[Tropical/Chill/House] Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Thomas Jack Remix)

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Thomas Jack Remix)

We’re not sure what’s in the water Down Under, but a healthy dose of this writer’s favorite electronic music has continuously been drifting out of our favorite island. Thomas Jack, a producer with whom the TMN faithful should by now be readily aware of, has an absurd knack for remolding classic songs into house rhythms as warm as a Hawaiian breeze, and a tune we previously thought to be mostly untouchable from a remix perspective -Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s  beautiful take on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”- benefits greatly from Jack’s deft electronic comprehension. As with much of his catalog, the groove leans on a pan-flute played melody as its heart, but a fusion of  jazzy instrumentals steeped with deep house undertones have set this one apart from past remixes. Thomas Jack’s take on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” may be best heard beach side with one of those huge, fruit-bearing tropical drinks in one hand and well… whatever it is needs to be in the other. Grab a free download here.

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[R&B/Soul] Jarell Perry – White EP (Full Stream)

White EP
Jarell Perry
White EP (continuous mix)

Jarell Perry has quickly made a name for himself over the last few months as one of the most promising young acts in R&B. A fixture in our Sunday Night Soul series, Jarell possesses unparalleled vocal range and flexibility that allow him to constantly explore new sounds and push the boundaries of his music. With the White EP that versatility is on full display. After one listen I can already count influences from Kanye West, MiguelThe Weeknd & SBTRKT–a rather diverse group that tells you all you need to know about the variety of distinct material this project has to offer.

The White EP is an entrancing ride from start to finish, with Jarell’s slickly rich, yet delicate vocals acting as the chauffeur. It’s the production of DJ HSVN that really paves the road for the charismatic crooner to flourish on, with a wide assortment of instrumentals rooted in the likes of alternative R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop, electronic and trap music. Through this EP the LA native demonstrates a maturity and understanding of musical complexities that many of his contemporaries lack. While there’s certainly room for growth, this might be one of the better projects in the genre you’ll hear all year. Do yourself a favor and stream the entire EP above, and then head over to iTunes immediately after to grab a copy for yourself.

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[Quirky] Cosmo Sheldrake – The Moss

Cosmo Sheldrake
The Moss

If you took a quirky folk vocalist and replaced the banjos and acoustic guitars with beats and synthesizers, you’d have Cosmo Sheldrake. Shit, we spoke too soon. There’s still a banjo apparent in his debut release, “The Moss,” but you get the idea.

Upon first listen to this playful tune, we couldn’t help but think of toothy-grin inducing songs like “Little Yellow Spider” from Devendra Banhart. Something about Cosmo’s folksy, story telling vocal style just brought us to those associations. The engaging, borderline ridiculous narrative is wildly infectious, but is bolstered even mores so by the inclusion of some barbershop quartet style harmonies that made us beam ear to ear.

Coming out April 21st on paradYse/Transgressive Records, this debut single from the UK-born multi-instrumentalist has definitely caught our ear. We’ll keep an eye out, and we suggest you do too.

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[Hip-Hop] Emay – WarmupSongdoe

Emay - Wudhu
II WarmupSongdoe

Although it seems like he’s constantly disappearing for months at a time, we always enjoy the moments when Emay pops his head out of the ground to provide us with some fresh music. Though the releases are few and far between, you can be sure that they’ll always be of the highest quality. “WarmupSongdoe” might just be a training exercise to help the emcee get his legs back under him, but it has all the hallmarks of a typical Emay masterpiece: a perfectly utilized sample, thundering bass, intricate wordplay and witty punchlines that require multiple listens to fully comprehend. It’s kind of scary to imagine what the man can accomplish if this is what he sounds like when he’s rusty. At this point, we’re just eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new project, so we can get our Emay in much larger servings.

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[Sultry] Broods – Never Gonna Change (Dimond Saints Remix)

Never gonna Change

Comprised of An-Ten-Nae + Re|eece, future bass project Dimond Saints have come screaming out of nowhere with a sultry, bass-heavy interpretation of Broods emotion-rich tune, “Never Gonna Change.”

The ambient, down-tempo synth-pop original is dialed up with some super sexy bass hits, providing a whole new sensual soundscape. Allowing Broods’ sexy vocals to shine through, this remix is expertly crafted, leaving us wishing we had Dimond Saints on our radar a long time ago.

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[Hip-Hop] Big Sean – Sanctified

Sean - Sanctified
Big Sean

After joining forces with Rick Ross and Kanye West on the original Mastermind single, Big Sean‘s decided to step out into the spotlight on his own, delivering a fresh new verse on “Sanctified.” Rest assured, Sean rolls steady with the punchlines, keeping the boasting to a maximum as he makes bold declarations like “I feel like I’m the black Brad Pitt,” and “If you got my e-mail, you’s a millionaire. If you got my cell phone, you’s a realionaire.” Real deep stuff, if you ask me. All kidding aside, while this alternative version makes for an entertaining listen, Sean can’t quite match the intensity of his mentor on the original. At least now we know what the single would have sounded like had it included a few more bars from Big Sean himself.

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[TMN Resident Artist for March] YOGI

Burial feat. Pusha T

It’s the beginning of a new month and with that comes great excitement especially because it’s March. And yes some of us are probably a little bit excited for all that basketball playing going on but with each new month comes a new resident of the month, that’s getting a three pointer at the buzzer to win the whole game excitement right there.

This month a group comes to us, well, three artists who decided after producing tons of amazing music for other artists that they best start doing some producing of their own music. And so, YOGI was born, the latest addition to OWSLA, consisting of I/O, Blake, and of course, Yogi. The three London lads started experimenting with mixing different genres of music back in 2009 and because of that closeness these boys already have an undeniably unique and strong sound. After their huge remix of Zedd’s ‘Stay The Night’ last year, the boys leaked their all instrumental track ‘Christian Bale’, a song off their debut EP due out this May. The full tracklist is still hush hush but today the boys premiered the lead single off of the EP ‘Burial’ featuring Pusha T to get their fans even more excited for the music to come.

Let’s just say, Boo-Boo has nothing on these three insanely talented artists and March is going to be another month of madness here at TMN with YOGI.

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