[Indie Rock] Fort Lean – Sunsick (Official Video)


This is the new video for “Sunsick” by Brooklyn indie rock band Fort Lean. Directed by Ethan Berger, it’s a quirky visual accompaniment that follows frontman Keenan Mitchell as he walks around Williamsburg only to end up on a sunny-drenched beach. The track, which you can also stream below, is off their excellent 2011 self-titled EP. The guys just wrapped up a summer tour with Bear Hands and Passion Pit, but are gearing up to release a new EP called Change Your Name on October 30th. It’s produced by Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly.

Fort Lean
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Missy Elliott – 9th Inning and Triple Threat ft. Timbaland

Thinking back on the 90′s and early 00′s, the dynamic duo Timbaland and Missy Elliott ruled the radio stations and rap game with consecutive innovative and revolutionary hits that were equally bizarre and dope. Although these two have not collaborated in over a decade, they reunite to take over the charts and radios once again with Missy’s newest singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat”.

Almost like they never left. Teaming up and delivering some raw-rap flow reminiscent of their earlier days together, Timb and Missy bring some old school feel on “9th Inning”. Complete with horns, a start-and-stop dancehall vibe and piano rips, this Timbaland produced single has both emcees dropping sick verses to salvage a music scene in a “bad state”. “Triple Threat” is the faster tempo, more club-friendly track of the two singles. Coupled with drums, synths, and Timbaland on the hook, this up-beat party single has Missy boasting about her triple threat talents of singing, rapping, and dancing.

Missy Elliot & Timbaland – 9th Inning
Missy Elliot ft Timbaland
Triple Threat

Both songs are available now on iTunes and will be featured on Missy’s upcoming LP, appropiately titled Block Party, due out later this year.

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[Dubstep] Moby – Extreme Ways [Bourne's Legacy] (PatrickReza Remix)

Yes, this is an Official Remix from the man PatrickReza of Moby‘s “Extreme Ways”. On first listen, images of The Bourne Ultimatum may start running through your head. But Moby re-recorded this track recently for The Bourne Legacy basing it around a 110 BPM structure. Patrick utilizes the suspenseful build up perfectly while staying true to the original, sprinkling some subtle yet powerful vocal edits all throughout the intro. Before you know it you are smashed in the face with relentless wobbles that have a heavy UK dub influence. His unforgiving sound works flawlessly with the empowering vocals on this track, mixing together better then you can imagine. What’s better then some hot and heavy Dub filth over a track from Moby? Good answer, nothing. Cheers.

Hard to believe it has been a year since we first featured Patrick’s massive remix of Lana Del Rey‘s track “Blue Jeans”!

Extreme Ways (Bournes Legacy) (PatrickReza Remix)

Release date is September 19th, follow PatrickReza on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

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RAC – Solé Fixtape Vol. 3

“Vibe with us as you ride off into the future,” is the little tagline from Solé Biycycles and a pretty apt one at that considering they’ve been curating hot mixtapes for the last few months. For the new third installment of the “Fixtape” they teamed up with Portland’s own DJ duo RAC. The result is nearly 60 minutes of fresh and groovy music that begs to be soaked in. Considering it’s absolutely free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be vibin’. Stream it below and download here.

Solé Fixtape vol.3
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Conner Youngblood – Proportions (PORTALS REMIX)

Conner Youngblood’s sophomore album “Sketches Pt.2” dropped a couple of weeks ago and to celebrate the release he’s giving away a free download of PORTALS “Proportions” remix, that arrives custom made for the darkest hours before dawn. Enjoy.

Conner Youngblood
Proportions (PORTALS remix)

Download a free copy of Conner’s album from his Soundcloud page here

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MS MR – Dark Doo Wop

dark doo wop

Obviously very much inspired by the track’s title, the new MS MR video, a series of retro footage depicting merry high school kids and raging fiery explosions, is strangely both charming and eerie. But that doesn’t detract from the song itself; like the previously released “Bones,” it is another smooth bit from the mysterious New York-based boy/girl duo. If you want to skip the spooky vid, you can simply stream the tune below.

“Dark Doo Wop” is off MS MR’s new EP, Candy Bar Creep Show, which dropped yesterday. You can purchase it off iTunes here.

Dark Doo Wop
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[Soul/Pop] Farewell Luna – By the Morning

If there’s one thing that we need more of in this world, it’s handsome men who can sing like angels. Oh wait, now that I think of it, when I’m standing there trying to look handsome, and some golden-voiced handsome guy comes up and handsomes so much harder than me, it really throws salt in my game.

Ok, I went a little bit off track there, in all seriousness though, we really dig Farewell Luna’s music. This Jersey pretty boy puts together soulful tunes that are dripping with emotion, passion, and vocal ranges reminiscent of Adam Levine. The track we have picked out for you is “By the Morning.” This soulful track takes on similarities of Graffiti6 at times, only with a little less pop, and a little more vocal finesse.

Make sure to stop by his facebook page and give let him know what you think!

Farewell Luna
By The Morning
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