[Fresh] Pixel Fix – Rosa

Banbury based indietronica quartet Pixel Fix really has something special brewing. We were really impressed with their last release “Rome”, but we have to say we’re even more fond of their latest release, “Rosa.”

Running water, ethereal background vocals, and soft wavering guitar create an atmospheric listening experience that’s truly gorgeous. While we would be content with a chill, dreamy, electronically based track, the band eventually creates an upbeat vibe using fast paced drumming and hard driving guitar chords. All in all, this track dropped yesterday, and we’ve already listened to it ten times over. Make sure to keep an eye on these guys.

Pixel Fix
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Borgore & Carnage – Incredible [MASSIVE]

A collab like this only can result in something huge, and “Incredible” lives up to that hype. Taking you on what sounds like an imperial death march, but mixed with Big Room sounds. With Carnage recently going on a Twitter rant about people chasing Hype with the whole Trap movement, this comes as no surprise that he drops a massive tune like this one. It’s something different for both him and Borgore, and we can only hope to expect more tunes like this. Cheers.

Borgore & Carnage

Release date is Feburary 4th via Spinnin’ Records

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[Indie] High Highs – In A Dream

“In A Dream,” the new single from Brooklyn-based indie duo High Highs, is a luscious and light breeze of a track, flush with hazy pop charm and a soft-spoken secrecy. It melts you without you even knowing it, thanks especially to the airy vocals that hit you only slightly with sentiment before for floating off away with your heart… The group, who are originally from Australia, will release their long-awaited debut LP, Open Season, tomorrow. It’ll be well worth a listen, so be sure to check it out.

High Highs
In A Dream (New Single)
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[Trap] Salva – Drop That B

As you might expect from the title, “Drop That B” is one hell of a banger full of the kind of heavy drops that’ll make you think it’s still the weekend. The LA producer Salva will release a new EP called Odd Furniture on February 12th via Friends of Friends, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, expect this track to get some major club play.

Drop That B
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Jackson Breit – Lying Together (official Music Video)

Jackson Breit follows up with a Video to his remix of FKJ’s single to announce his EP “In The Shade” release next week. Perhaps the most impressive feature about this video is Jackson’s ability to be himself, and in return, allowing us to connect with him and his music in a much more personal level. Due to the aggressive nature of Hip/Hop, hundreds of talented upcoming artist fail every day at making authentic music videos because their very own personality hold them back, whether they pretend to be someoene else or lack the confidence to visually convey their own verses. Jackson Breit demonstrates, yet again, that his music speaks for himself and no amount of video production can make up for genuine charisma.

Check him out on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

Lying Together (Jackson Breit Remix)
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Lexy and the Kill – Black Dog

Lexy and the Kill’s new track “Black Dog” points the way to a very exciting future for the London based singer and her band. Written during the transition period between Lexy moving to London from Scotland, it’s a memorable and moving introduction to an exciting new songwriter. Lexy and the Kill’s first single proper is slated for a late spring release, but in the mean time you can download “Black Dog” and “Rope Swing” below.

Black Dog
Rope Swing
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The Neighbourhood – Say My Name/Cry Me A River (Radio1 Live Lounge)

Yeah, you’re reading that title right. The Neighbourhood stopped by BBC Radio 1 and dropped this excellent rendition/mashup of Destiny Child‘s “Say My Name” and Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me A River”. It’s a silky smooth and downtempo take on the 2000s radio pop hits and we sure can’t help but love the darker, “playin’ it cool” vibes. These cats know what’s up. Tune in below.

The Neighbourhood: Say My Name/Cry Me A River (Radio1 Live Lounge)
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