The Griswolds – Beware the Dog [TMN PREMIERE]

The Griswolds
Beware the Dog

It may be 38 degrees and snowing, but my mind is completely focused on summer. While a lot of it stems out of my complete discontent for the current weather, it also helps that I’m listening to one of my favorite warm-weather bands, The Griswolds.

Coming out of Sydney, Australia, this infectious four piece caught our ear not too long ago with their last EP, Heart of a Lion. Today we’re excited to bring you a first listen at their latest song, ‘Beware the Dog.’ While the song has a light and tropical sound, the lyrics are actually quite somber. When asked about their meaning, lead singer Christopher Whitehall had this to say:

This is the first song Dan and I ever wrote together. It’s about losing someone we were really close with to heavy drug use. ‘Beware the Dog’ is about that journey – the good and the bad times.

The song still has that upbeat, trop-pop appeal that these guys have come to be known for. Even though the meaning of the song might be a bit dark, it’s impossible to not sing along. I especially belted out “She used to suck the life out of me…but now you’re fucking crazy,” as that may or may have not reminded me of an ex. Ok, it totally reminded me of an ex.

All kidding aside, these guys are on their way to great things. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on their highly anticipated debut album, whom Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix, Beck) helped out with. They also finished up touring with St. Lucia in Australia (a show which we would have killed to see), and are set to play a few shows here in the states, including Bonnaroo. Check the tour dates below to see if they’re coming to your neck of the woods.

6/13/14 to 6/15/14 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN
6/17/14 –Great Scott – Allston, MA – w/Gemini Club
6/18/14 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY – w/Gemini Club
6/19/14 to 6/22/14 – Firefly – Dover, DE
6/19/14 – Black Cat Backstage – Washington, DC – w/Gemini Club
6/20/14 – Boot and Saddle – Philadelphia, PA – w/Gemini Club
6/24/14 – Brillobox – Pittsburgh, PA – w/Gemini Club
6/25/14 – Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH – w/Gemini Club
6/27/14 – DO 317 – Indianapolis, IN – w/Gemini Club

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[Electro House] Landis – Hypnotica (Original)

Hypnotica (Original Mix)

Is it 5 o’clock yet? Us ninjas are already tired of today and in need of an adrenaline rush. Miami native and electro house enthusiast, Landis, just dropped a massive new original track on the dance music world, and has helped give us the boost we need to get through the rest of the day. With its heavy progressive leads and futuristic breakdowns, you’ll feel like you’re traveling into a vortex strong enough to turn you epileptic.

“Hypnotica” has everything to get you through every hump along the way this week; while we try and keep ourselves focused at work, we recommend you blast this one as loud as you can because you are about to be hypnotized into a state of delirium.

“Hypnotica” is out now on Beatport, so grab it while it’s hot, ninjas!

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[Progressive Feels] Pegboard Nerds Ft. Elizaveta – Hero (Luke Shay Remix)

Pegboard Nerds Ft. Elizaveta
Hero (Luke Shay Remix)

2014 has proven itself to be the year of intense feels, and we really don’t know what to do with ourselves. How do we solve this dilemma? By crying and dancing, of course! Just when we think we’ve heard the most beautiful song of all time, the feels parade decides to pull an Adele by showing up out of the blue, uninvited. One artist who is guilty of raining on our pity parties is Luke Shay.

Some of you might be familiar with Luke’s name, since he was the winner of Adventure Club’s “Wonder” remix contest. After subjecting ourselves to one of the most awe-inspiring remixes of our time, we knew that this guy was not fooling around. Not only can we credit 50% of that song’s SoundCloud plays to our slight obsession, but we’ve also come to the realization that we’ve just discovered an artist who continues to intrinsically touch our souls through each and every song.

