[Indie] London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years

london grammar
London Grammar
Wasting My Young Years

UK trio London Grammar continue to impress with each and every release. Like their previous two singles, “Wasting My Young Years” is tranquil yet piercing, with a build up that forces the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. Hannah Reid‘s lush, powerful vocals often draw comparisons to fellow Londoner, Florence Welch. However, Hannah also has a haunting quality in her inflections that contributes greatly to the quaint but reverberant sound the band has already become well known for. Although the group may only have three songs out, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick a favorite. The band doesn’t plan to release this single until June 16, meaning we’ll have to keep our fingers glued to the SoundCloud play button until then. And, as if you needed more of a reason to fall in love with the band, check out a live rendition of this song over at The Guardian’s website.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Helena Interview

Disfunktion & Helena
Detox [Onelove]

If you haven’t been acquainted with Helena’s music, it won’t be long. This sultry Australian DJ/producer has already blown up the Australian scene and now has her eyes fixed on the states. With a few shows at WMC, some of you party goers have had a taste of her dance inducing beats. For those of you who haven’t, please take a minute to check out the fire she’s laying down.

While we tried to catch Helena in person out in Miami, we unfortunately couldn’t make ends meet. On the other hand, we’re still extremely excited to get to know Helena better. Check out what she had to say about who she’d like to work with, vegemite, and the always coveted In-n-Out burger.

TMN: Your remix of “Let it Out” just came out just a bit ago. Congratulations! Talk to us about how you approach a remix to make sure that you maintain the original feel, but still add your own personal flare.

Helena: Thank you! Yes there has been a great buzz around the “Let it Out” remix and an awesome crowd reaction every time I drop it in my sets, the remix itself was a fairly easy one, as when you have a vocal the quality of what Amba Shepherd delivers, it makes the job a lot easier.
With a remix you have to keep enough of the original track for it to be recognisable, but you have to make your own imprint on it.
So keep elements that you like from the original and add in then your sound to make it your own.

TMN: You started djing when you were 14 years old, but only really taking it seriously since 2003. What has been the biggest surprise in both your personal career and the music industry so far?

Helena: I think the biggest surprise for me in my personal career, is that my hobby became my profession, I didn’t set out to become a DJ nor did I ever imagine I would get so far.
I just loved music, it all happened very organically you could say, which i guess is the best way to be. And also makes me extremely lucky that something I loved I was able to make a career out of. Not many can say that.

Biggest surprise in the music industry so far, for me is the US – for them to embrace “EDM” (that word makes me cringe ha) but for them to embrace dance music and move away from R&B and hip hop as so mainstream is the real surprise, I didn’t think that would ever happen. And as much as some may knock him – David Guetta has opened doors for alot of artists in the US, people have a lot to thank him for.

TMN: You’ve traveled all over the world playing your music. What are your top 3 cities to play in? Do you tend to lean more towards Oz because of the home field crowd?

Helena: My top 3 places to play;
1. Ibiza (this still has to be my no 1) there is a buzz on this place that just gets me every time. I love it!
2. Miami (I had the best time playing in Miami this year, it has to be one of my favourite places now to play!) And I was there a month earlier this year also playing Mansion club which was also insane.
3. Brisbane (Not my home town of Sydney) but Brisbane in Australia. I have had the sickest shows in this city, I love the crowds, clubs and vibe here. One of my favourite places to play for sure.
I have some shows pencilled this year though in Brazil and greek Islands which is supposed to be insane, it will be my first time there, so really looking forward to that for sure!

TMN: How do the crowds differ for you in Australia compared to here in the states? Is it a noticeable difference?

Helena: The crowds in the US are a bit more excitable than the Australian crowds, the US crowds will go out their way more to find you on social networks and interact with you how much they enjoyed the set etc.

Where as the Australian crowds it’s not new to them. They are far more likely to find you to say they didn’t like something then to say they did. They are a tougher crowd to please as they are more educated. But that’s fine for me as i know them all well now and have found my place with them and i’ve got my regular spots that i play where i have some amazing shows.
The US market it’s pretty new, so you drop tracks past 2-3 years old and they don’t really know it, which is crazy.

TMN: Who would you love to collaborate right now?

Helena: Knife Party would be pretty sick!

