Jose Gonzalez – Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix) [TMN Exclusive Premiere]

Jose Gonzalez
Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Today we have the pleasure of premiering our Resident Artist The Chainsmokers new remix of Jose Gonzalez’s song, ‘Step Out’. The boys are big fans of Jose and have loved this song, and more of his music, for quite a while. They took this song and turned up the electricity in it by adding an addictive melody and intensifying the already wonderful lyrics, keeping the soothing sounds for parts of the beat while putting their own Chainsmokers touch on other parts.

The boys describe why they decided to remix this song:

So this is the theme song from the ‘Walter Mitty’ film. And you have probably heard it in numerous adverts and airline commercials about travel… but when we first heard it MONTHS ago we thought it would be such a cool song to do a remix for because of the anthemic nature of the vocal, and not to mention we are big fans of Jose. His older song ‘Crosses’ is an all time favorite of ours! Anyway, the song is rather basic in format our goal was simple, to turn that chorus into a massive anthem of feels. That sorta feeling you get when you achieve something great. In the end, the track is largely in tact, as well as its emotion we think we just gave it that festival sized power…

And that is exactly what they did. Turn this remix up loud and feel the energetic emotions of this song sweep over you, taking your mind and body on a wonderful new adventure.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2014 Round #4)


It’s officially Summa Summa Summa time. Time to sit back, unwind and listen to an Indie Dojo.

’Ten Fold Rabbit – Warm Wave’
’The Ransom Collective – Fools’
’Bride & Groom – Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon Cover)’
’Falls – Home’
’Baked – Mick Jagger’
’Amarante – One Last Time’





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Garden City Movement Q&A [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Garden City Movement

After taking the internet by storm with their blogosphere darling “Terracotta,” we were anxiously awaiting a chance to fire over a few questions to this Tel Aviv based trio. Luckily for us, Garden City Movement agreed to answer a few quick questions for us, giving us a better understanding of the brains behind the music.

Take a moment to read this quick Q and A sesh to check out what they had to say about turn of the century urban planning methods, Last Action Hero, and who they’d like to collaborate with in the future. When you’re all finished up, head over to iTunes to pick up their EP Bengali Cinema , which just dropped today.

TMN: So tell us a little bit about you guys. What got you into music in the first place? Were you classically trained as kids?

Johnny: We are three guys from Tel Aviv. Joe And Roi used to play in a band called Lorena B and as for myself I come from the music and nightlife scene, but I used to work as musical director and DJ for Radio Tel Aviv. I have my own show on KZradio and I am part of the “TEDER” crew, which is a really cool pop radio bar that works only in the Summers. Beside I used to work as a music journalist and was part of the evolving Tel Aviv nightlife scene. Interviewed and hosted a lot of the artists that came to TA in the past few years — let’s say I had some crazy dinners. I learned piano and guitar as a kid, but I didn’t take part in music really until GCM started.

Roi: At first I didn’t really relate to music given the fact all I heard as a child were only early 90’s pop hits.
I started playing guitar at 11 years old and getting to know some rock and blues artists brought the change.
A few years later after playing in a few bands i started to appreciate some electronic music, and began to teach myself music production

Yoav: I had a blind guitar teacher who taught me the basics and then I learned music at high school.

TMN: How did you land on the reference for a turn of the century urban planning method set out by Sir Ebenezer Howard? (We definitely looked that up on Wikipedia, by the way)

Johnny: Bauhaus was already taken..haha. We were just looking for architecture reference and the GCM method was perfect for us.

TMN: We covered Terracotta back in May and it was definitely one of the sexiest thing to grace our ears. Walk us through that production starting from inspiration heading all the way through completion.

Roi: We create music using fragments, and we chop our own samples to create those fragments. “Terracotta,” like most of our tracks, sounded completely different at first, the vocals and harmony sounded more like an R&B track.

Johnny: The lyrics is a mix of an Antonioni film and scene and what I was going in my real life at the time we created this track.

Roi: The eastern sound came last. We loved the song, but some edge was missing. And jamming a little with the Oud got us to this idea.
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IVARR & Vices – Hammertime [TMN Premiere]

IVARR & Vices
Hammertime [FREE DOWNLOAD]

IVARR and Vices team up to bring you “Hammertime”, which samples vocals from Clipse and MC Hammer. They have combined club and trap in a very unique way, which we are exited to see more of. Both IVARR and Vices are familiar faces to The Music Ninja, so we’re pretty stoked to share this. Especially excited because I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in on some production sessions for “Hammertime”. You could say the anticipation was killing me to post this, but no anticipation is killing me like the Vices colab with DJ Esentrik. We hope you enjoy “Hammertime” as much as we do, and to show your support, a follow on IVARR & Vices‘ SoundCloud would mean the world to them!

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Steffaloo – Shoulda Known Better (Bear Mountain Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Shoulda Known Better (Bear Mountain Remix)

Let’s face it. There are not too many positives to Monday mornings. You’re probably worn out from the weekend, and the thought of digging in for an eight hour work day is giving you the chills. We do have some good news for you though. With Monday comes new music and with new music comes a little ray of sunshine for the start of your week.

LA-based Steffaloo (Steph Thompson) recently released the second single from her collaborative electronic album Heart Beats.Teaming up with Windy City native Different Sleep, they dialed in a dreamy pop song that slowly drifts through layered atmospheric elements, and calming percussion.

