[Indie Rock] Maus Haus – Hey Jean

Self-proclaimed as sounding like a concoction of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth, synth-rockers Maus Haus recently released their EP titled Light Noise. The San Francisco-based septet recently turned foursome, proves that sometimes less is more with their track “Hey Jean”. The song starts off with an eerie yet sexy guitar bassline coupled with buzzy synths. Cue in the multi-tracked vocals and you can hear that Beach Boys influence. It’s safe to say that the boys of Maus Haus found the perfect home with label Lavish Habits. You can stream & purchase Light Noise via their Bandcamp page.

Maus Haus
Hey Jean (Free Download)
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Icona Pop – I Love It (Hot Mouth Remix)

I don’t care, I love it!

Quite similar to The Music Ninja motto, this new remix of the iconic single from female Swedish DJ and electropop duo Icona Pop has us bouncing around on a very busy Monday evening. Jon Pegnato aka Hot Mouth is an upcoming Los Angeles producer with a sweet tooth for bouncing electro house (also check out the remix of LAZRtag’s “Let Me See Those Hands”). Sometimes there is no reason to count the why for loving something, even if this catchy remix delivers one too many.

Icona Pop
I Love It (Hot Mouth Remix)

“I Love It” was released on May 2012 through Ten Records. For more of Mot Mouth remixes head over to his soundcloud.

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[Indie/Folk] Eliza and the Bear – Brothers Boat + The Southern Wild (Video)

The future couldn’t be brighter for the enthralling six-piece UK band Eliza and the Bear. With tough competition surrounding the indie/folk genre, standing out has become an ever increasing difficult feat for up and coming musician. Yet, Eliza and the Bear have cut their way through like a butter knife. In similar fashion to Mumford and Sons and rising stars from Denver The Lumineers, whose harmonic instrumentation and chemistry have enchanted the folk-driven scene, Eliza and The Bear have raised the the bar even higher for all indie/folk/rock.

Just five months ago, they released a teaser of their upcoming debut album with a song titled “Brother’s Boat’. With a slow and melodic intro, utilizing catchy guitar riffs and background trumpets, the band quickly sets a foundation of pure musical bliss. Soft and heart-warming lyrics quickly fill the track with a sense of honest reflection that is ultimately interrupted by one of the most explosives and welcoming organic ‘drops’ from an indie band we have encountered this year. No matter what the lyrics may be about, “Brother’s Boat” is a surprisingly wonderful gem that will have your heart skip a beat of utter joy.

There is absolutely no way anyone cannot fall in love with the sheer energy and emotional connection Eliza and The Bear has with music. They have already recorded their debut EP with the much-acclaimed producer Peter Miles at ‘Middle Farm Studios’ in Exeter (Devon) and are currently keeping a close-guard around it, as they tour and increase their live presence. God, I already feel dirty about the things I would do to just see them live.

Eliza and the Bear
Brothers Boat

Here is another preview of Eliza and The Bear performing “The Southern Wild” live at the Middlefarm Studios.

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[Electronica] Tomas Barfod – November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)

In May Los Angeles/Denmark artist Tomas Barfod released his album Salton Sea, which included the shimmering standout “November Skies” featuring Nina Kinert. Being that it’s such a quality track, numerous producers have come out to show off their remix magic. One such fellow is producer and fellow Californian, Jerome LOL. He makes his mark by turning it into a whirling and illuminated soundscape, highlighted by Kinert’s vocals that’ve been turned up significantly to reach near-squeak levels. It’s playful and dazzling, and almost gives the original a run for its money. Check it out below!

Tomas Barfod
November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)

The November Skies remix EP, also including Nite Jewel and Sepalcure reworks, comes out November 26th via Friends of Friends.

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[Indie] ON AN ON – The Hunter

One of the more exciting new artists of 2012, ON AN ON are poised to make some real waves next year when their debut album Give In drops on January 29th. We were already enamored with “Ghosts,” the hugely successful first single that bursts with arena-sized power, but the band is back with a new LP teaser called “The Hunter”. Drum machines and warped vocals are layered atop a big hook for another anthem-like track, only further proving that ON AN ON are ready for the spotlight. Check out both of the songs below! “The Hunter” is only $1 on Bandcamp, make sure you grab it.

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[Indie Rock] Deep Sea Diver – You Go Running

Energetic. Not too fast, not too slow. That’s how I describe this echoic melody led, jumpy bass line fueled, splashing cymbal textured jam -track, “You Go Running” from Seattle indie-poppers, Deep Sea Diver. Songwriter and vocalist Jessica Dobson and instrumentalists Peter Mansen and John Raines show sophistication with well balanced lyrics over a jumpy rhythm. Bits come at you with full force and others build and build to a reasonable amount of dance-ability. It’s not pervasive, it’s not in-your-face — it’s just right.

Deep Sea Diver
You Go Running

If you want more, don’t stop with just “You Go Running.” Deep Sea Diver released their full-length debut album, History Speaks this past February. You can listen to the whole thing HERE.

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[Glitch/Funk] Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)

We all know that remixing a classic is dangerous business, but taking on one that has already been reworked by the likes of Pretty Lights? Now that’s plain insanity. However, with great risk comes great reward, and bass producer Psymbionic delivers a seriously funky glitched out edit of the 70′s jam with huge success. Layered with infectious organ samples and guitar riffs, the winning combination of classic instruments with modern electronic sounds ensures that this effort won’t just live in the shadows of the more renowned mix. In fact, it even holds some advantages over it. For one, it’s fully released, secondly it’s a free download, and more importantly, Psymbionic uses the uplifting vocals from the iconic chorus that were never included in the Pretty Lights version, which always seemed like a massive tease. Thankfully, this track makes the whole experience feel complete and the original has certainly been done justice. 90′s kids, now is the appropriate time to listen to those pangs of nostalgia and hunt down that copy of Space Jam on VHS buried in the cupboard somewhere. I know I will.

Steve Miller Band
Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)
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