[Dubstep] NERVO & Hook n Sling – Reason (FEEX & The Noisy Freaks remix)

When French producers FEEX and The Noisy Freaks collide on a remix, good things are bound to happen. Following up on their recent collab which took Knife Party’s ‘Bonfire’ to a whole new level of filth, this time the combined talents of the artists have taken things in a different direction with ‘Reason’. The uplifting original has effectively been transformed into a reflective dubstep smash, with melodic stabs and heavy bass hits reminiscent of the signature Seven Lions sound. The addition of that electric guitar breakdown midway through the track makes this one an absolute anthem. A freebie given away for the holidays, this is further proof that this holiday season just keeps on giving.

NERVO & Hook N Sling
Reason (FEEX & The Noisy Freaks remix)
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[Video] The Neighbourhood – A Little Death

The silky smooth single “A little Death” from upcoming and beloved group The Neighbourhood now has its visual counterpart. First release last month with its mesmerizing melodies and seductive vocals, The Neighbourhood, as with all of their other releases, are able to encapsulate genuine emotions around a perfectly layered instrumentation of indie sounds with R&B elements. While there isn’t much substance for the video as a whole, featuring a romantic lesbian scene in slow motion, we love The Neighbourhood too much not post this track. Enjoy

The Neighbourhood
A Little Death
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Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey! (Original Mix)

Huge release for Netherlands producing duo Bassjackers coming up! Teaming up with brothers, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen that make up Showtek, comes the highly powered single “Hey!” whose broad and filthy electro synths expose the true meaning of a banger.

Coming off the amazing success of “Cannonball”, Showtek’s collaboration with Justin Prime, “Hey!” shares the same aggressive nature with the iconic melodic foundation of a Bassjackers productions.

Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey! (Original Mix)

“Hey!” released December 31, 2012 on Spinnin Records can be purchased on beatport

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Azealia Banks – BBD

Azealia Banks, the young and talented American rapper starts the year of early with the release of her latest single “BBD”, featuring her always abundant lyrical style. Produced by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle the trap-infused single combines many influences of music as she explains:

“It’s Trap, but it’s Rave. it’s Banjee, But still a lil classy.”

While this is not the first “official” single for her upcoming debut album Broke with Expensive Taste, out on February 12, it does provide a glimpse of what to expect in 2013.

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[TMN Exclusive] Interview – Fedde Le Grande

There’s a few people in the industry that you automatically associate with a certain type of music. Fedde Le Grande has one of those names, one of those styles, and one of those reputations that you automatically think of when thinking of house music. We’ve had the pleasure of catching a few of his sets, and they’re always energetic, well put together, and enjoyable.

This time around we were at the legendary Beta Nightclub to see him the midst of his tour. We sat down with him for a few minutes before his set to chat about touring, “So Much Love,” and Coconut water.

TMN: Welcome to Colorado, Fedde. We know you’ve played here a handful of times, but talk to us about what it’s like to play at Beta Nightclub.

FLG: Personally it’s one of my favorite spots because I think this is how a proper club should work, sound wise. I think I was there when they just opened as well, which gives you an extra special connection. For me, that’s the main thing. The crowd is amazing, and everything is just done really well here. I can only bring what I can bring, but you need all the other stuff from the entrance to the sound system. You need everyone to really make a great night.

TMN: You’ve got to love the Funktion Ones, right?

FLG: Always.

TMN: You’ve obviously traveled all over the US touring, is there one particular city or crowd that always stands out above all the rest?

FLG: That’s always hard. Actually, I have to say New City Gas in Montreal was actually absolutely amazing. The Mid Chicago is probably one of my favorites. There’s some other cities, but it’s hard to choose which one’s my favorite. I like playing in Miami, and I like playing in LA, but I’m not sure what my favorite venue would be in either of those.

TMN: So how do the crowds differ from city to city? Do you notice a different vibe?

FLG: Actually, less than a few years ago. I think because everyone has access to the same music nowadays. Even globally, the difference are smaller. It depends more on the room actually. If the room is bigger you play a bit tougher, and obviously if you do Vegas it’s different altogether. Other than that, no. I think that’s it.

TMN: Speaking of traveling all over the US. Do you have a favorite food or drink over here in the states that you look forward to?

FLG: Coconut water.

TMN: Really? That hasn’t hit Europe yet?

FLG: Well, I think you can get in Spain, although I’m not there that often except in the Summer. I don’t know why, but I just love it.

TMN: Talk to us about “Put Your Hands Up for Detroit”. Do you feel that that particular track was a milestone in your career?

FLG: I mean, yeah, it would be stupid to say no. I do not think it’s the best track I’ve ever made. But you know, I think especially at the time it was something really quirky and new. It kind of, along with a few other tracks, revitalized the scene. House was a little bit dead at the time in Europe. For my track, plus the other ones, were very important for the scene.

TMN: One of our all time favorite tracks is “So Much Love”. Talk to us about how the production of that track developed.

FLG: The original was a 70′s song that was done by Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk. It’s one of my favorite tracks. I re-did it just for my sets, but then later on we were able to clear the sample. I’m actually super happy with it. It’s a slightly more housey track, and I’m happy that something so positive and different from all the rest did so well.

TMN: What does it feel like to see thousands of heart shaped hands in the air when you play that?

FLG: It’s really funny because the heart shaped hand has been around for ages, but because of the track it’s almost linked to me. I think it’s cool, man. I think it’s a positive thing in general.

TMN: Matthew Koma seems to be everywhere these days in the electronica world. What was it like to work with him?

FLG: Actually, funny enough, I started the track and invited Nicky Romero. We had only one day in the studio and we finished it over the internet. Nicky was on tour, and he played it to Matthew, and he sent the vocals over the internet. It’s weird though, no? We both really liked it.

I haven’t even met him. I just know him from the remix, and actually he’s working with me on my album for next year, and I asked him to do another track for me.

TMN: Is there another producer that you’d like to work with, that you haven’t already?

FLG: I got a list man. I would love be in the studio with Timberland. That’s from a very nerdy, technical point of view. I think he’s amazing. Or Dr. Dre even, on the production side. I think the way, especially how they process vocals, is absolutely amazing.

Vocal wise, I don’t know. He doesn’t do that much anymore, but I think one of the best male singers, is Justin Timberlake. That would be absolutely amazing. On the other hand I would like to work with Janelle Monae.

TMN: Here’s an off the wall question, if your music were an animal, what would it be?

FLG: In my case? Wow, that’s difficult. What is an animal that’s versatile? What’s the weird animal again. Platypus.

TMN: Awesome. Fedde Le Platypus.

Fedde Le Grande
Dark Light Sessions
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2013 Round #1)

If you are reading this, you made it through the end of the world. Now its on to the next. Cheers to 2013.

In The Valley Below
Wooden Dinosaur
Good Winter
Seth Frightening
Into The Water
Worn From The Fright (With Fireworks)
Advanced Base
Summer Song
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[Hip-Hop] Lil Wayne – Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)(Feat. Drake & Future)(Prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

As easy as it is for the three artists mentioned above to get on your nerves, you have to admit that they have an affinity for making some pretty catchy tunes. For his latest single, Weezy enlists both Drake and Future to share duties on the chorus, while he occupies the rest of the Mike WiLL produced backdrop with some trash talking and singing of his own. What else would you expect from a new Lil Wayne track? For those interested, you can find this one on Wayne’s upcoming album, I Am Not a Human Being II, expected in stores February 19th.

Lil Wayne
Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me) (Ft. Future & Drake)
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