TMN: Which musicians inspire you?

Helena: Musically i’m inspired by the DJ’s/Producers closest to my sound, Steve Angello, Avicii, John Dahlback, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Tommy Trash,Thomas Gold, Wolfgang Gartner, Eric Prydz I find all very inspiring.

TMN: You are stuck in an island for 3 months and unfortunately, your laptop can only play 3 individual tracks. What would those 3 tracks be?

Helena: Brown Sugar D’angelo, Oasis – Wonderwall, Redline – Wolfgang Gartner

TMN: Rapid Fire – Ok, this section would have obviously been much cooler in person, but we’ll still keep it in so our fans can get to know a little bit about you personally.

TMN: Are you a fan of Vegemite?

Helena: No.

TMN: What’s your favorite food to eat when you come to the US?

Helena: In and Out Burger. (I wish)

TMN: Favorite indiginous Australian animal?

Helena: A koala!

TMN: If you ordered a beer, it would be a….

Helena: Pure Blonde, Low carb beer

TMN: If you ordered a shot, it would be a….

Helena: TEQUILA!

TMN: If your music were an animal, what would it be?

Helena: A lion.

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[NEW] Daft Punk – Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers)

Daft Punk
Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers) (Radio Edit)

The endless tease that has surrounded Daft Punk for years is finally coming to a halt today, as we get what appears to be the first single from their ridiculously anticipated upcoming album. For anyone who was at Coachella, “Get Lucky” was the song being previewed all weekend in between sets. The Pharrell and Nile Rodgers assisted track, albeit a slightly shorter radio edit, does not disappoint delivering that infectious funk that the French duo are known for. Happy Daft Punk day to all the ninjas out there! Random Access Memories drops May 21st. Get funky y’all.

UPDATE: Updated with the official CDQ version. “Get Lucky” is available for purchase on iTunes now.

[via SoundisStyle]

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The Trap Dojo Volume #34 [MP3 Playlist]


To make up for lagging on the last couple Trap Dojo’s, we pulled out all the stops. Starting with a Radio Rip from Gent & Jawns mix on Diplo & Friends, this track is titled, “Coco”.  TWRK FOR PRESIDENT……he samples Eve and Snoop Dogg on this massive Original titled “Living Room”. If you’re not familar with Djemba Djemba, there is no better time then now to listen up. This  remix of BANKS track “Fall Over” is just massive, and is sure to be on repeat for long to come. Now for a next level track from Cashmere Cat, and it’s a euphoric remix of Miguel‘s track “Do You”. DJ Green Latern can do no wrong, and this massive remix of GRiZ‘s track is next level. DJ Snake puts a smile on my face with every release, this time sampling Junior Senior, that second drop though. So Brillz remixed RUN DMT, need I say more? We featured this Victor Niglio remix of “Who” yesterday, but it’s so fire we decided to share it again. Infuse, is featured twice today with this increible Original is titled “Get Enough”, and a remix of James Blake.  Village is back with yet another melodic masterpiece, this one is titled “Love On The Line”. Flume + Chet Faker + Ta-ku = PURE GOLD. Guess what? TNGHT actually released something, and it’s a mind blowing track titled “Acrylics”. Branchez has been on a tear lately, and he doesn’t let up with this unique original titled, “That Ish”. Enjoy the rest on your own and TuRn^.

Gent & Jawns

Living Room (feat. Dan Gerous)

Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix)

Do You (Cashmere Cat Remix)

Too Young For Tragedy (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

Dj Snake vs Junior Senior
Move Your Feet (Parisian Vision)

Into the Sun feat. Zeale (Brillz Remix)

Plastik Funk & Tujamo
Who (Victor Niglio Festival Trap Remix)

Major Lazer
Playground (Bird Peterson Remix)

Clowns (Milo & Otis Trap VIP)

Young Scooter
Colombia (Shlohmo remix)

Get Enough (free download)

Love On The Line

Major Lazer feat. Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic
Bubble Butt (Produced by Diplo & Valentino Khan)

Mr. Carmack
Birth Control

Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Ta

James Blake
Overgrown (Infuze Remix)

STIAAH! (CiaoRecsFreeDL)


