Miami Horror – Real Slow (Avenue Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Miami Horror
Real Slow (Avenue Remix)

All day today we’ve been hearing songs that make us long for summer. Beatsmith Torotonian Avenue has just made us look out the window with added disgust with his latest remix; a lovely trop-house remix of Miami Horror’s “Real Slow.”

Sporting a funky bassline and some island style synths, Avenue has taken this beach-ready tune and created something that should be played far and wide at WMC. While the original piano melody is still apparent, it’s not the hero of the song as it was in the original. This tune is much more dance-centric, harnessing lush kicks and clicking percussion.

If you’re feeling down about the weather, throw on a Hawaiian shirt and play this bad boy. You won’t be able to avoid the warm weather vibes.

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[Electronic] Golden Features – Golden Features EP


Somewhere between the lines of lush, gorgeous ambient electronica, bass-heavy dance music and avant-garde hip hop lies Golden Features. This up-and-coming producer Aussie just dropped this four track EP and it’s chock full of deep house goodness.

Our favorite of the four was definitely “Tell Me,” which has a melodically focused vocal vocal deep house vibe, featuring verbose, cavernous bass hits that slowly bounce across bass kicks and wavering synths. It’s not an energetic big room track by any way, shape or means, but it has a nice driving tempo that’s backed with some accentuating piano keys, which will create plenty of energy at your next house party or trip to the club.

The other three tracks range in originality, some even displaying perfect characteristics for a smooth MC to drop some lyrics over. Take a gander at all four, and lost in the depth of Golden Feature’s artistry.

Tell Me
Tell Me
Maybe We Are Different
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[Sweet] Zella Day – Sweet Ophelia

Zella Day
Sweet Ophelia

You know those beautiful stories of artists? I’m talking about ones where the artist has had music embodied in them since they were young?

Well, Arizona artist Zella Day is one of those musicians. Growing up in small Pinetop Arizona, this artist was inspired by a vast backdrop of natural beauty. Her family owned a small coffee shop where Zella was surrounded by other musicians and where she first began her musical endeavors performing sets of Elvis and Bob Dylan with just her guitar accompanying her. From there, Zella began writing songs, which we are all so thankful. Today, Zella released her song ‘Sweet Ophelia’, the A-side off her forthcoming debut 7” slated for release this coming spring. Zella has a rugged sound, with a twist of sweet sophistication in her voice. Her lyrics are rugged and truthful while being perfectly matched with instruments. Enjoy this beauty and much more to come.

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[NEW] Kanye West – Bound 1 (Remake)

Kanye West
Bound 1 (Remake)

When the tracklist for Yeezus first surfaced, many fans were puzzled by the numbering of the album’s final song, “Bound 2,” since none of us had ever heard any version prior to that. After finally giving it a listen, I thought maybe it was just a lame play on the phrase “Bound 2 Fall In Love” repeated throughout the chorus, but as it turns out, there really was a “Bound 1″ after all. By now I’m sure many of you have already seen the live footage of Hudson Mohawke debuting the original version during a set in the UK on Valentine’s weekend.

Now it appears as if someone’s decided to reconstruct the entire song, allowing the world to finally hear what “Bound 1″ would’ve really sounded like. As it stands, “Bound 2″ was already quite a departure from the deeply dark, grungy minimalism heard throughout the rest of Yeezus. “Bound 1″ carries an even lighter tone, resulting in a sweet melody that heavily contrasts with the album’s material, which may be why Rick Rubin decided to step in and alter the sonic direction with one fell stroke of his epic beard. With “Bound 1″ you get a sense of what Kanye was initially trying to achieve with this tune, and it almost adds some context to the sentimental nature of its oft-criticized music video.

Take a listen to the single above, and also make sure to check out Kanye’s epic performance from Late Night with Seth Meyers that includes a medley of some of the greatest hits from the past decade of his decorated career, including: “Jesus Walks,” “Touch The Sky,” “Stronger,” “Heartless,” “All of the Lights,” “Mercy,” and “Black Skinhead.”

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Dog in the Snow – Factory

Dog In The Snow

Black pepper on watermelon, and Sriracha on mangoes. Who would have ever thought that many of us would have a palette for combinations like that? Sometimes the coming together of unconventional things can create something new and frankly, quite pleasant – And that’s exactly how I felt about “Factory” after my first listen. The track immediately kicks off with an unusual introduction of eclectic sounds, which carry on in a nomadic fashion. Mildly outlandish? Yes. But it is exactly this eccentric composition that encouraged me to listen further, and made me a fan of “Factory”.

Dog In The Snow is UK native Helen Ganya Brown, with the support from Marie-Eve de Gaultier.

Grab a copy of Factory, out on Tidal Wave on March 3rd. And if you fancy their distinctive sound as I do, you’ll be happy to know we have linked you to their music video below.

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[Indie-Dance/G-House] Dr. Fresch – You’re My Obsession

Dr. Fresch
You're My Obsession (ft. Nate Dogg & Animotion)

In the span of just a few recent releases, L.A.’s Dr. Fresch has quickly become one of our go-to sources of consistently proper Disko and House music. We last featured the line-towing producer with the release of a self-titled EP on his own Prep School Recordings imprint, which we fell head over heels for and today we’re happy to bring TMN another slice of the Dr. Fresch picture. Fusing vocal elements from two classic tracks -Animotion’s sticky sweet 80’s heater “Obsession” spliced with a tinge of Nate Dogg’s “I Got Love”- “You’re My Obsession” occupies a unique space between mainstream and underground while exuding the kind of dance credibility most producers yearn for. It was out of the blue that Dr. Fresch was mused to produce this one, from a classic video game session of GTA: Vice  City as Animotion’s hypnotic anthem struck an inspirational chord with the producer, undoubtedly while virtually mowing down hoards of police and innocent civilians (because we hear that’s what goes on in those games). He’s been quoted as saying “I was playing GTA: Vice City a couple months back and got inspired to remix my favorite track from the game, “Obsession”. Then, I sprinkled a little Nate Dogg vocal on top, and this is what I came up with.” Well as simple as that sounds, we know there was much more to it than that but we really, really like it.

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[Free Download] Follow Me – If You Leave (Original Mix)

Follow Me
If You Leave

After rather quietly easing into 2014, Follow Me are back again to break the silence with the release of their second original record entitled ‘If You Leave’. Playfully intertwining  a collection of vibrant and dreamy synths over a foundation of resilient pads, ‘If You Leave’ is a lush tropical soundscape with a remarkably emotive tone. Best of all, as a means of saying thanks for recently hitting 15K followers on Facebook, Follow Me are graciously giving this one out for free. Stream and download the track below. Enjoy!

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