[Hip-Hop] Talib Kweli – Attack The Block (Mixtape)

Talib Kweli is one of the lyrical masters of the game, so when he puts out free music, it’s a good idea to pay attention. Attack The Block may serve as a teaser to his upcoming album, Prisoner of Conscious, but it’s definitely a standout project all on its own. The 18-track project features verses from an eclectic group of artists including Black Thought, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Ryan Leslie, Ab-Soul, Das Racist, and even more. It’s this diverse selection of artists that really makes the mixtape distinctive from Kweli’s previous ventures.

Talib Kweli
Congregation ft. Black Thought & Ab

Talib Kweli
Outstanding ft. Ryan Leslie (Prod. by Boi

Talib Kweli
Earning Potential ft. Mac Miller (Prod. by Amadeus)

Talib Kweli
I Like It ft. Das Racist (Prod. by OhNo)

Talib Kweli
Celebrate ft. Mack Maine & Lil Wayne

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #1)

And there goes Summer. Now its on to the next. In a life that is ever changing, you gotta learn to roll with punches. Or come back every Tuesday for something as sturdy and stable as the Indie Dojo. It’s good to feel some consistency every once in a while.

Cant Imagine
No Secrets
On an On
The Brenden Hines
Couldve Sworn
Perry Brown
Drag Along
Feed Me
This Is The Thing (Fink Cover)
Twin Oaks - Not An Exit
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[Dubstep] Tritonal – Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix)

Seven Lions, the up and coming producer out of Santa Barbara, California, is becoming a very familiar face here at TMN. Releasing remix after remix at a seemingly break-neck pace, Seven Lions is quickly ascending to the top of the ranks for producing progressive and melodic dubstep tunes. His latest remix transforms trance legends Tritonal’s single “Still With Me” into a melodic dubstep anthem. Honestly, there isn’t much more I can say about this track except turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Still With Me Feat. Cristina Soto (Seven Lions Remix)
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[Hip-Hop] Lil Wayne – Dedication 4 (Mixtape)

The NOLA-bred Lil Wayne has had quite the absurd and entertaining career path. The Young Money boss known for his wordplay and ridiculous punchlines, is a prolific veteran who has released countless projects, ranging in quality from classic to barely mediocre. Regardless, hip-hop fans will forever keep at least one Weezy project in their regular rotation and, for me, Dedication 3was definitely that tape. Since then, he has put out plenty of solid music and continued to sell records when most artists can’t all the while pursuing a new hobby in skateboarding. It is hard to know what to expect from Dedication 4, but if it is anything like its predecessor it will certainly be getting lots of  airtime among his fans. Stream this anticipated project after the jump and download the whole thing for free here: Lil Wayne – Dedication 4.

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[Dubstep/Drum & Bass/Electro] Zomboy – The Dead Symphonic EP

Never Say Die Records has without a doubt established itself as one of the strongest labels in EDM, known for its heavy bass music riddled with thunderous bass, screeching synths and ferocious wobbles. Today, over a year after the release of his Game Time EP, Never Say Die prodigy Joshua Mellody AKA Zomboy has graced us with his newest work of art, The Dead Symphonic EP. Zomboy’s sophomore release, The Dead Symphonic consists of six original productions, which clearly draw from various influences while still emphasizing his signature undead symphonic melodies.

On this EP, Zomboy takes the opportunity to flex his productional finesse, showcasing not only his creativity but also his versatility as a producer. No two tracks sound alike yet each track when broken down clearly embodies the sound design and productional aspects Zomboy utilized when forging his persona and reputation amongst all EDM. Highlights from the EP include, “City 2 City” which intertwines the alluring vocals of Belle Humble with high-pitched synths and heavy bass to create a more progressive dubstep tune. Also featured on the EP is a “Vancouver Beatdown,” Zomboy’s first real introduction into the genre of electro house. “Vancouver Beatdown” is a funky electro track, which takes the listener on a musical journey from buildup to breakdown, all the while emphasizing his trademark sounds in a new light. Another amazing track on the EP, and possibly my favorite, “Nuclear (Hands Up),” is a fresh drum and bass tune, featuring a fantastic reggae vocals sample that interplays flawlessly with the overall cadence of drum and bass while still emphasizing a healthy dose of fierce wobbles and grinding bass. All in all, this EP is nothing short of spectacular!

Do yourself a favor and make sure to give each track a listen. If you’re a fan, pick up the EP on Beatport here and make sure to show Zomboy some appreciation for his hard work on Facebook.

Nuclear (Hands Up)
Vancouver Beatdown
Zomboy Ft Belle Humble
City 2 City
Gorilla March
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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – PlaneCarBoat Feat. Schoolboy Q (Prod. Larry Dollaz)

Mac Miller‘s really warming up to this SoundCloud thing, isn’t he? “PlaneCarBoat” is his third release in two days on the social music service.  He’s really used it as an avenue for exploration so far. The first song he released was a cover of Bright Eyes‘ “First Day of My Life,” a strange but admirable experiment for any hip-hop artist. The next song he let go had a chopped and screwed vibe to it, rendering Mac’s vocals nearly unrecognizable. Now on his third release, he’s handling the production duties himself under the pseudonym of “Larry Dollaz.” The song itself is pretty solid, although the chorus is kind of corny. It’s hard to hate on a song that features killer verses from Schooboy Q & Mac Miller. I’m looking forward to what other little side projects Mac has stashed away that he plans to release in the next few days. Who knows? Maybe he’ll do a polka song next. That would be pretty fresh.

(As a bonus, we’ve included a recently leaked collaboration between Mac and Wiz Khalifa that was probably recorded circa 2008/2009, judging by their flows. It’s a nice little trip through history for y’all. Looking back, the title couldn’t have been anymore accurate for two of Pittsburgh’s finest.)

Mac Miller
PlaneCarBoat (feat. Schoolboy Q) (prod. Larry Dollaz)


Wiz Khalifa
Goin Places f. Mac Miller
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[HOT] Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

Ninjas, it has been two-odd years since we heard anything from Irish town-boy trifecta, Two Door Cinema Club. Ah, but you need not worry. Tomorrow the band  will release their new second album, their shining beacon of a sophomore release: well… Beacon!

From front to back, Beacon is a refreshing new take on a solid original sound. As opposed to their 2010 debut album, Tourist History, Two Door Cinema’s Beacon has a certain polished tone and a sound which can fill a colosseum. Again, you need not worry, Beacon still has that intimate, familiar TDCC energy and flair. Indeed, the music pulses through you for all thirty-nine minutes and forty-five seconds. “Sleep Alone” (that’s track 6 for those of you keeping score) is the forerunner track. As a single it stands well on its own. It’s catchy, for the most part, but it fits into the whole of Beacon ten-fold. As do all the tracks. “Settle” and “Spring” (tracks 8 and 9) deserve note as a well-composed one-two punch. Overall, simply enough, the album is very listenable, for old fans and new.

Two Door Cinema Club
Sleep Alone

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

Beacon is set to officially drop on September 4th on Glassnote (US)/ September 3rd on Kitsuné (UK). For more information on how to purchase, visit the band’s official site. Lucky enough for us, the masses, the album is streaming right now HERE.

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