[Indie] Fé – Turn Your Light On

Turn Your Light On

As 2013’s British summertime drew to a close, here at The Music Ninja we gave our first accolade to London duo and the burning summer song that was their accomplished debut. It seems that amidst the melancholic months, Fé have curated another piece of pathetic fallacy: the perfect seasonal soundtrack to accompany those wet winter blues.

“Turn Your Light On” swags with all the attributes of a euphoric anthem, but rather than reaching climax, it simmers in a demure and slow burning fashion. Consistently paced and beautifully spacious, a dulcet and impassioned tone overlays the unremitting melody that comes to fruition, rather than explodes, in the closing moments. Visceral vocals convey melancholia with convincing certainty, whilst the minimalist route allows “Turn Your Light On” to become both familiar and accessible after the first listen.

Fé’s enthusiasm for brightening and busking the underground carriages of London has cultivated a confidence quite evident in the fluidity and effortless nature of their work. Void of all exasperation and fraught effort, Fé conduct a meticulous lesson in the art of how to sound like you’ve made five albums already. Congrats.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaValentine’s Day. Love it, hate it or don’t give a flying rat’s ass. Whatever category you fall in, we’ve got something for you. A well thought out gift for your crush, a soundtrack to sit and wallow in your sorrows, or just a regular old playlist for your regular, non-hallmark created day. Enjoy.

Faces On Film
The Rule
Wolf Collage
Francis Lung
A Selfish Man
Ages and Ages
Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
Andy Fitts
Start Cutting
Owsey, Resotone & Jernalism
Sometimes It Would Stop Raining Long Enough For The Stars To Come Out
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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – Diablo (Prod. Larry Fisherman)

Mac Miller
Diablo (prod. Larry Fisherman)

Since donning the alias of Larry Fisherman late in 2012, we’ve been able to witness an imaginatively creative side of Mac Miller that many of us probably never knew existed. With every release, the Pittsburgh native shows tremendous growth and maturity as he tweaks and experiments with various new sounds, making for must follow material on SoundCloud. This latest effort may–in some ways–be his most ambitious to date, as he forges a seedy, almost hollow, dare we say, DOOM-esque piano driven instrumental. “Diablo” explores the inner workings of Mac’s mind as he gets in touch with his personal demons, utilizing his familiar stream of consciousness flow to precise perfection. We only hope there’s more where this came from, as we’re interested to see how Mac develops his sound moving forward.

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[Hip-Hop] Vic Mensa – When A Fire Starts To Burn (Freestyle)

Vic Mensa Fire
Vic Mensa
When A Fire Starts To Burn (Freestyle)

As one of the hottest names in hip-hop right now, it’s pretty evident that Vic Mensa‘s flame isn’t about to burn out anytime soon. Continuing along with that theme then, the Windy City spitter brings that same smoldering intensity to his remix of a “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” one of the standout singles from his tourmates Disclosure. Never failing to deliver quality bars, the SaveMoney representative steps up the tempo a bit to keep up with the pulsating beat, showcasing some surprisingly versatility as he lands some quick witted punchlines and even finds time to send some quick shoutouts to recent collaborators like Disclosure (obviously), Smoko Ono, Kaytranada, Rockie Fresh and Tokyo Shawn. Between this and last week’s “Magic” remix, it’s clear Vic has no problem with stepping out of his boundaries as he prepares for a takeover in 2014. It’s all just a matter of when at this point.

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[Visuals] The Glitch Mob – Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother)


After their long hiatus, the powerful Los Angeles trio, The Glitch Mob have returned full force with the sophomore release Love Death Immortality EP. In typical The Glitch Mob fashion, enthusiast of representing their music through vivid imagery (well documented in all their live performances), the group brings forth slow and semi-abstract visuals to their single “Becoming Harmonious” featuring the Oakland-based singer Metal Mother. The track oozes with seductive vocals wrapped around a grinding production, layered with darker undertones of aggression, nostalgic to their debut release Drink the Sea yet featuring maturity in sound.

The pioneers in electronic music will be releasing Love Death Immortality tomorrow, Tuesday 2/11 and are set to perform at Coachella, Gov Ball and headlining Ultra Fest this year.

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Camcorder – Push You Away [TMN PREMIERE]

artworks-000069207550-dabws9-original (1)
Push You Away

Hailing from Texas, now settled into the City of Angels, this dream pop three piece formed in 2012. Born out of a friendship between members Christian Leguilloux, Zac Casler and Kris Morris, this experiment from a tiny, unventilated rehearsal space in North Hollywood, churned out something quite spectacular.

After their debut EP, Summer Kills, released that December, this ensemble recently enlisted The Lonely Wild drummer Edward Cerecedes, and Kid Cadaver producer Frankie Siragusa to engineer and mix the recordings for their upcoming album, Presence.

Dropping today on The Music Ninja, “Push You Away,” is the first released track, featuring a delightfully familiar sound. Fusing a energetic blend of 90’s indie rock and shoegazey brit-pop, this fast-paced pop tune will have you singing along in no time. With frenetic guitar work and splashy cymbals, we’re already bookmarking this for our next beach party. That might not be for another six months, but we’ll have it ready when that time comes.

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Thunderbird Gerard – Hallelujah (Feat. Kenzie May) (Prod. Dan Dare) [TMN Exclusive Premiere]

Thunderbird Gerard
Hallelujah [Prod. By Dan Dare]

“Hallelujah” is usually an exclamation reserved for miracles, but after hearing this new single from Thunderbird Gerard, you might have a few new uses for the phrase. With his latest effort, the New York by way of London artist brings us a hauntingly hypnotic affair driven by repercussive synths and resounding bass. Labeled simply as “ill wave,” the multi-talented musician flexes his skills over the Dan Dare produced beat, laying down a few bars while also handling duties on the chorus. Gerard also gets some assistance from the lovely Kenzie May, who supplies her sweet vocals on a refrain midway through the track.

Fans in the UK will be able to catch Thunderbird Gerard as he tours with Rizzle Kicks through March, while those of us stateside will have to settle for this dope number for now.

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