[Fresh] Ben Khan – Savage

Ben Khan

With his rhythms running in the red, Ben Khan keeps his foot firmly to the floor with new track, “Savages”. Retaining his unique character, whilst dialling in a fresh intensity, “Savages” is perhaps Ben’s most ambitious track to date – an unnerving, idiosyncratic cut that showcases the young artist’s flair for the epic. There’s little to no information available about the elusive Londoner, but the vocal hooks on ‘Savage’ are more than enough to cement Ben on your ‘ones to watch’ list.

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[For The Love] Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

Money On My Mind

He does it for the love.

Sam Smith tells us in his latest song ‘Money On My Mind’ that he doesn’t do it for the money. While he isn’t specific about what exactly he doesn’t do, he makes it clear that love is the answer to every question, every reason, and every answer. The wonderful British vocalist captivates with his stunning, blues-like voice and vocals that immediately stick in your mind. And then let’s not forget the intoxicating soft electronic beat, filled with drums and snap sounds, yes those fingers will be snapping. Smith just reminds us that it isn’t money that should be on anyone’s mind, but love, pure and simple and gleaming in all its glory.

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[Electronic] Kaleida – Tropea


We first introduced Kaleida two weeks ago, when they released their lead and title track “Think“. Now with the most recent release of their second song,”Tropea“, I have to say that their upcoming EP this month is sounding progressively promising.

This charismatic electronic pair draws my attention with their deconstructed synths and lucid lyrics, in the same manner that I was captured by Gotye’s, “Somebody that I Used to Know”. The simplicity of the Cicely’s keys and production really bring out that remarkable crisp resonance in Christina’s vocals. If you’re more a lyrical listener, it may be a fun fact to know that Tropea is a breathtaking area for a splash in the water, located on a reef in Southern Italy (courtesy of Wikipedia).
Check out Kaleida’s music video for “Think“, and visit their Soundcloud for free downloads.
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[Hip-Hop] ShowYouSuck – Dude Bro

ShowYouSuck - Dude Bro

ShowYouSuck joins the ranks of Chitown’s finest with his debut EP, Dude Bro. Despite what the title might lead you to believe, Dude Bro is nothing like the frat rap that’s currently flooding the internet right now. Instead what we have is a cavalcade of impressive tracks that acutely demonstrate the Treated Crew representative’s versatility as an emcee. Although the project is rather short at only six songs, each one brings something fresh to the table. From the playfully nostalgic lead single “80’s Boobs,” to the supremely slick sounds of “All Wavy Everything,” and the galvanizing punk-rock inspired “Awesome,” there’s something to please just about everybody here. That diversification in styles can largely be attributed to the eclectic group of collaborators on the project which include The Hood Internet, Mike Jaxx, Peter Cottontale, P.O.S., Unstoppable Death Machines, and even more. Stream the full EP below, and if you like what you hear, make sure to support the album on iTunes.

80s Boobs (prod by J. Arthur of theWHOevers)
Make Out King (prod by Javelin & The Hood Internet)
Rad God (prod by Mike Jaxx)
Hotline Miami feat P.O.S. (prod by Big Cats)
All Wavy Everything (prod by Peter Cottontale)
Awesome (prod by & feat Unstoppable Death Machines)
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[Indie] Kins – Opsimplistic

Opsimplistic (b-side)

Concocted during the bands debut album recording sessions, Brighton based Kins are delivering a pensive new track Opsimplistic: a flip side to the previously released Aimless.

Brimming with delicate atmospherics, Opsimplistic (b-side) depicts tales of late night bedroom loneliness, mirrored in its echoic soundscapes and reverberating the vastness of the coastal scenery in which it was crafted. Produced in a Brighton (UK) basement, the isolation of its self created context is evident in its harrowing and eloquently melodic sound.

Thematically, the expected exploration of optimism and simplicity are visible, alongside interwoven ideas of loss and dislocation. Encompassed in a yearning vocal and a slow burning instrumental backdrop, Kins manage to marry their motifs in a hybrid of concept, lyricism and sound.

Not for the inattentive, Kins contemplative and considered approach demands some room for resonance.

Opsimplistic is free to download on Soundcloud. It’s counterpart Aimless is taken from Kins self-titled debut album, available to stream on Soundcloud, or available to buy from iTunes.

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CVIRO – Faded (The Kite String Tangle) [TMN PREMIERE]

Faded (The Kite String Tangle Remix)

Some dudes just have that gift. You know the one we’re talking about. It’s that thing that is blessed to a child at birth, providing handsome looks and a gorgeous voice to only a minute part of the male population. All of the rest of the men across the world jealously look on at these gifted chaps, wishing we had a sliver of that talent. From JT to Usher, we’ve all secretly danced in our bathroom mirrors, owning that fantasy, if only for a brief moment.

CVIRO, while not as well known as the aforementioned artists, definitely has that combination going. With devilish good looks, and a full, thick head of illustrious hair, we’re already kind of on edge. However, once this soulful RnB crooner comes over the airwaves, all of our stresses are melted away.

With a golden voice like this, we of course expect remixers to nervously chomp their nails, waiting for a chance to throw them over some beats. Fortunately for them, CVIRO is already very rooted in electronica, making the process all that easier. Luckily for him, he has one of TMN’s favorites, The Kite String Tangle mixing up elements from “Faded.”

With fluttering piano keys, a deep, hallow kick, and crackling atmospheric elements, this Brisbane based solo project has taken a sultry soul tune and dialed it up with a slightly more dancy beat. The percussion is absolutely flawless, creating a rythym that just can’t be stopped. We would be remiss not to mention the the use of the original vocals, which float effortlessly with the larger than life strings section.

In a swirling mass of harmonic glory, The Kite String Tangle offers up a truly spectacular remix, which will most certainly be on repeat here at TMN HQ.

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[House/Pop] John Newman – Love Me Again (David Dann Remix)

John Newman
Love Me Again (david dann Remix)

Los Angeles via New York producer David Dann has maintained a unique competence within electronic production, which in turn has fostered a rare ability to float seamlessly from one dance genre to the next, with highly acclaimed results. An artist whom the famed L.A. Weekly publication once dubbed “The Rebel Without a Label” now helms his own imprint Mind of A Genius Records (or more simply MOAG) while also somehow managing to find time to craft a multitude of original releases and remixes. Previously Dann has dabbled within reworks of The xx, Lana Del Ray and Banks to some superlative results, but his latest take on John Newman’s “Love Me Again” pulled at us like none of his previous body of work had before. Dann’s adaptation is bouncy in nature, but toned down with a low end, house-centric bass line to subdue the movement just enough; incredibly heightening the tune’s versatility. Dann’s pop production sensibility -which so many electronic producers of this generation typically lack- turns “Love Me Again” into an infectious dance hall melody with enough weight to be consumed in any circumstance. Whether it’s in the shower, car, in your headphones or getting your swoll’ on, we think “Love Me Again” will fit into your day just perfectly. Grab the free download here.

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