[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #53

chill dojo

With week number 53 clocking over it almost feels like a new start, that is until you realise that every dojo brings something fresh to the table. Come check out our weekly specials below.

It all starts with Shoe Scene Symphony, a pair of talented producers from Southern California, and their unique take on a recent hit from Kaskade. ‘Atmosphere’ was one of the biggest tracks this summer, and is sure to ignite a ton of hard-hitting remixes with wild festival crowds in mind. However, these guys have captured the emotion of this song in a way far more powerful than any heavy drop. The pleasant electronic melodies and rhythmic percussion make for one incredible vibe that does justice to the polish of the original. And speaking of remixes, just when I thought I had heard enough interpretations of Goldroom’s  ‘Fifteen’ for one lifetime, J-Art & Madan have come out with another to make me fall in love with it all over again. It’s got a tropical flavour as you’d expect, but is still incredibly fresh through and through, with plenty of special touches to keep your head bopping the whole time. But now the time is right to get your whole body moving with another incredible groove from Aeroplane. This jam was made for setting dancefloors alight, and that bassline just can’t be ignored. Not a week goes by where Kaytranada doesn’t blow our mind with another future sounding beat, and this time it’s Azealia Banks getting the remix treatment from the master. It’s getting harder and harder to describe the constant magic he’s able to produce, but it’s also at the point where seeing his name alone in a post warrants an instant download anyway. Elevated, the first official release from incredible beatmaker IAMNOBODI is out soon, but to wet your appetite he’s dropped a preview with ‘Maputo Dance’. Sexy bass is always a winner in our books, and the man knows how to set the vibe just right with his silky sounds.

It’s been a very good week for chill music, simple as that. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #53 zip

Atmosphere (Shoe Scene Symphony Remix)
Fifteen (JArt & Madan Remix)
Wonderful (Aeroplane Remix)
Azealia Banks
Atm Jam Featuring Pharrell (Kaytranada Edition)
Maputo Dance
Just little
Gladys Knight
Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix)
Sean Mackey
Mountain Republic (SizzleBird Remix)
Bow Wow ft. Ciara
Like You (starRo remix)
Tajan & fwdslxsh
Hold On, Were Going Home (Kastle Remix)
Every Day Of The Week (Stwo Edition)
Good Night my Love (Joachim Pastor remix)
Vōssākōrv (Hemingway Remix)
Markus Spitta, Tom Odell & Fleetwood Mac
Dancing In The Rain (AA Everywhere Bootleg)
It Breaks Your Heart (Marv Remix)
Laid Blak
Lava (Timmokk Remix)
James Blake
I Am Sold (Stil & Bense Remix)
Nova Albion
City Streets (MyKill Remix)
Bostro Pesopeo
Cheer up
Le Roi Crocodile
How I Feel
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[NEW] Drake – Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 (Feat. Jay-Z)

Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 (Feat. Jay-Z)

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Drake‘s album has already managed to spring a leak (so I guess some things are still the same after all). Instead of boring you with our initial impressions of the project though, we’ve decided to give you a little taste for yourself, starting off with some “Pound Cake,” the closing track from the new record. Billed as a sequel to “Paris Morton Music” (aka Drake’s verse from “Aston Martin Music“), the elaborate single features a heavily anticipated verse from Jay-Z, who fits right in over the soulful, yet spectral instrumental. The distinctive track serves as a reflective moment for both emcees, while a vocal sample of Wu-Tang Clan‘s “C.R.E.A.M.” reminds us what the main essence of the song really is.

We’re curious to see how you guys think this stacks up against their previous collaboration, “Light Up,” from Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later. In our opinion, this song might represent the best material we’ll hear from Drizzy in 2013, but for those of you willing to wait to find out, make sure to grab a pre-order of Nothing Was The Same, in stores on September 24th.

