[Electronic] Sam Smith – Nirvana (Until the Ribbon Breaks Re-Imagination)

Nirvana (Until The Ribbon Breaks ReImagination)

Just a few weeks ago we were talking about Sam Smith and his amazing tune “Money on My Mind.” Before that we were talking about “Together,” and “Safe with Me.” Let’s face it, the past year has been incredible for London based musician, and we’ve been talking about it every step of the way.

Today we’re talking about “Nirvana,” which was taken from Sam’s debut EP, released in November. However, this post features a crafty re-imagination of the tune via Until the Ribbon Breaks. Having just released an EP earlier this month (A Taste of Silver), this Welshman has also accompanied his remix with a sultry video.

Gone are the massive tribal drums and understated guitar riffs. In their place we find dialed up keys and smooth, seductive bass hits. Smith’s voice is amazingly sampled, creating a chopped up soundscape that is effortlessly beautiful, seductive and welcoming.

The video below brings a visual interpretation that matches the remix perfectly. Underneath the lush red glow, we’re offered up a scene that is probably NSFW. Take a little bit of caution before you press play on this one.

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[House] Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time (Kulkid Remix)

Britney Spears
…Baby One More Time (Kulkid Remix) | Free Download

Parisian producer Thomas Ouf, better known as Kulkid, recently dropped his remix of Britney Spears classic 90’s tune, “Hit Me Baby.” Having been a teenager during the time era that the original reached it’s epic fame in, we admittedly cringed when we saw the email come through. However, after hearing what Kulkid had done in the past, we knew it would be done in a way that would be enjoyable.

While we usually stress the important of paying homage to the original, we actually like the departure that was taken in this remix. The pitched down vocals have a sexy deep house feel, pushing the original pop structure into the far recesses of our minds. He does bring in a few samples of her voice, close to the original pitch, but the treatment on it creates a much more club friendly sound.

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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – Eggs Aisle + Earth (Feat. Future)

Mac Live From Space
Mac Miller
Eggs Aisle
Mac Miller
Earth (Feat. Future)

Pittsburgh emcee Mac Miller is preparing to release his newest album, Live From Space, tomorrow. Just as the title suggests, the project is a compilation of live renditions of tracks performed with The Internet during Mac’s Space Migration Tour, along with a few leftovers from the Watching Movies With The Sound Off recording process. Among those extras are these brand new cuts leaked earlier today. The first one, “Eggs Aisle,” features Mac spitting solo over a swirling, atmospheric instrumental, while the second includes a seemingly unnatural pairing with Future. Ditching his trademarked auto-tune, the Atlanta native steps out of his comfort zone and delivers a surprisingly competent verse on the laidback, jazzy single. Stream both tracks above, and make sure to grab yourself a copy of Live From Space when it drops tomorrow.

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[Electro-House] Felix Leiter ft Penny Foster – Paradise

Felix Leiter Ft Penny Foster
Paradise (Original)

There has been quite a few songs lately produced by EDM artists that have wonderful female vocals and this is just one to add to the list. UK producer Felix Leiter has released his single ‘Paradise’ featuring the vocals of Penny Foster. A classic electro house tune, this song will keep any listener dancing from start to finish. Felix carries a strong electronic melody through the whole song, paired with a piano, and builds the intensity up from start to end. Foster’s sexy and raw sound adds a certain flavor to the song, intertwining the listener into her story of finding someone and now she knows paradise. By the end of the song, we all know what paradise looks like, Felix on the tables and Foster singing along.

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HAEZER | Ghetto

If you need something to help get your ass in gear this Monday morning, look no further. South African baron of bass HAEZER has something that’s a lot stronger than that cup of coffee in your hands.

On December 2nd, HAEZER released his latest EP, Gold Plated Frequencies, on Tasty Records. While this EP is available on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify, today is your first opportunity to hear “Ghetto,” streaming via Soundcloud. What can you expect from this tune? The lead in has heavily industrial sound, supercharged with crackling atmospheric sounds, and a eerie repetitious piano sample, creating a tremendous depth. From their the track cascades into glitchy synths, gigantic bass hits and positively devastating drops.

The chills we experienced when we first heard Dog Blood came back while listening to this tune. As soon as we got over our goosebumps, we immediately started dancing around the room. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy a similar experience.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #66

chill dojo

So it’s that busy time of the year again when everything can get all too much in the lead up to Christmas. Don’t fear though, because some of our favourite artists have been working away as well, and as a result we have another stacked edition for a much needed dose of chill.

