[Folk] Charley Bickers – Our Frail Hearts

Our Frail Hearts feels like a deeply personal journey through Charley Bicker’s delicate acoustic songwriting. Narrated by the melancholic weight of his lyrics, Charley’s debut album is a tender introduction to the Brighton based artist and is available on Bandcamp to download now, once you’ve listened to the title track below.

07 Our Frail Hearts

With a gift for crafting affecting acoustic ballads and a host of special guests, including members of Goldfrapp, The Guillemotts and The Verve, lined up for his next album, Charley is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2013 Round #5)

As simple as they seem, playlists don’t always come easy. There’s a lot of searching for new songs, adding old ones, deleting played out ones, and moving this one after that one just because it flows better.  It takes some time to get it just right. But once it’s done you feel like you have created you’re own masterpiece of listening pleasure. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back….even if you just took the latest Indie Dojo and uploaded it into your iTunes. Rearrange a couple songs and no one will know but you….

Qtier - Drift
SEA OF LOVE - Your Arrangement
Fred Woods
The Pond
Bad Bad Hats
Learning To Sleep



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Krewella – Troll Mix Volume 2 – Road To Ultra [Mix]

Krewella delivers another mind boggling mix, featuring everything from Trap to the best Dubstep around. Within the first 5 minutes you’ve already been hit with two massive remixes of Krewella orignals. First off with Stratus Trappin out “Killin It” and mixing in some flawless vocal work and incredible 8-bit sounds. The next remix comes from Eliminate and he tackles their song “One Minute”. Krewella also drops an unreleased remix of Zedd‘s track “Scorpion Move”, hopefully they release it but you might have to just go see them live. This next song should be released soon and is a collab with Pegboard Nerds titled “This Is Not The End”, and it’s pure insanity.

Around the 28 minute mark they start running some serious Trap. Starting with a remix from GLOWINTHEDARK & Wax Motif of Chuckie‘s dirty dutch anthem, “Make Some Noise”. Then they drop into Gent & Jawns track “Turn Up” and slowly mix it into Diplo’s remix of Sleigh Bells’ track “Demons”. Before you know it they switch it up into some fierce Electro from Twinz Beat that is dropped perfectly. As if it couldn’t get anymore hectic the next tune is some filthy Dub from Pegboard Nerds titled “Self Destruct”. The icing on the cake is the abrupt but smooth switch into Porter Robinson and Mat Zo‘s anthem “Easy”. Showing how good they really are at mixing where they can transition from Trap to Electro to Dubstep to House, and still make it flow. To download Troll Mix Vol. 2, click here.

Enjoy the rest of this Road To Ultra Troll Mix and click ‘Read More‘ to check out the entire Tracklist. Cheers.

Troll Mix Vol. 2  Road to Ultra

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[Hip-Hop] Pusha T – Wrath of Caine (Mixtape)

As promised, G.O.O.D. Music‘s Pusha T drops off his much anticipated free project, Wrath of Caine, today with an array of notable features and production. This one is sure to be full of some real heavy hip-hop and impressive lyricism as the veteran and former member of the legendary Clipse prepares to release his solo debut album later this year. If you are heading to Coachella this time around, you won’t want to miss Pusha Ton, who puts on an awesome performance. Check out a few of our favorite tracks below and grab the whole thing free here: Pusha T - Wrath of Caine (Mixtape)

Pusha T
Road Runner (Feat. Troy Ave) (Prod. By Harry Fraud)
Pusha T
Revolution (Prod. By The Neptunes)
Pusha T
Take My Life (Feat. Andrea Martin) (Prod. By Jake
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[Hip Hop] Jez Dior – Love Me to Death

If you listened to the first minute of this track without looking at the title, you would assume that this is an Icelandic instrumental track from the likes of Sigur Ros or Ólafur Arnalds. While we would of course post anything with this high of production value, this isn’t an artist from Northern Europe. This is the new Jez Dior, flowing over the atmospheric sounds of his producer, Foundation.

This LA based hip hop artist dropped this emotional anthem a few weeks ago, and it’s already gained a fair amount of attention. And it right fully should. His thoughtfully crafted lyrics paint a picture of the struggles of being young, partying to hard, and maybe wanting something a little more real to come home to. This is a life experience that we’re all familiar with and we can only imagine how magnified it would be for an up and coming musician trying to turn their passion into their livelihood.

We’ve always been impressed with Jez Dior’s work, and we’re sure we’ll continue to be. Make sure to head over to his facebook and snag this track from his mixtape/album Scarlett Sage.

Jez Dior
Love Me To Death
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[House] John Dahlback – Pressure (clip)

Swedish producer/DJ John Dahlback is at it again with another deliciously dirty electro house track. This recently released track features groovy basslines, hard pounding kicks, and buzzing electro synths, which all add up to one thing: a dance floor hit. Turn this one up and get ready to boogie.

John Dahlback
Pressure (Spinnin Records)

“Pressure” is available to purchase through Spinnin’ Records

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[Fresh] Pixel Fix – Rosa

Banbury based indietronica quartet Pixel Fix really has something special brewing. We were really impressed with their last release “Rome”, but we have to say we’re even more fond of their latest release, “Rosa.”

Running water, ethereal background vocals, and soft wavering guitar create an atmospheric listening experience that’s truly gorgeous. While we would be content with a chill, dreamy, electronically based track, the band eventually creates an upbeat vibe using fast paced drumming and hard driving guitar chords. All in all, this track dropped yesterday, and we’ve already listened to it ten times over. Make sure to keep an eye on these guys.

Pixel Fix
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