[NEW] J. Cole – Forbidden Fruit (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

J. Cole
Forbidden Fruit (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

With J. Cole holding some high-tech listening sessions for Born Sinner across the nation earlier tonight, you had to figure that a few songs would leak shortly afterwards. Tonight we get the most anticipated collaboration off the album, as Kendrick Lamar links up with Cole to bring us “Forbidden Fruit.” While Kendrick is only present to help out on hook duties, “Forbidden Fruit” still makes for a smooth number, utilizing a familiar sample of Ronnie Foster‘s “Mystic Brew,” which you may recognize from the A Tribe Called Quest classic, “Electric Relaxation.” Listening to the lyrics, it seems like this track may have been a late addition to the project, as Cole makes reference to dropping his album the same day as Kanye West. Speaking of which, make sure to grab a copy of Born Sinner when it hits shelves on June 18th.

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[Denver Events] This Week at Beta 6/6


Being a Top 25 Club from DJ Mag comes at no surprise as Beta Nightclub has been featuring an amazing array of talent this summer, and this weekend is once again no exception.

Being regulars at Beta, we figured we should share their line up with you, in hopes that you’ll come down and rage with us. Also, just like last time, we have arranged for something special.

For the shows Friday and Saturday, make sure you bring your phone with you. If you’re 21+, get there before 11pm, and show them this post on your phone – your cover is comped. Just make sure to enter through the front door, and not the side VIP entrance. Can’t wait to see you down there!

Paul Van Dyk - June 6th

Paul van Dyk
ULTRA Music Festival 2013

Borgore - June 7th

Sonata In F Major

DJ Dan - June 8th

DJ Dan Presents Stereo Damage
Episode 38
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[Dream Pop] Young Hunting – Hazel LP

Young Hunting [LA]

Last year, we introduced you to Young Hunting and their slick, magnetic style of dream pop. Their standout track at the time, “Maze”, commanded our attention immediately, and, ever since then, we’ve made it our business to keep an eye on the West Coast band.

Now, almost a year later that song is still fresh in our minds (yes, it has that kind of staying power), so much so that we’re posting it here again. But the biggest news to come out of the Hunting camp is that they’re gearing up to release a brand new record featuring the aforementioned tune as well as eight other like-minded charmers. Titled Hazel, it’s due out on June 11th via Bay Area label Gold Robot Records, and courtesy of our friends at HypeMachine, is streaming in its entirety right now! Check it out — it’s sure to be an album to soundtrack many of summer’s pool parties and epic hangs.

Listen to Young Hunting’s Hazel album here.

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in & out

We love bringing you guys the newest and freshest artists. Today we have something so fresh that this is literally their first upload to soundcloud. Here’s what we can tell you: the lead singer has a really gorgeous tone, and a very impressive vocal range. The instrumentals are simple, down tempo, and electronically driven which really allow the vocals to be the star. On top of that, the vocalist’s lyrics are dripping with sensuality.

So, while there might not be much information on TOTEM, we’re sure there will be in the coming months.

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[Show Review] Bassnectar – Red Rocks amphitheater, Colorado


And sometimes, you go to a show that just blows your mind, literally and figuratively.

The night at Red Rocks was just right, a cool summer evening as fans of the acclaimed electronic master, Bassnectar, gathered for the second night of back-to-back sold out shows. As he took the stage, the longhaired musician gave some love to Colorado and then put it simply, “I know trap music is the music style this year but I’m going to play some good old dub all night.”
Play dub? Not even, he played, threw down, molded, melted dub all over the crowd that night. Bringing along his own sound system did not hurt either, his deep melodies and intense beat sessions could be heard far outside of Red Rocks. Bassnectar, also known as Lorin Ashton, has been at this for a while the whole killing people with his musical talents. He went to his first rave back in 1995 when he was just a young buck and since then, his world and our world has never been the same. Naming himself the famous Bassnectar, he released his first album back in 2001 and I was only too happy to hear him go back to his beginning roots. He played songs that were a decade old that still held the same excitement they did when they were first released, and the crowd loved him for it. All musicians start somewhere and Bassnectar is one of those musicians whose beat naturally flowed out of him from the minute he touched his first electronic music system.

Playing for over two hours straight, Bassnectar showed why he has such a huge fan base and why his music will continue to awe and inspire his adoring supporters.

Keep rocking those long locks Bassnectar and keep capturing the hearts, ears and minds of all who listen to you.

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[Electronica] OMN – Betwixt


We have made this point at The Music Ninja perhaps a hundred times over, but it seems to be a growing trend. Teenagers are producing some of the most forward-thinking, genre-bending electronic music  being put out in the EDM landscape at the moment. 18 year old Ollie Mckendrick-Ness or more simply OMN comes to us today with his latest self-released single “Betwixt”, and it only serves to perpetuate that stereotype. On “Betwixt”, OMN slowly creates a sonic soundscape that pulls in its listener by employing acoustic elements over a swift, downtempo “boom-pap” drum kick and what sounds to be a subdued MIDI controller hook. Parts of OMN’s instrumentation recall older Sigur Ros, but with an experimental pop-sensibility one would expect to find from a more freshly faced group like Youth Lagoon. It is just a beautiful listen, and as an added bonus can be taken home for your listening pleasure. Download “Betwixt” above.

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[Video] Jungle – Platoon

Based around an infectious rhythm that balances a seriously funky, head-nodding groove with sleek synthesis, Jungle’s debut single, “Platoon”, is an immersive introduction to the London based collective. Set for a July 15 release on Chess Club records, the video matches the restrained groove of the single with an amped up and uninhibited B-Girl routine by the coolest six year old in town. Check it out above.


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