[Deep-House] Walker & Royce – Insanity (Original Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Walker & Royce
Insanity (Original Mix)- FREE DOWNLOAD

As the most popular electronic sounds stateside begin to stray away from gigantic stadium-sized drops coupled with over-the-top lasers, strobes and everything in between; we’ve been gifted with a renaissance of sorts -back to the purest forms of house and its many offspring- thanks in part to efficacious artists like Brooklyn duo Walker & Royce. Sam Walker and Gavin Royce have been plying their stirringly groovy brand of deep-house since 2011 to great critical response behind singles on some of the most influential taste-making imprints in the game including Crosstown Rebels, OFF and Pets Recordings along with the shining and untouchable distinction of being tabbed as one of legendary Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong’s “Future Stars” back in October . Today, they’ve gifted us with a brand new original tune, “Insanity” and we couldn’t wait to share it with you Ninjas. “Insanity” kicks off out of the gate behind a compressed kick drum leading into some entrancing synth work and a welcome vocal track spliced from ‘Mr. Let’s Get It On’ himself, Marvin Gaye. The entire movement plays wonderfully as a club groover, but simultaneously can be aurally consumed in any number of mellow to hyphy settings, proving the pair’s firm understanding of music structure and deft ear for addicting sounds in the process. “Insanity” is being given away as a free download via growing house imprint Night Supply, so take the jump here and grab yourself a digital copy in exchange for a Facebook “like”.


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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaSo we lost an hour of sleep and YUP, it’s definitely gonna suck for the first couple days. But when you think about what the future of daylight savings time holds, it totally redeems itself. Long summer nights, beach days, close to zero clothing and the good ol’ soundtracks that will forever bring you back to the smell of suntan lotion and BBQs. Sounds pretty glorious, doesn’t it? We think so. Which is why we are more than more than happy to get you started on soundtrack part. Ya know, to get your mind off the lack of sleep and into the positive sunshiny, groove of spring. Enjoy….

Gods Whisper
Old Friend
The Landing
Met You ft. Sammy Bananas (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit)
The Hours
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[NEW] Frank Ocean, Diplo, Mick Jones & Paul Simonon – Hero

Converse Hero
Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo

With summer somewhere around the corner, Converse has decided to revive their “Three Artists. One Song.” series, which has given way to some pretty amazing gems in years past. To kick off this year’s compilation is an unlikely collaboration between Frank Ocean, Diplo, and The Clash‘s Mick Jones & Paul Simonon. Automatically disregard any banger alerts that sentence might have set off, because this is far from anything you probably expected.

“Hero” doesn’t draw its sound distinctly from any one of the artists represented here; rather, it’s a true collaboration that provides room for everyone to shine. Packing plenty of soul, the single begins with Ocean laying the groundwork over some rustic guitars. Hints of bass are scattered throughout until the song reaches a crescendo shortly after the one minute mark, where the trio really begin to rock out, before once again gently descending back to earth through the combined efforts of a children’s choir. It makes for a fascinatingly beautiful piece of music, and is a true testament to what can happen when exceptionally creative minds come together.

Grab the free download above from Converse, and stay tuned for more from the collaborative series in the coming months.

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[NEW] Skrillex – Coast Is Clear (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

Coast Is Clear with Chance the Rapper and The Social Experiment

With his upcoming album, Recess, set to drop on March 18th, Skrillex decided to have some fun with his fans by releasing a mysterious app earlier today called “Alien Ride.” Hidden deep within the bizarre little game were 11 files that coincidentally matchup with the tracklist for his new project, essentially providing an early stream of his new album. Among those was this highly anticipated collaboration with Chance The Rapper, which was previously premiered live during a show in Brooklyn last month.

Featuring a chorus that asks “What your interests are? Who you be with? Can I ask a question? Can you keep a secret?” the talented duo pair together to produce a surprisingly upbeat, jazzy number that builds upon the sound heard from Chance on his Acid Rap mixtape. With this dancefloor-ready single in play now,  the “Coast Is Clear” for both artists to stage a takeover of the music game in 2014.

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[Gotta Be Fresh] The Music Ninja Tank Tops – Now For Sale

prodimg_musicninja1 (1)

As you prep yourself for festie season, summer, and your burning desire to shout “Suns out, guns out,” you might be asking, “I wonder if my favorite music blog has a tank top available for sale?”

Well, your curiosity has led you to the right place, as we now have our TMN tank tops on sale at through our good friends at FiXT. At just $20, you’ll have plenty of money left over for $15 Red Bull and vodkas.

Click here to pick one up now!

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The Glitch Mob Talks Coachella, True Detective and Pink Floyd [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Glitch Mob

TMN: Hey guys, thank you so much for taking some time to chat with us. There’s quite a bit to talk to you guys about! From Love Death Immortality coming out on February 11th to the Coachella announcement, you guys have had a busy winter!

Absolutely. Things are in a pressure cooker right now. Our happy place.

TMN: Let’s start off with talking about the Coachella announcement. Since starting in 2006, you’ve played at some of the most significant venues. How does it feel to come to Coachella this year?

Coachella is one of the most ridiculously awesome events on earth, and we’re grateful to get to play for a second time. Some of our very first shows to massive crowds were at Coachella, playing unofficial shows on the The Do Lab’s circus-freak misting side stage. So this will actually be our 5th Coachella. It’s way too much fun.

TMN: What is the set list looking like? Are you going to go heavy on the new album, or do a blend of some new and some old? Any surprise guests we should expect?

Oh yeah, we’ll be playing the new album on tour. Plenty of classics too. It was designed for the live stage — the whole experience will really come alive on a massive sound system. There will be some other tricks up the ol’ sleeve, but you’ll have to come to the show to see…

TMN: While Coachella is huge, you have to have some other large venues that are still on your bucket list. What’s “the one” venue or festival that’s you haven’t played at just yet?

We are excited to hopefully play Glastonbury at some point, we hear it’s massive!

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Love Death Immortality
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Jakwob – Fade (Kicks N Lick Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Fade (Kicks N Lick Remix)

Our favorite bass heavy duo, Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan (AKA Kicks n Licks) are back with another smooth, melodic remix. This time around, these two beatsmiths took on the stunning, drum-centric tune from Jakwob, which features fluttering vocals from Maiday.

Once again we’re shown their ability to craft gorgeous melodies that fit perfectly with the vocals. Combining a slow, build featuring intense, melodic synths with some heavy bass drops and electro style grit, “Fade” is given a whole new soundscape. While it is a departure from the original pop tune, the lyrics hold just enough to bridge the gap.

These two have quite a few shows coming up, so make sure you head to their facebook to see if they’re coming to your tow.

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