With the minimalist sound of “Shoulda Known Better,” we were anxiously awaiting a few remixers to pull out some elements and create something that is both complimentary to the original and something entirely unique. Enter Bear Mountain, who hail from one of this writer’s favorite cities in the world, Vancouver. You’re probably familiar with this four piece from their blogosphere smash hit, “Congo.” Taking a departure from their worldly sound that we all fell in love with on that release, they’ve dialed up a sultry dance tune complete heavy deep house elements, chopped up vocal samples and a pronounced bassline.


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[Deep-House] Morgan Page – In The Air (SNBRN Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Morgan Page
In The Air (SNBRN Remix)

Some musicians carry with them a coveted ability to breathe new life into songs with which the general slate of listeners thought had long run its course. This morning we have the felicitous opportunity to feature an artist whom carries such a skill and is making a TMN debut in the form of a premiere; Los Angeles house and disco distributor, SNBRN. With only a pair of official releases to the SNBRN moniker on his Soundcloud, both originals, this time around SNBRN has taken Morgan Page’s “In The Air” and distinctly lacquered on his sunny-addictive club sound. SNBRN weaves compositional Indie-Dance and Nu-Disko elements with a slick deep-house groove and bass line, resulting in an even more emotive version of the tune; which we sure as heck didn’t think was possible. Furthermore, Angela Mcluskey’s unforgettable vocal stems coalesce superbly within such an uplifting, groovy sea of sounds. About the track SNBRN had this to say: “I’m kicking off the summer with a pool friendly remix of Morgan Page’s classic, ‘In The Air’. Enjoy this free remix on the beach, in your cubical, or wherever you may be.” We surely will, and for those ready to add this to your personal libraries, grab the free download here.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #90

chill dojo

Just like the World Cup is a celebration of the world’s best football talent, we like to think the Chill Dojo brings together a similar caliber of gifted individuals when it comes to vibe-filled tunes. Only we don’t have to wait four years to bask in these brilliant artistic displays, because we’re getting them on a weekly basis. Kicking the show off this week is Canadian producer Pomo, giving us a sneak peak into his forthcoming EP with a sun-drenched single in ‘Start Again’. Head-bopping beats combine with the soothing vocals of Andrea Cormier for a track that just oozes summer feelings, and is sure to get heavy rotation over the season this year. This week saw the release of the remix package for Chordashian’s ‘Questions’, and among them was a familiar name in jackLNDN, who once again crafts his deep house groove seamlessly into the feel of the original. The warm disco vibes are certainly heating things up in this playlist, and they’ll do the same for any party mix you choose to throw this one into. Chromeo’s ‘Jealous’ is always a massive party-starter, and remixes have been flowing thick and fast ever since it first began lighting up dancefloors. There’s actually a contest on at the moment, and we think we’ve found a number-one contender in San Fran producer Funk Leblanc. You can probably guess the style from the name, but you won’t be expecting just how insanely funky this version is until your body is already under its control. This fits the style of Chromeo to a tee, and if you didn’t know any different, this could easily pass off as the original.

Next up we’ve got the latest from UK duo Blonde which was featured a little earlier in the week. Their coming EP is due in a bit, but the warmer weather cries out for blissful music like this, so we’ve got this poolside jam to enjoy in the meantime. Seven Lions is known for his bass-filled melodic masterpieces, but this week he called out a particular remix of ‘Strangers’ which caught his eye for all the right reasons. Described as ‘Anti-drop’ music, Irish producer The Eden Project has turned generic structure on its head with an innovative track that doesn’t need a heavy climax to make a statement. In a similar vein to Koan Sound’s recent style, we’ve traded a whomping bass for heavenly atmospheric elements which accentuate the beauty of the original vocals, and it’s this sort of freshness which we want to share week in week out. The upcoming generation are definitely at the forefront of this boundary-pushing material, and 15-year old $aturn consistently shows that with every new song that surfaces. Forget his few years of experience, his latest effort in ‘Pentecostic’ is a lesson in quality trap production for all ages, and it really sets the bar when it comes to mixing slick beats with gorgeous melody. And while we’re speaking of emotion, Ryan Hemsworth is a maestro when it comes to eliciting feels, as you’ll quickly find from ‘Every Square Inch’. There’s an undeniable charm in everything he produces, and you can sense that it’s something that comes from his persona as much as his musical prowess.

Together this makes a team of supreme artists to excite you with the best of their creativity and skill, and that’s something worth cheering about. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #90 zip

’Pomo – Start Again Ft. Andrea Cormier’
’Chordashian – Questions Feat. Frances Rose (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Chromeo – Jealous (Funk LeBlanc Remix)’
’Blonde – Higher Ground (feat. Charli Taft)’
’Seven Lions – Strangers (The Eden Project Remix)’
’$aturn – Pentecostic’
’Ryan Hemsworth
「Every Square Inch」(with Qrion)’
’SM!LE – Everyday’
’Alina Baraz Ft. Esta – Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)’
’Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (Harrison TouchMyButt Version)’
’YUNG LEAN x Lido – Gatorade (Manila Killa Ft. Mark Johns Flip)’
’Kappa Kavi – Talk 2 The Heart’
’fwdslxsh – With You (P A T H Remix)’
’Sophia Black – OVR AGN (Equator Club Remix)’
’Willow Beats – Merewif’
’Jason Burns & Sarah Winters – Lightweight’
’Strehlow – space jams’
’MisterMack – Let You Be’
’temu bacot – Boogaloo Blues’
’Linus Complex – In Yellow Glow’
’V A G A B O N D – Divergent’
’Mincha – You Know Me’
’Norman Doray & NERVO ft. Cookie – Something To Believe In (Matoma Summer Remix)’
’Memeb – I see you Ft Kaleem Taylor (Original Mix)’
’JNL + Moses Mayes – Free (Instrumental)’
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