Just recently, Luke Shay dropped a bomb of intense feels on us with his ear-shattering remix of “Hero” by Pegboard Nerds and Elizaveta. With his enchanting piano melodies, uplifting harmonies, and fluid chord progressions, Shay takes “Hero” to an entirely new level of perfection. His ability to simultaneously evoke such strong emotions from us while still maintaining a club-like flow in his sets, shows his versatility as a DJ/producer. Make sure to keep Luke on your feel radars because he’s going to show up sooner, rather than later.

Check out the original, “Hero,” by Elizaveta & Pegboard Nerds below:

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[Album Stream] Yeah Boy – Can’t Get Enough EP


We’ve been awfully proud witnessing one of our ‘Artists to Watch in 2014′, Johnny Castro and his Yeah Boy project, begin receiving the critical acclaim and fan related credit that we’ve known to be his since interviewing and premiering his “Can’t Get Enough” single back in late 2013. Now, on the heels of some very credible and groovy remixes, Yeah Boy has officially released its first EP, Can’t Get Enough. Behind the aforementioned electronically textured debut single to which the EP was named for, Yeah Boy has also included two brand new original tunes, “Tell Me” and “Take It All” which held just as high a place in our hearts and ears as “Can’t Get Enough”.

Rounding out the extended play are three remixes of “Can’t Get Enough”. The incredible Marlon Hoffstadt, who stormed every underground dance club around the globe last year with his highly infectious collaboration with Dansson, “Shake That”, joins forces with HRSSN to paint a thick bassline and a bit of funk fueled house rhythm onto the malleable track while a synthy disco edit from Chicago’s Sam Padrul and a slightly more bass leaning revision from The Geek x VRV round out the entire release with a little dancey lacquering. There’s a little something here for our electronic listeners from just about every sub-genre, so take a little spin, start your week with some intoxicating electronicism  and rinse the entire half-hour extended play below.

Cant Get Enough
Tell Me
Cant Get Enough (The Geek X VrV Remix)
Take It All
Download: Yeah Boy Cant Get Enough (Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN Remix)
Premiere: Yeah Boy
Cant Get Enough (Sam Padrul remix)
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Animal-Music Mr. Brightside (The Killers Cover) [TMN PREMIERE]

Mr. Brightside(The Killers Cover)

There was a point in time where unless you were in your house with no TV, radio or internet, you could pretty much guarantee you were going to hear “Mr. Brightsides.” The overwhelmingly popular song from Vegas based The Killers experienced exponential success, even being dubbed “Song of the Decade” by Absolute Radio and XFM.

The emotionally charged, lovelorn lyrics provided the perfect pathway for hundreds of remixes and covers, but none quite like what we’re bringing you today. Enter London-based DJ/Singer/Songwriter/Producer quartet Animal-Music. While that description is a little outlandish, it’s really the only way to illustrate just how much these guys do. That is, when they’re not busy programming, working on team dynamics, enjoying hot sauce or squatting, which are the only interests they have listed on their facebook page.

For this cover, this often zany four-piece dialed up a energetic drum and bass cover of this legendary song. Coupled with lead singer Tom Sutcliffe’s gritty vocals, this cover takes on a whole new persona. While it does have a completely different feel, the jealous paranoid laced message is still very much in tact, making a incredibly successful connection to the original.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #84

