[Artist Feature] Library Voices


Library Voices – Drinking Games (music video) from Young Soul on Vimeo.

Sometimes in our ninja travels, we come across a band that makes us smack our forehead in sheer disbelief that we missed the boat. With the amount of amazing music that’s out there, it’s bound to happen. Take for example Canadian 7-Piece Library Voices. This indie-pop ensemble has been putting out music since 2008, and it’s a shame we’re just now sharing some with you.

Guilt aside, we’re happy to shine a light on this upbeat, poppy, and downright loveable Library Voices. The video above is far and away our favorite track to date. If you can listen to this song once, and not start singing it the next time you hear it, well, you must a strong adversion to catchy music. We must warn you though, the vocal harmonies in this track can make even the stingiest of singers belt out tunes at the top of their lungs.

Included below are two more of their tracks off their latest album. The first, “Generation Hadicap,” is a dancy, bouncy pop track that includes a magnitude of instruments and catchy lyrics. The second, “If Raymond Carver Was Born in the 90′s,” is a great blend of electronica and indie rock.

This sampling of tunes from Library Voices should be enough for you to start beating down their hypothetical door and asking for more. Hit them up on Facebook and tell them what you think!

Library Voices
Generation Handclap
Library Voices
If Raymond Carver Were Born In The 90s
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[R&B/Soul] Ro James – Pledge Allegiance

Ro James is the next big thing in R&B. You just haven’t heard of him yet. It might seem like a bold statement to make, but once you listen to this track you’ll share the same sentiments. The New York crooner brings together a smooth blend reminiscent of classic 90′s R&B modernized with some atmospheric synths to propel it into the future. On the track, James really plays off the patriotism theme, as he takes an oath to honor his relationship with his lover, while employing such creative lyrics as “I wanna put your love in my pocket/So when I wanna use it I got it.” Ro James’ first single is truly a remarkable track, and has us all intently anticipating his new EP, Coke, Jake & Cadillacs dropping later this year. If you’d like a get a look at the man behind the music, check out the video below to get a brief glimpse into his life.

Ro James
Pledge Allegiance

[via Pop Drop and Roll]

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[Hip-Hop] Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape)

Since being signed to G.O.O.D. Music back in 2007, Big Sean has had a steady rise finding mainstream success with out losing his original fan base. Sean has been featured on some of the biggest hip-hop tracks in the last couple of years and, with the help of Kanye West, emerged as a consistently relevant artist. Best known for his witty wordplay and experimental flows, the Detroit native  has been a very valuable asset to the G.O.O.D. team. On his latest mixtape, dedicated to his home city, he draws in help from a ridiculous amount of notable names in hip-hop including Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Juicy J and King Chip, just to name a few. With production credits just as impressive, Detroit, will likely be one of the strongest efforts from Big Sean yet.

With G.O.O.D. Music’s highly anticipated Cruel Summer‘s September 18th release date around the corner, this should more than hold fans over. Stream a few notable tracks below and download the whole tape for free here: Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape).

Big Sean
Higher (Prod. keY Wane)
Big Sean
24K of Gold (ft. J Cole)
Big Sean
Experimental (ft. Juicy J & King Chip)
Big Sean
100 (ft. Royce Da 59  & Kendrick Lamar) (Prod by Don Cannon)
Big Sean
Once Bitten Twice Shy (Prod by Hit Boy)
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[Remix] Gotye – Eyes Wide Open (Yeasayer Remix)

Right alongside the release of their new album, Fragrant World, Yeasayer leaves their mark on the latest Gotye craze, “Eyes Wide Open.” The Brooklyn-based trio slows down and mellows out the original by adding a smooth percussive track and chopping up the vocals. Is this remix another stroke of musical genius by the currently spotlight-soaked group? Or is it a still-recognizable tune that can now be played in every posh restaurant lounge around the world? You decide. If you were dubious of the overplayed track before, maybe you’ll like this version more!

Eyes Wide Open (Yeasayer Remix)
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[Talent] Evan Duffy: Pianist Takes On Electronic Anthems

Ninjas, today we will be presenting to you the undeniably talented composer and pianist Evan Duffy. Sir Duffy takes it upon himself to make masterful piano versions of originals and remixes of all types of electronic music. Never underestimate how difficult it is to transpose the notes from the cacophony of synths in electronic music to just one guy with two hands and a piano. Yet time and time again, he shows off his composing and playing abilities. It does not take long to realize when going through his catalog of videos that a gold mine has been found.

Right here you will witness the tackling of Nero‘s “Must Be the Feeling” (Kill The Noise Remix) with a monstrous performance. Somehow managing to transition all the texture and details involved in the KTN remix to his hands makes this just a stunning 4 minutes.

When not making piano covers of electronic anthems, the James Madison University student makes his own arrangements. Below is one of his epic originals.

For other piano reworks, including a Noisia remix and Dillion Francis cover, check out his youtube channel here. Evan has said if he were to reach 30,000 subscribers on YouTube he will release his piano cover of “Strobe,” so how but we ninja’s give him a little help with that.

Evan Duffy
Beyond the Shadows
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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo: Volume #3

If you still haven’t heard, Trap music is absolutely taking over the EDM scene, with producers from all over the world and from different Genres tackling the dirty south sound of Trap. Meyhem & Antiserum kick off this week with an absolute banger that definitely deserves the title of “Anthem”. Ian Boom slaughters it with Own Supply Hi, a huge track to be sure. Next, Bleep Bloop produces some of the deepest bass on the list; play this one on the loudest system you can find because it will definitely shake your foundations. Le1f, one of the first openly gay rappers lays waste to the haters and spits homoerotic fire over a killer trap beat by 5kin and Bone5, with an awesome video you can find here. Next, everyone’s favorite South African Rap/Rave group Die Antwoord kills it with, what else, a song about singer Ninja rubbing his dick on expensive shit. DJ Hi-Tek’s production really shines on this one. ETC!ETC and Brillz, hot off their Bueller EP last week show no signs of slowing down with a huge remix to Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says, a killer track in its own right. I won’t go into too much detail about the rest and let you enjoy the 808s, but the last two tracks by DJ Slink and Alter Natives, show a much different and chill side of the Trap wave. As always, don’t be afraid to hit the “buy track” button, you might get lucky with a freebie.

Antiserum & Mayhem
Brick Squad Anthem (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
Die Antwoord
Simon Says
Pharoahe Monch (Brillz & ETC!ETC! Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD
▲lex Young
Ray Bands (Krush Trap Remix)
SNAILS & Booty Hunt
Ganja (Original Mix)
Munchi x The Diplomats
Dipset Anthem
Mouse Meat
The Prodigy
Voodoo People (Tens Remix)
Dj Zany
Purity Ring (DJ Slink Remix)
Raise Your Weapon(Alter Natives remix)
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[Indie] Andy Shauf – You’re Out Wasting

Canadian indie/folk rocker Andy Shauf has been building a cult following in Canada for some time now. Hopefully after this post, he’ll start to build a cult following in America.

Atmospheric ambient noises couple Andy’s dark yet enviting voice in “You’re Out Wasting”. This chill, ominous sounding tune is a single off his EP The Bearer of Bad News. Keep an eye out for it on November 6th.

Andy Shauf
Youre Out Wasting
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