[Introducing] Robert DeLong & album debut ‘Just Movement’

The essence of dance electronica, comprised by production perseverance and experimentation, lends itself to scrutiny for having particularly niche sounds. Modern ambassadors of the genre fight the battle every day of being tied down to similar themes and musical concepts, and even few are able to evolve from the monotony of the scene. Robert DeLong, the 26-year-old. multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles has broken this barrier, almost effortlessly, with the release of his debut album ‘Just Movement’.

Growing up in Seattle, Robert DeLong had the opportunity to be influenced by bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, and Pedro the Lion, apparent if only in short glimpses in his music. After moving to L.A., playing in an indie rock, studying jazz and later earning a living teaching drum lessons, his current project almost seems an obvious outcome.

Robert DeLong
Just Movement
Robert DeLong
Global Concepts
Robert DeLong
Robert DeLong
Complex by Degree

Signed to Glassnote Records, Robert DeLong presents an impressive repertoire of 13 tracks that comprises Just Movement album. Each track is deliberately crafted to expose the minor details of rhythm and emotional harmony with a complete twist on modern dance music. Fine layers of bouncy and catchy percussions provide the footing for DeLong’s natural and amiable vocals. The self-titled opening track, simplistic in sound, is reminiscent of the experimentation of Jimmy Tamborello’s solo project Dntel combined with the dance appeal of a Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs single. But with all its similarities, Robert DeLong stands on his own.

Right after the soothing first track, many more speechless moments occured for this impressed Editor. We are honored to blog about music every single day but Robert DeLong epitomizes the perfect rising artist. His goosebumps inducing music not only provides comfort at first listen but it makes one feel part of a new movement, a new sound that everyone must listen. ‘Global Concepts’ advanced the dance aspect of the album with playful instrumentation, rooted in natural organic drumming. Cheerful tracks like ‘Happy’ bring light to the experience with flirtatious whistles and prominent indie rock themes.

But not all is light-hearted electronica, ‘Survival of the Fitest’ includes slight elements of dubstep and industrial electronics and prevalent drop and release structures.

In short, Just Movement is simply just amazing. It breaths more like a mixtape than a coherent album but that quickly becomes irrelevant. Balancing different genres, exposing harmonies between his very own vocals and the beautiful production of every track, ‘Just Movement’ has won us over and will become a contender for top albums of 2013 lists.
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Paul Hardy & McKai Feat. Astral T – Sound It Out [Chill/Deep House]

Paul Hardy, the driver behind Baker Street Recording has just released the new ‘Sound It Out’ EP, involving production partner McKai for a new deeply authentic house track to kick off 2013. Previously involved with with releases on 2020, Mora Music, Dotbleep, Seinan, Hot Milk, 3am, Lost My Dog and many more, the producer lays a foundation of echoing vocals that surrounded by an almost exotic sounding baseline creating a truly seductive track.

The EP also features remixes by Al Bradley and Zia Remixes, you can stream them all below.

Paul Hardy & McKai Feat. Astral T
Sound It Out
Paul Hardy & McKai Feat. Astral T
Sound It Out (Al Bradleys 3am Deep Dub)
Paul Hardy & McKai Feat. Astral T
Sound It Out (Zia Remix)
Paul Hardy & McKai
For That

‘Sound It Out’ EP will be out March 4th on Beatport. However if you just can’t wait until then, you can download the free Bootleg track they released last week of WIld Belle’s ‘It’s Too Late’. Enjoy!

Its Too Late (Paul Hardy & McKais Lazy Sofa Bootleg)
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Little Comets – Violence Out Tonight

“Violence Out Tonight” is a poignant counterpoint to Little Comets‘ often jaunty, afro-inspired indie-pop. This first single from their Life Is Elsewhere album is a stark and sincere ballad, anchored around the weight of domestic violence and rape. It’s a moving rumination on a hard subject, but Little Comets manage to sympathetically capture the heartbreak through Rob Coles’ affecting lyrics.

Speaking about the single, the Newcastle based indie band said:

“I’ve never been affected by the issue of this song – a grim, despicable and weak act, so hope upon hope that the portrayal is apt… If not then I sincerely apologise: I feel that women’s rights are often forgotten in what is still a blatantly sexist society and I wouldn’t want to unwittingly add to this tumult, however neither do I want to adhere to the omertà…”

Little Comets
Violence Out Tonight

“Violence Out Tonight” is out April 1st on Dirty Hit Records

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2013 Round #2)

Most of the time change is a good thing and sometimes routine is perfectly comforting. The Indie Dojos got a little bit of both. You can always count on a new list posted every Tuesday (routine) but don’t ever expect a repeat (change). We aim to please all emotions with the click of a play button.

Meeting of Important People
Innocents Abroad
Great Peacock
Take Me to the Mountain
Queensbury Shuffle
The Dwells
Mouth Dakota
It Stays
Cam Penner
My Lover and I
Eric & Magill
Tangled Up In Nets
Single Twin
I Came Home Dead
Lorde Music
Biting Down
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[Indie] HAIM – Falling

After pouring over HAIM‘s electric/rock/pop/infinitely delicious tracks “Don’t Save Me” and “Send Me Down” the last few months, we’ve been more than ready for new material. Thankfully, the LA-based sister trio heard our prayers and released this new cut called “Falling”. There have been live videos of it floating around the interwebs, but here we get the finalized studio version. And…damn is it good: hushed crooning, throbbing & shattering percussion, funky bass grooves, and even a little sharp, badass guitar-work. Once again, there’s something so classic rock, yet so undeniably modern pop about it all.


“Falling” is available now via iTunes and will be on an EP of the same name, out April 1st.

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[Video] Drake – Started From The Bottom


Last week, we received a look at Drake‘s new single, “Started From The Bottom,” from his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same. Just as promised, we now have the official visuals too, which dropped right after The Grammy’s (where Drake’s Take Care won the award for Best Rap Album). Shot in his native Toronto, Drizzy runs us through his ascent from the “bottom” to the top, with a whole lot of clowning in between. After watching the video, it’s hard to consider the song as anything other than a joke. It’s nice to see that Drizzy can have some fun with the concept, even when he’s trying to act hard. If you’re feeling the single, you can cop it on iTunes now.

Started From The Bottom
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[Indie] Elephant – Skyscraper

Bluesy and soulful is “Skyscraper”, the new single from even newer London-based duo Elephant. It’s addictive right from the first listen so we won’t keep you in suspense. Hit play below and let the organs ring and rattle your bones and Amelia Rivas’ vocals coax and persuade you into a rousing euphoria.


The Skyscraper 7″ drops March 25th via Memphis Industries.

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