[Hip-Hop] Big Sean – Control (HOF) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica) (Prod. No I.D.)

Big Sean
Control (HOF) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)

Say what you want about Big Sean, but bringing together Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica on one track is an accomplishment in and of itself. Both deemed as saviors of hip-hop at one time, the dichotomy between how their two careers have diverged is truly amazing. While Kendrick is dominating the rap charts and garnering guest verses on just about every relevant single this year, Jay seems to be locked away in some lost corner of the globe, providing fans with a rare glimpse here and there, while leaving us all wondering when we’ll finally be able to hear his debut project, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Still, “Control (HOF)” gives us a chance to finally compare the two side by side through seven fiery minutes of “straight rap” as Sean puts it. If it were up to me I’d say Kendrick won this round, spitting one of his most venomous verses to date.

Unfortunately, “Control (HOF)” won’t be featured on Sean’s upcoming album due to some sampling clearance issues. We’ll also have to deal with the Funk Flex bombs for now as well, but we’re hoping the full, CDQ version drops soon. Hall of Fame will finally be in stores on August 27th.

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[NEW] John Mayer – Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

Paradise Valley
John Mayer
Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

While this pairing may seem out of the ordinary at first, John Mayer and Frank Ocean are no strangers to collaborating with one another. Those well acquainted with last year’s highly praised channel ORANGE may recall that Mayer laid down the guitar work for two of the album’s tracks, “Pyramids” and “White.” Now, Frank returns the favor by lacing this terse ballad with his soothing, effortless vocals. The track is a little too short for our tastes, but we’ll take whatever we can get from the duo.

Beware of the title by the way, as it’s easy to mistake this for a remix to the single that Mayer dropped a month back. While that track will play as an introduction to his upcoming sixth studio album, Paradise Valley, this one will be used as more of an interlude. For those interested in hearing the project in its entirety, it’s currently streaming for free on iTunes prior to its release on August 20th.

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[Electronic] London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy
Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix)

“Maybe I’m wasting my young years…”

The tantalizing and thoughtful lyrics of London Grammar’s lead vocalist Hannah come rushing out at :14 of Sound Remedy’s remix of LG’s “Wasting My young Years”. Such a beautiful song originally, Sound Remedy takes the song to a different level of music, adding in strong violins to begin the song followed by soothing piano and finally, drums to electronic melodies to elevate the track. The lyrics of this song touch on what many people wonder, are we just wasting our young lives doing what we have always done or is it the fear that keeps us going back to what we know and what is safe? Sound Remedy uses his electronic beats to turn this song into an almost adventure, leading the listener from questioning to dancing back to questioning the waste of young years. It is not many times that I use beautiful to describe an electronic piece, but Sound Remedy truly finds the beauty in this remix, playing to the feeling and lyrics of the song with a vengeance.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Super Interview with Supervision

Close To Me ft. Jay Fresh

Raise your hand if you are proud to be a resident of the wonderful state of Colorado, native or not.

This weekend, one of the native music legends is making a return to his home state to take over the ears and hearts of all his fans for two nights. Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, is heading to Red Rocks this Friday and Saturday to bring his Color Map of the Sun home for a spin.
On Friday, Smith will have special guests Talib Kweli and Blue Sky Black Death while Saturday, some of the talented artists on the PL Music Label will open the show.

One of those amazing artists is the electronic futuristic Supervision. Recently on the heels of releasing his new EP “Telekinetic” in June, Supervision is about to bring the funk, hip-hop and electronic sound to the Rocks. TMN was lucky enough to sit down with the artist and chat to his about his music history, his latest release and his love for hip-hop.

TMN: Today, I have the pleasure of sitting down with SuperVision one of the very talented Electronic/Hip-hop artists on the Pretty Lights label. Thanks for sitting down with us today, where are you writing to us from?

SV: Home sweet Texas. Dallas Tx currently.

TMN: Well let’s start way back from the start when you were just a kid. Was there music in your house as a child? Did either of your parents sing or play instruments?

SV: My parents listened to a lot of classic rock, and blues. Def some soul and disco. My dad played drums as a younger man and worked/managed nightclubs and venues in the south growing up.

TMN: And what about for you, did you have any musical background?

SV: I played sax in 6th grade. I Managed to be top 3 in chair most weeks but # 1 and 2 practiced while I did not. Later I learned to make a turntable an instrument with turntablism and practiced religiously. I guess because school made me pick something and djing was by choice.

TMN: One of the great things about your music is that you gather a lot of the sounds from electronic hip-hop of the late 80’s early 90’s. Was that music you were drawn to when you were younger and do you remember when was the first time you actually heard that type of sound?

SV: When I was 9 my uncle had just moved to New York and when he came back to visit, he brought back De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, and The Pharcyde. They remain my favorite hip hop groups of all time to this day. He gets a bulk of the credit for me developing the taste in music I have. Good hip hop and good hip hop beats are my foundations. I consider myself a hip hop dj. We will play any genre if it’s dope. We know how to cut and work a vinyl.

TMN: Now the other thing I noticed when reading about you, you have had 16 years of experience on turntables, 16 years that is crazy amazing! Can you tell us what inspired you to first get on the turntables and what continues to inspire you today to keep making crazy beats on the turntables?

