[Denver Event] The Music Ninja and Blurred Pictures Present: Sunday Therapy 5/19


Oh shit, Ninjas! It’s time for another Music Ninja party in Denver. This time around we’ve teamed up with local music video magicians Blurred Pictures to throw a day party. You read that right. It’s about time we have a legit day party to kick off summer with.

May 19th we’re invading Norad Dance Bar for Sunday Therapy. We have a stellar day planned out with music and drink specials. Local pickle purveyors, The Real Dill, are providing a custom bloody mary bar with their Habanero Horseradish dills and their bloody mary mix. Alongside of that will be the Drink Dice girls handing out free Drink Dice. If you’re not familiar with this product, you will be after this post. Drink Dice is a Denver based company that makes alcoholic otter pops. Yeah, that exists, and it’s awesome.

Aside from specialties of the alcoholic variety, you can also expect some amazing beats. We have an array of local DJs leading up to our headliner. Arther Schmidt aka BasicPerspective (Anjunabeats, Armada) is up first, new comer Pawnee will follow, then Electro Bliss. Jontron (Black Hole) will jump on next to lead into one of our favorite DJ/Producers, PatrickReza. Patrick is making the voyage from LA to grace Norad’s decks. Just a side note, this is Patrick’s first show in Denver!

Tickets will be $5 for girls, $8 for guys. It is a summer themed party, so summer attire is welcome. So throw on your board shorts or your bikini top and head down. It’s going to be one hell of a party. And sorry kiddos, this event is 21+.

Facebook Event Page

Purity Ring
Belispeak (PatrickReza Remix)
High For This (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)
Ellie Goulding
Little Room
Arthur Schmidt
You Will Be Missed Original Mix
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[Funk/Electronic] Anvil Smith – Confessions of a Sleepwalker


From Russia with love.
It is not everyday we get a piece of music that intrigues us and the artist just happens to be from Moscow. But that is what has happened with “Confessions of a Sleepwalker” by Anvil Smith. He is a newer artist on the scene who has been obsessed with funk/electronic music for most of his life. Smith doesn’t have much musical background and started teaching himself on a barely functioning computer but what has come from this producers dream is something captivating. This album is one for those lazy spring days, chill and relaxed. In all honesty, he sounds a lot like Pretty Lights with his funk and electric mixes, grabbing vocals from different eras and adding in just the right touch of beats. He’s getting there and for a first album we give him some big credit. With a bit more time and exposure, we have no doubt Smith will be rocking with some great artists.

Just A Stranger
With The Last Beams
Looking in The Broken Mirror
When I Roll
My Wonderland is High

Download the entire album for free via a Facebook Like

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[TMN Resident Artist] *NEW SONG* PatrickReza – Vitals


I love when our Resident Artist for the month sends me an email saying: Hey, I’ve got a new song I want you guys to preview. That is one thing we will never say no to and, he is giving is as a free download to all of his fans.
PatrickReza is our highly skilled artist this month and my ears got to hear his song first and I have got to say, highly impressive. The song, “Vitals”, reminds me of just that. I picture a person lying on the floor and another person hovering over them, checking to see if their vital signs are working properly. Are they breathing? Is their heart beating? The song begins with a slow piano melody, intriguing us listeners to check our own vitals. Then at :55, Reza puts in his first drop. No it is not the typical huge drop but this is something I admire with Reza, he picks the right beats, electronic sounds and drops with each of his pieces. He knows what is enough and what would overwhelm the song and we love that he is dipping into making PR original works. The song continues with some electronic bliss and carries until the end where the piano fades away leaving us listeners with just our breathing and our hearts beating.

