[TRAP] ROOK MILO – Bodyroll

Rook Milo MMVII
Bodyroll ~ MMVIII EP

Lately I have been seeing that fashion designers have been teaming up with artists and labels. Rook Milo teams up with his fellow Vancouver resident, and fashion designer, MMVIII for a whole EP. The first single, “Bodyroll”, is a dark and sexy ride. The delayed vocals, and distorted bass will suck you in. One thing that I really liked about this track, is how it has three different styles of bass. The second drop goes from 808s with fat sub bass, to a liquid bass feel, to that distorted bass we all love. You could say that Rook Milo has my jimmies rustled, and I am beyond stoked for this MMVIII EP.

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[Future Bass] MØ – Walk This Way (Lido Remix)

lido walk this way mo remix
Walk This Way
Lido Remix

I think Lido might be an alien because everything he puts out is pure gold. He has an amazing taste in songs he remixes. People from Bill Withers to Banks have received the Lido remix treatment. His newest one is of , and Lido doesn’t stray away from excellence at all. One thing I’m really loving, besides the massive sub bass, is how he turned a crazy percussion pattern into the lead for the  first two drops. That percussion lead gives the song a racy feel that would be amazing to dance to in the club. After the bridge with the beautiful pitched vocals, Lido takes a different turn with the last drop. Lido creates an awesome spacial effect and changes the lead up to some seductive synth stabs. If I had to rate this song on a scale of 1 – 10 I wouldn’t be able to because a 10 wouldn’t do it true justice. Words like perfection can’t even describe Lido’s new remix. Whatever else he has up his sleeve, we’re excited to see it!

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[Eastern Trap] RL Grime – Core

RL Grime

RL Grime teases his upcoming album, with his first single “Core”. Lately I have always been obsessed with ‘hindi trap’, or trap with that eastern flavor to it. This RL Grime track makes me want to rave in the desert with all of my ninjas! I think it would be pretty sweet to see a VIP as Clockwork on “Core”. Not exactly sure how that would turn out, but I would be interested to see. The music video for “Core” wasn’t the imagery I expected, but extremely cool nonetheless. Instead of being out in the desert, you see a helicopter from the future traveling through what seems to be a foreign planet. In one scene it seems like the “Core” reactor explodes, just after the second drop. Maybe that would define the sound as “Future Hindi”. I’m not exactly sure, but maybe you can tell us in the comments.

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[Cute Trap] Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jai Wolf
Melanie Martinez
Dollhouse (Jai Wolf Remix)[Atlantic Records]

If you’re desiring a gorgeous track to wind down to, Jai Wolf provides you with the cutest remix of “Dollhouse”. Melanie Martinez’ vocals on this remind me of a combination between Lana Del Ray and Bjork. Jai Wolf takes “Dollhouse” and adds some saw waves, water drops, and a nice reverb on Melanie’s voice, filling in the spaces beautifully. Jai Wolf didn’t just get involved with music. He’s been playing violin since he was five, and guitar since he was sixteen. Being always interested in electronic music, Jai Wolf started to pick up drum machines, and synthesizers around seventeen. We are happy he did, because he’s been killing it over the past few months! If you’re in the New York area mid August, the 16th to be exact, you can catch Jai Wolf performing with Aylen and Dotcom at Webster Hall.

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Ruu Campbell – Crossroads [TMN PREMIERE]

Crossroads(Heartsong)*Ruu Campbell

Ruu Campbell has a cinematic quality about his music, which can most likely be attributed to a long and storied career comprised of years of genre-jumping. From a major label deal with Dreamworks at 15, to work with Leftfield, to dabbling in EDM for a short bit with trance outfit Younger Brother, to collaborations with British jazz and electronic collective the Cinematic Orchestra, each experience along this epic path has helped mold this intriguing musician. The pinnacle of the lengthy musical adventure: Heartsong, his debut LP, which will release in August of this year.

Captivation awaits. Seemingly coming straight out of a classic US Western film, “Crossroads” walks along a dusty road, carried by finger-picking, the loud hum of a standing bass, and Campbell’s understated and absolutely radiant vocals.  Pressing play on the track above will not only take you into a film-quality soundscape worthy of a classic Clint Eastwood tip of the cowboy hat, but it will also completely consume you, if only for two minutes and fifty seconds.

I want to share beauty with you as a listener, and I’m so happy that I can do it.
– Campbell

Calling on comparisons of other brilliant songwriters who boast the same ability to encapsulate you in a listening experience (think Nick Drake, James Vincent McMorrow, and Ry X), this seasoned musician is bringing more than enough to catch the blogosphere’s attention with this album. We know the world will be shortly behind, admiring the incredible breadth of talent that is Ruu Campbell.

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[House/Disko] Jess Glynne – Right Here (Slinger Remix)

Jess Glynne
Right Here (Slinger Remix)

Once again, enigmatic groove purveyor Slinger drops another stellar remix; this time for Jess Glynne‘s powerplay pop tune “Right Here”. Having already taken on remixes for Michael Jackson, Prince and Pharrell; it is Slinger’s dancey instrumentation paired with an excellent female vocal which has worked the best for our ears thus far. Glynne’s angelic refrain paints itself around Slinger’s composition wonderfully, sounding as if it was plucked right out of the 80’s nu-wave era. Rather than the past few high energy nu-disko remixes though, Slinger’s remix of “Right Here” is shaped around a much more classic house and garage structure crafted with the same exerted musicianship we’ve come to fall for. His hi-hats shuffle and pop on a different level this time around and the tune’s kick-drum carries a bit less punch but rather a more hollow pounding thud; producing a darker but utterly danceable atmosphere.  Stream this one above for a perfect hump-day pick me up, and we’ll keep digging up more dirt on this cryptic producer for you ninjas.

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[R&B] Vanessa Elisha – Ocean (Prod. By J-Louis)

Vanessa Elisha
Vanessa Elisha
Ocean (Prod. By J-Louis)

Lately my good friends have tried putting me onto new artists, but thanks to all of my ninjas, I typically have heard it. Tonight a good friend put me on to the beautiful vocalist Vanessa Elisha, and I am blown away! Just from hearing this first track alone, I know that Vanessa Elisha is going to be a huge name soon. There is just something about her voice on “Ocean” that screams success! It isn’t overly tuned, or edited to sound perfectly pitched. Vanessa Elisha has either had some vocal training, or is a complete natural. Whatever the case may be, this is a name you will be seeing more from us.

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