[Live Review] This Town Needs Guns – Denver

This Town Needs Guns

One of my favorite Denver venues is the Marquis. Granted, one needs some pretty serious ear buds to block distortion if seeing a show there, the vagrants patrolling the outside can be annoying, and there isn’t a ton of room to sit down, but the pizza is always a welcome treat in between bands and a music buff can’t ask for a more intimate setting to enjoy a band. So it was with much enthusiasm that I embarked on a Wednesday night to see TTNG (short hand for “This Town Needs Guns”) last Wednesday.

TTNG was the third of four bands and had a set that didn’t disappoint. Featuring many tracks from and Animals, hard core fans found their favorite tunes (“Catfantastic,” “26 is Dancier than 4″ and so forth. I would have loved to hear “Wanna Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some Belle and Sebestian,” but we don’t always get what we want, do we?). But for someone with only a cursory knowledge of TTNG’s music, I found myself as impressed as the hardcore TTNG fan I saw the show with.

For starters, a math rock show can be difficult for a casual listener to follow: by it’s very nature, math rock is somewhat inaccessible. Many times, math rock bands have to thread the needle of staying true their complex natures but at the same time creating music that is catchy. TTNG are master knitters, in this sense. Rather than using chorus as the hook for many of their songs, TTNG relies on looping guitar riffs that weave their way in and out of songs to create a sort of hook. And between songs, lead singer  Henry Tremain provides witty banter and crowd interaction to keep the crowd engaged and enthusiastic.

In short, TTNG is a group of astounding musicians that can make difficult, demanding music accessible and enjoyable for the layperson. Catch their show next time they are in town.



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Zedd ft Haley Williams – Stay the Night (Aylen Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Zedd Ft Hayley Williams
Stay The Night (Aylen Remix)

Got to love when an artist takes a song and remixes it to totally sound completely different than the original. Hence what a remix should be like.
Today, TMN has the pleasure of premiering Aylen’s remix of Zedd’s ‘Stay the Night’. The original is a very upbeat song full of Williams’ strong female vocals and intense dance pulsations. Aylen takes this song and develops it into his own taste, he slows the vocals way down and adds some trap melodies and beats that make this song sound like an original of Aylen’s. The vocals sound all male and the rhythm of the song has taken a gentler pace which leaves the listener enjoying the dream-like beats and an appreciation for the song dialed down a few notches.

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[Hip-Hop/Soul] Lianne La Havas – Elusive (S-Type Remix)

Elusive (S-Type Remix)

UK Producer S-Type puts a stunning spin on Lainne La Havas’ song “Elusive”. The remix is full of Havas original jazzy and soul feel with a clash of electronic beats and melodies thanks to S-type. Known for his hip-hop sound, S-Type powerfully let’s the drums do most of the talking in his remix, careful to allow Havas stunning vocals to sit peacefully in their place among S-type’s beats. A great mix that keeps the fingers drumming away on the desk.

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[Remix] Emeli Sandé – My Kind of Love (Feat. Ab-Soul)

Emeli Sande
Emeli Sande
My Kind Of Love feat. Ab-Soul

British songstress Emeli Sandé has been steadily making her way into the American market. After teaming up with Kendrick Lamar for the remix of “Next To Me,” Sandé collaborates with another TDE member, Ab-Soul, on the remix for “My Kind of Love.” Her unique voice and talent for penning quality lyrics still shine through on the re-worked beat of the charting single from her debut album, Our Version of Events. The Black Hippy emcee also delivers some words spoken straight from the heart. No news on whether this will be part of a full length compilation, but take a listen to the single above.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2013 Round #3)


Stressin’ on your last minute Halloween costumes yet? We’re pretty sure being a Ninja with a bad ass playlist in your back pocket is an awesome option….Just sayin…

Little May
Rainy Day Women
Aint It Time?
Kafta Tamura
Somewhere Else
Sleepy Dreamers
Long Way Down
Jake Hart
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[NEW] Linkin Park – I’ll Be Gone (Vice Remix) (Feat. Pusha T)

Linkin Park
I'LL BE GONE (Vice Remix feat. Pusha T)

Linkin Park‘s LIVING THINGS was a pretty underrated album, even among the band’s hardcore fans. Luckily for us, LP will be breathing new life into the project through the release of RECHARGED later this month. Similar to their Reanimation collection released 11 years ago, RECHARGED will include a collection of remixes of many of the album’s standout tracks, including this one by DJ Vice, featuring Pusha T. Vice substitutes the original’s guitar chords with a fresh, uptempo electronic backdrop complete with snares that make it ripe for a killer versa from Pusha. Check out the track above, and make sure to pre-order a copy of RECHARGED before it hits shelves on October 29th, to snag yourself a bonus remix of “Burn It Down” by Paul van Dyk.

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[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – 3005

Childish Gambino

Last week, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, made some headlines when he decided to pour his heart out in a series of handwritten notes he posted on his Instagram page. Many people seemed alarmed or concerned for the rapper’s mental state, and while some of the information he revealed seemed pretty shocking, those familiar with Bino’s library shouldn’t be too surprised, as he’s expressed many of the same inhibitions in the past through his music. Deciding to bless us with a new single today, Gambino returns to his introspective roots on “3005.” The catchy new tune sees the Stone Mountain native employing his mastery of witty punchlines, as well as handling singing duties on the chorus. During the second verse, he gives us even more insight into his current mindset, spitting, “I used to care what people thought, but now I care more/Nobody out here got it figured out, so therefore/I’ve lost all hope of a happy ending, depending on whether or not it’s worth it/So insecure, no one’s perfect.”

After listening to this fresh number, it’s clear we’ve definitely got a lot to look forward to with Childish’s sophomore release, Because The Internet, which is set to drop this December (that’s if his label lets him release it of course).

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