[Bass] Wilsen – Magnolia (REVOKE Remix)

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Magnolia (REVOKE Remix)

Do you ever stumble across those songs that leave you questioning what the hell you just listened to? Well we ninjas just had an existential crisis all thanks to REVOKE. The Southern California producer is notorious for turning things up regardless of where we’re at. Lunch with grandma? Turn up. At the doctor’s office? Turn up. In line at Subway? Turn up with extra avocado. The guy sure does know how to handle his music in the weirdest, most eclectic way and we couldn’t be more stoked to share what he has cooking up his sleeve today.

After a successful remix alongside the dynamic duo, Candyland, REVOKE decided to give us an entirely different side of himself with his latest remix of “Magnolia” by Wilsen. At first, we really had no idea what to classify this song as because it incorporates elements from the entire music spectrum (especially, bass) such as melodic trap, dubstep, drum and bass, electro, etc. This powerful remix is suitable for anyone’s taste and REVOKE absolutely turned this pristine song into a vibey, head-banging, swoon worthy track of the week. Grab your free download today and let this tune make you question everything you think you know about music.

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[Progressive House] Galantis – Smile (Hyperbits & Jenaux Remix)

Smile (Hyperbits & Jenaux Remix)

Often times we come across those tracks that make us drop everything we are doing in order for us to enjoy the moment for what it’s worth. Well today just seems to be one of those days where we probably aren’t going to be getting anything work-related done because we can’t seem to pick up those important things we previously dropped. Just a few moments ago we we noticed something popped up on our feed from a TMN favorite, Jenaux. At that moment we knew that we were about to strap ourselves in for a rollercoaster ride of some progressive feels. After we randomly discovered his remix of Panama Wedding’s, “Uma”, we instantly became fans from there on out. If you recall from that write up, Jenaux re-introduced us to the side of Progressive House that we all genuinely love and appreciate so much.

We are filled with joy today, ninjas, because Jenaux is back with another synergetic masterpiece and this time alongside House producer, Hyperbits. The two decided to link up and take on the incredible number, “Smile”, by Galantis. This Summer anthem is full of emotionally moving melodies, uplifting builds, and a breakdown that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. Jenaux and Hyperbits instantly took us back to the Identity Festival days of hugging, dancing, and PLURing with everyone and their furries. This song is bound to make you smile, so for that, we wish you all a happy #ThrowbackThursday because you’ll definitely be thinking back to your favorite festival moments after hearing this stunning piece.


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[Ambient] Kicks n Licks – Morning Light (ft. K Emeline)

Kicks n Licks
Morning Light (ft. K Emeline)

It’s always refreshing when artists make truly inspiring music that leaves us wanting more. We’re talking about music that hits you right dead center in the feels. We here at TMN appreciate those types songs in which artists deviate from their typical style of music and lean more towards the emotive side of production. Electronic duo, Kicks n Licks, changed things up a bit with their newest original piece, “Morning Light”, which features the atmospheric voice of Emeline. In contrast to their later pieces of work, “Morning Light” resonates something truly euphoric, peaceful, and pure.

The moment we heard this song we instantly had the dire urge to go drink a large glass of ice water because it was that refreshing to hear. Kicks n Licks added more organic elements that can be conveyed in the subtle echoing synths, the ambient clicks, the bird chirps, and the stunning piano melodies. This track captures the essence of nature as well as their ability to manifest something entirely different from their previous songs. We are very pleased with “Morning Light” and we look forward to hearing the rest off their forthcoming Momentum EP, out August 12th. We guarantee you’ll want to go on a hike after hearing this one, so grab your boots, pack a light lunch, and lose yourself in the beauty surrounding you.

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[Festival Review] TMN Dives Into Denver’s Underground Music Showcase

The UMS Main Stage (Photo Credit: Robert Castro Ultra5280)

If you’re wondering whether or not Colorado’s music scene is embodied solely by bass-heavy barons devastating Red Rocks on a regular basis, or the constant national and international accolades given to Beta Nightclub year after year, you can stop that right now. While much of the Mile High City’s music scene’s notoriety falls into those two aforementioned venues, The UMS flexed it’s mighty indie muscle two weekends ago, showing the city, the state, the nation, and the world that a handful of tiny venues deserves just as much attention.