Chicago’s mashup machine, Ricky Cervantes, takes sultry to the next level with the sexiest of lounge mixes, blending the vocals of Ellie Goulding with the smooth production of Penthouse Penthouse. We don’t need to point out what music like this should be used for, so make sure you enjoy it in the best way possible. But that’s not the only thing that will bring a smile to your face this week, because that is Wave Racer’s specialty and he’s outdone himself again with another summer anthem. His sound is like pure happiness bottled into 3 minutes. Simply replay again and again for lasting effects. Fellow Sydney producer Basenji boasts a similar game with a style much akin to Cashmere Cat. His name was all over the Trap Dojo this week, but the chill vibe of ‘Dawn’ was simply too good not to highlight again in this playlist. Any guesses where our next featured artist comes from? There’s definitely something special happening in Sydney right now, because talented duo Cosmo’s Midnight also let loose a double A-side single that too is ready-built for the hot Australian summer. We just can’t get enough of that bouncy future sound, and it won’t take long before you’re hooked on it as well. The Sydney takeover continues with Flume’s right hand man and other half of What So Not, Emoh Instead, who switches things up with a deep house remix of Elizabeth Rose’s club hit, ‘The Good Life’. This one is sure to dominate the festival season down-under, but it will likely induce sweaty dancing wherever it’s played. Ok, time to leave Australia now, but that’s only because our favourite Canadian Kaytranada has enticed us over with another one of his signature jams, this time going to work on the upcoming Disclosure remix album. The vibe is everything you’ve come to expect from one of the very best in the game right now, so don’t go sleeping on this one. And if this has suddenly brought on an intense craving for more beats, Paris’ Fitzroy can satisfy your needs with this track off his newly released Noah EP. It’s a guaranteed head-bopper.

All this music has sure kept us busy as well. Make sure to save some time for yourself in this next week. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #66 zip

Ellie Goulding
Burn (Ricky Cervantes Lounge Mix)
Flight Facilities
Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Wave Racer Remix)
Cosmos Midnight
Cosmos Midnight
Goodnight (feat. Polographia)
Elizabeth Rose
The Good Life (Emoh Instead Poolside Mix)
January (Kaytranada Edition)
Cashmere Cat
With Me (Female Remix)
Jaymes Young
What Is Love (Tim Gunter 808 Bootleg)
Stay (20Syl you cant be serious Remix)
Jeff Hanson
Hiding Behind The Moon (NHYX Edit)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Pretty Thoughts
All The Days (Follow Me Remix)
Broke For Free
Alex Breitling & Daniel Ernst
Amber Glow
Star Slinger
Britney Spears
…Baby One More Time (Kulkid Remix)
Love Rescue (Alkalino Rework)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bearson Edit)
Childish Gambino
Telegraph Ave (Bear//Face Bootleg)
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 5]

Sunday Night Soul

It’s the middle of December, which for many of us means our Holiday break is just an arm’s length away. Of course there’s some hurdles to get through along the way. Whether it’s a hellish finals week packed with little to no sleep, or having to endure office parties while donning your ugliest Holiday sweaters (admittedly, the second option sounds a bit less stressful), we’re here to give you a few moments of reprise as you sort through your hectic schedule.

The 90’s are alive and well in this week’s edition of Sunday Night Soul. From old school remixes of Aaliyah, Sade and Mary J. Blige, to throwback tinged offerings from Uness, Phony Ppl, and Jeff Bernat, it’ll be nearly impossible for you not to feel at least a slight tinge of nostalgia. Of course we can’t forget about the present, and with that in mind, we’ve also got plenty of relaxing tunes from the likes of XOV, Daniel Wilson, Niia, Alina Baraz, Blackbear and many more. Now I know your time is precious, so before I take up any more of it, I’ll let you get started with the playlist below. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Generation Blue
Lucifer // Naked Edition
Daniel Wilson
Will You
Jordan Bratton
Sinful World
Max Cooper
Adrift feat. Kathrin deBoer
Nina Sky
Overtime (prod. By Slimmy Neutron)
Chris James
Love Hates Me Ft. Pusha T
Jeff Bernat
Mind vs. Heart
Shower Music (prod. by ESTA)
Ellie Goulding
Burn (Ricky Cervantes Lounge Mix)
Jhene Aiko
Wrap Me Up ft. James Fauntleroy
Pieter T
Miss December (Produced by NΞHZVIL)
Used To Love You (Produced by K∪⌥ & NΞHZVIL)
Elijah Blake
Towers Of Tokyo (Produced By: Jack Splash)
Phony Ppl
Baby, Meet My Lover
Mary J. Blige
Be Without You (Noïthingness Remix)
Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)
Happens (SevnthWonder Edit)
Gallant (starRo 2am Mix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Pretty Thoughts
4 Page Letter (NΞHZVIL Remix)
Rochelle Jordan
Follow Me
Slow It Down (Feat. Bridge)
fwdslxsh & MD$
Got Me Saying
UNO stereo
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