[Remix Comp] Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital + TMN Exclusive

In this business, you come across some amazing music on a daily basis. You also come across some amazing people. San Francisco/Brooklyn based indie-pop duo Wildlife Control, comprised of brothers Neil and Sumul Shah, embody both of the previous statements. Not only have they been writing catchy, jazzy, the-hook-is-so-good you can’t stop singing tunes, but they’re also really warm and kind people. It’s truly something refreshing to experience given the sometimes cutthroat industry that we’re based in.

With that being said, Wildlife Control recently asked us to be an official judge in their Official “Analog or Digital” Remix Competition sponsored by SoundCloud and Native Instruments. We of course accepted, and were elated with the fact that we were going to be a part of a very noteworthy panel of judges including the band and Indie Shuffle. This contest kicks off today, and if you’d like to enter, you can find all of the necessary details here.

To start this off right we’re offering up a TMN Exclusive, which is the band’s NES-style remix. This 8-Bit track will take you back to your Nintendo days (if you’re old enough to remember playing Nintendo). One of our favorite parts is the treatment of the vocals, which still maintain the band’s essence, but make you feel like you’re in Super Mario Brothers at the same time.

Wildlife Control
Analog or Digital (NES Remix)
Analog or Digital
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Robbie Rivera – Forever Young (Victor Niglio Remix)

Philadelphia producer Victor Niglio is usually known for his comical antics on facebook, filthy trap, heavy dubstep, and the occasional moombah track. Today we’re bringing you another side to his work, as he creates a electro house remix of the legendary Robbie Rivera’s remix of Alphaville’s “Forever Young”. This is a huge official remix for Niglio, and features buzzing electro synths and a heavy, club friendly bass line.

Niglio also just dropped a dirty Halloween mix that’s up for free! Grab a copy and play it tonight for your spooky endeavors.

Robbie Rivera
Forever Young (Victor Niglio Remix)
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One of the most prolific artists at creating monstrous dubstep tracks, Figure continues to dominate the genre with his aggressive dark conceptions that always seem to come out of a horror movie. While each and every track does induce a level of darkness, Figure is primarily known for his robust production and attention to detail. We were able to talk to him again about Halloween, his thoughts on upcoming genres and what we can expect from him in 2013.

TMN: It’s pretty obvious you are a fan of Halloween, which monster is the most bad ass monster and why?

Most bad ass monster is Michael Myers. That dude is just a big beast that fucks people up… not some mega super fake alien that could never happen.

TMN: Favorite Halloween memory, go.

I’ll keep this short… we may (or may not) have set fire and burnt down this nice oak fence surrounding his suburban crib because he may (or may not) have kicked us out of his Halloween party… You asked.

TMN: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever done?

I was playing a Halloween show last year in New York and didn’t have a costume. Someone from the crowd gave me their home-made bettlejuice masks. They were amazing. I still have them on my shelf at the house.

TMN: The songs on all the Monster Volumes all have a spooky/Halloween type name to them relating to monsters, images of graveyards or bloody rooms. Do you produce the tracks and then find the samples and titles, or do you start with the sample and title and then produce around it?

A little of both. Most of tracks are written throughout the year. Sometimes it starts as just a creepy bass line that I’m working on that just begs to be turning into a Monster track and saved for Halloween. Other times, its a particular sample that sets me off and can’t build around it fast enough. It’s an obsession through out the year.. I just reserve the month of October to celebrate it with everyone before getting back to serious stuff.

TMN: Use three words to describe your music.

Just Being Me

TMN: What are your thoughts on upcoming genres like Trap? and the continuing growth of Moombahtoon. Are there any new sounds you have been experimenting while in the studio?

The crazy thing about the new Trap stuff is that there are a lot of artists that have worked exclusively with the sound for years, but were overshadowed and lumped in with dubstep. It’s good they’re finally getting recognized.
I’ve been a huge hip hop head since I was a kid.. pretty much what got me started DJing, so the word “trap” means something different to me. But whatever you want to call it today… doesn’t matter. If you’re being yourself and taking care of the culture that’s supporting the music you make, who cares what anyone else thinks? It’s always just about the music and the fans. Rest is just noise.

TMN: What can we expect from you the first quarter of 2013? Let us into your vision of where you would like to be a year from now?

