt uncommon for friends in the industry to collab and make some genre-crossing music. From Talib Kweli and Res (Idlewarship) to Kanye and Jay, the pairing of talented artists usually turns out to be an even better collaboration. Following suit is newcomer to the game, Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London and his long-time friend James Boykins III. The duo, titled Paris 96, make their debut with a new, smooth single “Afternoon”. The Xaphoon Jones produced seductive tune blends the intricate hip-hop/electro style of the Brooklyn emcee with the smooth, alternative vocals of Boykins over a hazy electronic groove. Fans of their previous works “Life of a Lover” and “Cold Pillow” should definitely check out this new cut and expect to hear more when their yet untitled EP drops in April.

Paris 96 Afternoon
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Selebrities – Everywhere (feat. Erika Spring & Lissy Trullie) (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

There is so much awesome girl power — Selebrities, Lissy Trullie and Erika Spring — on this cover. Couple all that female talent with an ’80s hit from a classic act like Fleetwood Mac and there’s really no reason why this could possibly go wrong. It doesn’t, it gets it 100% right. Live the ’80s like it’s today, alive and well.

Everywhere (feat. Erika Spring & Lissy Trullie)

Free download here.

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[Indie/Electronica] Carnivals – Kindness

Floating melodies give way to gritty rhythms in what sounds like a recording in an aquarium. “Kindness” is no doubt an auditory adventure and is something which might fit the mood if one was springing from the bottom of an ocean abyss — a sensation of a progress forward. Carnivals prove adept in finding middle-ground between contemporary indie-psych-rock and ambient. What results is a trippy and equally catchy track.  Part of a two-track release, “Kindness” is merely a month old and is best served with its counterpart, “Swallow the Sky.”

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Daughter – Love (Zebra Safari Edit)

Daughter has the ability to bare open the emotional core of every song with her somber yet reflective vocals that echo a diary entry of an open heart. “Love”, the closing track from The Wild Youth EP, remains to this day one of the most profoundly connecting tracks of her repertoire. Seeing someone remix a Daughter original always makes me cringe a bit as far few can give its deserved justice. However, back in 2012, producer Synkro released a soft and delicate edit that complimented “Love”‘s original structure, dragging the track out to a much deeper place. Today, Swedish duo Zebra Safari take this same edit “a few steps further” incorporating trip-hop elements wrapped around beautifully light strings that produce moments of pure zen.

Love // Zebra Safari Edit

Via Pigeons and Planes

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[Hip-Hop/R&B] The Black Opera – Queen of Hearts (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

In order to promote the release of their new album, The Black Opera let go of this illustrious single featuring the soulful stylings of Mayer Hawthorne. “Queen of Hearts” is a song about courtship, with the emcees providing insight to  the women of their dreams and how they plan to convert them into royalty. The smooth, mellow production is greatly complimented by Hawthorne’s delicate, fervent vocals. If you enjoy this one, make sure to grab the free download below and check out Libretto: Of King Legend out now.

The Black Opera
Queen of Hearts (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
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The collected and wonderful Montreal indie pop/dream pop band, Young Galaxy, are following their delightful first single ‘Pretty Boy’ with the surprisingly romantic new track ‘Fall For You’ off their forthcoming LP Ultramarine. Full of ecstatic echoing chords, uplifting gleaming vocals from the beautiful Catherine McCandless and a pulsating instrumentation, waiting for the official release on April 23 via Paper Bag Records just seems insensible.

Fall For You

Ultramarine is out April 23 on Paper Bag Records.

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[Album Stream] Autre Ne Veut – Anxiety

Back when Arthur Ashin, aka Autre Ne Veut, released the excellent electronic-R&B track “Counting” in November, we vowed to keep an eye on the New York musician. Now, we are here to report that his debut LP, Anxiety, is available for your total streaming pleasure (it officially drops February 26th on Mexican Summer/Software). Considering we’ve been waiting weeks and weeks for this, please excuse us while we find a dark, lonely corner and put this on loop.

Stream Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety here via Pitchfork.

Autre Ne Veut
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