[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #92

chill dojo

Well ninjas, hopefully all of you survived your 4th of July holiday weekend. We know it can get a little rough after 3 days of raging hard, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to look at another American flag for the next couple of weeks. Luckily for you, we put together the perfect recovery Chill Dojo to sooth your mind – and your liver for that matter. TMN always knows how to give you exactly what your soul needs every Tuesday morning and afternoon because we like to give all of you a small break from the festival life and bring you back to reality. We’ve got a heaping dose of some intense feels for you this week so prepare to fight that dire urge to soulfully move your body and cry the rest of the day. So press that play button and let these delectable sound frequencies give you some peace of mind.

Until next week, yo!

High Tide (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)’
’Foster the People – Best Friend (Jai Wolf X AObeats Remix)’
’Sam Smith – Stay With Me (EigenARTig Remix)’
’bonobo – Duals’
’Psymbionic – One Thing ft. Cristina Soto’
’Görkem Han Jr. – Ocean’
’Wayward – Belize’
’waiting so long’
’Pascäal – Drowning In You (Mincha Edit)’
’Sailor & I – Turn Around (Âme Remix)’
’Free n Losh – Lost Ft. Cat Lewis’
’Alicks – Beneath The Surface’
’misxgi – OCEAN’
’xxyxx – Zygote’
’Diversa – i love you for existing’
’The Weeknd – The Knowing (Aeron Beem’s Ethnic Vaportrap Bootleg Remix)’
’Cazzette – Sleepless ft. The High (Prinston Acoustic Edit)’
’Sam Sm1th – Stay W1th Me (JayKode Remix)’
’Lana Del Rey – Fucked My Way Up To The Top (Yamill Remix)’
’Bondax – All I See’
’StéLouse & Rusty Hook – Space Bar’
’Brew Brewses – Cracked Stones’
’Braedon Bailey – Breathe Easy’
’Sun Ritual’
’Esta. – Lexo’
’#33. Haan 808 – Black On Green (Free Honey)’
’Petit Biscuit – Collapse’
’Take A Note’



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[Album Review] French Style Furs – Is Exotic Bait


“You are going to be pleasantly surprised by this / You will find yourself sweetly insulted,” seduces Nathan Willett in the opening line of “Miami U R About 2 B Surprised,” and he couldn’t have been more right.

I remember being very surprised when I read the announcement that the Cold War Kids frontman and bandmate Matt Maust were teaming up with We Barbarians drummer Nathan Warkentin (with Haley Dekle of Dirty Projectors featuring as well) to form side-project turned supergroup French Style Furs, and now it’s finally here, with the trio releasing their debut LP Is Exotic Bait on Frenchkiss Records today.

Named after a storefront in Brooklyn and cultivated in spontaneity, French Style Furs is abstract and pulsing with the kind of creative urgency that comes with writing and recording in between shows, with Willett’s signature howls, barks, and wails giving restless life to lyrics inspired by Trappist monk and mystic Thomas Merton’s poetry.

Opening with the quasi-autobiographical “3 Friends,” Is Exotic Bait exudes this vivacity, confidently declaring “Damn it / We are here” after chronicling the musicians’ decision to “Live together and know nothing of it,” with “No plans / No benefits,” and asking “Could we just fly in space / And forget to exist?” If that isn’t the description of playing in a band then I don’t know what is.

Taking the dance-inspiring synth vibes explored in Cold War Kids’ last album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts and running with them, Willett and co. get downright frantic in “All The Way Down,” before transitioning into the fuzzy, vaguely U2-esque riffs of “(World In My) Bloodstream.”

Standout track “Solitary Life” opens with one of the best bass grooves of Maust’s discography so far (you can almost see him jerkily swaying on stage as you hear it) before swinging horns, Dekle’s vocalizations, and even some cowbell are layered on.

Produced by Nick Launay, whose past projects include Nick Cave (one of the Cold War Kids duo’s main influences) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Is Exotic Bait is steeped in the brooding of the former and the sharpness of the latter; “Miami” and “Turn or Burn” display some of the darkest and deepest vocals ever recorded by Willett, while the beat and pulse of “Christmas Card” could just as easily be filled with Karen O’s shrieks and shouts.