SV: I had a friend who when I was 15 that was a house mucis dj who played in the local rave scene. Not long after I got my first pair of turntables. We went to this place called the Decibel in Dallas which was total warehouse style rave. Apparently the end of the scene because not long after it was over and raves were no more. This was my introduction to djing but within a few years some crucial things happened for me. I heard dj Shadow who to this day is my favorite artist of all time and my biggest influence. I also saw the documentary called “Scratch”. This was in 2001 when I was 18. There is something about a turntable that is holy to me. Holy in a way controllers are not. You can learn how to use controllers and be djing out in weeks. No one on the planet can go use turntablism and learn how to dj out in a few weeks. Any good scratch dj/turntablist has logged significantly more hours than the cats on controllers in the scene today. Bottom line it’s the real jedi master way. I like controllers too and I use some but I mix with turntables.

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[TMN PREMIERE] Avicii Feat Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Ahzee Remix)

Avicii Feat Aloe Blacc
Wake Me Up (Ahzee Remix)

New York producer/DJ Ahzee has been lighting up our Party Playlists every Friday, but today we wanted to give him a special nod for his recent remix of the highly controversial, yet highly revered Avicii track, “Wake Me Up.” Ahzee has taken the original and given it a huge festival style treatment with a bass laden drop and dialed up synths that maintain the original melody. The end result is something with a little more edge and grit than the original, providing a higher energy drive that will keep the party going, whether it’s in the club or just in your headphones.

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[Electronic] James Young – “Dark Star” + Milkman Remix


 Jaymes Young came across our desks here at TMN seemingly out of nowhere, but carried with him more credibility than many artists who have been playing together for years. As a first ever live performance, Young opened for a band who should need no introduction to any level of music consumer, The Rolling Stones, at the revered Hyde Park in London. Quite a way to introduce oneself to the world, and thankfully a glimmering dose of musical integrity is there to back up all of that deserved hype, at least that is how we feel about it. On August 20, James Young will release a mixtape of sorts featuring 13 original tracks including this juicy cut “Dark Star”. “Dark Star” mixes a dubstep drum pattern on a much more melodic and connective level, utilizing familiar instrumentation with guitar and piano stabs rolling the beat right along. A quick glance at Young’s Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter reveals not much of anything, including a current location, which all feels like a move made to let the music speak for itself. It is becoming increasingly rare to see an artist emerge without the support of a giant P.R. firm maintaining their delicate image and interviews, so this was a release in which we were enamored with for that very reason.

In addition to Jaymes Young’s original version of “Dark Star”, we’ve also included an electro remix from San Diego’s Milkman. Milkman has gained notoriety playing main support already to the likes of Skrillex, Diplo and Dada Life, so it was a symbiotic pairing for TMN and this choice remix. Listen to both tracks below, and get your Monday night in order right now.

Dark Star
Jaymes Young
Dark Star (Milkman Remix)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #48

chill dojo

Weekends aren’t always for raging, and sometimes it’s just a chill night with friends that makes for the perfect result. But all nights need music, and we’ve taken all the guesswork out of that decision with a playlist to get your night going in all the right ways.

Nothing beats good soulful sounds, and French group Synapson have made that a point of difference into everything they deliver. Our first two features this week are two examples of just that, bringing funky guitar and groovy basslines into two stellar remixes. It’s a special thing when great vocals are taken to another level with the right treatment, and this group can certainly do no wrong. With that in mind, you would have to bring something exceptional to the table to tackle the vocals of Robin Thicke, but Fool’s Gold’s own Sammy Bananas more than proves he’s up to the task with a creative bootleg of ‘Feel Good’. The result is a classy transformation of the poppy original with a super smooth bassline and fantastic progression. Those chord stabs will have you seduced without even offering to buy you a drink first. Continuing the trend of great vocal remixes is UK producer Jackson Real, who works some similar magic with Fenech-Soler. The artist does a great job of switching up the pace throughout the track, but keeps those ambient pads a constant feature in this solid summer jam. But as far as summer sounds go, Le Crayon’s Give You Up EP was a must-listen for any fan, and while every tune on the release impressed, the remix from fellow Frenchman Darius was an absolute jaw-dropper. A tropical touch is always a winner in our books. But of course, it’s not all about vocals this week, and we have ended our playlist with a few insane instrumentals from Gramatik. He recently gifted his fanbase with a full stream of SB4, a collection of vintage beats and samples from his hiphop days, and there are plenty of chill gems throughout. We’re all for any direction the artist chooses to take his music, but it’s always good to get a taste of his incredible past work.

So if you’re planning a chill night with mates anytime soon, at least you know the music is already taken care of. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #48 zip

Victor Démé
Djon Maya (Synapson Edit)

Maker (Synapson Remix)

Sammy Bananas
Run 2 Me (Thicke Mix)

Fenech Soler
Last Forever (Real remix)

Crayon Feat. KLP
Give You Up (Darius Remix)

Best Friend (Stwo Remix)

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Andrea Bootleg)

Anna Kendrick
Cups (jellosea remix)

Twist Of Fate

Majid Jordan, Drake, Henry Krinkle & Fabian Mazur
Hold On, Were Going Home (AA Stay Bootleg)

Lonely Soul

Lindsay Lowend
Sass Mouth

High With Me

Major Lazer Feat. Amber Coffman
Get free (JArt & Matthew Adda Remix)

Romanticise (Gold Fields Remix)

Mike Mago
The Show (Lane 8 Remix)

Kings of Tomorrow
Finally (Keljet Remix)

Life Of Sin Pt.4 (Original Mix) *Free Download*

Eyes Wide Open

Forever Young

Eli Paperboy Reed_Woohoo (FKJ Remix)

Slowy x FloFilz x 12Vince
Showdown (Instrumental)

Street Soul 102

Fly Wit Me

Guitar Chop


Through The Galaxy
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