Vitals (Free Download)
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[Hip-Hop] Lauryn Hill – Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)

Lauryn Hill
Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)

Over the weekend hip-hop fans were provided with a real treat from one Ms. Lauryn Hill. Nearly fifteen years removed from the release of her classic debut solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Hill is finally one step closer to the release of a follow-up project. Fans have been clamoring for new material from the former Fugees standout for years now, and although it’s been awhile, it’s clear Lauryn has not lost a step. While the music isn’t exactly being released on her terms (check out StereoGum for the full details on the story), the quality hasn’t suffered as a result of it. Hill has long struggled with maintaining the balance between artistic integrity and succumbing to the greed and corruption prevalent in the music industry, which she alludes to in her analysis of a “Neurotic Society.” In a world of Nicki Minajs and Gucci Manes, Lauryn Hill is truly a breath of fresh air. Her rhymes, are sharp, poignant and observant, while her dizzying flow can often leave you baffled as you scramble to find the rewind button. Lauryn’s sophomore effort has no set release date yet, but if this single is any indication, the year of the comeback is truly upon us (despite what LL Cool J might think).

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[ANTHEM] ID – Animals (Original Mix)

UPDATE #2: Spinnin’ Records has done all of this for a reason, even if this track is Martin Garixx, we’re going to title the track ID – Animals (Original Mix) until the full release.

UPDATE: Originally we thought it was Hardwell & GTA but that was proven incorrect. Now Martin Garixx has said via Twitter that is it his track. Sorry for the confusion.

Spinnin Records posted a teaser of this massive track. Now we have the Original Mix of this massive anthem titled, “Animals”. It features some booming synths and massive big room drops, for arguably one of the biggest tracks of the year. It’s safe to say this track will be supported by the biggest names in the game. Cheers.

Animals (Original Mix)

Release is via Spinnin Records

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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #50


Let’s start off first by apologizing. Last week we had some technical difficulties, and unfortunately couldn’t provide you with a banging party playlist to carry you through your weekend’s festivities. We’re sorry. As you’ve seen in the past, we like to beef up a party playlist the week after we missed one. With that in mind, we have for you a larger than usual selection of rage inducing tracks. So lace up your drinking shoes (which should also be your dancing shoes), grab a pint of Fireball and get after it! And, no. Fireball is not an official sponsor of CFPP. We just happen to enjoy it.


FYOR & Night Crime
Rage (Original Mix)
Daft Punk
Get Lucky (Hot Mouth & The Frederik Edit)
Daft Punk
One More Time (Candylands OG Remix)
Goodies (BORGEOUS Remix)
Thrift Shop (Crizzly Remix)
Electricity (Candyland Remix)
Always Wonder
Skrillex vs. Bruno Mars vs. Mutrix
Awakening Monsters of Heaven (Kastra Bootleg)
Vicetone vs Nico Vega
Chuckie & Dzeko & Torres vs Nicky Romero vs Dannic
Human Down To Viper (Joshua Ray Mixup)
Phantom Pt. II (Kastra Remix)
Ummet Ozcan VS Jacob van Hage & Saint Liz ft. Dash Berlin
Voodoo is On The Run Now (Mashup)
The Hood Internet
All Gold Shuriken (Trinidad James x Madeon)
Bruno Mars
When I Was Your Man (Filtercrush Remix)
BOOM (Main Mix)
Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister
Cool Without You (Dave Silcox Remix)
Quintino & Alvaro
World In Our Hands (The Two Friends Remix)
K Theory x Chrome Wolves
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[Remix] Naughty Boy – La La La (Feat. Sam Smith) (Komi & JL Remix)

Naughty Boy - La La La
Naughty Boy
La La La (Komi and JL remix) (feat. Sam Smith)

It’s been a little over a month since we completely fell in love with Naughty Boy‘s “La La La.” With its brisk vocals and charming melody the infectious tune instantly captivated our attention and catapulted to the top of our playlists. This blissful remix from Komi and Jerry “JL” Lang brings back many of the same elements we enjoyed the first time around. As a co-producer of the original version, Komi strips down a few layers to provide us with a rawer, yet more enchanting soundscape. Crooner Sam Smith’s vocals are emphasized to an even deeper extent, allowing the listener to truly appreciate the passion behind his lyrics. If you enjoyed this new revision of the track as much as we did, make sure to grab a free download above. Also, stay tuned for Naughty Boy’s debut album, Hotel Cabana, which will be in stores later this year.

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