[NEW] Justin Timberlake – Take Back The Night

Justin Timberlake
Take Back The Night

The sequel to Justin Timberlake‘s The 20/20 Experience is set to arrive on September 30th, and today we finally have the first taste of what’s to come. While many of us still have the first album in rotation, it’s no secret that we’re eager to see what JT has in store for us this fall. “Take Back The Night” features a sound that’s unmistakably Timberlake, picking up where he last left off on March’s The 20/20 Experience. Just like JT led the revolution to reclaim “SexyBack” in 2006, he’s again leading another revival, this time hoping to rekindle magic on the dance floor with this lush, disco-tinged pop tune. Check out the single below, and see how it compares to the last album’s lead single, “Suit & Tie.” If you like it enough, make sure to grab yourself a copy on iTunes.

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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #60


Hey hey, ninjas! It’s Friiiiiiday. The seemingly insurmountable task of getting through another week of work has somehow magically become a reality. It’s time to loosen up with a frosty cold one and get ready for 48+ hours of freedom. As your self-proclaimed guide to imbibing we’re instructing you to press play and live it up.


Beat It (Mutrix Remix)
Michael Jackson
Mashup The Dance
Major Lazer & The Partysquad (Drunken Masters Remix)
Koyote Mashup
Less Go (Porter Robinson // Reece Low // Lil Jon)
Jessie J. feat. Big Sean (Ahzee Remix)
Sander Van Doorn
Neon (Ahzee Remix)
Hit The Clarity Cannonball (Leo Laurettis Bootleg)
GTA & D. Lab & Showtek & J. Prime Feat. Foxes
Martin Garrix
Animals (Henry Himself Rework)
DYNAMO (Original Mix)
Springen (Riggi & Piros Remix)
Elton John
Tiny Dancer feat. casey barnes (TMass Dubstep Version)
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[Summer] Showtek – Booyah Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson

Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson

Even if you aren’t the biggest reggae fan, you have to admit that it’s pretty nice to enjoy during the summer months. While we all loved the most recent Bob Marley remixed album, it’s pretty refreshing to hear some new style reggae accompanied by some of the games best beatsmiths.

“Booyah”, which is due out on August 19th via Spinnin, has that summertime rasta feel infused with big room maestro Showtek’s signature sounds. The massive festival style synths are there to accompany the vocals from We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson. One of the most impressive characteristics of this tune falls right into place with what we love about Showtek. These guys really know how to blend genres to create a listening experience that’s enjoyable for all types of EDM enthusiasts. The big room is there, of course, but this track also features a drum n bass style build from 2:00-2:30. The fast paced snares and hi hats really add some excitement to the tune which lead to the 2nd drop of the tune.

One thing is for certain, this one will not only make you want to dance, but will light up dance floors across the world.

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[Synth-Wave] Digital Farm Animals – Adore You feat. Ofei

Digital Farm Animals
Adore You Feat. Ofei

It really is such a pleasure witnessing so many styles of electronic music begin to receive their due credit, other than the typical Top-40 electro and dubstep that has been responsible for the coining of umbrella term “EDM” to the droves of mainstream buyers in the last three years. London’s Digital Farm Animals is the latest producer in a long line of somewhat overlooked burgeoning talents to come across our office speakers here at TMN, and with electronic intonations that owe a little love to artists like Four Tet & Nicolas Jaar to TEED and SBTRKT it was pretty easy to feature him along with  single “Adore You” featuring pop singer/songwriter Ofei. “Adore You” fuses Ofei’s superlative vocal reverberations with  a melody sounding as if it came straight off of M83′s timeless Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, with a touch of some sensible but left-field pop. The tune comes as DFA’s first sampling of music from a forthcoming EP, Bugged Out, which drops on August 26. Check it out above, and drift into that dreamy slice of Thursday night a little early.

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[TMN Resident Artist Interview] No Speed Limit for the Brothers of Inpetto

Inpetto Podcast 030 June 2013

TMN: Today I have the pleasure of interviewing our two wonderful July Resident Artists Marco and Dirk who make up the insane German electronic group Inpetto. Hello to you both and thanks for taking the time to chat with me and your Music Ninja fans today ☺

I: Hi, it‘s a big pleasure!

TMN: So, let’s start off from the beginning, or actually, let’s just start off with this. You are brothers who make amazing music together. I think the world loves a good set of siblings who carry extraordinary talents and produce amazing results. How is it going to work with your brother everyday?

I: Yes, we are siblings but we do not have exact the same interests, opinions and ideas. But knowing each other for so long and working together since over 15 years may make it easier to bring different ideas together to a complete work.