Complete with another beautiful specimen of cover art from Maust, Is Exotic Bait is good on its promise of being one of this year’s most pleasant surprises. Oh, and only Willett could write a song called “Ambassadors Of General Electric” and make it sexy as hell. Check it out in its full glory below:

’3 Friends’
’All The Way Down’
(World In My) Bloodstream’
’Solitary Life’
’Miami U R About 2 B Surprised’
’Ambassadors Of General Electric’
’Turn or Burn’
’Man The Master’
’Christmas Card’
’Clairvaux Prison’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2014 Round #2)


No matter how disgustingly hot it gets, you just can’t hate on summertime. The daylight sticks around longer, the music festivals are abundant, the smell of suntan lotion and grills fill the air. What’s to hate? Sure the sticky, muggy, dry, sweaty heat can be exhausting, but there are ways around it. Air conditioning, fans, swimming pools, ice, lots and lots of ice and indie dojos. Sounds like the opposite of summertime sadness to us.

’The Narcoleptic Dancers – Again And Again’
’The BearFox – Lullaby’
’Renée – Strawberry Stains’
’I Have  a Tribe – Yellow Raincoats’
’Black Wolves’
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[Tropicalé] Free n Losh – Lost ft. Cat Lewis

Free N Losh Lost
Free n Losh
Lost Ft. Cat Lewis

Free n Losh put out a new track, “Lost”, and it is the spitting image of having a nice margarita on the beach. This beautiful track combines tropical house and chill trap in a way we aren’t used to hearing. With it’s beautiful guitar, and Cat Lewis’ soothing vocals, this song is going to be in every summer playlist. This song was released on an upcoming record label, Next Wave, which seems to care more about donating money, than it does receiving money for tracks. My only complaint about this song is that it’s too fun to sing along to. I’m sure it will have a similar effect on you as well!

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[Melodic House] Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody feat. Jasmine Thompson

Felix Jaehn
Ain't Nobody (feat. Jasmine Thompson)

At just 18 years old, Felix Jaehn has already marketed himself as someone to keep an eye on. With an impressive track record behind him, Felix continues to set the bar for both veteran and rookie house producers in todays game. After a successful run with his latest release, “Shine”, we here TMN fell in love with Felix’s style of production and have been anxiously awaiting his internet takeover. Well, the wait is finally over, ninjas, because today we are happy to share his newest release and it’s one helluva track.

Just moments ago, Felix Jaehn dropped a tropical rendition of Chaka Khan’s famous song, “Ain’t Nobody” which features the lovely vocals of Jasmine Thompson. We all are familiar with “Ain’t Nobody” considering it’s a timeless classic, however, the combination of Felix’s tropical-esque vibes and Jasmine Thompson’s dreamy voice makes this song sound like it is an entirely original piece in and of itself. We are very impressed with Felix and his music and we cannot wait to see what this melodic house hot-throb has in store for us in the future. Grab your free download today and make yourself a piña colada because hey, it’s summer and why not vibe out to some tropical goodness on this lovely Monday afternoon!

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[Tech House] Total Fitness – Fingerbox

Total Fitness Fingerbox
Total Fitness

My favorite part of being a Ninja is discovering new artists with my fellow Ninjas. I was put on to an amazing Tech House artist, Total Fitness, and all of you need to get familiar. If you like music that just feels natural to dance to, than this is going to be the best thing that’s happened to your ears lately. Echoed vocals in the background of “Fingerbox” help this groovy track stay moving, and the drum roll before it really kicks in prepares you for the full experience. Tech House is one of the only genres that can hold my attention for seven minutes, and it really tells a nice story. Not only did I listen to “Fingerbox” all the way through, but I played it on repeat, and took my time to go buy the track on beatport.

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[Acoustic] Cazzette – Sleepless ft. The High (Prinston Acoustic Edit)

Sleepless ft. The High (Prinston Acoustic Edit)

Last month, Cazzette released a stunning original track, “Sleepless ft. The High”, and took over the internet entirely. Since then, artists from all over the spectrum have put their unique spin on this track and have showed us a high level of differentiation within the realm of dance music.

After hearing such eclecticism in these productions, we have been searching for that one remix of “Sleepless” to give us an entirely different feel; something that would make us stop dead in our tracks and re-think everything we know about the purpose of music and its value. Well ninjas, today we have found that special something for all of you and we think it’s pretty damn neat.

While casually perusing the lovely world of Soundcloud, we stumbled across one of the most infectious  acoustic renditions of “Sleepless” to date. There is something truly magical when people take a dance track and bring us all on a more intimate level with merely just the strum of a guitar – and that is exactly what Prinston did. Honing down on the natural elements found in the original chord progressions, Prinston decided to place much emphasis on the vocal and lyrical value  in this track and has given us all something to truly appreciate on a much more emotive scale.

It is always refreshing to hear something new in dance music and we feel that Prinston has earned our respect with this unforgettable rendition of “Sleepless”. Make sure to check out the other songs in the Cazzette remix pack and see what other artists are turning this timeless song into.

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