That Ish

Mr. Carmack
Brazilian Blowjob

Rockie Fresh
Panera Bread (Feat. Rick Ross & Lunice)

Knife Party
Internet Friends (Ookays Amazon Gold Mining Trap Remix)

Wolfgang Gartner
Shrunken Heads (Butch Clancy Retwerk) FREE DL *new version*

Riddim (Original Mix)

move like lions do

ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ† √13 *BNR*

Oooops RMX ft Two Fresh (from Ryan Hemsworths mix for Diplo + Friends on BBCR1)

Hucci x GameFace
The Leaves Are Brown

Acid Trippin (feat. Whiskey Pete)

Harlem Shake (CAZZETTEs Ultra Bootleg)

Hit Em With The Horns

That G
String Track (CRNKN REMIX)


Carnage Ft. New & Used
Signal! (RELEASING 5

The Brown Note
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The Hip-Hop Dojo [Vol. 5]

TMN Hip Hop Dojo 2

You know what time it is, folks. The Hip-Hop Dojo is back for its fifth installment. Typically, we try to separate the playlist based on certain themes or sounds, but this week’s crop is our largest and most unique ever, making it tough to group everything together, but we tried our best. There is one pervasive idea that seems to shine throughout a majority of this playlist though, which is “keeping it real.”

This week’s edition is a revival of sorts, featuring plenty of industry veterans, and a few names you probably haven’t heard in quite awhile. We start things off with De La Soul, fresh off a 10 year hiatus to provide the game with some toughness once again. Channeling the “Spirit of the Wu,” the trio show us they haven’t lost a step as they go in over a sample of the “Intro” from Wu-Tang Forever. While De La Soul represents the Wu in spirit, Raekwon represents them for real on Statik Selektah‘s new single, “Bird’s Eye View.” Along with fast-rising youngster Joey Bada$$, and the criminally underrated Black Thought, the Chef and crew absolutely merk the soulful instrumental as they give us an idea of the view from above. Next up, we listen as another holdover from the 90′s, DJ Premier, pays homage to his Gang Starr running mate, Guru, alongside the great Talib Kweli and producer Marco Polo. Our next few songs carry on with the 90′s vibes. Honestly, the only way you can tell these piano-backed tracks are from 2013 is by their pop culture references.

Now, our next track might seem a bit controversial to some of you out there. I don’t normally endorse rappers spitting over classic instrumentals, but XXL Freshman, Logic, shows us he’s more than worthy of his new title over Outkast‘s “Ms. Jackson.” I’m still having a hard time trying to resist belting out the chorus whenever I listen to it though. Moving on, we have a previously unreleased joint from the late, great J Dilla, set to be featured on his posthumous album, The Diary. Dilla takes a sample of 80′s record cars “Cars” by Gary Numan, and completely flips on its head, glorifying “big ass trucks and big ass rims.”

Our next three tracks feature pairs of emcees trading bars back and forth. While The MyNORS kick it old school, MMG’s Rockie Fresh and Rick Ross give us a little taste for “Panera Bread” over some stellar production from Lunice of TNGHT. Following those acts up are MAHD and JD Era, two emcees who absolutely shred the beats given to them. Linking up on our next number are two former G-Unit labelmates, Havoc and Lloyd Banks, who give us some insight on the life they chose for themselves.

Coming to you for his second appearance in the Dojo is Texan spitter, M.I who brings along a new friend you may already be familiar with, Chamillionaire. Although the Houston native hasn’t been entirely relevant in recent years, he reminds us all why we fell in love with his music years ago, delivering a killer verse on what may be the standout track on this playlist. We then shift things over to Dade County to visit talented young emcee, Denzel Curry. While the title “N64″ makes it sound like it should be a fun track, Curry is doing anything but playing around here. Over some dusky, ominous production, Denzel “Aquarius’Killa” Curry tackles the issue of gun violence, and sheds the spotlight back on the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. On a related note, Doley Bernays also dedicates his newest single to the subject of violence, but chooses to enlighten us from a different perspective. Sampling the Deadmau5 single of the same name, Bernays and running mate Denzil Porter discuss the difficulties of choosing between a life on the streets and pursuing their dreams as emcees. Check out the recently released visuals for the track to garner the full effect.