Hopping the pond to visit Europe again in January 2013 with a road show tour here in the states starting up in Feb/March. Haven’t really thought about a year from now. Suppose the music will keep evolving along with where life takes me.

Super Sonic Brain Waves (VIP)
The Grave Yard (Original Mix)
Creepin Feat Proe (Original Mix)
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[Indie] The Casablanca Sessions – Red Brick on Lake Couchiching

What an exciting compilation of songs we have for you today. Red Brick Songs and Casablanca Media put together a retreat where an amazing group of talented acoustically inclined songwriters come together on Lake Couching to record and release an 8-track stellar compilation of heart warming storytelling.

Sky Barbarick of Noosa lends her delicately endearing voice for two tracks, both distinctively different. “Island Of Mine” springs up as the first track of the Sessions, setting the tone for charming and acoustic wonders. She then follows it with ‘Paper Legs’, a much quiet and serious piano driven tune that ultimately paves the way for Folly & The Hunter very own Nick Vallee with the as somber as beautiful ‘Tell Me’.

Sky Barbarick (Noosa)
Island Of Mine
Sky Barbarick (Noosa)
Paper Legs
Nick Vallee (Folly & The Hunter)
Tell Me

By track four, The Casablanca Sessions shines a bright light with ‘The Life I Knew’, composed by Wayne Petti (of Cuff The Duke) encompassing an audibly folk-rich instrumentation.

Wayne Petti (Cuff The Duke)
The Life I Knew

The Dead Sea Trolls, the a new collaborative project with James Armstrong of Los Encatados, Vanessa McLean (Lead Singer of Mad June) and Mooney of Le Trouble, also make an appearance with two upbeat indie rocks tracks before ‘Chase The Moonlight’ by Carl Jonson of Library Voices follows through.

The Dead Sea Trolls
My Sanctuary
The Dead Sea Trolls
Permanent Holiday
Carl Johnson (Library Voices)
Chase The Moonlight

The compilation wraps up in a majestic and surprising way as the soft and powerful vocals of Hayden Bursk from Oh Travioso sink your ears in a lightly guitar-picked ballad meant to either break hearts or mend them.

Oh Travioso
Already Gone

The Casablanca Sessions is a real testament of talented artist coming together for a common purpose, to make genuine heart felt music, and they were thoroughly successful at it.

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[Hip-Hop] Curren$y – Priest Andretti (Mixtape)

As promised, and right in time for Halloween, Curren$y drops off his latest project. While many highly anticipate his upcoming mixtape with Wiz Khalifa, this along with Cabin Fever 2 should help hold fans over. Priest Andretti continues Spitta’s experimentation with different types of beats and flows. The at times ominous production seems fitting for its release date and the NOLA based artist demonstrates his always entertaining and creative delivery. Check out a few of our favorite tracks below and grab the whole thing free here: Curren$y - Priest Andretti.

Contacts (ft. Trademark and Fiend)
For Seasons (ft. King Chip)
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Benzi & Willy Joy – This Is Paradise

Ann Arbor/NYC Producer BENZI has teamed up with Chicagoan producer Willy Joy to drop this huge trap banger on Get Right Records. The two carved up some stadium style samples for “This is Paradise” featuring Mashall Masters. The track then drops into into big pounding bass, choppy sirens and 8-bit melodies.

This just dropped an hour ago, so it doesn’t get much fresher than that. Throw this bad boy on and get ready to bounce.

Benzi & Willy Joy
This Is Paradise
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[Hip-Hop/Experimental] Emay – Into It

Many of you out there may already be familiar with Emay, but for those of you who aren’t, you’ve been missing out on some fantastic music. The young Canadian emcee has already proven he has an innate knack for music, creating a formative sound that’s easily recognizable, yet never stale. While traditionally wearing the dual hat of both a rapper and producer on many of his songs, Emay takes a break away from the mic on this one, giving us a closer glimpse into the creative process involved in creating his distinctive beats.

He does an excellent job on his brand new Into It EP, a play on the word Intuit, the title of the Ramona Falls album from which the project’s source material comes.  While most samples involve taking a minute portion of a song and looping it over continuously, Emay does a great job of complementing the original work instead, and employing his unique talents to transform the tracks completely.

If you like what you hear from Emay, you can download the EP from Potholes Music right here. Also, if you’d like to hear the man spit some bars as well, make sure to check out the rest of his music on his official website.

Melectric Now
Chaos Clover
Five Years
Going Twice
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