chill dojo

There’s definitely something special in the air over in Norway, because this is fast becoming the source of the best chill music in 2014. Just as Kygo has blown up in recent months and become a global sensation, his fellow countryman Bearson will soon follow with a sound just as unique and mesmerizing. His latest remix of Tristan Prettyman’s ‘Song For The Rich’ is a beautiful experience, pure and simple. Enchanting lyrics and atmospheric acoustics flow together on a stream of care-free feelings, with the sweet tropical sounds icing this amazing creation. This may just be our favorite feature in the Dojo this year. Because one dose of the tropics is never enough, we’ve got another glorious chill house track to follow. Only this time it comes out of Palm Beach courtesy of Thero, and is not a remix of a folk song, but a slowed-down tropical infusion of a progressive house original. It’s interesting to hear how vocals layered over a house track can be given an entirely new life in a different style, and with the right creativity can become even more powerful than any booming synth could ever bestow. We’ve all heard Coldplay’s lyrics been used in all kinds of musical genres, but no remix has caused quite a stir as much as Kygo’s official edit which recently premiered on BBC Radio 1. We don’t want to break up the flow of this playlist with a radio rip, so we’ll wait for the full release before featuring it here, but in the meantime the always-reliable DJ AA has given us another glorious bootleg to tide us over. The mix of Bonobo’s take on ‘Something in the Air’ is perfectly blended with the irresistible Kygo melody, and we’re thankful for this sample to savor during the anxious wait for the official release.

As far as other official proceedings go, the remix competition for Kilter’s ‘They Say’ was decided last week, but he didn’t have to look beyond his home country to find his international winner, with Brisbane’s Omniment claiming the glory. Of course, who best to remix the Australian sound than a fellow Aussie, and this effort from the up-and-coming producer will leave no questions about its deserved victory. The track builds through splashes of summer sounds until bursting point at two minutes, when the full wave of happiness is unleashed at full force on the unsuspecting listener. There’s not as much background to work with on this next track from Telescopic Thieves, but what we can tell you is that the vibes here are on point, and for that it needed to be heard. Stwo is no stranger to dishing out insane vibes, and he’s no stranger to the Chill Dojo either, and his sampling of Jay Prince in his latest jam will ensure that plenty more people will soon get familiar as well. Slow pulsating beats and smooth sampling are this artist’s bread and butter, and we’re always waiting to hear what he cooks up next. Likewise with Kaytranada, so when he announces a remix of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ you better believe we’re all over that straight away. There’s no real rush though, because this one will stay fresh for a very very long time.

This edition has some of our favorites of the year so far, so this is one not to miss. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #84 zip

Tristan Prettyman
Song For The Rich (Bearson Remix)

George Acosta
We All Get Lost Sometimes (Thero Remix)

Coldplay, Kygo, Maya Jane Coles & Bonobo
Midnight (AA Something In The Air Bootleg)

They Say (Omniment Remix)

Ur Touch (Telescopic Thieves Remix).mp3

Stay on my cool w/ Jay Prince

Happy (Kaytranada Edition)

Angel (Galimatias Remix)

Spanish Joint (Kero One Remix)

Super Moon (Tito Tunes Remix Feat. Camille Mai)

Bombay Bicycle Club
Home By Now (Louis The Child Remix)

Fall In Love (Nebbra Remix)


I Wanna Be Down (LeMarquis Remix)

Mary J. Blige
Family Affair (Elior Rework)

Frail Limb Purity
Lungs (Telepopmusik v. Lorde v. The Glitch Mob)

How To Dress Well
Words I Dont Remember (Youan Edit)

Those Wicked Hours
Red Moon (Glastrophobie Remix)

Flume & Chet Faker
Drop The Game (The Golden Pony Remix)

The Shore (We Are All Astronauts Remix)

Tom Misch & Carmody

Youre Cute

Islands, Waves, Caves, & Skies

Ludacris feat Wiz Khalifa, Jerimih & Cashmere Cat
Party Girls (Charlemagne Tango Remix)

Y2K (Vices Remix)

Rameses B
Earth Calls

Rameses B
Through The Mist

Remind Me

Lion (Original Mix)

Esta x Mr. Carmack


Resotone Ft. Nori
Its Safer In My Head (Fort Road Remix)

Manu Zain
No Pain feat. Patrick Baker (Atmospheric version)

RJ Tripps & Cosmic Quest
Moonlight Bae




2 Is 8


Cita de Noche

Pailsey & Drip Drop

cold in here


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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 25]

