Liars – Point Your Pistols To The Sigh

Once again, the Adult Swim Singles Program hits the spot with this new effort from Liars. “Point Your Pistols To The Sigh” is a jittery electro epic that shows a far darker side to the band’s music, while remaining firmly in earworm territory. With synths that sound like a million old video games slowly dying, we can guarantee that “Point Your Pistols To The Sigh” won’t be leaving your brain for a while after you’ve first heard its brooding doom-laden vocals.

Point Your Pistols To The Sigh
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[Indie] All Eyes – Lost You Once (TMN Song Premiere)

Today, The Music Ninja is pleased to introduce All Eyes, an indie rock band from Minneapolis. Though each of the band’s members had previously been involved in one project or another over the years — their lead singer Alicia Wiley actually began in the jazz pop world and has five solo albums under her belt — here they are now, a four-piece with a penchant for dark, dreamy music. And we couldn’t be more excited to premiere their new song.

“Lost You Once” is a beautiful and ghostly plea, with its subtle synths humming and weaving in the background and Wiley’s breathy, aching vocals leading the way throughout the entire track. It’s deeply emotional as much as it is magical; I can almost imagine her cautiously mouthing the lyrics, the words slipping slowly off her lips along with every ounce of her vulnerability.

“Lost You Once” is off the band’s forthcoming debut album Shelf Life.

All Eyes
Lost You Once

(Photo Credit: Darin Back)

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[Folk] Javier Dunn – Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn Cover)

LA-based songwriter Javier Dunn picked up the guitar at the age of 10, and since then he’s never looked back. He’s worked with Sara Bareilles, and has put out several EPs since his debut in 2006. One of our favourite tracks from Dunn is this gorgeous acoustic cover of Scandinavian pop princess Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Dunn has re-worked the lyrics to reflect a male perspective, and his simple guitar accompaniment makes an for incredibly emotional creation. Javier is currently recording another album, so stay tuned for more news.

Javier Dunn
Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn cover)
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[Remix] Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (BeatauCue Remix)

Irish synth-poppers Two Door Cinema Club dropped their latest record ‘Beacon’ a mere fortnight ago, and BeatauCue have already dropped a stunning remix of ‘Sleep Alone’. The track is an ode to drug-induced dreams, and the French duo’s production on this reworking recreates that same delirious sensation with some slightly tropical synths and ace beats. This version of ‘Sleep Alone’ is the perfect climactic end to a wild night out, and its relentlessly upbeat sound should leave you with a massive grin plastered on your face.

Two Door Cinema Club
Sleep Alone (BeatauCue Remix)
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[Rock] Delorentos – Bullet In A Gun

If you feel like you’ve been missing out on some brilliantly catchy indie-rock of late, then look no further. The jaunty ‘Bullet In A Gun’ is a creation of Irish rockers Delorentos, and like most of the band’s earlier work, relies heavily on powerful guitar riffs and infectious choruses that could fill the largest stadium on earth. If you like your indie big, loud and easy to dance to, then ‘Bullet In A Gun’ is the track for you. This song is featured on Delorentos’ third record ‘Little Sparks’, out now.

Bullet In A Gun
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[NEW] Bat for Lashes – Marilyn


After sharing the beautiful “Laura,” Natasha Khan AKA Bat for Lashes gives us yet another taste of her upcoming album, The Haunted Man. An enchanting song, “Marilyn” especially shines during the chorus, where Khan’s vocals soar with real power and grace.

The Haunted Man comes out October 23rd via Capitol Records.

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[Prog House] Avicii – Silhouettes (Avicii’s Exclusive Ralph Lauren Mix)

A little while back Avicii paired up with Ralph Lauren to produce his own line of denim clothing.  Well a few days ago Avicii released this remix of ‘Silhouettes’ to promote the line of clothing.  The remix itself is a more relaxed version of the original ‘Silhouettes’ without losing to much.  Overall its a solid track as only Avicii could do and it’s available to download of the Ralph Lauren site here (Free for an email).

Tell us what you think below.

Silhouettes (Aviciis Exclusive Ralph Lauren Mix)
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