[TMN Exclusive] Interview With Flume

Coming fresh off his first full-length, self-titled debut album, Harley Streten — or Flume as he’s better known — has experienced a meteoric rise catalyzed, largely in part, by his catchy, international viral hit, “Sleepless” (featured below). Although his popularity continued to blossom as a result of a variety of remixes and infectious live performances, Flume has minted himself as a composer with a vast breadth of ingenuity and an eclectic array of sound and style at his disposal.

The Music Ninja had the honor of interviewing him, learning more about the Aussie artist’s influences, songwriting process and thoughts on dance music in general. Check it out below:

TMN: For many, music is a way to invoke nostalgia and is the accompaniment for memories of a time and place in which the listener forms memories. With the release of your debut album, a very diverse compilation of sound and style, how and where did you envision this LP to be heard?

What I wanted is to create an album that could be played at clubs/bars and also at home as something to relax to. I come from a Dance music background and it’s important for me that people are able to dance to my music. Especially at shows, I can’t imagine gigs being nearly as fun if everyone just sat down and listened instead of dancing.

TMN: What are some of the inspirations behind your sound? Is there a theme you find yourself abiding by in your style of music? 

I drew a lot of inspiration from travelling round Europe for the first time, soaking up my surroundings and being amongst different cultures. Genre-wise, I’ve been influenced by early 90s Trance music, The ED Banger French Electro movement and then guys like J-Dilla Flying Lotus, M83, Moby.

TMN: Which element, from a sample to an entire genre, do you feel you own as a producer and can be remembered for?

I think I bridge that gap between the underground beatsy electronica scene and mainstream music. I like to think of myself as someone who writes experimental pop music, something thats unique, yet still appeals to a wide audience.

TMN: What is your routine for composing a song and its original elements? With what type of equipment?

I usually start with a beat or a chord progression and then I’ll write a melody over the top of that. Everything’s written on my laptop with a copy of Ableton Live, some synthesizers and a dope set of speakers. I just invested a bit of money into my set up, before it was really basic but now I’m getting some toys for the studio.

TMN: Were you always considered “Flume”? If you had other projects, what aspects of them (personal/creative) have carried into your current music?

Yes, my other project is called What So Not. My roots are in Dance Music and this is my creative outlet for that. I couldn’t do one without the other, I need to write a variety of music to stay sane and keep the creative energy high.

Insane feat. Moon Holiday
HyperParadise (Flume Remix)
Van She
Idea Of Happiness (What So Not Remix) (OUT NOW ON MODULAR)

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Tastefully: @OfTumo

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[Indie Rock] Free Energy – Hangin

The Philly-based rock band Free Energy, who previously dropped that infectious 2010 hit “Bang Pop,” is prepped to release their sophomore album Love Sign. The second single off it, “Hangin,” is a great little funky-rock song with a sound that’s reminiscent of the 90’s. It is almost impossible for me to listen to “Hangin” without thinking about bands like Spin Doctors. Even if it’s not “magical,” I got to say that the track is a great preview of their new material. Pop-Rock fans, you can now hold on to your chairs, Free Energy are poised to release something good, something real good.


Love Sign will be out on January 15 via DFA Records. For further information, visit their official site.

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Delerium – Days Turn Into Nights (Seven Lions Remix)

Another huge release for Seven Lions, the Santa Barbara producer that is becoming bigger by the minute. Taking one step back from the constant “the louder the better” approach currently in the dubstep scene, Seven Lion remixes Delerium’s ‘Days Turn Into Nights’ with its soothing vocals and inspiring crescendos oozing with a distinctive electro progressive sound. The track is being sold exclusively on beatport and you can stream it below.

Days Turn Into Nights (Seven Lions Remix)
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Justice – We Are Your Friends (CHRIZZ LUVLY REMIX)

With a crazy amount of remixes of this song, it is easy to dust this off to the side. Yet Brazilian producer Chrizz Luvly has been able to inject enough electronic aggression to bring this classic back to life. It may not be the most original rendition but we have been impressed with Chrizz Luvly production ever since the release of his original track ‘Demon‘. You can go to his soundcloud to listen to all his recent remixes we strongly approve.

We Are Your Friends (CHRIZZ LUVLY REMIX)
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The Lennings – ‘B-12′ + ‘You’re The Only That I Want’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Austin you never cease to surprise us. Blurring the lines between bickering Americana and indie pop, local band The Lennings have risen from Austin music scene through their melodically rich instrumentation of acoustic guitar and banjos and with the captivating vocals of lead singer Jason Lemming (a.k.a. Jason Jinyma). Their style provides a window into a world of harmonics and genuine lyrics proclaiming to focus on “finding the beauty and absurdity in the mundane and inanimate.”, which they do. Last fall, their cover of “You’re The Only That I Want” (by Grease) made its way to the big screen featured on the NBC show Parenthood last fall. And just last night’, their soft and powerful single ‘B-12′ from the upcoming album Inside will also appear on MTV’s “Underemployed” this Saturday (12/8) night at 8/7PM Central

To celebrate the much deserve exposure we are honored to have for you the free download of their cover ‘You’re The Only That I Want’.

The Lennings
Youre The One That I Want (Cover) (TMN Exclusive)

‘B-12′ along with the entire album will be released this week December 7th and if you are in Austin, make sure you attend their Album Release Show @ Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, 801 Red River, Austin, TX 78701.

The Lennings
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[Drumstep] Terravita – Spicy By the Glass

Oh Terravita, what have you gone and done? This one is a game-changer for sure. So here’s the brief of what’s about to go down once you hit play. You’ll be greeted with a funky jam of bass guitar and drums and instantly groove to this fresh approach from these dubstep specialists. Enter the build and the unleashing of raw bass force that you craved since you spied the name of the artist in this post. That alone would be enough to warrant a solid track that would satisfy the needs of filth seekers everywhere. But what elevates this track into greatness is the extreme levels of funk achieved by that hard-hitting jazz breakdown that follows. This is a clash of genres that results in absolute success and the widest grin you will wear all day. Even though you have now been made aware of what’s coming, your body will never be ready.

‘Spicy By the Glass’ was released as part of Terravita’s free Greatest Hits Volume One compilation. You won’t even be halfway through this track before you realise that you should really grab the whole thing.

Spicy By The Glass (FREE DOWNLOAD)
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[Hip-Hop] Shawn Chrystopher – Who Mad? Feat. Buddy (Prod. Zaire Koalo)

Who would’ve thought Beach House‘s “Silver Soul” would be sampled twice in the same year? The Inglewood rapper even makes reference to the sample within the context of the song, as he brags about his “beach house.” Shawn Chrystopher‘s “Who Mad” basically serves up a giant middle finger to all his haters, with fellow SoCal emcee, Buddy, doing some smack talking of his own . According to Shawn Chrys, this track is only a warmup for his upcoming lovestory LP, dropping on February 12th. Had this come out a month earlier, it could’ve served as a victory anthem for the president in a tightly contested electoral race.

Who Mad? (feat. Buddy)
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