[Progressive House] Galantis – You (Mike Bugout & Steinway Remix)

You (Mike Bugout & Steinway Remix)

Summer is right around the corner and you know what what means…more summery tunes to help us beat the heat as we dance the next few months away! What better way to shed those winter coats and bring some sunshine back in the world than with some feel good music?

Mike Bugout and Steinway decided to put their spin on Galantis’ incredible song, “You”, which happens to be one of the biggest tracks out in the dance music world right now. Their collaborative efforts turned a phenomenal song into a main stage sensation. With its emotive resonance stemming around a melodic piano progression, its big electro synths, and an upbeat kick to get the dopamine flowing, this tune is bound to surge across the kinetic fields at every upcoming festival.

Now go  pull out those dusty swim suits, grab the tanning lotion, and put this one on repeat because you’re about to hear one of the most infectious remixes out there.

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Acre Tarn – This Once [TMN PREMIERE]

Acre Tarn
This Once

It’s always a good day when we get to announce a brand new act to you guys. Coming out of the UK, Acre Tarn is bringing dark, ominous synth-driven alternative that highlights the sultry, brooding vocals from their lead singer. “This Once,” showcases their electronic nature, coupling it with crackling atmospheric layering and slow, rhythmic percussion. The overall vibe is enchantingly haunting, providing a industrial, yet engaging electronic pop experience. The listener can’t help but dive deep into their rich soundscape.

While there’s not a lot of information out there on Acre Tarn, we did come across this little tidbit in regards to this newly formed group.

A sum of two halves, Acre Tarn are born out of songwriting, electronic production and sampling.. Acre Tarn have grand plans.
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[Jersey Club] Liz – Y2K (Vices Remix)

Y2K (Vices Remix)

I’m sure you’re all aware that Jersey Club is the next best thing since kung-fu and karate, but are you completely familiar with Vices yet? If you aren’t completely familiar of this duo, then now is the time to soak it all in through musical osmosis! The water drop samples will surely help in the process on Vices’ remix of Y2K!

Vices is a Jersey Club duo which is oddly located out of Orlando. You may be wondering “wouldn’t that make Vices ‘Orlando Club’ or am I tripping?'” The answer to your question is yes you’re tripping, and no this is Jersey Club! Typically Jersey Club consists of a unique four to the floor drum style with a bit of swing on the kick towards the end of the bar, and some mind blowing vocal chops. On this Y2K remix Vices takes things to the next level by combining the standard style for Jersey Club and adding detuned vocals in to the mix, some water droplets, a few very sexual moans and some pitched bed squeaks creating the biggest Jersey Club remix to drop this year!

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[Deep-House] Claude Von Stroke – Sugar & Cinnamon (Justin Jay Remix)

Claude Vonstroke
Sugar & Cinnamon (Justin Jay Remix)

Oh, how those filthy and proper artists with the Dirtybird Records camp always seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to their impeccable slate of tasty-creative dance releases. Dirtybird’s baby brother Justin Jay, whom we had the pleasure of seeing live a few weeks back at Denver’s Snowball Music Festival, dropped this remix for label boss Claude Von Stroke‘s sweat inducing single “Sugar & Cinnamon” and it had us hop-stepping all over our office. The slightly techy, deep-house pulsing cut from Justin Jay comes as part of Von Stroke’s official remix counterpart album for the head honcho’s last LP, Urban Animal, which if you haven’t had the chance to hear yet is a can’t miss for our dance aficionados. Justin Jay sprinkles his forward thinking dance production onto the original through some quirky, snappy percussion – fitting perfectly in line with the rest of Dirtbird’s funky output – an arpeggiated synth progression and a bassline which wouldn’t be out of place on the grittiest of Shiba San or Sirus Hood G-House tracks. We fell all over this one, so if a little bit of dance lean sounds like a great way to enhance your day, then you’ve found the perfect tune.

