[Video] Shadows on Stars – When it Builds

Portland based indie-pop duo Shadows on Stars just dropped this whimsical video earlier today. Director David Helman’s interpretation of “When It Builds” has somewhat of a Midsummer’s Night Dream feel to it, only with a more modern twist, of course. After all, we don’t seem to recall any champagne showers in Shakespeare’s classic. If there were, we might have paid a little more attention when we read it back in High School.

This track is off of their self titled, debut LP, which can be picked up here.

When it Builds
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[Electro House] Triad Dragons – Doomsday

Freeze dried food? Check. Double barrel shotgun? Check. Water purification system? Check. Ten cases of beer? Check. Hot beats for the end of the world? Well, now you can check that one off your list too. Our favorite Denver based DJ/Producer trio, Triad Dragons, is back with another banger to carry you through the end of the world. The aptly named “Doomsday” is a monstrous electro house jam that has a catchy melody, and otherworldly lyrics that will pair perfectly with your end of the world endeavors.

Triad Dragons
Doomsday (Original Mix)
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[EP Review] Seasfire – We Will Wake

Normally, I’m luke warm about electro-pop. Normally, I’m less than luke warm with emotive, lovesick lyrics. But that’s just normally, and Seasfire isn’t normal!

I’ll start with the electro pop comment: a lot of times, electro pop is a mechanical combination of instrumentals, electronically produced beats and a solid-to-very good vocalist singing out safe melodies over a simple tune with a lot of bass. Seasfire provides a different interpretation on what electro-pop should be.  “We Will Wake,” has the artists using electronic instruments and piano to set the beat, allowing the drums to accent the piece until the chorus. “How Do You Sleep” demonstrates a more traditional rock structure by letting the percussion set the beat for the piece and allowing the piano to create the melody. The difference is subtle, but notable. These lads from Bristol are trying some different things, and experimentation is a mark of bravery in a freshman EP, particularly when it’s done well (see my review of Denver’s Native Daughters for a parallel.)

And something must be said about the lyrics. Seasfire’s lyrics are emotive, dramatic and even over the top: “Undone” smolders more than most R&B songs I’ve heard, and might be silly from a different vocalist.It works though.

The lead vocalist has a smoky, breathless sound—think Mute Math, but sexier—and isn’t afraid to allow his British accent to peak through (his pronunciation of “dance” for example). The overall effect is probably going to be a lot of women’s underwear flung on stages, particularly when they hear this vocalist accompanied by an electric guitar on “You Wont Be.”  I mean, I’m a straight dude with a live-in girlfriend and I would definitely help the lead singer of Seasfire move if he asked based on the vocal work on “You Wont Be” alone.

Seriously. It’s ok to admit when another man is attractive. But for the record, I do have a live in girlfriend.


Check this new EP out. It’s good stuff!

We Will Wake
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[Hip-Hop] T.I. – Memories Back Then (Feat. B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens) (Radio Rip)

T.I. took to Shade 45′s “Sway In The Morning” radio show to premiere this brand new track that unfortunately will not be featured on his upcoming album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head. Like much of Tip’s new album, this new piece places a great emphasis on storytelling. This song in particular features anecdotes related by each rapper about different women who have had a profound impact on their lives. Both Kendrick Lamar and B.o.B do an excellent job with their verses, while Kris Stephens blesses us with her soulful stylings on the chorus. While this won’t be on T.I.’s album, we’re all hoping that a high-quality version drops soon so we can enjoy it in all its glory. And before you forget, make sure to pick up Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, in stores tomorrow.

T.I. ft. Kendrick Lamar, B.O.B., and Kris Stephens
Memories Back Then
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[Throwback] Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

The first time I heard “Maps” (off the excellent Fever To Tell record) was back in 2004; I was a fresh-faced junior in high school, ready to grow up, ready to take on the world. Fast forward almost nine years (yikes) and I’m not a complete haggard and jaded wreck, but a lot has changed since then. What has not changed, however, is my undying love for this song. There’s a lot of reasons to keep it on your iPod and playlists, but today is especially appropriate because today, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs confirmed that they would be releasing a NEW album in Spring 2013!! Not yet titled, the LP would be their fourth full-length and the first piece of new material since It’s Blitz three years ago. Everyone rejoice and be glad!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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The xx – Last Christmas (Wham! Cover)

In the time that we’ve known them, The xx have operated from behind a wall of shadows. Their music is dark, smoky, low-key and as much about the pauses and silences as the pain-tinged lyrics. The band revels in nondescript solitude. Because of this, when we heard that they covered Wham!‘s classic “Last Christmas” song for BBC 1′s Live Lounge, our ears perked up immediately. Granted the George Michael-written tune is a somber one, it’s still a holiday staple blared amongst all the seasonal good tidings. The xx take on the carol like we sort of expected them to. See for yourself below:

The xx
Last Christmas (Live on BBC Radio 1s Live Lounge)
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[Mashup] Kaskade & Deadmau5 vs. Swanky Tunes, Matisse, & Sadko – Move For Me The Legend (Kaskade Mash Up)

Yes, it’s another incredible Kaskade Mashup. This time he joins up with Deadmau5  and that one track we all know too well, “Move For Me”. He mashes it with Swanky Tunes, Matisse, and Sadko‘s track, “The Legend” for yet another satisfying dance floor banger. Cheers.

Kaskade & Deadmau5 vs. Swanky Tunes, Matisse & Sadko
Move For Me The Legend (Kaskade Mash Up)
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