Alex Clare – Too Close (Cazzettes Amphitheatres Surrounding Her Mix)

One of the most recognizable songs from the popular Internet Explorer commercials, “Too Close” by Alex Clare has fallen victim to the devastating electro work of Swedish DJ duo CAZZETTE, consisting of Sebastian Furrer & Alexander Björklund. Signed to At Night, the duo has experienced an incredible amount of success in just under a year, participating at major electronic festivals and with official remixes of Avicii – Sweet Dreams and Swedish House Mafia – Save the World and bootleg remixes of Adeles “Set Fire to the Rain”.

“Too Close” was released 15 April 2011 as the second single from Clare’s debut studio album, The Lateness of the Hour. Cazzette has once again taken a classic electronic track, elevating it with their aggressive signature style and released completely for free. Enjoy!

Alex Clare
Too Close (Cazzettes Amphitheatres Surrounding Her Mix)
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Jessie Ware – Night Light (Official Video)

jessie ware night light

With a stark black and white color scheme, billows of smoke and slow, sensual emphasized touching, the latest video from Jessie Ware is simple, yet so stylish. Directed by Chris Sweeney, it captures perfectly the singer’s stylistic approach thus far — elegant, intimate, powerful, and so 90′s. After all the poise, it’s nice to see her crack a big smile at the very end. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the song is damn good, too. On its own “Night Light,” off Ware’s excellent debut album Devotion, is an electro-ballad that has its soft and timid moments, but also it’s earnest and impassioned choruses.

As a bonus, here is a chill downloadable “Night Light” remix by Perseus from Annie Mac Presents.

Night Light (Perseus Remix)
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[Electronica] GOLDHOUSE – Nothing To Lose (TMN Song Premiere)

With glossy electro-pop anthems dropping left and right, Chicago-based singer/producer Grant Harris, AKA GOLDHOUSE, is quickly becoming one of those artists you might very well hear everywhere in just a matter of months. Purevolume and Sirius Radio’s “20 on 20″ have shown the love and now we are chiming in: The Music Ninja is excited to premiere his newest song, “Nothing To Lose,” off his mixtape The Morning After. It’s an electrifying, feel-good tune whose chorus hits the sweet spot and screams “hit single”. DOWNLOAD it below and read our short interview with GOLDHOUSE himself!

Nothing to Lose

The Music Ninja: What’s the story behind “Nothing To Lose”?

GOLDHOUSE: “Nothing to Lose” is kind of about convincing a girl to give you a shot with her. Girls are much more complex than guys, they weigh all the options and think about things in such greater detail and depth that sometimes they need to hear they have nothing to lose by giving you a chance…at least I think?

TMN: Was there a specific point in your life when you decided that you were going to pursue a music career full-time? If so, can you describe that moment and the things that led you to that decision?

GOLDHOUSE: I didn’t really know until after high school. When I found I was writing music instead of studying in my dorm room I realized I might be in the wrong place. After receiving a great response online from all my music, I decided to have a go at it for real.

TMN: Why “electro-pop” as opposed to say, folk or indie rock? What about the genre appeals to you?

GOLDHOUSE: It’s just something I’ve always been drawn to. It’s hard to explain in all honesty. Something about pop music laced with electro undertones just makes you feel like having fun and dancing. I try my best to make feel good music and this is just how it comes out.

TMN: What artists/albums are you listening to these days and why?

GOLDHOUSE: Really into Penguin Prison, JMSN, Capital Cities, Young Empires and then a ton of older stuff like Don Henley, Prince, Phil Collins, ELP, and more. When people ask me what kind of music I like, I say I like GOOD music… so if it’s good music, chances are I’ll like it.

TMN: Favorite ninja-related movie?

GOLDHOUSE: 3 Ninjas obviously.

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[Acoustic] Patrick Wolf – Born To Die (Lana Del Rey Cover)

Patrick wolf born to die Lana del Rey

Patrick Wolf is arguably the UK’s most innovative artist, and his musical career has seen him constantly experimenting with and altering his sound from record to record in order to create something new and fresh. So, it seems only natural that Wolf would cover “Born To Die,” by the eccentric pop princess Lana Del Rey. Wolf’s approach is far folkier than the original, and sees him pour all his energy into delivering heartfelt vocals accompanied by some gorgeous strings. If you’ve loved this track (and face it, why wouldn’t you?), then don’t miss Patrick’s new album Sundark And Riverlight, out October 15.

Patrick Wolf
Born To Die (Lana Del Rey Cover)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo September 2012 Round #3

Letting your brain wander into a world far far away is pretty necessary sometimes. Give yourself a good 5 minutes to stare off into space with the full on mouth open stance and do as little thinking as possible. Now soundtrack that 5 minutes with an Indie Dojo and it might just blow your mind.

Poor Remy
Still Sleeping
Indianna Dawn
I Always Miss You
Aidan Knight
A Mirror
Andrew Combs
Worried Man
The Invisible Cities
The Year of Living Backwards
California Daze
Karev Yom
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[Hip-Hop] Danny Brown – Errthang ft. Dopehead (Prod. Skywlkr)

Bruiser Brigade, which consists of Detroit’s Danny Brown, fellow rapper Dopehead and producer Skywlkr, let loose a dope single earlier today as they gear up to release a project. “Errthang” features dark, warped production from Skywlkr and both Brown and Dopehead match the feel coming hard with their verses.

Stream this distorted, sinister cut below and look out for their 4-track EP, including remixes from Ryan Hemsworth and Lockah, due out this Wednesday, September 19th, via Fool’s Gold/ Scion A/V. 

Danny Brown
Errythang (Ft. Dopehead)
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[Indie Pop] YesYou – Frivolous Life Ft. Marcus Azon

Is anyone else astounded at how some indie pop tracks can be so freaking gratifying? Check out YesYou‘s latest sweet treat “Frivolous Life” and you’ll know what I mean right away. The Australian duo, accompanied by Jinja Safari‘s Marcus Azon, can do no wrong on this über-catchy song that’s brimming with sunny synth work and silky smooth vocals. If you’re a fan of Foster the People or Passion Pit, this is a band you can’t afford to sleep on. For an added bonus, be sure to watch the official video right here.

Frivolous Life (ft. Marcus Azon)
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