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[Metal Step] Slayer – Raining Blood (Aylen Remix)

Raining Blood (Aylen Remix)

Gah! My inner 18 year old self is freaking out right now. “Raining Blood,” is inevitably one of the greatest metal songs of all time, created by one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Trying to tackle an electronica based remix of this tune is no easy feat. Thank god it’s Aylen taking it on.

Razor sharp synths carefully layered across break beats, accentuated by masterfully crafted samples make this remix one for the record books. Maybe I’m biased considering my affinity for metal. Maybe I’m biased considering my affinity for Aylen. Regardless of which, there’s no denying this is one bad ass remix.

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[TMN PREMIERE] The Weeknd – Live For (Vygr1 Remix)

Live For (Vygr1 Remix)

There’s nothing more exciting about being a ninja than introducing you guys to new artists. Today we’re spotlighting LA based, Denver born producer Vygr1 (pronounced Voyager). In this tasty remix Brad (Vygr1) has sliced and diced up the fourth song released off Weeknd’s sophomore album Kiss Land, featuring friend and fellow Torontonian artist, Drake.

The sexually charged RnB tune has been flipped upside down with meticulous sampling and a gorgeously orchestrated atmospheric soundscape. Rolling hi hat hits and smooth bass give this track a whole new ambient personality, creating something that’s worthy of a large set of speakers and a room full of people.

Press play and get introduced to Vygr1. It won’t be the last you hear of him.

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[Amazing] Arctic Monkeys – Hold On (We’re Going Home) (Drake Cover)

Arctic Monkeys
Hold On (We're Going Home) (Drake Cover @ BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge)

Shefflied born indie rockers Arctic Monkeys have been winning us over with each and every release reaching all the way back to 2002. We’ve been enamored with releases like “Do I Wanna Know” and “Mardy Bum,” with their guitar centric sound and iconic vocals from front man Alex Turner’s vocals. We just can seem to get enough of what these guys do.

Today we have a little something different for you. The guys performed Drake’s “Hold On” live on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. This love soaked tune received a rock makeover that only the Arctic Monkeys could pull off. Press play, and listen to Turner’s voice carry over airy guitar strums. It’s nothing short of spectacular.

I got my eyes on you, you’re everything that I see
I want your hot love and emotion endlessly
I can’t get over you, you left your mark on me
I want your high love and emotion endlessly
Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
You act so different around me
Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
I know exactly who you could be

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[Video] Drake – Too Much (Feat. Sampha) (Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Too Much (Feat. Sampha)

Drake took the stage last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in order to promote his upcoming third studio release, Nothing Was The Same. Instead of performing one of his many singles he’s already released however, Drizzy decided to premiere a brand new track, “Too Much” alongside Sampha. Dedicating the performance to his friends and family, Drizzy remained calm in front of the mic as the piano melody rolled to a start, with Sampha commanding attention with his gorgeous vocals. Drake seized control not soon after, delivering a savvy verse that exuded confidence and put on display his lyrical dexterity.

It may seem like a pretty bold statement to make after one performance, but this has to be the best song to be released from Nothing Was The Same yet (it’s definitely an improvement over that “Wu-Tang Forever” track at the very least). Look out for Drake’s album when it drops on September 24th, and peep the jump to watch him play charades with Jimmy FallonBlack Thought, and Scarlett Johansson, because why not?

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[Electronic] SBTRKT – IMO


I may have lied in my last post. This is the perfect way to cap off an excellent week of great material. Actually, I’m not even convinced that we’re done here given the amount of quality music that keeps streaming in by the hour. With SBTRKT currently working on his sophomore release, we’ve been given the opportunity to get a sneak peek of what to expect from the new project. According to the British producer, “IMO” is an unmixed/unmastered track from his recording sessions. That description seems somewhat daunting though, because if this is what his unmastered material sounds like, we have no idea what results to expect from his polished off releases. The hypnotic new single is compliment by equally stunning neon visuals which were crafted by Lorenzo Durantini. As excited as we are for this song, it does come with somber tidings, as this is dedicated to Jerome’s late brother, Daniel. Get lost in this breathtaking soundscape, and be on the lookout for

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