[Tour Info] Norin and Rad – See You This Summer

Norin & Rad
See You This Summer Mix

We’re sorry to disappoint all of you comic book junkies out there, but you will not be seeing a silver surfboard at any of these venues. You will, however, see two of our favorite producers in the game.

These Anjunabeats signed Orange County boys are doing things right, and we saw that first hand in Miami this year for WMC. We had the pleasure of having a quick chat with them, and can assure you that not only are they rad dudes (pun intended, but they put on one hell of a show.

To celebrate the announcement of their summer tour, they’re offering up this tasty mix to show some love for all you dance addicts that will make their way to all of these shows.

July 20 Seattle, WA @ Foundation
July 26 Denver, CO @ The Church
July 27 Edmonton, AB @ Encore at WEM
August 08 San Diego, CA @ Fluxx
August 09 Los Angeles, CA @ Exchange LA
August 10 Philadelphia, PA @ SoundGarden Hall
September 12 San Francisco, CA @ Ruby Skye
September 14 Newport Beach, CA @ Sutra
September 15 Las Vegas, NV @ Marquee Day Club
September 21 Austin, TX @ Republic Live
September 27 Chicago, IL @ Castle

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[Show Preview] Wildlife Control – Wild Animal Sanctuary 7/20

Wildlife Control
Analog or Digital

What? Huh? Wildlife Control the indie rock band is playing at a show held by the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary out in Keenesburg, Colorado? Yep. That’s definitely the case this Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited.

Aside from the coincidental amusing name combination, this is actually a really cool experience. We recently teamed up with the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesberg (30 miles NW of Downtown Denver) to offer some help with their summer concert series. This series is designed to raises awareness and funding for this amazing non-profit. You may have seen the sanctuary on the news in past years, as they have rescued animals from all over the world in all different types of situations. It’s a 720 acre refuge, which is home to 51 lions, 70 tigers, 92 bears and other large carnivores that have been rescued from illegal or abusive situations. Pretty rad, right?

Not only is Wildlife Control playing this 100% free event, but there’s also two other supporting artists. Over Soul’d and Rocky Mountain Brassworks will be taking the stage in the earlier part of the day, and are sure to put on a good show.

While this is a really busy weekend here in Denver with the UMS and Global Dance Festival, we encourage you to check out Rock Into the Wild. The show starts at 3pm which means you can watch all three bands and still make it out for whatever Saturday night endeavors you have planned.

For more information head to Rock Into the Wild’s website.

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[Denver Events] This Week at Beta 7/18


Being a Top 25 Club from DJ Mag comes at no surprise as Beta Nightclub has been featuring an amazing array of talent this summer, and this weekend is once again no exception.

Being regulars at Beta, we figured we should share their line up with you, in hopes that you’ll come down and rage with us. Also, just like last time, we have arranged for something special.

For the shows Friday and Saturday, make sure you bring your phone with you. If you’re 21+, get there before 11pm, and show them this post on your phone – your cover is comped. Just make sure to enter through the front door, and not the side VIP entrance. Can’t wait to see you down there!

Wolfgang Gartner - July 18th
Wolfgang Gartner ft Medina

Butch Clancy - July 19th
Butch Clancy ft Amy Kuney
Far Away From Me

Lee Burridge - July 20th
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[Remix] Drake – Girls Love Beyonce (SBTRKT Edit)

Girls Love Beyonce (SBTRKT Edit)

Since his debut album blew fans and bloggers away back in 2011, SBTRKT has been relatively quiet in terms of releasing new music. Today, the U.K.-based producer blesses the interwebs with his original take on Drake‘s “Girls Love Beyonce.” This brief rework departs refreshingly from the original with mesmerizing percussion and warped, incomprehensible vocals demonstrating the artist’s unique style and attention to musical subtleties.

This is the kind of track that will only grow on you with multiple listens as its intricacy becomes more evident and beautiful with every spin. See for yourself above and be on the look out for new music from SBTRKT.

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Juan Cristobal
All For You

Ahh yeah, let’s slow it down for just a few minutes for all you lovers out there. Ok, that does sound like something you’d hear … Continue reading »

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[Indietronica] Call Me Señor – Begging for Trouble EP


Whatever you want to call it is fine with us. Whether it’s electro rock, indietronica or dance punk, Call me Señor is a god damn good time to listen to. These Parisian amis have a wildly infectious sound with their catchy guitar riffs and bigger than life, buzzing electro synths.

The title track for the EP, “Begging for Trouble” is a perfect example of how rock and electro can fuse together creating the perfect dance tune. No “four to the floor” beat needed here. This will get any ass moving. Take a listen. This track flirts with comparisons to Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club with ease, providing head shaking rhythms, hand claps, and playful guitar riffs.

Once you’re able to stop listening to that track, move on to the rest. None of them will disappoint.

Call me Señor
Begging For Trouble
Call Me Señor
Call Me Señor
Call Me Señor
We Get by
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[Electronica] Talal Qureshi – x1988


I love this gig. I really do. There’s a secret satisfaction in hearing something that you know will catch on way before the masses are aware of it, and x1988 is one of those albums that is bound to hit it big. With an interesting blend of down tempo beats, ambient sound, piano overlays and haunting melodies, Pakistani artist Talal Qureshi creates an album that is moody, atmospheric and sometimes dark, but not without enthusiasm and energy.

The first track “Leave My Hand” opens with broken down piano chords over a simple down tempo beat. When I first listened to this track I was in a desert during a monsoon. The track matched the scenery perfectly–dark desert skies,bleak landscape and torrential rain. “Juicy#2” follows in spirit, staying on the darker side of the spectrum with a simple beat, atmospherics, the signature piano riffs and a sitar sample, which I found fitting.

In contrast to the slower tracks “Blinds and Sheets,” and “Clubbing in Multan” provides the listner with more up tempo, driving electro songs. I’m not much of a dancer, but these songs had me bobbing along as I listened and never passed into the frenzied feel that accompanies some styles of electro.

The album is a good one for download, and with a 5 dollar suggested price tag, it’s definitely worth skipping that Starbucks run and downloading this album instead. The first two tracks are gratis and can be listened to here.

ps. We’ve also included a trapstep release from Quershi available on soundcloud for your consumption!

Talal Qureshi
Talal Qureshi
Talal Qureshi
Talal Qureshi
Talal Qureshi
Clubbing in Multan
Talal Qureshi
Blinds and Sheets
Talal Qureshi x Meesha Shafi
Dhol Bajay Ga (Official Remix)
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