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[Melbourne Bounce] SCNDL – The Munsta (Original)

The Munsta

Melbourne Bounce has officially taken over the US ninjas, and we are 100% okay with that. There is something addictive about this style of dance music that makes you want to shuffle until your legs fall off. Today we have a bounce banger straight out of Melbourne from Monstercat reps, SCNDL.

“The Munsta” has every main ingredient to be considered an anthem: a bitchin’ bass-line to make the booty bounce, along with a breakdown that’ll have grandma needing a hip replacement. That just screams ‘anthem.’ The guys from SCNDL have really set the bar with this one, so put on your best shuffling shoes, turn up the volume, and dance the day away! “The Munsta” is out on Beatport, so make sure to get your copy now!

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[Trap] The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE (Prince Fox Remix)

The Chainsmokers
#SELFIE (Prince Fox #Remix #Edit)

We already know what you’re thinking, “#SELFIE? Please no.” Don’t worry, we aren’t here to get The Chainsmokers viral jam stuck in your head, but let’s face it, you’re probably trying to decide what filter to use for the selfie you just took. XX Pro or Valencia? We understand you want to look tan.

After perusing through SoundCloud, we stumbled across yet another #SELFIE remix and thought to ourselves, “not this again”. Little did we know, we had just discovered the most hyphy remix of this track to date. New York producer/student, Sam Lassner – AKA Prince Fox – decided to twerkify The Chainsmokers’ #SELFIE and give us another justified reason to take narcissism to the next level. As if we aren’t egotistic enough in this world, Prince Fox made it clear that being self-absorbed is acceptable by society…especially if you’re able to dance it out at the same time.

With a roaring bass-line strong enough to set off the San Andreas fault, Prince Fox puts his signature tweak on this revolutionary gem and takes #SELFIE to a dimension full of 808s and grimy beats – two of which are in this song. Have a listen for yourself but make sure you have your cameras ready.

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Exclusive Interview with Victor Niglio [TMN RESIDENT ARTIST]

Victor Niglio
Diplo pres. Diplo & Friends (Victor Niglio Guest Mix)

As we continue our march through May, we’re delighted to bring you a one on one conversation with our favorite Philly-born Lothario. Check out what he had to say about bringing his family to his shows, what producers we should keep an eye on, and who slings up the best cheesesteak in town.

TMN: Hey Victor! Thank you for taking some time to chat with us today, and even more so, being our resident artist for the month of May. Let’s kick things off by talking about something we’ve noticed over the past few months. You actually bring your whole family out (grandma, mom, dad, aunts, etc) to your shows. This isn’t something you see everyday. What made you decide to bring the whole Niglio clan?

VN: It wasn’t really me deciding to bring them, it was them deciding they wanted to come! Kinda epic when your grandmom asks when she can come see your next show.

TMN: What was their reaction like?

VN:They all LOVE it. They have more fun than most people at the clubs, I’d say.

TMN: From Vlogs, to producer tips, to teaming up with clothing companies, you’ve always been very interactive with your fans. Talk to us about what inspires to to connect more.

VN: I used to be a fan of DJs before I was one, and seeing the slightest bit of interaction between DJ & fan was really the coolest thing to me as a fan. I’m so interactive because it’s what I would want if I was a fan of myself (lol what)

TMN: Alright, let’s head back to the beginning. You’re were classically trained on the piano as a child, and it wasn’t until you heard Bloody Beetroots that you wanted to make the switch. What was it about “Warp” that really caught your ear?

VN: Warp is pure energy. It’s one of those tracks you can show to someone who doesn’t have a clue, but they listen to it, tap their foot, and say ‘wow this is cool!’. So me, writing orchestral music in Logic, hearing warp for the first time, I’m tapping my foot and saying ‘wow, I want to make whatever this is!’

TMN: Speaking of those guys, they’re heavily rooted in hard rock/heavy metal. Do you have some of those same influences?

VN: Yea, I was totally into that scene. Alternative rock, heavy metal, grindcore. I was and still am a big fan of bands like Chelsea Grin, We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, Enter Shikari, and even stuff like The Killers and Say Anything, so the rock influence of ‘Warp’ totally helped grab the metal kid inside of me.

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