[Interview] NEXUS: An In-depth Talk With a Rising Producer

Ginger Kids
Nexus & TYR
Connected (Original Mix)

As with the very definition of his name, Nexus, the young producer from Florida, is able to creates new musical experiences influenced by different ideas, different genres, all connected to become one coherent and organic sound that brings new forms of melody and aggression into dubstep. Only being 19 years of age, Nexus has worked the scene in Miami dj’ing anything from Deep House to Hip/Hop and with moving to Orlando to finish college, he is now more determined then ever to focus on his real goal: producing quality music. After grabbing our full attention with the release of his original track “Ginger Kids”, we just had to know more about the prolific and eccentric up and coming.

TMN: Congratulations on so many amazing tracks you have been putting out. Let’s start by learning more about your influences and how you got into producing electronic music, primarily dubstep?

When I was about fifteen/sixteen years old my friend Mathew Postrel was using this program called Ableton. I was into djing and mixing and I enjoyed djing a lot but I wanted to be more than just a DJ. So my friend was producing music and he showed me around Ableton and from that point on, I got myself a copy and started working with it.
It was interesting because I didn’t have a different type of style of music, he was more into Aphex twin, which is also one of my influences, and so I was really into that style when I started producing. Aphex Twin was the reasons he was making music. He made a lot of future garage and experimental music and I started making a bit of that, in a way. I have always enjoyed playing the piano, I am very into melodies and more of the pop style/universal language of music.

TMN: So were you classically trained as a young kid?

No no! Not at all, but I new music theory and I knew how to play the piano. I have been doing that for a while now.

That is why even when I make more traditional dubstep tracks, I really pull in all the influences of different styles of music out there. That song Ginger Kids I made wasn’t even on normal dubstep tempo, it was actually on 160 bpms

We feel like a lot of producers have gone into this brostep, extra extravagant movement and yet you still have that melodic foundation, which we find really refreshing.
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︻╦╤─ϨṲỊ₮ & ₮ỊЄ ₣Є∆₮. J∆Ϋ
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[Indie] Ivan & Alyosha – Running For Cover

Seattle’s Ivan & Alyosha have got something quite charming going on. Take just one peek at their single “Running For Cover” — full of such lovely, sweet folksy-pop — and they’ll immediately have you wrapped around their pretty little fingers. But being captives of their music is hardly a thing to complain about. Check out the track below and be sure to watch out for their debut album, All The Times We Had, which drops February 26th via Missing Piece/Dualtone. We hear it will be streaming on NPR early next month…

Ivan & Alyosha
Running for Cover

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[Filthy] Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof

Finally, the day has come where we get to listen to the entire 4-minute anthem “Blow The Roof”. When Flux Pavilion first dropped this at EDC Vegas in 2012 it was love at first sound. We featured previews and rips, but he finally uploaded the full version to his SoundCloud this morning. It will be off of his upcoming Blow The Roof EP due to drop on January 28th via Big Beat Records. Cheers.

Flux Pavilion
Blow The Roof
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[Stream] Elliphant – Elliphant EP

Dubbed a cross between Diplo and MIA, Ellinor Olovsdotter, aka Elliphant, is poised to make a real splash this year. We’ve heard the Swede’s utterly infectious track “Down On Life” not too long ago, and now she’s unleashed her entire debut EP to the internet world. Tune into the sassy, sunny dancehall-meets-electronic songs below.

Elliphant: Down On Life

Elliphant: Make It Juicy

Elliphant: In The Jungle

Elliphant: Ciant Hear It

Elliphant: Ciant Hear It (Jungle Remix)
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[Electro Soul] Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire

Thanks to the wonderful blogosphere, deserving songs like “Treat Me Like Fire” will actually — yes, here comes a pun — spread like wildfire. Released by a New York duo called Lion Babe (made up of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman), it’s a stellar soulful electro-tinged track. Take one listen and you’re instantly hooked to all of its parts: the backbeat is infectious and jarring, the synths are warm and ambient, the vocals are feisty yet so silky, and the chorus simply seals the deal. Big things will come from this pair, here. Listen in below and then download it off Lion Babe’s official site.

Treat Me Like Fire
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[Electronic] Yahtzel – Beached

Rising Australian producer Max Armata, aka Yahztel, is only 19 years old, but he’s well on his way to building quite the portfolio. After randomly coming across this track “Beached” on Hype Machine the other night, I just knew I had to throw it up. It’s an electronic tune that, despite it’s hard-hitting and energetic nature, still retains an aura of coolness. It’s chill, but steamy, relaxed, yet electrifying. And a lot of this has to do with the fact that the song packs a lot of imagination — it throws curves left and right, various sounds and textures amidst huge waves of crashing synths. Check it out below and be sure to visit his Soundcloud page, where he just released his Girls EP.


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