[Groove] Mayer Hawthorne – Designer Drug

Mayer Hawthorne
Designer Drug

We love Mayer Hawthorne at Music Ninja. His unique sound and his catchy lyrics always find their way onto our playlists, in our headphones or streaming on our computers. Hawthorne just released his new, insanely wonderful song ‘Designer Drug’ which is sure to be a song of this summer. We unfortunately did not catch this release earlier and for that we apologize but for your listening pleasure we now share the addiction that was made inside of Hawthorne’s music laboratory. The song starts off with the simple lyrics “Last night, I tried a little Adderall…” and from there Hawthorne tells the story of popping some pills and mixing a few drinks but the only thing he really wants is his ‘designer drug’. We have all been there, fantasizing about a person who can bring us up to the top or take us right down to the very bottom. The beat is groovy, the lyrics are catchy and if you catch yourself snapping your fingers also with the tune, we won’t hold it against you.

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[Electronic] The KickDrums – Good As Gold

The KickDrums - Good As Gold
The KickDrums
Good As Gold

As a band whose foundations lie in hip-hop, The KickDrums have done a phenomenal job of branching out over the last couple of years. They’re really the definition of genre blending, bringing together indie rock influences and hip-hop sensibilities to form a unique, cohesive sound. Today, the group would like us to know that they’re not done experimenting quite yet. Although, Alex Fitts is the only active member of the duo at the moment, he carries the crusade on with this tremendous electronic instrumental. Complete with cascading guitar riffs, and jaunting synths, “Good As Gold” combines all the elements mentioned above into one of the group’s most ambitious efforts yet. The track is available for free download now, and is the first single from the upcoming Inspiration for Conversation EP, coming soon.

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[Trap] TNGHT – Acrylics


It’s been way too long since we last heard anything new from trap duo TNGHT. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice clearly shared the same sentiments, dropping this monstrosity in preparation for their set at Coachella later this month. There’s plenty of adjectives that could be used to describe this track: filthy, smashing, mesmerizing, the list goes on. Just know that it’ll be in constant rotation from this day forward. Cop the single on iTunes, and prepare yourself for an epic 2013 from two of Kanye‘s favorite producers.

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[NEW] Kid Cudi – Solo Dolo Pt. 2 (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Kid Cudi
Solo Dolo Pt. 2 (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

I’m not sure I really need to say much to persuade you to listen to this track, but for any Kid Cudi fans out there this might just be a dream come true. The man on the moon, who has been consistently delivering incredible tracks from his upcoming album, teams up with the recently omnipresent and always dope Kendrick Lamar for the sequel of a classic Cudi cut.

“Solo Dolo Pt. 2″ trakes the psychedelic feel of the original to new heights allowing two of the most creative artists out to display some of their best verses to date. Kid Cudi’s Indicud drops April 23rd and has all the signs of a masterpiece thus far. Not many better ways to start the week off!

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[Hip-Hop] Cassow – Oh Lord (Feat. Danny Brown) (Prod. Stewart Villain)

Cold Winter
Oh Lord Ft. Danny Brown (Prod. Stewart Villain)

Oh man, Danny Brown has just been on an absolute tear recently. As documented here and here, the Detroit rapper’s been on his promotional grind, trying to churn out as much new music as he possibly can in preparation for his upcoming Old album. In the meantime, he’s been able to help use his name to provide shine to some lesser known artists. That’s exactly the case here with Portland-based emcee, Cassow. While Cassow may be new to some ears, he proves he’s no amateur, as he goes in over some lush, elaborate production courtesy of Stewart Villain. When you think of hip-hop, Portland certainly isn’t the first place that comes to mind, but Cassow is definitely blazing the trail for his fellow Oregonians (see what I did there?). Check out his new Cold Winter mixtape for some more ill tracks like this one.

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[Album Stream] Iron and Wine – Ghost On Ghost

iron and wine - ghost on ghost
Iron and Wine
Lovers' Revolution

Mr. Sam Beam, aka Iron and Wine, is back with a new album titled Ghost On Ghost. We shared one of its tracks, the jazzy, brass-heavy “Lovers’ Revolution”, with you back in January (and also above). But now, a week before its official release on Nonesuch Records, we’re happy to announce that the entire LP is available to stream thanks to the kind folks at NPR.

Stream Iron and Wine’s Ghost On Ghost here.

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[Swing & Dubstep] Jantsen + Dirt Monkey – In The Mood VIP

Dirt Monkey
Jantsen & Dirt Monkey-In The Mood VIP

We always love to support local talent because let’s be serious, talent arises from all over and if we can brag a bit about our states well, we will take that. Colorado natives Jantsen and Dirt Monkey have teamed up to throw down this addictive collaboration. Taking an old classic swing song, the duo keep the lightness of the original melody with the repeating lyrics of the lovely ladies. Then the boys throw in some dub drops and bass hops and lots of head bopping rhythms that work so well with the feel of the song. There is no doubt, this song puts anyone in the mood to dance and sing and maybe even throw back a few cold ones as the weather gets warmer. Put this song on your summer playlist and enjoy how these artists took an old classic and made it into a modern day sure to be favorite.

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