[Indie Rock] Bear Attack – The Backpack Song

Los Angeles based indie rockers Bear Attack met at a Popular Music Course at USC, and decided to start playing together after being backup musicians for other various Southern California bands. After they formed, they created their first EP Shapes, which features the song below. “The Backpack Song” is a soft, inviting, and endearing track. Between the gorgeous vocal harmonies and the classical piano, this is one that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday with your lover.

These guys are playing with one of our all time favorites, Lady Danville, at the On the Rise Concert Series this Thursday. If we could, we would definitely be there. Since we can’t, you should attend and let us know how it goes.

Bear Attack – The Backpack Song
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[Dubstep] Stafford Brothers feat. MDPC – Pressure (Candyland Remix)

Today has been an incredible day for music, and it just got even better thanks to the Santa Barbra natives, Candyland. They are back to their filthy ways, this time tackling the Stafford Brothers track “Pressure”. These two just get it, starting with a intense intro that grabs you instantly. Then slowly building it up with the vocals that are meshed flawlessly with this insane melody. The drop is just brain scrambling Dubstep at its absolute finest. Featuring some hard hitting laser infused wobbles that make me want to two step around my room by myself. Look forward to their album dropping, hopefully soon, can’t get enough from these two. And best of all this remix is free, Cheers.

Stafford Brothers ft. MDPC
Pressure (Candyland Remix)
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Feed Me – Essential Mix – Live on Radio 1

Feed Me dishes out a lot more than his moniker lets on. The megalomaniac dubstep/drum&bass UK producer just unleashed a two hour long mix on BBC Radio 1 for Pete Tong’s Essential Mix. The nomad of bass beats showcases his unique style taking us through the entire spectrum of his musical abilities all the while teasing us with the unreleased collaboration with Kill The Noise for the track “Thumbs Up (For Rock And Roll). Listen and download below.

Feed Me
Essential Mix

01. Feed Me – Little Cat Steps [Mau5trap]
02. Feed Me – Green Bottle [Mau5trap]
03. Feed Me – Trichitillomania [Mau5trap]
04. Feed Me – Chain Smoker [Mau5trap]
05. Feed Me – Relocation [Mau5trap]
06. Feed Me – Blood Red (Duffy Edit) [Mau5trap]
07. Kill The Noise – Jump Ya Body
08. Feed Me – Abel
09. Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta (The Rebirth) [Mad Decent]
10. Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex’s ”Goin’ Down” Remix) [Owsla]
11. Feed Me – Rat Trap
12. Spor – Push Me Pull You
13. Feed Me – One Click Headshot [Mau5trap]
14. Kill The Noise feat. Feed Me – Thumbs Up (For Rock & Roll)
15. Feed Me – Pink Lady [Mau5trap]
16. Feed Me – The Spell [Mau5trap]
17. Feed Me – Silicon Lube [Mau5trap]
18. Feed Me – Jodie [Mau5trap]
19. Feed Me – Gravel
20. Feed Me – Dialup Days
21. Deadmau5 – Fn Pig [Mau5trap]
22. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Feed Me Edit)
23. Feed Me feat. Lindsay – Embers [Mau5trap]
24. Stephan Bodzin – Sonnenwind [Herzblut]
25. Feed Me – To The Stars [Mau5trap]
26. Feed Me – Cott’s Face [Mau5trap]
27. Feed Me – Grand Theft Ecstasy [Mau5trap]
28. Feed Me – Painted My Nails [Mau5trap]
29. AWOL Nation – Sail (Feed Me ‘Luxe’ Edit)
30. Feed Me – Strange Behavior [Mau5trap]
31. Feed Me feat. Gemini – Whiskers [Mau5trap]
32. Feed Me feat. Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow
33. Feed Me – Burn Your Girlfriend
34. Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place (Feed Me Remix) [Parlophone]
35. Feed Me – Sonata In Headphones
36. Spor – Pacifica [Lifted]
37. Seventh Stitch – The Red Book
38. Feed Me – This Is The Thing (Fink Cover)

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[Aftermovie] Tomorrowland 2012

If you were lucky enough to be one of the 120,000 people in attendance, then you get to relive a small part of what must have been a life-changing weekend. For those of us who couldn’t make it out to Belgium this summer, the next 20 minutes will truly be extraordinary. You are about to be transported to the most theatric and stunning festival this world very well may have to offer. The main stage itself has so much detail to it, not to mention just the sheer magnitude of it. One wet, wild, and crazy dance extravaganza is waiting for you next summer, all you have to do is skip over the little pond to Europe. Easy, right?

While watching this video, you’ll get goosebumps and probably grow pretty envious, it’s only natural. My biggest hope for everyone reading this is that you get to experience a festival of this caliber at some point in your life. Enjoy, ninjas!

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Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait (Official Video)


The new video for “I Will Wait” is absolutely stunning, full of breathtaking views of both Mumford & Sons and the rapturous crowd at Colorado’s beautiful outdoor Red Rocks Amphiteatre. The song itself is a slice of well-crafted poignancy, and the video, directed by FRED&NICK, only heightens its emotional breadth. It’s brilliantly shot, giving an intimate, close-up look at the band’s performance, while also showing just how far the English folk group has come — there are literally swaths of people completely overcome by the song. Honestly, seeing that large mass of fans clapping and jumping around ecstatically gave me chills. It’s true what they say, music really has the power to inspire and move.

Below is the recorded version of “I Will Wait”. Mumford & Sons new album Babel comes out September 24th on Glassnote.

Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait
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[Bootleg] Knife Party – Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg)

Yea it’s this song again, but this time Revolvr takes it to a completely new level. Dropping hands down the funniest samples I’ve heard in a Bootleg or Remix. With lines such as, “Oh my god it’s this fucking song again”, “At least its not Avicii’s Levels”, and “Wait you want me to play Hip-Hop? Fuck You”. The first time listening when he dropped the Facebook Chat sound, I instantly checked my Facebook like three times to figure what was going on. The first drop stays true to orignal with subtle vocal edits. The second drop on the other hand Revolvr reworks it to absolute perfection chopping and splicing it at all the right times. Can’t wait to hear this one dropped live, I’m sure it will be in plenty of sets to come. Cheers.

You Blocked me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, GMail, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Soundcloud, and Facebook…and NOW YOUR GOING TO DIE. 

This Bootleg is free by clicking Buy, and liking Revolvr on Facebook.

Knife Party
Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg) (Free Download)
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Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)

Who doesn’t love Fleetwood Mac‘s classic “Dreams”? Or Stevie Nicks‘ insightful, tell-it-like-it-is lyrics: “Players only love you when they’re playing”? Mysterious UK duo Psychemagik tackle the 1977 hit — yes, it was that long ago — updating the cautious rock ballad by turning it into a full-fledged hypnotic and sensual dance track. Amazingly, Nicks’ vocals sound perfect amidst the warping electronic swirls and whirls. Though not much is known about Psychemagik, their steady supply of remixes and edits have earned them recognition from BBC 1 Radio and a number of artists.

You can download “Dreams” (Psychemagik Remix) off the duo’s Facebook. And for more music, check out their ever-busy Soundcloud page.

Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
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