[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #2)

Ever have one of those whirlwind weeks where everything seems to pile up around you?  Where it honestly feels like there is a negative amount of hours in the day because you just can’t get shit done? Where everything goes the opposite of right basically? And then one day, it all subsides. The things you needed to be done are somehow magically done, yet it’s all a blur when you look back on how. The thing is, we shouldn’t be living life in a blur. What we need to realize is that things will always get done. Maybe not always the right way, but even when you do things wrong you learn and move on. So, unless you are a Doctor, most of us aren’t out there saving babies. Take a deep breath, throw on an Indie Dojo, and relax. Things will always pan out and life will always move on…

Download zip: Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #2)

Little Lo
Wounded Knee
Patric Lindvall
Still I Run
Queen and the Sultan
The Reflections
Summer Days
Cars & Trains
Mother Falcon
Alligator Teeth
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TRAILS AND WAYS Cover M83, Miguel & Miike Snow

There isn’t much to say here except that Oakland-based band TRAILS AND WAYS know how to do indie rock right. They are able to fashion together their own original music AND reinvent familiar songs in completely refreshing ways. If that feat isn’t impressive enough, take into account the fact that they’re covering big-named artists that aren’t necessarily even in the band’s genre: M83, Miguel, Miike Snow. Listen below and download the entire 3-cover set on their Bandcamp here.

Trails And Ways
Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

Trails and Ways
Sure Thing (Miguel Cover)

Trails and Ways
Midnight City (M83 Cover)

Bonus: The wonderful “Mtn Tune,” which we included in one of our past Indie Dojos, but is so good that it warrants another mention.

Trails and Ways
Mtn Tune
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[Electro] Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (Landis Remix)

There’s a few guarantees in life that we can all expect. Death and taxes are two of the most obvious, but along with that we can always expect to see remixes of Swedish House Mafia tracks. Their gorgeously composed synths and well written lyrics provide the perfect opportunity to rework something and have it sound fantastic. Well this is definitely the case with Landis’ remix of “Don’t You Worry Child.” This Miami born DJ/Producer has crafted a deliciously crunchy electro bootleg that’s begging to get put on repeat.

Saddle up, press play, and get ready to tap your feet.

Dont You Worry Child (Landis Remix)
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[Live Review] Bassnectar – KOKO, London

After a solid Pendulum DJ set, and with the venue at capacity, Lorin ‘no bullshit’ Ashton AKA Bassnectar took to the stage. I have no idea how he can see what he’s doing under all that hair, but seriously, this guy means business.

“London you’re a fucking mad house out there!”

And with that – Bassnectar began his relentless sub driven set in KOKO Camden over the weekend. Mixing between mixing dubstep, reggae, drum step, DnB and anything else he could get his hands on – Lorin’s performance that night showed why the guy packs out arenas across the world with the promise of the heaviest sounds on the planet.

You can be sure of two more things at a Bassnectar show; serious amounts of sub bass and whiplash – tonight was no exception. Lorin delivered drop after drop of of his unrelenting dub/step hits and the crowd responded every single time. Stand out moment of the night was undoubtedly Vava Voom, with everyone singing along to Lupe Fiasco’s pitched down vocals (I’m sure we all looked like bloody idiots).

His last appearance in the UK was way back in 2010 and probably consisted of a “classic” dubstep crowd. Eg. mostly guys wearing vests or minimal clothing so their sweat can pass easily from their armpit to your face. The crowd this time was a bit more mixed, but I probably absorbed a good amount of other peoples sweat – a process of osmosis if you like.

I can’t recommend Bassnectar’s live show enough and if you’re in the USA you should definitely make every effort to get to his headlining tour this fall.

One of the other DJ’s that night was one of TMN’s favourites – Zedd who kicked off with his trademark bits and pieces mashups including snippets of everything from Mario to Marley. His biggest drops were, unsurprisingly, some of his own sending the KOKO kids crazy. I’ve never heard Skrillex/The Doors ‘I’m breakin’ a sweat’ sung so loud! What was really impressive was his quick changed of tracks, i swear he must have played close to a 100 different tracks… awesome.

For more Bassnectar treats, get onto his European Vacation mix or even better – buy his latest album Vava Voom which gets a glorious Music Ninja thumbs up.

Special thanks Playground for putting on the event
Photo credit – Bassnectar, Playground Music & Flood Photos

Review via the awesome Steve Williams

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[Hip-Hop] MellowHype – Decoy

MellowHype, consisting of Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, has quitely released some of the dopest hip-hop tracks in the last several years making their upcoming album, Numbers, one of the most anticipated among OFWGKTA fans. On their most recent release, “Decoy,” The LA-based artists hop on a trademark dark beat both delivering with their quick rhymes shuffling a wide rang of content through out.

“Decoy” marks the beginning of #MellowHypeWeek, so look out for new material from these dudes for the next few days. Stream and download the second impressive single below and make sure to check out Numbers when it drops on October 9th.

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Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got

This track is why I blog music, for collabs like this. Feed Me and Crystal Fighters are the last two artists I expected to see on a track together. It works better then you could ever imagine, and thats because Feed Me has the ability to adjust his sound to match any genere or artist. He proved that to us recently by dropping an acoustic cover of Fink‘s track “This Is The Thing”, that had him playing guitar and even singing. The vocals from Crystal Fighters complement this melody flawlessly, and on first listen I was curious on Feed Me would do when it drops. Well he drops some infectious light wobbles that mesh with the vocals like you would never believe. This is a tune that everyone can love, even people who aren’t big on Electronic music. It was dropped earlier tonight on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC Radio 1, and there is no announced release date yet so stay tuned. Cheers.

So save us all…..

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters
Love Is All I Got
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[Dubstep] Skrillex & Damian “Jr Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem Remixes

With the recent announcement of Skrillex and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley ‘s “Make It Bun Dem” remix contest, the surge of remixes is upon us and now the only thing to do is to hold tight and weather the storm of incredible releases being thrown at you in a break-neck pace. Although, submissions to the contest seem to be endless, some artists have taken this opportunity to put their original spin on the original with the sole intent being to share great music. With that being said, here are three remixes from the likes of Rednek, Mizuki, and Luke Da Duke. All three of these remixes are a unique interpretation of the original, which emphasize each artist’s creativity and diverse productional palettes. Without any further ado, give each of these tracks a listen, snag a couple free downloads, and prepare to continue reaping the benefits of this contest for the next few weeks to come!

Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley
Make It Bun Dem (Rednek Remix)
Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley
Make It Bun Dem (Mizuki Remix)
Skrillex & Damian Jr. Gong Marley
Make It Bun Dem (Luke Da Duke Remix)
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