[Folk] Opus Orange – Balance

Rhythmic, folkish, and fun, Opus Orange‘s brand new song, “Balance” embodies just the right amount of each said quality to create a lush soundscape, reflective of their Californian roots.
The track may only be 2 minutes and 45 seconds, but within a minute, I already found myself enjoying the song and effortlessly whistling along. Take a listen, and let me know if it had the same effect on you. With the new year just a few weeks away, we eagerly anticipate when Opus Orange will be releasing their upcoming “Balance” EP early 2014.
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[Chill] Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

Ed Sheeran
I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

Fresh off of a viral tear on account of a gorgeous Marvin Gaye remix, Norwegian bred beatsmith Kygo has again struck a chord with us; this time taking Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” (which will soon find itself included on the original soundtrack for The Hobbit sequel: The The Desolation of Smaug) on a charming harmonic ride. While only 22 years of age, Kygo has continuously demonstrated a musically mature knack for bridging slow moving soulful ballads full of acoustic elements, and sprinkling them with enough sugar and melody to create an unexpected dance groove. While the heart of Ed Sheeran’s track remains vocally, it is the use of those signature seductive Kygo keys, and warm pads which really pulls “I See Fire” out of its original state. This one is definitely worth your listen today, and fortunately for now all of Kygo’s catalog has been given away for free including this one. Don’t miss out on adding this one to your music libraries today.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (Demember 2013 Round #1)




As the holidays fall upon us, the stress of finding the right gifts for our loved ones lingers over our heads and seeps into our wallets. If you’re looking for something cheap and meaningful, why not drop an Indie Dojo playlist in their lives? It’s free and gives the impression that it came right from your heart. And no matter if you are shopping for 1 or 50, we’ve got enough playlists for your sister’s cousins grandma’s best friend. Just head up to the menu bar at the top of this page, click “Playlists” —-> “Indie Dojo”, and you’ve got a bag full or goodies for all the little girls and boys.

World Dont Shine
Reilly Fitzalan
Your Stars
Jesse Davidson
Big Bois Gotta Eat
The Feathers
What If
Yourself In Peace
The Slavic Soul
Abram Shook
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[NEW] Childish Gambino – Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night) (Feat. Azealia Banks)

childish gambino because the internet
Childish Gambino
Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night) (Feat. Azealia Banks)

Spastic, reverberating, and high-energy make this new Childish Gambino single an addictive listen. “The Oldest Computer (The Last Night)” starts with a tranquil synth-beat intro that features the actor turned rapper singing the chorus. What starts peaceful quickly flips into a drum and bass fueled, pulsating electro beat that continues to grow in tempo and infectiousness. Don’t be fooled by the soft beginning, as Bino still manages to squeeze in some bars later in the track.

In contrast to his chill collaboration with Def Jam’s Jhene Aiko, “Bed Peace,” Childish enlists the vocal talents of Azealia Banks. No stranger to sporadic dance rhythms and synth-heavy production, the Harlem rapper trades tongue-twisting rhymes for some smooth crooning on the hook. As the single progresses over the four minutes, the mix of hard and soft melodies is abandoned at the last minute when the song erupts into pure pandemonium. This is yet another dope release from the young spitter and will be featured on his upcoming sophomore LP Because the Internet, available for pre-order now.

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[NEW] Childish Gambino – The Worst Guys (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Chance & Childish

[Track Removed]

On one of the most highly anticipated tracks from Childish Gambino‘s Because The Internet, he recruits Chitown’s Chance The Rapper to return the favor on the playfully titled “The Worst Guys.” Disappointingly, Chance is only featured on the chorus, but this latest leak continues to raise our expectations of what to expect from the upcoming album. Make sure to grab yourself a pre-order of what’s sure to be one of the best projects to drop this year, before it hits shelves on December 10th.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Minnesota’s Top 5 Songs

Minnesota (Film)

Another month down and we have to say goodbye to yet another wonderful artist. But before we let Minnesota go, we had to ask him about his favorite songs at the moment. His responses are some wonderful choices, a mix of sounds to collaborate with this music wizard himself. Thanks for a grand month Minnesota.

Always (Wave Racer Remix)

Always (Wave Racer Remix)

You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

You Know You Like It (Dj Snake Remix)

Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Branx – Smoove Operator

Smoove Operator

Jakwob – Fade (Club VIP)

Fade (Club VIP)
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[Garage/House] Wayward – Marvin VIP

Marvin VIP

There’s something about some crisp U.K. jack and a scooting hi-hat that has been drawing our attention in lately, especially as the U.K. garage sound has seen a recent resurgence of sorts behind the success of Disclosure, Kidnap Kid and loads more, spurring on all types of new talent to dip their toes into the once forgotten dance niche. Another artist duo to rotate into our in-house playlist is London via Leeds house producers Wayward, who dropped us the line on their latest single “Marvin VIP”, which is slated for a December 2 official release on Aesop. The five-minute housey jaunt reinforces everything we loved about garage at its heyday, the four to the floor kick with accented 2’s and 4’s, overeager deep synth play and distinct kick-clap pattern, but is as refined as any piece of commercial dance music along with a choice vocal sample to boot. We’ve loved seeing these sounds make their way stateside in heaping amounts, and thought you Ninjas deserved to hear one of our absolute favorite cuts at the moment. Stream Wayward’s “Marvin VIP” above.

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