The Workout Playlist: Ninja in Training +20 Songs [Vol. 1] February 2014

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Introducing: The Workout Playlist. Songs to make you reach Ninja levels gains.

Something dawned on us the other day when we were sitting through another grueling WOD at Crossfit South Denver. Yes, the intense regiment set out by whatever twisted mind in charge of writing these workouts is a sick person, but there’s one other thing that’s been apparent in the past year of doing Crossfit: we all could use a badass playlist to get us going.

After speaking to a few other friends who attend different boxes across the Denver metro area, and a few girls who say they love our site for workout music, it happened. We realized that we needed to use our knowledge of well crafted mashups and remixes to put together something that could be enjoyed by the most intense avid music listener, as well as some folks who could care less what’s charting on the music blogosphere.

So, we sat down and hashed it out. What would the parameters be? How often would we post these? How long would they be? Here’s what we decided:

– Tracks need to be popular EDM OR be a popular song that’s been turned into EDM
– They need to be upbeat enough to keep even the craziest of Crossfitter’s going through their WOD
– They need to be current late 2013 and 2014, but can also include some classics over the past year
– This playlist should be released once a month.
– Not everything needs to be a free download, but it needs to rock for a solid hour and half (because if you’re working out longer than that, you don’t need our help).

With that being said, here it is. This is our very first The Workout Playlist: Ninja in Training . Throw in your buds, and get a good sweat going. Because after all, it’s almost festie season.

Disposable War Pigs (Celldweller KlashUp)
Swing (Kid Ranger Remix)!
Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais
Young & Beautiful (Club Edit Remix)
Just Blaze x Baauer
Raining Blood (Aylen Remix)
Martin Garrix
Animals (Original Mix) OUT NOW!
Crizzly + Kids At The Bar
Like Dat
Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma
Dare You (Radio Edit)
The White Stripes
Seven Nation Army (White Panda Remix)
Daft Punk
Something About Us (Xristo Remix)
Katy Perry
Roar (Kennedy Jones ROAR LOUDER Remix)
DVBBS & Borgeous
TSUNAMI (Original Mix)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Californication (Xristo Remix)
Deorro & Duvoh
Black (Aylen Remix)
Too Close (Clark Kent & Kid Ranger Remix)
Tom Ford (Crizzly Remix)
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[Electro Soul] Jungle – Lucky I Got What I Want

Lucky I Got What I Want

It’s better late than never. Truer words could be said as we listen to this glorious electro soul tune from Jungle. This crafty duo released “Lucky I Got What I Want” four months ago, and we somehow missed it. After listening to the layered atmospheric elements, draped over a luscious, repetitious beat, we were instantly pissed we went four months without hearing this.

So, we’re sorry that we let you down, but hopefully we redeemed ourselves after posting this delightfully soulful tune.

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[Indie Rock] Circa Waves – Stuck in My Teeth

artworks-000070468214-p651iz-original (1)
Stuck In My Teeth

Who wants to grab the surfboards and hop in the car? While we wish we could do that right now, we’re a bit landlocked in snowy Colorado. However, we’ll definitely be throwing this on in the car ride up to the mountains. This upbeat indie rock from Liverpool act Circa Waves will provide ample good feels to get shreddy to.

Even though we enjoy the snow out here in the Rocky Mountains, most of us are secretly counting the days till those sweet, sunny rays hit our foreheads. “Stuck in My Teeth,” has that playful, upbeat indie rock vibe that begs to be played as you celebrate life in the summer months. The engaging melodic riffs flirt in and out with the lead singer’s voice, giving us the warm-n-fuzzies we heard while listening to acts like Arctic Monkeys or The Kooks.

If this head-swaying tune wasn’t enough, this infectious quartet were just announced as part of the forthcoming NME Awards Tour alongside Interpol, Temples and Royal Blood.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for these cats. We promise this won’t be the last you hear of them.

