[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Nick Waterhouse Interview

Nick Waterhouse is playing tomorrow night at the Larimer Lounge, and to be perfectly honest, we couldn’t be more excited. We get to see a lot of shows being in Denver. It’s a hub for a lot of acts, both major label and indie, considering that it’s one of the bigger cities in between Chicago and LA. With that being said, we always love going to see shows with no preconceived notions in mind.

We can honestly say we don’t know what to expect from Nick. We do know one thing though, we’re going to rock a tie, slick back our hair, and enjoy his musical stylings. Knowing that we had this show coming up, we wanted to ask him a few questions. We shot over a quick email, so we could get a glimpse into his persona before we saw him play.

Here’s what he had to say:

TMN: Thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for us!

NW: You are welcome.

TMN: Your crooner style has to bring out an interesting blend of fans. Does anyone get dressed to the nines for the occasion?

NW: Sure, sometimes you see some folks dressed up for shows. My hope is not to have a role-play night but actually inspire people to feel normal getting a little sharp going out. There’s something to be said for a room of people aiming to look their best instead of embodying apathy.

TMN: Speaking of your sound, how did decide you wanted to pay tribute to the classics with your music?

NW: I didn’t decide. I just sing them as a feel them, as a great man once said.

TMN: Did you parents or grandparents introduce you to this kind of music at an early age?

NW: My grandparents weren’t really musical, and my folks always listened to a mix of music, but I guess hearing stuff like Van Morrison, The Kinks, Aretha and John Lee Hooker helped things along. It was all just Rock and Roll as kid. I got more interested in more obscure stuff on my own.

TMN:Did you parents encourage you to get into music? What was the first instrument you played?

NW: Yes, but they encouraged my interest in the trumpet. We sold that for an electric guitar when I was about 12.

TMN: If you could live in any time era other than this one, which one would it be?

NW:1946 bouncing between Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

TMN: Name three words that describe your music.

NW: Tearful Tempestuous Truthful

TMN: Tell our fans what they can expect from coming out to catch one of your shows.

NW: Something to dance to, maybe something to go home thinking about.

I Can Only Give You Everything
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[MP3 Playlist] Trap Dojo Volume #6

The last 5 weeks have had an overwhelming amount of Trap, week 6 is no different. In honor of Swedish House Mafia annoucing their last tour, it’s only appropriate to feature this massive remix of, “One”. Party Favor reworks this one in all the right ways, allowing you to once again fall in love with this tune. Meek Mill and Drake‘s track “Amen” get hard remix from Mighty Mi and Slugworth, featuring some grimey wobbles mixed some funky bleeps. The next two tracks are from RL Grime and as usual they knock hard, don’t miss these two. Dada Life‘s track “Kick Out The Epic Mother Fucker” gets a filthy makeover from ACE FUTURE. Rico Tubbs does unthinkable things to Stardust‘s tune “Music Sounds Better With You” starting with some hard vibes then dropping into some filthy Trapstep. Pretty big EDM influence on this weeks playlist, but you still got some tunes to knock on your next drive by. Cheers.

In case you missed the last 5 weeks click on these links below for some insane tuneage.

Trap Dojo #1

Trap Dojo #2 

Trap Dojo #3

Trap Dojo #4

Trap Dojo #5

We zipped todays entire post, to download Trap Dojo #6 click here.

Swedish House Mafia
ONE (Party Favors Festival Trap Mix)
Meek Mill feat Drake
Amen (Mighty Mi & Slugworth Remix)
RL Grime
Art Money
RL Grime
Flood (DL in Description)
Dada Life
Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (ACE FUTURE Remix)
Rico Tubbs
Trap Muzik Sounds Better With You * free DL !
DumDum (mooresonny Extended mix)
Chippy Nonstop
Money Dance (Ryan Marks Remix)
Annies Theme (Carnage Festival Trap Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Decisions (Blitz Gang Remix)
Cinema in the Trap
Bird Peterson
Drankenstein 4 (Burnin Up)
Chuckie and Gregori Klosman
Mutfakta (KleptoMaddox Trap Remix)DL Link in Description
Bout That
In For The Kill (La Roux)
DJ Slinks Gets Trappy Remix **FREE DOWNLOAD**
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[Folk] Poor Moon – Birds (Album Review)

Followers of the Fleet Foxes might be familiar with the cool sounds of folk newcomers Poor Moon. The band is a side project of fellow Foxes Casey Wescott and Christian Wargo. They recently released their first self-titled LP. Standout tracks “Waiting For,” “Heaven’s Door,” and “Pulling Me Down” immediately transport you back to the ‘60s. Lyrically, Poor Moon doesn’t break new ground, but with dreamy harmonies, rolling percussion, and even the use of cricket and bluebird sound effects it was hard for me to listen to each track without a smile on my face. The last track on the album, “Birds,” serves as a sweet end to a mellow journey.

Waiting For

Heavens Door

Pulling Me Down

Poor Moon’s self-titled debut is available now on Sub Pop Records.

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Crystal Castles – Plague (Video)

crystal castles plague

Canadian duo Crystal Castles unleashed the explosive, heart-palpitating “Plague” in July, and now they’ve released a more-than-appropriate music video starring a madwoman who writhes and thrashes around in a dimly-lit hallway as though she’s possessed. Directed by Ivan Grbin, it’s a series of frightening and psychotic scenes, and exactly the kind of visuals the wild track conjures up.

Crystal Castles album was recently pushed back to November, but they plan to release a new single called “Wrath Of God” tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Crystal Castles
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Purity Ring – Fineshrine (Wet Paint Remix)

There is no underestimating “Fineshrine.” The original, out on Purity Ring‘s superb debut album Shrines, is so flawless that in most cases remixes fall short. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t be open to other interpretations of the track. This new one by Wet Paint holds onto all the elements that make the true version so successful, but also sprinkles in additional warping effects and electronic glitches giving it a more spacey, intergalactic sound.

Check out Wet Paint’s Soundcloud page for more music, including Frank Ocean, Azealia Banks and Shlomo remixes.

Purity Ring
Fineshrine (WET PAINT Remix)
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Ellie Goulding – I Know You Care (Video)

EllieGoulding i know you care

British phenom Ellie Goulding strikes up another chilling, powerfully emotive performance on her latest song “I Know You Care.” The video is equally as haunting and heart-wrenching as it includes scenes from Now Is Good, a film about a young, terminally-ill leukemia patient (played by Dakota Fanning). In addition to the film, “I Know You Care” will be on Goulding’s forthcoming album, Halcyon, out October 9th.

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2AM Club – Mary (Feat. Dev and Big Sean)

Multi-genre collaborating 2AM Club previously worked with Chiddy on a hot track called “Every Evening” earlier in the year and now they’re back with yet another delicious anthem. Featuring cameos from Dev and Big Sean, it’s a flawless blend of hip-pop and pop, with some real M.I.A. “Paper Planes” vibes, too.

2AM Club ft. Big Sean and DEV
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