Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure VIP Remix)

UK producer duo Disclosure reworked “Running” back in February, but during a set on Boiler Room TV just the other night, they unleashed an even more ravaging, fierce VIP remix of the Jessie Ware track. How intense was it? Well, let’s just say that hours after it aired, it was ripped onto YouTube and spread like internet wildfire — despite the numerous attempts, as you’ll hear below, to deter folks from doing just that. The intermittent talking over the track might be a tad distracting, but I promise it’s well worth the listen.

Jessie Ware
Running (Disclosure VIP Remix)

Bonus: Disclosure’s hit “Latch”

Latch ft. Sam Smith
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Kanye West – White Dress (Alternate Version)

After the successful released Tarantino and RZA film Man with the Iron Fist and acclaimed soundtrack, the GOOD Music emcee Kanye West releases an extended, alternate version to the movie’s single “White Dress”. This romantic RZA and Tru of the Wu-Tang affiliated soul group Stone Mecca doesn’t stray too far from the original version but offers a polished, more soulful vibe without taking away from Kanye’s well delivered bars. Similar to Ghostface‘s “Wildflower” or “Icecream”, this track offers a nostalgic feel coupled with a beautiful piano line, chill drum chords, and jazzy guitar rip towards the end.

Kanye West
White Dress (Alternate Version)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo 13

Another week, another Trap Dojo, filled with the very best Trap music the internet has to offer. Sorry this post isn’t on the usual Tuesday, but it has more than enough banging tunes to make up for it. The first track, a huge remix of the Flux Pavillion and Major Lazer track “Jah No Partial” goes hard, infusing the classic roots reggae vocals over all sorts of wild instrumentals, horns, whistles and drums. The Dojo just wouldn’t quite feel right if there wasn’t a track by Ookay near the top of the list and he certainly doesn’t disappoint this week, I dare you not to lose your mind when the whistles drop into the track after the hardstyle breakdown halfway through the track. I have no idea who Kennedy Jones is other than he posted this first song to his Soundcloud last and it is a track that would be sure to pack a dance floor. It seems that we cant go a single week without throwing in a remix of “Clique,” and this week Bird Peterson does the honors. Butch Clancy, or should I say “BU†CH CLΔNCΨ” takes a break from making killer dubstep to make this hard hitting trap mash-up. This isn’t available for free download, but will be as soon as Clancy gets all the kinks worked out. I have loved every single OG mix that Candyland has released, and this mix of J-Kwon‘s “Tipsy” proves that they are one of the best at updating familiar but tired tracks into hyped up bangers. The next several songs all go hard with huge instrumentals and fire-spitting lyrics. The last few songs are a little bit different, M!NT creates a beautiful Lovetrap sound with hip-hop vocals throughout while Kastle is pure Lovetrap, with amazing layered vocals sure to get your head nodding while your heart’s breaking. Lastly, we have something the likes of which I’m sure you’ve never heard before, as 710 Records boss ṪHE ƦξVЁR∑NƉ BLEEⱣ BLOO₱ traps out the Etta James classic “At Last”. Be sure to listen to all of these songs on the best system or headphones you have to catch all the sub-bass and subtle features which make these songs truly magnificent.

Click here for all of this weeks free tracks


Major Lazer
Jah No Partial (Yellow Claw & Yung Felix Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD*
Hit Me ///BUY 4 FREE DL///
Esta Noche (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)
Big Sean, Jay
Z, Kanye West
Everyone Nose (Aylen Remix)
BOW (Filthy Disco Remix) (DL in Description)
Angel Haze & Lunice
Gimme That
#CHAMPAGNEDREAM ʷᵃᶫᵐᵉʳ ᶜᵒᶰᵛᵉᶰᶦᵉᶰᶜᵉ ᵉˣᶜᶫᵘˢᶦᵛᵉ
Hush (Free download)
Without You ft. Austin Paul (ALBUM PREVIEW)
Etta James


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[Download] Heems – Wild Water Kingdom

Today, Heems released his latest project, the Wild Water Kingdom mixtape. The collection is packed with 17 tracks, including a cameo by Childish Gambino and production by some elite talent like LE1F, Harry Fraud, Crookers, and Lushlife. Check out one of its standout tracks “Cowabunga Gnarly” below, and then listen/download the whole thing for free!

Rolling Stone recently did an in-depth interview with the Das Racist member about the mixtape and his Indian American identity, which you can read here.

Cowabunga Gnarly

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[Hip-Hop] Angel Haze & Lunice – Gimme That

Over the summer EDM trap-pioneering production duo, TNGHT, helped define an explosive subgenre with their self-titled EP and several massive mixes. Both members, Lunice and Hudson Mohawke, expressed their desire to reach out and work with rappers. Thus far, we have seen Mohawke work with several hip-hop acts, most notably Kanye West on Cruel Summer.

The Montreal-based half, Lunice, has also been hard at work producing for several up ‘n coming emcees. His latest release, “Gimme That,” features NYC’s Angel Haze, yet another example of a quality female artist in a genre that has traditionally lacked them. The trap influence on Lunice’s instrumental is evident through out with 808, kick-driven percussion and epic synth melodies. Haze delivers an absolute verbal assault continuing the compelling case for further collaboration between EDM trap and hip-hop.

“Gimme That” is part of Yours Truly’s “Songs from Scratch” series and serves as a great pick me up to get you over the Wednesday hump. Stream it below and head over to Yours Truly to watch a dope documentary on the making of this one.

Angel Haze & Lunice
Gimme That

Bonus: Check out another recent Lunice-produced hip-hop cut with Deniro Farrar and Shady Blaze, a sort of trap ballad with an effective autotune chorus and some pretty solid verses.

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[Chill] Postiljonen – How Will I Know/All That We Had Is Lost (Whitney Houston Cover)


The best part about scouring the internet and devouring music all day like a rabid beast is discovering that diamond in the rough. Here is one such gem. The ’80s R&B-pop anthem by Whitney Houston gets slowed down to a chill, dreamy electro track. It moves along so leisurely and tenderly, it sounds as though it’s floating away, off to some ethereal atmosphere. By entirely downplaying the power ballad and stripping it of its pop flash, mysterious Swedish trio Postiljonen turn it into a real heartbreaker as they elevate, emphasize and embrace the song’s emotional sentiment. After watching the above video, download the mp3 for free below.  Also, connect with the band on Facebook to stay updated on new material.

How Will I Know/All That We Had Is Lost

via The Line of Best Fit

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[Hip-Hop] Cities Aviv – Black Pleasure Mixtape

Rising Memphis rapper Cities Aviv has the suave swag, smart flow, and creative mind to make it big. Need proof? Today, he released a brand new mixtape via Mishka called Black Pleasure. But instead of trying to encapsulate what it sounds like and what it means, I’ll let Cities do it himself. Check out “Forever,” one of the standout tracks, his explanation, and then ALL 15 tracks.

Cities Aviv

Cities Aviv new album doesn’t imply fetishistic experimentation, but it does explore some dark sounds and unsettling ideas. There’s sonic shoutouts to the high age of musical black pleasures—the 80s—with nods to depressive new wave atmosphere, black romantic melodies, and heavy Rick Jamesian bass. There’s also some references to the rap tradition of Cities Aviv hometown (Memphis) with distorted, echoed vocals and stuttering drums. It’s an entirely different kind of trippy over here though, man. If you really want to get to the highest levels of subversive joys on this release there’s the lyrics that openly question the nature of reality, and our pursuit of pleasure. Heady, adventurous stuff for an album that (must) share a title with countless pornos.

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