[NEW] Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It (Prod. Heavy D)

Jurassic 5
The Way We Do It

After kicking off their reunion tour last year, LA-based hip-hop legends, Jurassic 5, are back with their first track in nearly a decade. I was lucky enough to catch them a couple times during that run and was blown away by the quality of their performance. While it is evident that J5 has not lost it on stage, “The Way We Do It” proves they’re also still doing great work in the studio. Over production from the late Heavy D, the whole crew come correct keeping it simple with the old-school, positive vibes that fans will remember from their prime. Grab a free download above and check out the dope video, full of tour footage, after the jump.  Continue reading

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Samuel L Cool J – Slip and Slide [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Common Wall Media
SAMUEL L COOL J "Slip And Slide"

Brandishing the name of one of America’s most cherished Summertime toys (unless you hit a rock, that is), Samuel L Cool J is premiering their video for this nostalgic tune today on TMN.

With a setting of filming a music video as the music video itself, “Slip and Slide” is a soulful track that will take you all the way back to yesteryear. In fact, we’re going to send this post to our parents as soon as we finish writing this up, as we know they’ll appreciate the classic Americana rich vibes it’s carrying.

Made up of an all star collection of Valley bands including: Gospel Claws, Through and Through Gospel Review, Ladylike, Wooden Indian, Programming Hiro and Mergence, this group has us calling on associations of the classics, but also new school soul/R&B acts like Bo Saris, Michael Kiwanuka, and Nick Waterhouse.

While they don’t have much released at this point, we can garauntee you this won’t last for long, and we’ll be waiting anxiously at our keyboards for that day to come.

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[Chill/House] Donnell Jones – U Know What’s Up (option4 Remix)

Donell Jones
U Know What's Up (option4 Remix)

It’s been a bit since we’ve had the pleasure of featuring the groovy addictive electronic sound of rising producer option4, excluding our convivial group interview at Snowball Music Festival in Denver a few month back, so when the burgeoning house fixture sent over his latest remix of the classic Donnell Jones vocal track “U Know What’s Up”, we were chomping at the bit. Needless to say, option4 has once again hit the mark with a savvy dance rearrangement tipping the scales from sultry pop to club-house goodness all the way into the jacking sound more closely associated with early Chicago Trax records. That’s part of option4’s alluring mystique though; a unique and vast understanding of all things dance, employed with a forward thinking, intoxicating spin. Not to mention this latest composition just simply oozes sexy, and on top of that, is available as a free download. There certainly seems to be a reason option4 has been paired up with Moby, Empire of the Sun, Flume and The Bloody Beetroots in big markets like NYC, Denver and Seattle as well as stops at SXSW and Miami Music Week as of late; and if our electronic and dance aficionados out in Ninja haven’t gotten in on the secret, we highly suggest you do so now.

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[Dubstep] Varien & SirensCeol – Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele)

Varien & SirensCeol
Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele)

The mysterious Monstercat label has struck the internet again, and this time with the help from Varien! and SirensCeol. With our week looking pretty stacked with great music, these two just had to throw on an extra load of feels to our batch and give us some goosebumps to last the rest of the day.

Varien and Sirenceol are both notorious for their abstract, uplifting sound. Whether it be SirensCeol’s melodic breakdowns or Varien’s intricate use of detail, the two were bound to join forces and combine their articulate minds. So they got together and created one of the most beautiful tracks to date, “Moonlight”. The power, depth, and artistry behind this track reveals an eerie beauty that lingers in your soul. The delicate melodies and the soothing vocals of Aloma Steele bring forth a much more intrinsic value to “Moonlight”.  Varien! and SirensCeol really blew us away with this song and have ultimately changed the realm of dubstep from here on out.

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Noosa – Wildfire [TMN PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

As we close out a full week of premieres from Los Angeles based indie-pop goddess Noosa, we’re sporting a big toothy grin as we start to write up what’s always been our favorite song from this album (released today). If you’re sitting down, be prepared to start grooving in your seat. If you’re standing up, give yourself plenty of room to frolic around the room. In fact, you might want to put the dogs away for this one. Well, unless you have a dog big enough to have them stand on their back legs and dance with you. In which case, grab those front paws and get ready to move.

We digress. When we first agreed to premiere each song from Wonderland one by one, we were anxiously awaiting getting to write this one up. Not that we didn’t love the entire album, but this song has undeniable charm. Charged up with space-like fluttering synths (courtesy of production wizard Mickey Valen) ‘Wildfire’ crackles with infectious incantation.

Boasting a upbeat, pop-driven sound that we fell in love with on tracks like ‘Sail,’ this song showcases Sky’s often intoxicating lyrical imagery. It won’t be long before ‘Wildfire’ is populating all kinds of playlists, including some that will carry names like “Summertime,” “Happy Place,” and “Favorites.”

Even though iTunes messed up the artist listing, we still encourage you to head out and pick it up today. For only $8.91, you can’t go wrong purchasing this stellar indie album.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2014 Round #3)


Change isn’t something we welcome with open arms most of the time, but it’s not always such a bad thing. Who cares if you don’t like indie, folk, cover songs, or indie folk cover songs for that matter. Let’s embrace a little change of genre in your life today. Look at it this way, the Indie Dojo is like a box of non-edible indie songs, you never know what you’re gonna get or what you’re gonna like.

even in the dark
Lake South
Good Keen Man
Asaf Avidan
Eliza Shaddad
Henry Green
My Number (Foals Cover)
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Twista – Overnight Celebrity (Vices & Big Makk Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Overnight Celebrity (Vices & Big Makk Remix)
Overnight Celebrity Ft. Kanye West (Vices & Big Makk Remix)

We’re ecstatic to bring you the first taste of Vices‘ and Big Makk‘s remix of “Overnight Celebrity”! They take the original by Twista, which also features Kanye West, and spin it into a Jersey Club anthem. This remix doesn’t come short to any other Jersey Club tune we’ve heard. With chopped vocals, the standard drum beat, and even a trap break, this remix won’t disappoint. If you’re just now getting into club music and have no clue what designates this as Jersey Club, we featured another Vices remix earlier this month with a brief rundown explaining it. If you’re looking to “play something these pros will like” or trying to find as many free downloads to fill up your library, this remix by Vices and Big Makk is exactly what you’ve been searching for!

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