[Indie] Alt-J feat. Mountain Man – Buffalo

The indie-pop foursome Alt-J took the world by storm with their September debut, An Awesome Wave, which recently snagged the esteemed Mercury Prize. For all curious but haven’t yet tried it: if you press alt-J on your keyboard it makes the Greek symbol for change. That’s what the name means. ∆ join Mountain Man (three Vermont folk singers who previously backed Feist) in this track set to appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming film Silver Lining Playbook. It’s the synthetic, syncopated beats we love from Alt-J, combined with thicker (and higher) vocal harmonies from their collaborating female voices. They mix in some playful brass, major-minor switchbacks, and witty wordplay around the track’s title.

Hear Alt-J’s cinematic debut and check out Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen November 21st.

J feat. Mountain Man
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[Hip-Hop] Overdoz. – Dear God (prod. The Futuristiks)

LA-based hip-hop group, Overdoz, has been one of the most slept on acts out of the area over the last few years. Their post-G-funk, new age sound makes for a dope, laid-back aura that often crosses genre lines. Their most recent effort, “Dear God,” exemplifies this progressive style. With a spacey, soulful instrumental that places us in the year 3000, fittingly created by the LA production duo The Futuristiks, this cut radiates a sort of west coast waviness as these talented emcees go in. Give it a listen, and grab the free download, below.

Dear God (prod. The Futuristiks)
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[Anthem] Icona Pop – I Love It (Solidisco Remix)

Once it starts getting dark outside, our instincts are to slow down, rewind and shut off. But sometimes we don’t have that luxury, ’cause certain days are about the hustle and the grind. For all the relentless, hungry hard workers out there, this Icona Pop remix of “I Love It” by New York duo Solidisco is for you. The feel good, go hard vibes are sure to get you motivated for whatever’s ahead — business or pleasure. Turn it up loud and get to it!

Icona Pop
I Love It (Solidisco Remix)
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[Hip-Hop] Joey Bada$$ – Enter the Void (ft. Ab-Soul)

On his latest track, the Brooklyn-based rap protege, Joey Bada$$, enlists a quarter of the rising west coast Black Hippy crew, Ab-Soul. “Enter the Void” melds their unique, bicoastal styles over a smooth instrumental with a subtle, but addicting, bass line. Both artists demonstrate their lyrical prowess as they get spiritual urging the listeners to keep their “chakras open” during the chorus.

This cut serves as a bonus for today’s iTunes single release of “Waves,” a standout track from Joey’s excellent debut mixtape 1999.Check the east-cost, west-coast hip-hop zen below.

Joey Bada$$
Enter the Void (feat. Ab
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[Trap/Glitch] Lil Wayne – A Milli (BUSTED by heRobust)

Back in the day when mashups burst onto the music scene, artists such as Girl Talk, Milkman, and Supermash Bros. dominated the movement by exposing their superior sampling ability; mixing and mashing sometimes hundreds of samples together to create a unique audible work of art. Although mashups have seem to have lost a lot of their pizzazz and appeal that they once provoked, I personally am always ecstatic when I begin listening to a song and encounter ingeniously clever sampling.

Atlanta based producer, heRobust, accomplished just that with his glitched-out trap remix of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”. Beginning the track with a witty sample of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, heRobust adds a healthy dose of distorted bass transforming this track from start to end. This remix is worth at least ‘One Million Dollars’ so make sure to snag this free download and show heRobust some love on Facebook.

Lil Wayne
A Milli (BUSTED by heRobust)
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[Live Show Review] Emancipator – Denver, CO

Opening for Emancipator, with an array of inimitable sounds, was Inspired Flights, Natasha Kmeto and Blockhead. Inspired Flights, the boys from San Diego OpenOptics (Eric Poline) and Chavez (Gabe Lehner), brought their own mix of turntables, live instruments and cultivating vocals. Their music divided from electronic to dub to indie rock, an energizing sound that kept a surge of undeniable energy throughout the audience. Natasha Kmeto captured the audiences’ bodies (and hearts) with her hypnotizing voice and her mix of R&B, hip-hop and cool jazz. Anthony Simon, aka Blockhead whose head does not resemble a block even though he makes that claim, dropped seductive beats mixed with an array of vocals ranging from the sexy songstress to the bad boys of rap. All of these artists made the audience sway with love for the music.

As a person who truly loves electronic music and dubstep there is one thing that I sometimes miss when going to live shows; the use of actual instruments in an artist’s set. It is something few artists use, but for the ones who decide to bring that genuine use of sound to their numbers, they always show their bona fide love for the music they are making. Emancipator, aka Douglas Appling, is one of these artists. He was joined on stage by the very talented violinist Ilya Goldberg, who offers unique plucking sounds and strung out picturesque melodies that fit together flawlessly with Emancipator’s Electronic beats. Emancipator’s love of music recently led to the start of his own record label, Loci Records, which combines the likes of instrumental hip-hop, electronic and melodic downtempo. From the violin to the banjo, from the sounds of horns to the angelic voices of choirs, Emancipator illustrates his undeniable skill of mixing sole sounds that touch the souls and pleasure the ears of all who listen.

Black Lake
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[Electronica] Rhye – The Fall (Yalls Bootleg Rework)

Rhye‘s ultra smooth track “The Fall” gets thrown into the remix machine by California’s Dan Casey, AKA Yalls. Though its soulful essence is still intact, it emerges having sustained some major chopping and blitzing as its given a healthy kick of edginess and electronic vigor. Listen to more of Yalls’ music, including a Blackbird Blackbird remix, on his Soundcloud page.

The Fall (Yalls Bootleg Rework)

Check out our past Rhye coverage: “The Fall” and “Open”.

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