[Alternative/Hip-Hop] Theophilus London -Snow Angel ft Trouble Andrew

It woud be an understatement to say that Theophilus London is one of the more experimental and eclectic up and coming artists. With a unique flow, he seems to have the distinct ability to flow well over a wide range of beats. From trap to hip-hop to alternative rock, he is not afraid to reach outside the proverbial box of his “genre” and deliver some dope new music. On the 3rd week of dropping new material, the Brooklyn native teams up with pro-snowboarder Trouble Andrew on the track “Snow Angel”. This trippy and laid-back tune comes courtesy of trap producer Uzi and some Radiohead samples. Not sure if this track is an endorsement/praising of the snowboarder but it is still pretty interesting. Be sure to check out the free single below.

Snow Angel feat Trouble Andrew
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2013 Round #3)

Sure, the best things in life are often free but sometimes we have to pay a little something, something in order to make things a little better. We try to give you an abundance of free music here on the indie dojo playlists, but sometimes we have to contribute back to the indies by posting a non-downloadable Soundcloud link. So if you like it, go ahead and buy it. Same goes for the artists that are kind enough to share a free download or 2. Visit their facebook page, follow them on twitter, do whatever the social media revolution calls for. Ninjas helping ninjas. It sure is a beautiful thing.

The Midwest Indies
The S That Stood for Nothing
Hunter Johnson
Gabe Goodman
Midnight Sour
Penny and Sparrow
Owl Paws
Moor Hound


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The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. II [STREAM]

The San Francisco based trio The M Machine have just released the most impressive follow up to Metropolis Pt I with a six track EP that simultaneously extend the definition of electronic music. With a sound that almost seems ahead of its time, Metropolis Pt. II brings a whole set of new sonic experiences to both OWSLA and the world as a whole. Rich with palpable experimental basslines and progressive beats, The M Machine makes their mark to what already looks like a promising year. Stream below and you can grab this up on beatport/iTunes.

The M Machine
The Palace (feat. Blake Hazard)
The M Machine
Ghosts In The Machine (feat. pennybirdrabbit)
The M Machine
Tiny Anthem
The M Machine
Moon Song
The M Machine
The M Machine
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[Electronica/R&B] Shlohmo – Don’t Say No ft. How To Dress Well

Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, makes bleeding, yearning heartache sound so damn absolutely sexy. Listening to his voice, whether it’s on this amazing Shlohmo track (seriously, congrats on this collaboration, it is a spot-on perfect pairing) or on his own sophomore album Total Loss, both turns me on AND makes me want to cry. I don’t know if that’s weird or genius, it doesn’t matter either way: I’ll still keep his stuff on repeat. “Don’t Say No” is a sad, charged storm of sorts that wreaks havoc on everything in its theoretical path — the LA producer’s electronic work demolishes with its sometimes haunting/sometimes dramatic ambiance and Krell’s vocals fill your heart only to break it apart a few verses later. So, look out and enjoy.

Dont Say No ft. How To Dress Well

“Don’t Say No” is off Shlohmo’s new Laid Out EP, out March 5 via Friends of Friends/Wedidit.

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[LP Review] The Joy Formidable—Wolf’s Law

The Joy Formidable’s second studio album, Wolf’s Law, demands a careful ear. Although the album is approachable in a pop rock sense, it has none of the trappings of pop music: The album is creative, versatile and gives winks and nods to genres of music that grouchy music nerds like yours truly can appreciate! The listener will have a pleasant pop experience but will also enjoy some shoegaze, punk and yes, even some metal moments in this album.

The album opens with “This Ladder is Ours”, which begins some gentle strings before launching into a poppy celebration of a song that could easily be an anthem for the kiddos out there. “Bats”, on the other hand, opens a little darker : A crunchy, distorted guitar riff accents some vocals that aren’t afraid to drip a little venom in the ear. Also check out the heavy metal nod at 2:19 in this song. Is that double bass drums? Yeah. I think it is. And it’s gorgeous. More of this PLEASE indie-pop artists! “The Leopard and the Lung,” opens with some clever piano trills that give way to a triumphant, shoegaze style wall of sound guitar work that made this Mogwai fan smile. The piano hangs on in the song, cutting nicely through the distortion to give the tune balance.

The Joy Formidable is a band with a bright future. Their ability to produce accessible music will give them mainstream access (supporting Muse on their tours won’t hurt either), and their ability to hold on to their alt-rock roots will give them street cred with the indie crowd.

Good stuff here. Have a listen.

The Leopard and the Lung
This Ladder Is Ours
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[Video] POTATO – BANG! ft. Skrillex and Boys Noize

POTATO, the new Youtube network, launched by Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak just premiered their first show, “Bang!” Bang!, a short documentary featuring Skrillex and Boys Noize looks at the history of the Detroit Techno scene, truly the birthplace of the American electronic dance movement, and its evolution to what it is today. The two also discuss their upcoming project, Dog Blood, while playing in Detroit.

Bang! is just the first series to be released by the Potato Network, which promises to feature music videos, audio premieres and plenty of other shows. Check out the trailer for Diplo’s globehopping adventures in “Blow Your Head” and the trailer for the network below. This is the YouTube channel for people who wish MTV still played music, and proves that it was video that killed the radio star, not teen pregnancies and guidos.

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Borgore & Carnage – Incredible (heRobust Remix) [MASSIVE TRAP]

Unlike people staying home on President’s Day, Trap does not take a day off. HeRobust, otherwise known as Hayden Kramer, is an emerging producer from Atlanta, GA who’s been an early adapter of all things that have a beat, from hip/hop to dubstep. His latest fascination for trap music has forced him to contribute to the ever growing community releasing today a MONSTER remix of Borgore & Carnage‘s now ubiquitous bass pounding track “Incredible”. The result is simply a bulletproof twerk track that sounds bigger than life itself.

Borgore & Carnage
Incredible (BUSTED by heRobust)
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