Andrew Wyatt, Mike Snow Vocalist To Release Solo Project, Listen To Single ‘And Septimus…’

Andrew Wyatt, better known to most as the front man of indie powerhouse electronic pop band Miike Snow, will be exploring his more classical side in his debut solo album, Descender. Set for release on INGRID/Downtown Records on April 16th, the project is said to embody “32 minute meditation into the darker side of Andrew Wyatt not seen on his latest endeavors with Miike Snow.”

The first single ‘And Septimus…’ does provide some nostalgia back to Miike Snow but soon the orchestral instrumentation takes one to a different place amongst sweeping string arrangements and much more vulnerable vocals from what we have ever seen from Wyatt.

Andrew Wyatt
And Septimus...

Descender, is set to release on April 16th via INGRID/Downtown Records.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE] Joe Janiak – Down the Hill

21 Year old Joe Janiak has been getting some attention as of late, and it’s for all the right reasons. You may recognize his smokey vocals from the recently popular Bondax track, “Gold.” Well, this London based vocalist is working on some solo projects, and we’re happy to bring a taste of it to you today.

Joe has crafted a truly original alternative track that blends old-timey parlor style piano with drum machine beats. His blending of modern music and classical soul instrumentation with his raspy and unique vocals kept us on our seat wanting to hear more and more. While this newcomer may have just stepped into the scene, we feel that he has a long and illustrious career ahead of him with talent like this.

Down The Hill
Theres No Me Without You
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[Chill] Beacon – Bring You Back

If you’re out in the wilderness, wandering the lush landscapes of a forest, put your ear to the ground. It’s possible you might hear the vibrations of a nearby  cascading waterfall or gently flowing stream. It’s cool and calm, transcendent and tranquil; you’re surrounded by nature, but something about it entrances you and transports you to another place, somewhere better. The details of the sounds are simply astounding, like the little flickers and bursts of life, or that hushed solemnity that resembles a whispered voice. And, if you listen close enough, it might just sound a lot like this beautiful song called “Bring You Back” by Brooklyn duo Beacon.

Bring You Back

“Bring You Back” is off Beacon’s upcoming debut album, The Ways We Separate, out April 30th on Ghostly.

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[Indie] WALL – Shoestring

WALL first charmed us with her delicate voice on the track, No Secrets, and she returns again with another song that tugs on our hearts’ strings. With vocals resting on water and an effortless honeyed melody, the sincere delivery of the song is undeniable. Be it in a coffee shop or in a car rushing to work, you are bound to suspend that moment when the track plays, so that you can find out what is on the mind of this evoking London songstress. “Shoestring” is the leading track off her new EP of the same name.  Count down the days to purchase it — out April 2nd.

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[Hip-Hop/Soul] Paris 96 – Afternoon

It isnt uncommon for friends in the industry to collab and make some genre-crossing music. From Talib Kweli and Res (Idlewarship) to Kanye and Jay, the pairing of talented artists usually turns out to be an even better collaboration. Following suit is newcomer to the game, Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London and his long-time friend James Boykins III. The duo, titled Paris 96, make their debut with a new, smooth single “Afternoon”. The Xaphoon Jones produced seductive tune blends the intricate hip-hop/electro style of the Brooklyn emcee with the smooth, alternative vocals of Boykins over a hazy electronic groove. Fans of their previous works “Life of a Lover” and “Cold Pillow” should definitely check out this new cut and expect to hear more when their yet untitled EP drops in April.

Paris 96 Afternoon
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Selebrities – Everywhere (feat. Erika Spring & Lissy Trullie) (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

There is so much awesome girl power — Selebrities, Lissy Trullie and Erika Spring — on this cover. Couple all that female talent with an ’80s hit from a classic act like Fleetwood Mac and there’s really no reason why this could possibly go wrong. It doesn’t, it gets it 100% right. Live the ’80s like it’s today, alive and well.

Everywhere (feat. Erika Spring & Lissy Trullie)

Free download here.

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[Indie/Electronica] Carnivals – Kindness

Floating melodies give way to gritty rhythms in what sounds like a recording in an aquarium. “Kindness” is no doubt an auditory adventure and is something which might fit the mood if one was springing from the bottom of an ocean abyss — a sensation of a progress forward. Carnivals prove adept in finding middle-ground between contemporary indie-psych-rock and ambient. What results is a trippy and equally catchy track.  Part of a two-track release, “Kindness” is merely a month old and is best served with its counterpart, “Swallow the Sky.”

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