[Hip-Hop] Fabolous – SoNY (Prod. Just Blaze)

On his brand new street single, Loso wants to let you know that he’s from New York, just in case you didn’t know so. Fabolous comes with the punches on this one, taking subtle shots at other rappers who claim to be from New York but longer spend much time there, while taking not so subtle shots at some out of towners, shouting “I’m so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me” on the chorus. Featuring some high energy production from Just Blaze, Loso really looks to mark his territory, boasting about the success he’s had without a mentor or specific affiliation of any sort. With this recent release, Loso is ready to prove that he can handle the crown as New York’s chosen son.

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[Hip-Hop] Jez Dior – Candles

Jez Dior is one of the hottest up and coming hip-hop stars out there, and his first ever release “Candles,” show exactly why you should be excited. Not only does Dior sample a track by Daughter (one of our favourite artists), he also adds melody to his raps, creating a beautiful contrast of tough and soft. Jez’s ambition for this cut is matched only by his talent, and we’re expecting great things from him on Scarlett Sage, his forthcoming mixtape.

Jez Dior
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[Remix] Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Passion Pit Remix)

As good decisions go, getting Passion Pit to remix your hit single is pretty high up on the list, as Imagine Dragons have found out. The Vegas quartet just dropped their new record Night Visions, and Michael Angelakos and the boys have risen to the challenge of giving “It’s Time” the full synth-pop reworking. While the band have kept the soaring indie-rock vocals and some of the uke, “It’s Time” now resembles something of a tropical disco hit, with shimmering synths taking the lead. One of those tracks that will soundtrack your nights out for many months to come, this version of “It’s Time” more than proves Passion Pit’s talent as remixers.

Imagine Dragons
Its Time (Passion Pit Remix)
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[Massive] Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War EP

Day has been made, Wolfgang Gartner dropped his two-track EP titled Love & War. A couple weeks ago we were blessed with 1:30 Previews of  these two tracks, forcing us to press repeat over and over enjoying its pure amazingness. Now, finally released Wolfgang Gartner has come out saying these are “his favorite tracks he’s ever made”. A quote we can’t agree with more.

“Love & War” is a dance floor destroyer featuring a sound design simliar to his older work such as “The Champ” and other releases on Weekend In America. This is definetly one of the filthiest songs Wolfgang has ever dropped, featuring an infectious melody surrounded by flawless synth work.

“Nuke” is just as insane starting with some more 8-Bit madness and squealing high pitch swirling synths. Wolfgang has truly outdone himself, and on first listen this track takes you on a high speed thrill ride into dance floor heaven. Make sure to support him and buy these two massive tunes by clicking on the “Buy” link below. Cheers.

Wolfgang Gartner
Love & War
Wolfgang Gartner

The Love & War EP was released 9/17 on Ultra Records

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Krewella Interview

Available Now on iTunes
Killin It
Available Now on iTunes

If anyone knows how to put on a show, it’s Krewella. Krewella consists of two vocalists (who happen to be sisters) Jahan and Yasmine, and producer Kris. This was their second time playing at Red Rocks in a matter of months (they played at Global Dance Festival), and the moment they stepped on stage, it was clear that they would steal the show. Fans in the audience held signs that read, “MARRY ME” and there wasn’t an instant that the crowd wasn’t jumping wanting more from them. Their music is addicting, a quick listen to tracks such as “Killin It” or “Alive”  and there’s a big chance that it will be stuck in your head.

What’s amazing about Krewella is how incredibly connected and nice they are to their fans. As soon as they finished their extended set (Dirty South cancelled last minute due to an accident), fans came up to the side of the stage asking for pictures and the trio didn’t hesitate and took as many pictures as the fans wanted.

Before their set at Red Rocks, we had a chance to talk to Krewella backstage and this is what they had to say.

The Music Ninja: First and foremost, where did you guys develop your love for Jameson? 

Yasmine: Oh god, okay, so we used to work in this bottle service place back in the dark days, and Jahan was a bottle server, and Jameson just kind of was the THING there and uh… I should not be talking about this since I’m the baby…who else wants to talk about it?

Jahan: We all kind of had to agree on our one drink that we all agreed on and it was Jameson and it definitely started in the dark days like Yasmine said with the bottle service days when Yasmine and I were working at this one lounge in Chicago um it SUCKED and—

Kris: No no be honest, we’re here, we’re hanging out, okay?  We support Jameson because they paid us the most money.


Yasmine:  I fucking wish!


TMN: So you guys were just here for Global Dance but you were upstairs, what does it feel like to be going on to the main stage tonight?

Yasmine: Fucking honored! Fucking honored.

Jahan: Dude, it looks epic.

Kris: I’m a little bit tired, I’m full, drinking Jameson, so I feel good.

Jahan: The last time we were here we were watching Knife Party at Global Dance, it was INSANE it’s just crazy to be on the same stage that they were on because they’re one of our favorites and I’ve been trying to figure and scope out how to crowd surf because it’s on like an uphill stairs…It’s a bit dangerous, we all decided that we’re probably going to have to climb up to the top.

Yasmine: And then roll down!

Kris: We call it the inception stage dive because you’re doing it from the wrong side.
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[Rock] The Zolas – Knot In My Heart

The Zolas both look and sound like the next big thing to come out of Brooklyn, but the Canadian duo are in fact all about creating post-modern pop with a lo-fi sensibility. Take their stunning new track “Knot In My Heart,” which combines warm buzzy guitars and witty lyrics with some serious chart-busting pop hooks. At just over three minutes long, it is definitely on the short and sweet side, but we can guarantee you’ll be humming this infectious and joyful track all day. Don’t miss The Zolas’ sophomore record, Ancient Mars, out October 2.

The Zolas
Knot In My Heart
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[Hip-Hop] Heems (of Das Racist) – Let it Go Feat. Cee Gee (Prod. Keyboard Kid)

It’s Bollywood meets the trap with this brand new track from Heems of Das Racist. As one of the most bizarre emcees in the game right now, Heems brings that same gritty oddball flow to this swagged out cut from his Wild Water Kingdom mixtape, dropping October 15th.  The song features a scattered sound, with an Indian sample which roughly translates to “Let me go,” while Cee Gee brings some reggae flavor to the chorus, all with some heavy drums blaring in the background and Heems talking trash throughout as usual.  It definitely makes for an interesting listen, and one that will leave you scratching your head while bopping it at the same time.

Let It Go Feat. Cee Gee
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