[Indie Pop] New Navy – Regular Town

With the inevitable cold weather creeping just around the holiday season, some of us can’t help but wish for a resurrection of summer heatwaves. Arriving just in time, however, is a new and aestival tune by New Navy, indie band from a tiny beachside town in Australia. Much like their hugely successful track, “Zimbabwe,” “Regular Town” features jangly percussions accompanied by a ukulele resulting in a cheery rhythmic beat that will light up even the gloomiest of days and moods. Reminiscent of Bahamas‘ “Caught Me Thinking,” this song is bound to bring on relaxing and summery vibe.

New Navy
Regular Town
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[Fresh] Daft Punk – Emphazed

Fake or not fake…..that is the question. To be completely honest it doesn’t matter right now, but this shows some light at the end of the tunnel. This could be off their upcoming 2013 album, we’re not sure yet; nonetheless it’s a funky tune featuring an infectious melody with flawless pitch bends on catchy and uplifting chords. Whether this is Daft Punk or not, is up to you. Cheers.

Daft Punk

via Indie Shuffle

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[Hip-Hop] Wiz Khalifa – Bluff (ft. Cam’ron)

As he prepares for the release of his sophomore studio album, Wiz Khalifa recruits Harlem veteran Cam’ron for the latest glimpse into the anticipated project. “Bluff” carries a light, hazy feel with Wiz’s most recent staggered flow accompanied by a strong, gritty verse from the leader of the Diplomats. Per usual, Khalifa’s melodies are on point as well.

The releases from O.N.I.F.C. thus far have been of high quality and diverse styles, offering hope for any loyal fans who may have been put off by his debut. Stream below and make sure to grab the album when it drops on December 4th.

Wiz Khalifa
Bluff (ft. Camron)

Bonus: Check out and download this loose cut released earlier this week featuring Taylor Gang signee and legendary member of 36 MafiaJuicy J. We Trippy Mane!

Wiz Khalifa
Gone (Ft. Juicy J)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo #14

Todays Trap Dojo starts off with a classy remix of War’s track “Low Rider” from Chris Hurst, and he nails this one. Using all the perfect samples from the original while integrating his own 808 infused filthy sounds. Next is a collab for the record books featuring Flosstradamus, Juicy J, and Iggy Azalea, and guess what? It works perfectly, both artists kill their verses and with Floss on the porduction it’s sure to hit hard. Now for a tune from ETC!ETC! and Brillz titled “Callisto”, featuring some massive booming synths and funky bass. Minnesota recently dropped this tune off his upcoming album that drops today, and it’s titled “To The Floor”. Ta-ku truly works wonders on this next remix of Sango’s track “Owe Me”. Pretty sure even Ciara and Ludacris would dig this remix of their track “Oh” by Cypha and SubxChronix. Clockwork‘s track “BBBS” gets a hot and heavy makeover from “GTA”. Enjoy the rest on your own, Cheers.

To download todays entire Trap Dojo, click here. 

Low Rider (Chris Hursts Ratchet Remix)
Iggy Azalea feat. Juicy J
Flexin & Finnesin (Prod By Flosstradamus x FKi)
ETC!ETC! X Brillz
Callisto {Free Download}
Owe Me (Ta
Ciara feat. Ludacris
Oh (Cyfa & SubxChronic Remix)
BBBS (GTA Remix)(OUT NOV. 20)
Dank (feat. A$AP Rocky)
Levels (Plastic People Trap Remix)
Porter Robinson
Language (Gummy Trap Remix)
Im On It
2 Chainz
Birthday Song (Ruen & Mister Gray Remix)


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[Chillstep] Daytona – Dark Child

Colorado is exploding with new talent. We last posted about Jeremy “Daytona Velasquez” exactly one year ago with his track “Disconnect”, jagged and robotic dubstep tune.

Today Daytona brings forth something much more fluid in its conception with “Dark Child”. Introducing itself with a somber beginning, the track picks up in intensity and emotional undertones as light vocals glide through a series of ever evolving structures of wobbled bass lines. A definite chill and poetic sounding track to vibe through while ending a night full of surprises.

Dark Child by Daytona
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Drule – The Samples (Prod. by PatrickReza)

There is no question that it is hard to make a name for oneself in the current state of music. With so many new rising new artists, particularly in the electronic genre as anyone can make beats using their computer, it is hard to stand out. However, once again PatrickReza delivers promise under a new moniker for a much experimental project, Drule.

We have seen PatrickReza improve in style and execution with every single dubstep-driven track, and today we have a much more sporadic yet equality intriguing collection of sounds to share with you.

Drule feels like a sketchbook with an empty canvas for PatrickReza to work on non-dubstep related tracks. Ranging from drum&bass to glitch hop, he is able to create new sound and experiences that while not fully materialized, feel just as coherent as his main project. Both “Stars” and “Skyfall” bring a level of insight into the mind of the youthful Los Angeles producer.

Listen below and please check out his Soundcloud page.

Fugue State
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Interview – Minus the Bear

Steel And Blood

There’s few bands I can legitamtely claim as being one of my favorites. There’s also few bands that I can say have redifined the way I see music. Minus the Bear is one of those bands though. I first heard Minus the Bear when they released their album “Highly Refined Pirates.” I remember listening to the timing signatures, the creative hammer on/pull off driven riffs, and the hilarious song names and thinking how unique of a sound it was.

Since that time, I’ve purchased every album, seen every show, and purchased more merch than I could ever need. Merely seeing them play live is an amazing experience, but getting to interview drummer Erin Tate, elivated my appreciation and respect to another level. We sat down at the arcade bar One Up in Denver, Colorado and got talking.

TMN: First off, welcome to Denver. How has the tour been going so far?

ET: So far so good. It’s been a total blast. We were in Lubbock Texas yesterday.

TMN: Your guys’ last tour was probably our favorite just due to the fact that you played Highly Refined Pirates in it’s entirety. What was it like doing a 10 year anniversary show like that and having so many people singing along with something you released a decade ago?

ET: It was wild, fun as hell, and really cool. We all felt horribly humbled by the crowd reaction that we got. It was really fun.

Random Drunk Girl: Are you talking about Minus the Bear? They’re playing across the street. Are you going?

ET: We are! We’re actually doing an interview for Minus the Bear right now.

Random Drunk Girl: Are you going?

ET: I’m in the band, and he’s interviewing me as a band member.

Random Drunk Girl: So you already have a ticket and everything?

TMN and ET: (Laughing) Yep.

ET: This is all going into print, just so you know.

Random Drunk Girl: Who are you?

TMN: He’s the drummer for Minus the Bear, and I work for The Music Ninja

Random Drunk Girl: Well I was just trying to see if I could sell a ticket.

TMN: (Laughing) I don’t think he needs one.

TMN: Talk to us about how all of your backgrounds in different bands helped influence your guys’ sound over the years.

ET: Dave was in Botch and he was really very metal. Not really metal…agressive, but it was also really artsy. Sharks Keep Moving was very pretty, but also very artsy. Kill Sadie was very loud and annoying, and also really artsy. So, we kind of all came from the same background where we were just trying to do something that was interesting to us. When we came together as Minus the Bear, it became a thing where we were like, “Let’s do pop music, but let’s make it artsy.”

TMN: How many pedals does Dave use during a show? Continue reading

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