Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)

Who doesn’t love Fleetwood Mac‘s classic “Dreams”? Or Stevie Nicks‘ insightful, tell-it-like-it-is lyrics: “Players only love you when they’re playing”? Mysterious UK duo Psychemagik tackle the 1977 hit — yes, it was that long ago — updating the cautious rock ballad by turning it into a full-fledged hypnotic and sensual dance track. Amazingly, Nicks’ vocals sound perfect amidst the warping electronic swirls and whirls. Though not much is known about Psychemagik, their steady supply of remixes and edits have earned them recognition from BBC 1 Radio and a number of artists.

You can download “Dreams” (Psychemagik Remix) off the duo’s Facebook. And for more music, check out their ever-busy Soundcloud page.

Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
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[Electro] Nicky Romero ft. Calvin Harris – Iron


Today the young dutchman we all know as Nicky Romero releases his newest offering, “Iron,” featuring no other than Calvin Harris. Bringing all the energy you would expect, this track slows down only momentarily to reveal the voice of Calvin Harris. His voice provides the perfect contrast in a song that is defined by uplifting synths surrounding an unrelenting pace. Sure to rock out dance floors coming to a concert near you, this is one exciting release. Head on over to Beatport by clicking here to get Iron for yourself.

Nicky Romero ft. Calvin Harris
Iron (Original Mix)
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Civil Twilight – River (Ra Ra Riot Remix)

Cape Town band Civil Twilight are currently holding a remix contest over at Indaba Music and this is one of the latest reworks to surface. Indie rock band Ra Ra Riot punch up “River,” putting it on the fast track with electronic urgency. The remix still holds onto the haunting quality of the original, but it’s moments like the bridge’s glistening cascading synths or the heavy beating outro that make this rendition absolutely memorable.

Civil Twilight’s Holy Weather is out now on Wind-Up. Ra Ra Riot’s The Orchard is out on Barsuk.

River (Ra Ra Remix)
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[Moombah] The Knocks – The Feeling (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)

This is the second release off The Feeling Remix EP and Lazerdisk Party Sex doens’t disappoint. Starting with a melodic and funky intro that builds perfectly with the vocals. Then drops into some grimey wobbles with flawless breaks that should ensure this one to be on repeat for a while. A filthy Moombah remix was one of the last things I expected once first hearing “The Feeling,” but it works surprisingly well. Lazerdisk Party Sex deliver yet another impressive tune, that should cure your case of the Mondays. Look forward to more epic remixes off this EP, The Knocks consistently drop tracks that are begging to be reworked. Cheers.

The Knocks
The Feeling (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)
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Young Man – Do

The spectacular sounds of Chicago-based musician Colin Caulfield, better known as Young Man, will grace your morning with the the song “Do” off his sophomore LP, Vol. 1. Full of bright and colorful indie melodies that slowly wrap around and consume you with a rush of feel good harmonies. You can stream and download the song below.

Young Man

Vol. 1 is out now on Frenchkiss Records.

via steregoum

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[Remix Contest] Zeds Dead & Omar Linx – Cowboy


Last month Zeds Dead & Omar Linx, the true pioneers of letting hip-hop and heavy electronic music exist so organically together, gave away their stems on Beatport to spark a remix contest. Now the raging rapids of contest submissions have arrived. To help sort through all of them, the Ninja staff have highlighted our top five of the week. The contest relies heavily on voting and play count, so make sure to take some time to go over to Beatport and show your favorite track some love.

Starting off this Top 5 we highlight an artist that is very familiar around these parts, Butch Clancy. This remix is let loose over a DnB pattern that allows for the hip-hop flow and electronic power to work heavenly together. The opening of this track starts out with a haunting synth line over Omar’s verse, but soon the flood gates open with Clancy revealing his scintillating dosage of spastic glitch. To hear the rest of the song and vote for the Butch Clancy remix click on here to be sent over to Beatport play.

Zeds Dead & Omar Linx
Cowboy (Butch Clancy Remix) (Clip)

Next up is the Michael White remix; he takes a very different approach. This track is covered with a mad amount of electro sting. It is masterfully transformed from a 88 BPM heavy Dubstep track into a fast hitting electro house anthem. Thrashing and smashing his way through the original with pure electro beef, you hear a unique remix that stomps itself through your speakers from start to end. To hear the rest of the song and vote for the Michael White remix click here to be sent over to Beatport play.

Zeds Dead & Omar Linx
Cowboy (Michael White Remix) (Clip)

Remixing a track is about balancing the combination of the original piece of work and the revisionist’s new ideas. F.O.O.L. have managed to conquer that balance. The filth and heaviness that define the original are offset by the uplifting, energy-building sounds that surround Omar’s lyrics. Using stunning harmonies throughout the entire song makes it a true contender. To vote for the F.O.O.L. remix click here to be sent over to Beatport play.

Zeds Dead & Omar Linx
Cowboy (F.O.O.L Remix)

Showing how 112 BPM can hang with best of them, Mob Device defines just how electro house can still run amok even at a slower tempo. The song opens up with an old school R&B soul vibe that flows supremely with Omar’s words. Once the track opens up, it reveals an irresistible synth line that samples the original, while letting the glitches prevail. To hear the rest of the song and vote for it click here to be sent over to Beatport play.

Zeds Dead and Omar LinX
Cowboy (Mob Device 112 bpm Remix)

Rounding out the Top 5 for this week is the invincible Clark Kent remix. What a strong way to finish off this post! A staggering build up defines what happens for the next few minutes after you press play. The rising tension is soon replaced by a drop smeared all over with a quick hitting glitch. Masterfully resting the lyrics between all the chaos going on in gives this remix an irresistible dynamic edge. To hear the rest of the song and vote for the Clark Kent remix click here to be sent over to beatport play.

Zeds Dead ft. Omar Linx
Cowboy (Clark Kent Remix) (Clip)
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[Indie Rock] Turtle Giant – Germany I & II

Not too long ago, The Music Ninja premiered the official music video for Turtle Giant‘s “We Were Kids,” a jangly and rousing indie rock tune. Now we’re here to bring you yet another new single off the band’s forthcoming All Hidden Places EP called “Germany I & II”. At a little over seven minutes long, from start to finish, the song is an epic and fierce musical journey. Part one winds itself up with sweeping, airy verses, only to completely unravel during its explosive choruses, full of razor sharp guitar work and the kind of raw intensity that takes hold of you and doesn’t let go. It then segues into “Germany II,” where Turtle Giant take on a darker, more lo-fi rock approach. But don’t think you can get settled here — because much like the first half, part two is packed with relentless heat, ending on quite the adrenaline-charged note.

Download “Germany I & II” below and make sure to watch out for their EP, All Hidden Places, which comes out September 18th.

Germany I and II
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