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[TMN Premiere] option4, Need & Necessity – We Comin’ Up (Original Mix)

option4, Need & Necessity
We Comin' Up

When Denver’s electronic scene is usually thought of, visions of grand scale EDM events at Red Rocks or larger than life dubstep drops may immediately permeate the forefront of your opinions, but thanks to amazing musical contributions from artists like option4 and Need & Necessity, the city has begun developing an insatiable taste for deep, soulful house music. While we’ve separately had the opportunity to feature these two respective dance-floor slayers, today we had the felicitous task of premiering their first collaboration on ascending house label Night Supply, “We Comin’ Up”, and we knew right away this one needed to be shared with you Ninjas. Both parties’ deft comprehension of house production are felt immediately with a scooting hi-hat and bouncy kick leading into the tune’s first break. Before we knew it, a hypnotic synth line was fueling an ample vocal sample into the frontrunner and by the time we realized the pitched down reverberation of “I’m Comin’ Up” was flawlessly pulled from a P!nk sample, we were fully enveloped, jacking our hips unconsciously along. Finally, it is the gripping bass line which implants a real dose of bounce within the track while simultaneously adding another layer of pop accessibility which will no doubt appeal to fans from all walks of listening life. Expect this one to storm house clubs very soon, but don’t be surprised by its shapeshifting ability when you’re just grooving to it either; especially as it’s being given away as a free download here. Stream option4 and Need & Necessity’s “We Comin’ Up” above, and maybe start thinking about the dance hall a little early this week.

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[Indie] Fé – Turn Your Light On

Turn Your Light On

As 2013’s British summertime drew to a close, here at The Music Ninja we gave our first accolade to London duo and the burning summer song that was their accomplished debut. It seems that amidst the melancholic months, Fé have curated another piece of pathetic fallacy: the perfect seasonal soundtrack to accompany those wet winter blues.

“Turn Your Light On” swags with all the attributes of a euphoric anthem, but rather than reaching climax, it simmers in a demure and slow burning fashion. Consistently paced and beautifully spacious, a dulcet and impassioned tone overlays the unremitting melody that comes to fruition, rather than explodes, in the closing moments. Visceral vocals convey melancholia with convincing certainty, whilst the minimalist route allows “Turn Your Light On” to become both familiar and accessible after the first listen.

Fé’s enthusiasm for brightening and busking the underground carriages of London has cultivated a confidence quite evident in the fluidity and effortless nature of their work. Void of all exasperation and fraught effort, Fé conduct a meticulous lesson in the art of how to sound like you’ve made five albums already. Congrats.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaValentine’s Day. Love it, hate it or don’t give a flying rat’s ass. Whatever category you fall in, we’ve got something for you. A well thought out gift for your crush, a soundtrack to sit and wallow in your sorrows, or just a regular old playlist for your regular, non-hallmark created day. Enjoy.

Faces On Film
The Rule
Wolf Collage
Francis Lung
A Selfish Man
Ages and Ages
Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
Andy Fitts
Start Cutting
Owsey, Resotone & Jernalism
Sometimes It Would Stop Raining Long Enough For The Stars To Come Out
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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – Diablo (Prod. Larry Fisherman)

Mac Miller
Diablo (prod. Larry Fisherman)

Since donning the alias of Larry Fisherman late in 2012, we’ve been able to witness an imaginatively creative side of Mac Miller that many of us probably never knew existed. With every release, the Pittsburgh native shows tremendous growth and maturity as he tweaks and experiments with various new sounds, making for must follow material on SoundCloud. This latest effort may–in some ways–be his most ambitious to date, as he forges a seedy, almost hollow, dare we say, DOOM-esque piano driven instrumental. “Diablo” explores the inner workings of Mac’s mind as he gets in touch with his personal demons, utilizing his familiar stream of consciousness flow to precise perfection. We only hope there’s more where this came from, as we’re interested to see how Mac develops his sound moving forward.

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