[Electronic] Julio Bashmore – Husk (Video)


“Husk,” the throbbing and groovy house track from excellent UK producer Julio Bashmore, gets a set of visuals today courtesy of directors Jake Applebee and Spike Morris. If bright lights, weightlifting action and flying owls aren’t enough, stream the full 8-minute version of the song below and be sure to visit his Soundcloud page.

Julio Bashmore

“Husk” will be released as a single on December 2nd via Bashmore’s Broadwalk Records.

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[Stream] Sufjan Stevens – Silver And Gold

There aren’t many modern artists who take Christmas music as seriously as Sufjan Stevens. For us, the listeners, we can’t really complain. His latest seasonal gift is Silver And Gold, an epic 10-volume, 50+ song release to give our holidays a healthy dose of charming — albeit sometimes eccentric — folk rock. There’s something for everyone in this collection, from weird numbers to calming lullabies, so don’t miss out. Below is one of the quieter tracks, “Justice Delivers Its Death”. If you enjoy it, head on over to NPR and stream all of Silver and Gold for free!

Sufjan Stevens, Justice Delivers Its Death
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[Soul] Solange Knowles – Lovers in the Parking Lot

The beautiful and creative Solange Knowles is back and, again, gets caught up in the game of love with her new single “Lovers in the Parking Lot”. The Blood Orange-produced melodic track is a sample of the 1985 Schoolly D’s single “PSK,” and is a funky number that focuses on Knowles’ vocal range. Taking a more serious mood than her previous singles, “Sleep in the Park” and “Losing You,” this single will also be included on her upcoming November 27th release EP True.

Lovers in the Parking Lot
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The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer Remix)

Prodigy was one of the most iconic international successful bands to hit the music scene in the late ’90s. With their experimental mix of trap and dance, this UK group’s sound was definitely ahead of their time. Recognizing their forward movement on music, XL is set to reissue a remastered mix of Prodigy’s ground-breaking LP The Fat of the Land. Included in this deluxe release is the Major Lazer remix to the smash single “Smack My Bitch Up”. Adding in some reggae sound bites and hints of dubstep, Major Lazer does the original justice by modernizing the sound for a new generation of EDM fans. Be sure to listen to the single below and make sure to cop the LP on December 4th.

The Prodigy
Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer Remix)
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Little People – We Are But Hunks of Wood

I wish I didn’t have to sleep. I really do. It’s incredibly hard to have a full time job, pursue writing, enjoy my hobbies and find the time to discover awesome new music to write about for The Music Ninja. So I multi task. While I’m working, writing, cooking, working out, driving in the car, I take full advantage of my unlimited data plan and stream Spotify like it’s going out of style. It was during a particularly trying day at work that I came across Little People’s debut album The Mickey Mouse Operation, I instantly fell in love down tempo electro beats and thoughtful piano overlays. I promptly made a radio station and put Little People among my favorite electro bands, right next to pioneers like Dimitri from Paris and St. Germaine.

Imagine my joy when Music Ninja Sensei Claytonious (as he now refers to himself, apparently) assigned me with Little People’s newWe Are But Hunks of Wood! With zeal, I began listening, and this little album accompanied me for the next week or so, everywhere I went.

We Are But Hunks of Wood is something of a departure from Little People’s first effort The Mickey Mouse Operation as the artists relies more on soft strings for melodies in this time around, rather than the prominent piano from The Mickey Mouse Operation.  “aldgate patterns” features intricately blended chimes, muted piano, and a powerful string melody. On the opposite end of the spectrum is “wonderland”, with its slightly industrial feel and female vocals, reminiscent of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine album.  Somewhere in between is the haunting track, “Farewell,” which opens with delicate high keyed piano that leads to an emotionally powerful and stirring string melody. In the backdrop of the entire album is the faithfully simple electro beats and simple drumming that blend songs together, knitting a tight album.

We Are But Hunks of Wood is a great effort from a great artist. Little People definitely earns a place in my preferred electro artists. This is an album that you can listen to in almost any setting: whether it be toiling away at work or on the elliptical, driving you car, entertaining friends or making a quiet meal for your partner. Enjoy this music in any setting. Good luck with your multitasking!

Little People

Little People

Little People
Aldgate Patterns
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Throwing Snow – Behest

After the release of the acclaimed ‘Clamor’ EP earlier this year, Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow is back with another endearing bedroom track of washed out synths a mist chilled melodies. His second, ‘Aspera’ will be released December 3rd under the Snowfall imprint. ‘Behest’ lends itself to beautiful yet cold tones of escapism that can ironically warm the soul. This young and talented UK producer is an absolute must follow for anyone looking to relax to new sounds.

Throwing Snow
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[Indie Rock] Laurel Collective – Cruel Thing

London based Indie pop five piece Laurel Collective is at it again with another free download for your listening enjoyment. We’re no stranger to Laurel Collective, as we first posted on them with their whimsical track “They Hate Me.” After listening to that ad nauseum, we have since enjoyed all of their other releases.

On deck today is upbeat jam with a surf rock feel, poppy vocal harmonies, and snare-centric drumming. It’s the perfect track to forget the fact that we’re in the dead of winter, months away from flip flops, tank tops, and beer fueled BBQs and pool parties.

The track is a free download, which you can pick up by simply signing up for their email list.

Laurel Collective
Cruel Thing
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