Will Eastman & Caleb L’Etoile – Breathless [TMN Premiere]

Will Eastman & Caleb L'Etoile- Breathless

French house is making a huge comeback, and artists all over are making that evident. Will Eastman & Caleb L’Etoile are on the forefront of the gold rush and making it apparent with their newest single “Breathless”. Being a bit ADD, it’s pretty rare that I can less to a whole song without skipping around in the track, and I didn’t budge throughout the six minutes on “Breathless”. They say it’s the simple things in life that go farthest; the chords may not be the most complex, and track may be a bit minimal, but I will be keeping this on repeat today.

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[Remix] AraabMuzik – Summer Time

Summer Time

The master of the MPC, AraabMuzik, took to his SoundCloud a few minutes ago to let loose a phenomenal remix that brings back “Summertime Sadness,” one of last summer’s biggest hits, just in time for the heat of June. The solemn vocals of Lana Del Rey, who’s latest album has been topping charts once again, lend themselves perfectly to the ethereal-trap of the pioneering producer. As opposed to his usual aggressive approach on the pads, Araab drops the tempo to match the depth of emotion expressed in the original resulting in a track perfect for a late night adventure in the warmth of a summer night. Enjoy this one above and look out for Araab’s upcoming project, For Professional Use Only Pt. 2, which drops July 14th.

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[NEW] The Weeknd – Often

The Weeknd - Often
The Weeknd

Despite his rise to stardom in recent years, The Weeknd still remains a relatively engimatic and unpredictable character. With his first tweet in nearly a month, the Canadian crooner decided to drop off a freebie for his fans, providing very few details at all other than the song’s name. Abel has always been one to let the music do the talking for him however, so as always, we’ll have to wait to hear more about the track’s origins.

The illustrious new single stays true to the typical Weeknd tropes, and details his sexual preference, which unsurprisingly, is “Often.” Featuring a bouncy, trap-inspired backdrop that’s far more upbeat than the ominous, often cinematic efforts off his recent album Kiss Land, the tune seems more in line with the material we became accustomed to hearing during his earlier projects, but with a little added flair.

Download the addicting new tune above, and stay tuned for details on any new projects that he may have in the works.

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[Deep House] Cœur de Pirate – Wicked Games (Daniele Di Martino Remix)

Cœur de Pirate
Wicked Games (Daniele Di Martino Remix)

German producer Daniele Di Martino has made 2014 his year, with a string of chilled house remixes gathering plenty of attention for his emotion-steeped style. Fresh off the release of his first EP, he delivers yet another beautiful rendition of indie music mixed with hypnotic beats and fading synths. Canadian singer/songwriter Cœur de Pirate had already brought a new presence to her cover of the popular original from The Weeknd, but it’s the extra touch from Daniele’s handiwork which truly brings this track into its own. The deepened vocals and poignant piano elicit another level of meaning from the haunting tune, creating an experience that extends far beyond the ears. Grab the free download on his Facebook page and keep this one at the ready for when you need a heavy dose of feels.

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[Rap & Bass] Daytrip – Drop It (Kingston) [feat. 77Klash, Lil Silk, Yung Burrakami]

Daytrip - Drop It
Drop It (Kingston) [feat. 77Klash, Lil Silk, Yung Burrakami]

We have been waiting on a new song from Daytrip since they put out Flight 43. The bass on this song is ridiculous, the vocals are stellar, and of course you wouldn’t know this song is legit unless you see comments from Lippy Lemur. I hope the duo from New York, Daytrip, drops down to Kingston more, because I’m loving the island vibes on this. Whether it’s a dancehall-esque tune, or a future bass track like Flight 43, we are excited to hear more from Daytrip!

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[House/Nu-Disco] The Magician – Sunlight feat. Years & Years

The Magician (Official)
The Magician : "Sunlight" feat. Years & Years (Original)

If you find yourself in need of a mood-shifting auditory pick me up today, look no further. Long known for his excellent output of tastemaking mixtapes, the Magic Tape series, and slate of impressive remixes; The Magician dropped this lovely little original tune on us in collaboration with electro-soul-pop trio Years & Years, “Sunlight” to indulge in this this morning and we’ve been all smiles since our first aural consumption. “Sunlight” lumbers out of the gate wielding a four-four muted kick-drum and garage leaning shuffled hi-hats before a deep swell of hazy pad work climbs through the backdoor, becoming a welcome initial focal point. Just as The Magician sculpts the tune’s first groove though, a light and absolutely in-sync vocal from Years & Years blends consummately amongst a sonically textured bass line and precise percussive stabs to take its place as the track’s lead. By the time its second verse is fully in swing, we were already so lost in an abundance of our own gyrating hips and flowey dance moves that we almost forgot we needed to somehow do this one justice in the form of clever adjectives and snarky commentary. If deep-house, nu-disco, pop/club-house, indie-dance or any combination of these dance genres populate your listening history then we think you, lovely reader, should experience this stream of listening consciousness as well. Like, right now.

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Jose Gonzalez – Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix) [TMN Exclusive Premiere]

Jose Gonzalez
Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Today we have the pleasure of premiering our Resident Artist The Chainsmokers new remix of Jose Gonzalez’s song, ‘Step Out’. The boys are big fans of Jose and have loved this song, and more of his music, for quite a while. They took this song and turned up the electricity in it by adding an addictive melody and intensifying the already wonderful lyrics, keeping the soothing sounds for parts of the beat while putting their own Chainsmokers touch on other parts.

The boys describe why they decided to remix this song:

So this is the theme song from the ‘Walter Mitty’ film. And you have probably heard it in numerous adverts and airline commercials about travel… but when we first heard it MONTHS ago we thought it would be such a cool song to do a remix for because of the anthemic nature of the vocal, and not to mention we are big fans of Jose. His older song ‘Crosses’ is an all time favorite of ours! Anyway, the song is rather basic in format our goal was simple, to turn that chorus into a massive anthem of feels. That sorta feeling you get when you achieve something great. In the end, the track is largely in tact, as well as its emotion we think we just gave it that festival sized power…

And that is exactly what they did. Turn this remix up loud and feel the energetic emotions of this song sweep over you, taking your mind and body on a wonderful new adventure.

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