[Download] J. Cole – Truly Yours EP

Roc Nation emcee J.Cole has been relatively quiet this year. After subtly dropping some new singles late last year and pushing back the release date for his sophomore LP Born Sinner, the NC rapper took to the webs today to grace his fans with a new EP. The five-track collection, titled Truly Yours, collects some new material from 2009 to present that wont be featured on his up-coming full length. In an open letter on his Dream Villian blog, Cole has admitted that the next single will be dropped later this week and calls the next album “his best work yet”. Go ahead and download your free copy here and stay posted for some more new material.

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[Remix] Doe Paoro – I’ll Go Blind (Freelance Whales Remix)

After giving this one listen and seeing that Freelance Whales had a hand in it, I did a double-take. The track sounds remixed by an electronic DJ, not our beloved, rockin’ Whales. The beginning dreamy piano riff becomes saturated with dueling, soulful vocal lines and heavy synths. Doe Paoro‘s voice and haunting lyrics are impossible not to sing along to. The young and talented singer-songwriter mixed with experimental indie-rockers makes for a silky-smooth and tasty track you can’t listen to just once. All musicians involved call NYC home, so let’s cross our fingers for some future collaboration.

Ill Go Blind (Freelance Whales Remix)
Doe Paoro
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Daughter – Still

We have been a fan of Daughter for a couple of years now but nothing can really match her soft and powerful live performance last years’ SXSW. Equipped with just a guitar and her lonesome voice, she captivated the room with her simplistic approach and her ability for a deeper emotional connection through every note and rhyme.

Her debut demo EP, exposed her unbridled talent to the world and with the increased maturity and experience, she is set to release forthcoming debut album If You Leave this spring. “Still” is just another example of why we are infatuated with the singer and a perfect addition for a valentines mix.

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araabMUZIK – Never Have To Worry

Blurring the lines between hip/hop and electrifying sonic architecture, araabMUZIK releases another track from his upcoming mixtape For Professional Use Only. ‘Never Have To Worry’ is a carefree and liberal track founded on araabMUZIK core influences showcasing his ability to merge intricate drum loops with an organic sounding instrumentation.

For Professional Use Only will be released this week on February 15th.

Never Have To Worry

More songs from the mixtape

The Prince Is Coming
Araab Styles By Styles P
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Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 [Remixes]

Album Title Goes Here was the sixth studio album from Canadian producer Deadmau5, who from his music alone and the many controversial rants on twitter, really needs no introduction. Perhaps the highlight of the album was the very collaboration with electronic maestro Wolfgang Gartner on the extremely progressive and layered single ‘Channel 42′.

In full official capacity, Mau5trap releases the first iteration of a remix EP for the single, involving the aggressive nature of GTA, electro house producer Nom De Strip and Eekkoo’s essential tech house style.

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
Channel 42 (GTA Remix)
deadmau5 + Wolfgang Gartner
Channel 42 (Nom De Strip Remix)
Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
Channel 42 (Eekkoo Remix)

Purchase iTunes and Beatport(uk).

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Zedd ft. Foxes – Clarity (Remixes) [Released Today]

With every passing year, German producer Zedd increases his exposure tenfold, having gifted the world ubiquitous hits like “Shave it”, “Spectrum” and of course the much cared for single ‘Clarity’ featuring the longing vocals of Foxes. Today Feb 12th, with the help of Tiësto, Style Of Eye, Brillz and a Union offering their own talent to the mix, Zedd is releasing the Clarity Remixes EP containing four tracks, all of which bring a unique rendition to the massive single.

Both Tiesto and Style of Eye elevate ‘Clarity’ to a festival-ready big room level, exposing the contrast between strong electro house basslines with delicate serenading vocals. Union, however, converts the original progressive track into a light ballad following it with soft strings over a layer of emotional piano notes (ahh the feels). And if neither of these are bouncy enough for you, Brillz brings in trap-proof rendition.

Preview them below, purchase them on iTunes.

Clarity feat. Foxes (Tiesto Remix).mp3
Clarity (feat. Foxes) (Style of Eye Remix)
Clarity feat. Foxes (Zedd Union Mix)
Clarity (Brillz Remix)
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[Introducing] Robert DeLong & album debut ‘Just Movement’

The essence of dance electronica, comprised by production perseverance and experimentation, lends itself to scrutiny for having particularly niche sounds. Modern ambassadors of the genre fight the battle every day of being tied down to similar themes and musical concepts, and even few are able to evolve from the monotony of the scene. Robert DeLong, the 26-year-old. multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles has broken this barrier, almost effortlessly, with the release of his debut album ‘Just Movement’.

Growing up in Seattle, Robert DeLong had the opportunity to be influenced by bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, and Pedro the Lion, apparent if only in short glimpses in his music. After moving to L.A., playing in an indie rock, studying jazz and later earning a living teaching drum lessons, his current project almost seems an obvious outcome.

Robert DeLong
Just Movement
Robert DeLong
Global Concepts
Robert DeLong
Robert DeLong
Complex by Degree

Signed to Glassnote Records, Robert DeLong presents an impressive repertoire of 13 tracks that comprises Just Movement album. Each track is deliberately crafted to expose the minor details of rhythm and emotional harmony with a complete twist on modern dance music. Fine layers of bouncy and catchy percussions provide the footing for DeLong’s natural and amiable vocals. The self-titled opening track, simplistic in sound, is reminiscent of the experimentation of Jimmy Tamborello’s solo project Dntel combined with the dance appeal of a Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs single. But with all its similarities, Robert DeLong stands on his own.

Right after the soothing first track, many more speechless moments occured for this impressed Editor. We are honored to blog about music every single day but Robert DeLong epitomizes the perfect rising artist. His goosebumps inducing music not only provides comfort at first listen but it makes one feel part of a new movement, a new sound that everyone must listen. ‘Global Concepts’ advanced the dance aspect of the album with playful instrumentation, rooted in natural organic drumming. Cheerful tracks like ‘Happy’ bring light to the experience with flirtatious whistles and prominent indie rock themes.

But not all is light-hearted electronica, ‘Survival of the Fitest’ includes slight elements of dubstep and industrial electronics and prevalent drop and release structures.

In short, Just Movement is simply just amazing. It breaths more like a mixtape than a coherent album but that quickly becomes irrelevant. Balancing different genres, exposing harmonies between his very own vocals and the beautiful production of every track, ‘Just Movement’ has won us over and will become a contender for top albums of 2013 lists.
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