As we approach the finish line, we decided to cool things down a bit. While none of these are quite 4/20 worthy material, they’ll definitely help you mellow out after some of those more serious numbers. The first joint comes to us from across the “Ocean,” as UK spitter Paper Plates shows that he certainly can hold his own against the American boys. The next track I’d like to highlight is Sound FX‘s “Apathy,” a song which is guaranteed to lift all your worries away as the California natives spit over a light, airy backdrop. Now, before you Charles Hamilton fans get too excited about a comeback (I know there’s still some of you lingering out there), I’d like to warn you that this final track is actually an unreleased collaboration from a few years back. XV recently decided to remaster and re-release his previous four mixtapes, including four new unheard tracks from each recording session. If you’re a fan of Vizzy and want to polish up your library, it’s definitely worth at least a look.

We hope you guys enjoyed our fifth edition of The Hip-Hop Dojo as much as we did. As always, send all submissions/suggestions to baseer@themusicninja.com.


De La Soul
Get Away (feat. The Spirit Of The Wu)
Statik Selektah
Birds Eye View (feat. Raekwon, Joey Bada$$ & Black Thought)
Marco Polo
G.U.R.U. f/ Talib Kweli & DJ Premier
Raiza Biza
7th Floor (Prod By SoulChef)
Im Okay
Caged Bird ft. Ezdread
Blasphemy in Babylon (prod. by DJ Mentos)
Joey Purp & Tokyo Shawn
World Turning (prod. Caleb James)
Jon Connor
All 4 U
Roll Call
J Dilla
Mr Mista feat Nottz Raw ( prod by DP)
Write Brothers (Feat. Thee Tom Hardy) (Produced By K
Rockie Fresh
Panera Bread (Feat. Rick Ross & Lunice)
Doors Up
JD Era
Marz Barz (Freestyle)
Life We Chose Feat. Lloyd Banks
Fast/Slow feat. Pusha T
Nothing You Can Do (ft. Chamillionaire & Corbett) (prod by Tyler Keyes)
Denzel AquariusKilla Curry
N64 (Prod. By N/P)
Doley Bernays
Raise Your Weapon Feat. Denzil Porter
Paper Plates
Ocean (Prod. Juna Cosmos)
Stronger (Prod. by Jii Amadehuss)
Kevin Abstract
Ian Mad
Sound FX
Nevermind (Remix) ft. Charles Hamilton
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[Trap] Kicks n Licks – The Expedition EP


Can I just say, I love me some good trap? And I’m talking about the trap that makes you throw back your head, let your arms dangle, and let your chest do the dancing for you. You know exactly the type of dancing I am talking about. So when you hear a trap duo throw down an EP full of everything trap music, it kind of makes you want to dance.

The duo is Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan AKA Kicks n Licks (I can’t help but smile when I type their name, and lick my lips, it’s just the truth). They have been mixing music for a few years now but have really developed into trap artists with their own twist. Most trap has a lot of dirty rap beats without the lyrics, something I am all for but I also love when trap artists throw in some unexpected beats and sounds that can still find themselves nestled in the “trap” genre.

Their new EP, “The Expedition”, takes us on a journey of four songs, each with their own unique sound. Personally, “Hit Em’ With the Horns” was an immediate win with me. The song starts with a slow rise in of electric beats, followed by a crashing of horns and someone telling us, hit em’ with the horns, and K&L do that, horns to the face. The trap sound is evident in this song, the beats are hard with drops and drums leading the horn sound along. The song has been on repeat for a good twenty minutes now and my neighbors probably aren’t too pleased but hey, hit em’ with the horns right? The other songs are not to be missed either, like I said, have an open mind the boys add some of their own personal trap tastes to the songs and it works very, very well.

K&L are more than welcome to hit this writer with horns, drums, clarinets, and heck trombones even if they keep this trap music flowing.


Hit Em With The Horns

After Hours

Northern Lights
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[TMN PREMIERE] Feature Cuts – Nothing But Class

Feature Cuts
Nothing But Class

Seems like everything is bigger in Texas. Big oil, big hair, big belt buckles, big trucks and big beats. That’s right, Houston producer Feature Cuts has asked us to premiere this buzzing electro house gem, and we couldn’t be happier. This slow building, hard hitting tune will be coming out on his Vision EP later this month, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

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