M83 – Steve McQueen (BeatauCue Remix)

It is easy to be saturated with M83 remixes, after all their rise to popularity have paved the way for indie-seeking producers seeking special harmonics for their next electronic tune. “Steve McQueen” of French electronic band M83′s sixth studio album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is already more than a year old but thanks to french producing duo BeatauCue, we are welcoming its resurgence. Combining many of the current electronic elements that make dance music so vibrant today, BeatauCue have packed it all into a worthy remix.

Steve McQueen (BeatauCue Remix)
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Chill Bump – The Eponym [Official Video]

The best feeling for us hipsters of music is to come across an artist that is just about to blow up, or at least we sure hope so. Chill Bump is an unconventional rap duo straight out of France. Comprised of producer Bankal and MC Miscellaneous (of Fumuj and Rytmétix) this do-it-yourself duo with enough enthusiasm and versatility have already gathered international attention. Their previous EP release “Hidden Strings” topped the charts of Hype Machine back in June. Yesterday, Chill Bump debuted the music video for “The Eponym”, of their upcoming EP “The Loop” out Dec 4th entirely for free. http://chillbump.bandcamp.com

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Triad Dragons – EPIC PARTY KIT EP

Denver’s prolific artist group Triad Dragon have been synonymous with high energy music from the start. Born in 2012 (coincidentally the year of he dragon?), the trio, in full ninja fashion, have infiltrated the Electronic Music Dance local scene with the release of quality original and creative remixes (most notably the Daft Punk – One More Time remix we featured earlier this year. Just like our weekly “Party Playlists” that equip you with just the right amount of party tunes for the weekend, their latest release “Epic Party Kit EP” proves to have similar results with outstanding tracks like “Movement” and “Noise Complaint”. The EP is completely free and you can download it off their soundcloud here.

Triad Dragons
Noise Complaint (Original Mix)
Triad Dragons
Pew Pew Pew (Original Mix)
Triad Dragons
Movement (Original Mix)
Triad Dragons
Stand Up (Original Mix)
Triad Dragons featuring Joman
Firewall (Original Mix)
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Star Slinger – Ladies In The Back feat. Teki Latex (Party Mix)

As you can see in the picture above, UK producer Star Slinger‘s got something to celebrate: his new Ladies In The Back EP which just dropped yesterday. We featured the title track in its original electronica-meets-drone-rap form a few months ago, and today, we bring you the alternate “Party Mix” version. If you dig it, make sure to purchase a beautiful physical copy or the digital files via iTunes.

Star Slinger
Ladies In The Back (Feat. Teki Latex) (Party Mix)

Ladies In The Back is out via Star Slinger’s own label Jet Jam.

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[Electronica] Chrome Sparks – Marijuana

Though this song came out a few months ago, for whatever reason it’s only graced my ears this week. It’s better late than never! A bit reflective of its title, “Marijuana” is a woozy warm ride of a track with various flourishes of sound — sparkling, trickling, thumping — at every bend. Chrome Sparks, who works as part of the GRL MTN artist collective in Ann Arbor, MI, sucks you in with his meticulous and creative ear, and then holds you hostage for a most pleasurable aural assault. Check out the track below!


Download “Marijuana” here, and listen to GRL MTN’s latest compilation here.

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[Indie Pop] HAIM – Don’t Save Me (Video)


California’s sisterly trio HAIM balance shooting hoops and rockin’ out pretty nicely in their new music video for that sassy, endlessly contagious track “Don’t Save Me”. The song, along with “Send Me Down” (which we featured here not too long ago), is out now on iTunes. A full, proper album is supposedly in the works, but no details have been released as of yet. Considering all that we’ve heard so far, it will be worth the wait.

Dont Save Me
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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo #15

This weeks Dojo starts off with the most established new names in Trap music. Huglife, who was formerly known as Dj Slink was forced to change his name when a conflict with DJ Sliink ultimately resulted in Slinks Soundcloud page being deleted and losing over 7000 fans. After changing his name to Huglife he is back with a vengeance with this huge remix of Dada Life‘s banger “Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker”. Be sure to hit up his new Soundcloud page and show him some support. The Tokyo homies Watapachi have been making some pretty serious moves lately and one of them is this huge original track “Let’s Get Ratchet”. While it might not be the perfect track to tear up a dancefloor, if you are pregaming on your way to the club, this is definitely the one to play. Speaking of Japan, this next track, a remix by Ken Takahiko is absolutely crazy. While you probably won’t understand the lyrics, “Gangnam Style” proved that doesnt matter so get up and horse dance to this insane remix. Party Favor released this track that proves its possible to floss on a $20 budget. Shopping at a thrift store or wearing your grandparents was never this trill. You probably saw the post about Datsiks Trap VIP remixes, but this one deserves to be mentioned again. “Bonafide Hustler” was just begging for a trap remix, and who better to do it than the man himself. After listening to this version, I can’t even remember what it ever sounded like in the first place. As usual, you’ll hear plenty from familiar names like D!RTY AUD!O and some that you’ve probably never heard before, before Kid Womp slows it down with some love trap to finish off this week

To get all the free tracks CLICK HERE

Epic Mother
HugLife Remix **FREE DOWNLOAD**
Watapachi & Transcend The Masses
Lets Get Ratchet *** CLICK GET IT HERE FOR DL ***
Macklemore x Ryan Lewis
Thrift Shop (Party Favors Wonky Honky Fix)
Bonafide Hustler (Trap VIP)
Jitta On The Track
Smoke Signals (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)
Milkshake (Gold Top Trap Remix)
The Ninetys
Back Once Again...
Tittsworth & Des McMahon
Chuckie & Hardwell Ft. Ambush
Move It To The Drum (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
Keep it Gangsta
Lovin It ft. Junior (Original Mix)
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