TMN: Now, when you were both young, did either of you have musical training or did that come later in life?

I: The only musical training we had, were the school lessons in music, which were quite interesting in the beginning, when you learned some basics about notation and sounds.

TMN: Many musicians today talk about how they had music around them growing up, either their parents played instruments or sang or there was music played throughout the household. Does this resonate with you two at all?

I: No, actually not. There‘s no musician in our family. Our interest of making music appeared when we visited a fair and played around on a keyboard the first time. It was around the early 90‘s. We were kids, and we forced our grandma to buy that keyboard for us.

TMN: Fast forward a bit now and tell us, when was the moment you both realized, hey, I want to make music, that is where my passion is. I’m not talking about huge light coming down moments here, but we all know when those little moments happen, when was it for you two?

I: Yeah, it was not a single intense moment, but a development over a long period of time. So, after getting that first keyboard the interest for making music was in us and pushed us to learn more about the possibilities of producing and finally got a substantial hobby. We spent more and more of our money and time and did a couple of our own tracks. That time came, when Dirk carried these tracks along into the club in which he was working as a resident. And we realized that some people really liked these tracks. And this was kind of a moment, where we thought: “Yeah. That‘s cool! Shouldn’t we sent these tracks to a label to get our own a release perpetuated on a fine piece of vinyl?” But we never thought of doing this job on a daily basis. This happened after we released “Toca’s Miracle” in 2000 and after we finished training for “real jobs”. Dirk a Dental Technician and Marco Electrical Engineer.

TMN: You two are also two-thirds of the dance act Fragma correct? Can you tell us how that started off?

I: After sending out our first tracks to some labels and getting no answers by many labels, we finally got an answer for one of our tracks from the desk of Ramon Zenker. He really liked it and asked us to team up on this track. We were enthusiastic about this idea, because he is an experienced producer and we were big fans of his work.
So we founded the act “Fragma” together and finally got our first release which was called “Toca Me”.

TMN: But at the same time you were doing Fragma, you two also started Inpetto yet Inpetto didn’t really arrive to its full potential until a few years ago. How was it trying to balance being in two musical groups at the same time? What was that like creatively?

I: Inpetto was started at the same time Fragma was founded but was just a remix-project for “Toca Me”. Inpetto was not the only side project we did over the time, we also did a lot of tracks and remixes under an alias named “Duderstadt” and ghost writing for other artists also. Being in more musical groups is a good possibility to let out different kinds of creative ideas. So that was also the reason for reviving the Inpetto project after some years.

TMN: Alright I have to ask, who came up with the name Inpetto (which for the readers, it is an Italian translation of the Latin pectoral: ‘in the secret of the heart’), because as a lover of words, I am kind of in love with your name.

The first track we did under the alias Inpetto was the remix for “Toca Me” and had the style of italian club music, which was very popular in the club we worked for at the end of the 90‘s. So, the main reason for choosing this name was is quiet simple: The German term “in petto” is sounding Italian and decently underlined the style of the remix.
Later on we changed this term to one single word “Inpetto”. Reason? I think it was preponderant something like an accident! :)

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[Denver Events] This Week at Beta 7/11


Being a Top 25 Club from DJ Mag comes at no surprise as Beta Nightclub has been featuring an amazing array of talent this summer, and this weekend is once again no exception.

Being regulars at Beta, we figured we should share their line up with you, in hopes that you’ll come down and rage with us. Also, just like last time, we have arranged for something special.

For the shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday, make sure you bring your phone with you. If you’re 21+, get there before 11pm, and show them this post on your phone – your cover is comped. Just make sure to enter through the front door, and not the side VIP entrance. Can’t wait to see you down there!

Bass Kleph - July 11th
Bass Kleph
Less Is More (Original Mix)

DJ Slink - July 12th
Body Party (Sliink X Nadus Jersey Club Remix)

AC Slater - July 13th
AC Slater
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[New Love Track] Kill Paris – Falling in Love Again ft. Marty Rod and Alma

Kill Paris
Falling In Love Again (Feat. Marty Rod & Alma)

He’s quickly becoming the king of cornering love music, and no not the cheesy, over-the-top love songs. But the love songs full of funk and cool and feeling that are hypnotic to the ears and heart. Kill Paris, also known as the beloved Corey Baker, recently released his latest track on OWSLA called “Falling in Love Again” featuring the talented Marty Rod and Alma adding some killer vocals on this upbeat love tune. KP starts the song with his poetic melody sound and adds in the fun vibes that have this tune a must play for the summer. Everyone knows after heartbreak comes new love, and that excitement and newness is captured in this wonderful song.

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