[Rock] Tall Ships – Gallop


Over the past few months of electro and synth-pop madness, it’s felt as though rock has taken something of a backseat. Tall Ships are about to make all that change with their debut album Everything Touching. As the band’s second single “Gallop” proves, Tall Ships have a lot going for them – jaunty guitar riffs, Smiths-esque lyrics, you name it they have it – and this little beauty of a track should by now be firmly glued in your brain. Definitely one of 2012′s highlights, Everything Touching drops on October 8th.

Tall Ships
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Sub Focus – Tidal Wave feat. Alpines (Flosstradamus Remix)

Flosstradamus and Sub Focus are definitely two names that will make me listen to a track without even questioning it. Trap, while still in its infancy, has gathered a lot of momentum and while there are still people that are hesitant to validate the genre, here at The Music Ninja we have always been early adapters to the new sounds coming from the electronic dance scene and have loved every minute of it. Chicago producing duo Flosstradamus brings a new twist the Sub Focus ‘Tidal Wave’ transforming it into a trap anthem that already has recieved over 20k plays on soundcloud in less than 24 hours.

Tidal Wave feat. Alpines (Flosstradamus Remix)
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[HOT] Strange Talk – Cast Away

Australia’s own Strange Talk seem poised for the big stage. Their latest offering, “Cast Away,” is an epic electro-pop powerhouse of a single. And everything about it is huge: pumped up beats, glowing synths, and spot-on chorus hooks so catchy they’d make an arena shake. If this is just the first taste of their 2013 debut album, then consider us stoked.

Cast Away

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[Folk] Wickerbird – The Fold (Video)

wickerbird the crow mother

Watch Wickerbird‘s latest video for the elegiac and arresting, folk-spirited track “The Fold” and begin to understand the true beauties and simplicities of everyday life. Wake up in a gorgeous golden field. Bask in the sunlight of a warm summer morning. Breathe in the purity and crispness of Mother Nature.

Wickerbird’s new album, The Crow Mother, is out now. Get the entire thing for only $5 via Bandcamp. Believe us, it’s worth way more than that.

The Fold
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[Electronica] Rush Midnight – The Night Was Young Enough

Literally oozing cool is Rush Midnight, the solo project of former Twin Shadow bass player Russ Manning. His new single, “The Night Was Young Enough,” is a sexy electronic tune that’s suave, stylish and knows how to get down, but also how to rock out. A multi-layered track with many hallmarks of his previous band, it’s full of lively synths that reverberate and glow, a groovy beat that throbs and pushes, as well as funky bass and dizzying guitar lines that jump out from the background and take center stage for a few seconds. With this blaring out of the speakers, make sure to hit the dance floor and break out the slickest moves you got.

Rush Midnight
The Night Was Young Enough

Be sure to check out the newly released official music video for “The Night Was Young Enough” right here. The single appears on his upcoming debut EP, +1, out on October 30th via Cascine Records.

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[Indie] Taken by Trees – Horizon


I suppose this song matches the way your head feels when you meander into morning after a sleepless night. Thoughts are hazy and muddled. Your whole alignment is slightly off. “Horizon,” written and recorded by Taken by Trees for their upcoming sophomore album Other Worlds, is sprinkled with psychedelic off-pitches which clamor and reverberate around your head as if they are bouncing off the walls at the bottom of a wishing well. Get it together, ninjas. Victoria Bergsman is knocking. And she’s brought new music (since leaving The Concretes in 2006, she’s released albums under the Taken By Trees moniker; her last album was 2009′s East of Eden). Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out these other recently released tracks: “Large” and “Dreams“.

Remember! Other Worlds comes out October 2nd via Secretly Canadian. It’ll be a hoot.

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Band of Horses – Mirage Rock (Album Review)

Evolution, it’s a fact of life for a band trying to grow and push forward after being together nearly 10 years. Since first being recognized Sub Pop, an indie label based in their hometown of Seattle and one that’s spawned the careers of bands like Nirvana, Beach House and The Postal Service, the indie rock veterans Band of Horses have progressed through three albums, a major label leap to Columbia and even a Grammy nomination. They continue their journey on their latest album, Mirage Rock. Able to affect so many people in the past with their music, their success has also become somewhat of a double-edged sword: the expectations for this album were stratospheric. But they managed to deliver, just not exactly in the way we might have anticipated.

“Knock, Knock” starts off the record as an homage to Infinite Arms and the success that that album brought to the band. The lyrics to this song are as creative as ever, nearly leading the band to its victory lap, despite being the first track. Later, through a somber and acoustic Ben Bridwell, “Slow Cruel Hands of Time” begins to unveil an underlying theme of struggle. “Trapped for a moment / The sheriff’s department got the wrong guy / The town is revealed the lone / Visible winds through the fog” can be heard near the end of this ballad, perhaps conveying how difficult it might have been for Band of Horses to cope with their success.

Knock Knock

Slow Cruel Hands Of Time

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