Taking over one of Denver’s most prized neighborhoods, The UMS flooded the numerous dive bars, galleries, and restaurants that adorn the colorful South Broadway stretch. In a meticulous blend of some well known acts coupled with hyper-indie (so indie, even the hippest of your friends haven’t heard about them yet) there was more than enough to appease the auditory appetite of the thousands of festival goers that flooded the streets.

Knowing that there was too much music for one ninja to cover, we had to break up The UMS between two from our clan. Check out what Matty and Clayton experienced during their first full experience of this must-attend event.

Day 1, Thursday:

CRL CRRL. (Photo Credit: Robert Castro Ultra5280)

While we couldn’t yet make it out in full force to the first night of Denver’s incredible Underground Music Showcase, we did manage to make it to one of our favorite electronic artist’s sets, with CRL CRRLL (pronounced Carl Carrell) at Blue Ice. An abbreviated set to say the least, CRL CRRLL managed to warp our minds through different texturized soundscapes played off of his bevy of machines, MIDI controllers and gadgets on stage through the 40 minute performance. This was the second time we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing him live, as he played our TMN presented show in Denver with Young & Sick (which if you haven’t heard his remix of their tune “Glass”, check it out below) and it seems in the short span of time, CRLCRRLL’s reached a more fluid, comfortable and mature stage presence.

’Young & Sick Glass Remix By CRL CRRLL’

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Jack Garratt – Remnants (Goldfish Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Goldfish Background for track

You feel that, ninjas? That undeniable feeling like greatness is peeking its head around the corner? You know what that is? It’s pre-Friday. We’re one day away from a glorious two-day stretch that we’ve all been thinking about since Monday morning. As you carefully calculate your plans for your upcoming adventures, throw this sexy little number on.

Coming out of Denmark, Goldfish (Bastian Langebaek) has put a new break-beat twist on Jack Garratt’s “Remnants.” The title track off of Garratt’s debut EP boasted a gritty and ominous feel, which provided an industrial backdrop for those unforgettable vocals. Goldfish has stepped in and flipped the track upside down, harnessing similar techniques used in their first working project, “Worry.” After co-writing and co-producing that smash single, it was only natural to see an impressive final product on this remixer’s take.

Utilizing some of those darker, minimalist elements creates a delicate contrast with the added smooth bassline, providing a delectable R&B feel that’s perfect for your warm-weather festivities this weekend. Press play, and get on with planning something epic.

’Jack Garratt – Remnants (Goldfish Remix)’
’Jack Garrett – Worry’
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[Future Trap] Sophie – Hard


Britain-based producer Sophie is demanding our attention, and we’re giving it to her–or maybe him. We’re not entirely sure of Sophie’s identity because the elusive artist is determined to remain low-key for the time being. Despite the anonymity, Sophie’s small selection of releases are highly captivating due to their unique and groundbreaking orchestration.

Sophie’s latest track, “Hard,” is an intricately engineered track that fuses futuristic beats with rigid trap elements. Adorned by bubblegum pop vocals, “Hard” encompasses a melodic musical style similar to that of Glasgow producers, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. “Hard” is eponymous, in that it is a track that harmoniously marries grit with glitter, resulting in a colorful outcome and is undoubtedly mind-melting.

“Hard” is available now via Numbers with the producer’s previous single, “Lemonade,” for virtual and vinyl releases.

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[Future Bass/Trap] Y//2//K – White Wine ft. Mark Johns

White Wine ft. Mark Johns

Before you get ahead of yourselves by jumping to the play button, we highly recommend that you first crack open the finest bottle of white wine you have at home and get that bubbly buzz flowin’ after a long day at work. Trust us, when the title of a song says “White Wine”, you know that it is only best to put yourself in a similar setting so you can get the full experience.

Earlier today, Y2K dropped a new original track, “White Wine”, which features the lovely vocals of young Mark Johns – yes, a female with a badass artist name and a voice to match it. This Future Bass/Trap inspired song gives us some happy synths, an adorable piano melody, and a bassline to get you feelin’ some type of way. Y2K and Mark Johns just set a new standard for Summer with this jam so make sure to pour another glass of that white wine and grab your free download while you’re still coherent.

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