Sunday Night Soul

We’ve been providing soul to you for an unbelievable 25 weeks now, and during our tenure we’ve observed some pretty special holidays. However, none have been quite as important as the one we celebrated today, which was Mother’s Day. We hope you were able to properly appreciate the woman who held you in her womb for nine months, but if not, at least you can always give her the gift of soul (we promise we won’t tell her it was really from us). Just like picking a favorite child, we always have a tough time choosing our top selections from each weekly crop, but there are at least a few names that we believe deserve some extra recognition. Blissfully beautiful tunes from the likes of Joanna Borromeo & Häzel, John Michael, Jimmy QBeldina, Sebastian Mikael, Gautier, Marc E. Bassy & Kehlani, Mélat, leo kalyan, Count Counsellor, Illangelo, Nightizm, kenji, Soundpalette, Dreamclub, LAKIM, Ruddyp, Ben Esser, Vices and Fluke Nukes all ensure that you’ll be making babies of your own very soon.

Joanna Borromeo x Häzel
Sun Come In
RobLaw. X Lowtism
Body Party (Cover Rescoop)
Lil John Roberts
Its Your Time feat. Musiq Soulchild & Chantae Cann
John Michael
Before This Drink Is Done Feat. Noel Gourdin
San Williams
Really Good To Me feat. Eyukaliptus
Jimmy Q
Kingdom (feat. Berhana)
Rachel Foxx
Before You (ECHLN Edit)
Rolling in the Deep (T AARONmusic REMIX)
Studio (Shimmer)
Marz Lovejoy
One Night Only (feat. Hippie Sabotage)
Iman Omari
Enter The Void
N.E.M. Ft. LaKeisha Pollard
Sebastian Mikael
Made For Me (Feat. Teyana Taylor)
Dreams Interlude
Thanks To My Ex
Mourning (Ft. Olivia Louise)
Kenyon Dixon
I Wanna Be Down (Brandy Cover) Vibe Mix
Tay Walker
Sleepin Giant
Honey w/ Romaine Smith
Derek King
Lets Do It Now ft. P Lo
Mike Jay
Birthday Suit (FULL VERSION)
Wanna See U
Sebastian Mikael
Lose It (Prod. by KJ JOKER)
nevr (Prod. WoodysProduce)
Cassie Steele
Sex and Candy
Basement Love & Tuuwa
leo kalyan
Stockholm Syndrome feat. ZOEE
Count Counsellor
Warm Bullet
Clockwork (feat. Phlo Finister)
Easy (Prod. By Jalen)
Rick Ross ft. The Weeknd
In Vein (Nightizm Remix)
West District (Chopped Not Slopped by The Chopstars)
H i G H B R i D ☥
Jhené Aiko
The Worst (Truth Remix)
Let You Know
Goddess (Myth Edit)
Emily Jones
Directions (Henry Green remix)
Rays (Golden Slums EP)
Life Around Here
The 1975
Haunt//Bed (tengoku. Remix)
Michael Jackson
Rock With You (El. Train Remix)
Ur Touch (Telescope Thieves Remix)
Cosmic Quest ft Molly Williams
Water Winds (Joymback Remix) Buy for FREE DL
Your Kisses
Good Kisser (Remix)・NΞHZVIL
Angel (Galimatias Remix)
Tracie Spencer
Tender Kisses (SevnthWonder Remix)
Ciara x kenji
Body Party
How Many Drinks (Dreamclub Edit)
Let You Know (MisterMack Version)
Fall in Love (Nightizm Remix)
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Confident (LAKIM Rework)
TBH (Cazz Major Remix)
Chris Brown
:* :* (Ruddyp Remix)
LO & Adrian Daniel
Fkkking High (Ben Esser Remix)
Vulnerable (Dave Luxe Remix)
Musiq Soulchild
Just Friends (Wantigga Flip)
Trippy Turtle
Y2K (Vices Remix)
Seinabo Sey
Younger (AutoLaser Remix) Free Download!
Fluke Nukes
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