[Dream Pop] Postilijonen – Atlantis


Maybe you know the story of the legendary island Atlantis that, after a failed attempt to invade Athens, sank into the ocean in “a single day and night of misfortune”. Well, the Stockholm trio Postilijonen, decided to bring this island name back to the surface with their captivating song “Atlantis” off of their recently released album “Skyer”. The song takes the listener on a magical journey, where a saxophone and the vocals of Mia Boe, along with drums and electric melodies, paint a beautiful scene of music ecstasy. The sound is a bit old school, reminiscing of the 80’s, but just gives this song an original feel and a sound that has not been heard in a while and should be heard.

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[Electro House] Aylen – Rapid Fire EP


When we first came across Aylen, we knew the kid had talent. While some people may argue that it doesn’t take talent to make a great mashup, I can personally assure you that it does. In running Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist for over a year, and featuring numerous mashup artists, I’ve heard countless bad mashups. That’s never the case with Aylen though. In fact, his mashups have so much personality, you often forget you’re listening to someone else’s work.

I always loved when this Jersey based producer/Dj would drop something perfect for our party playlist, but today I’m even more excited as Aylen has dropped his first original electro house EP, consisting of two banging tunes. Seven days ago “Damage Control” and “Rapid Fire” hit the airwaves. The first of the two sports an industrial tone with rock style energetic synths that drive the beat into glitchy breakdowns. “Rapid Fire” is a little on the dancier side with chopped up vocal samples, and a big energetic melody.

Both are up as a free download for a “like” of his facebook page. Head over and grab yourself a copy.

Damage Control (Original Mix)
Rapid Fire (Original Mix)
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Little People Interview

little people
For Rosie DJ mix

There’s just something about listening to an artist over and over again. Song after song. Sound after sound. You seem to gain a confidence that you know exactly what a live performance would be like. Then that moment arrives, when you open up the paper and see them at a venue in your home town. You go to the show and it’s not what you expected. It’s better than what you expected, and in so many ways.

This was the story for this writer when Little People came to Denver. Laurent Clerc aka Little People has one of those sounds that’s incredibly infectious. His downtempo hip hop infused beats carry gracefully over carefully orchestrated woodwind instruments creating a sound that is overwhelmingly atmospheric and experiential.

We had a chance to sit down with the ever so humble Laurent Clerc outside of Larimer Lounge and talked about music over an American Spirit.

TMN: Let’s start of by talking about how the tour is going so far.

LP: Yes, it’s going really well so far. I have been very lucky to jump on board with Emancipator for his west coast dates and he pulls in very big crowds, so I have got the chance to play in amazing spots and locations. We played san Francisco – 800 people, L.A. 1000 people. It’s going really well. Now I am at the end of my Colorado run, played a couple of dates in the mountains. Denver is going to be pretty well tonight, I am looking forward to that. I have played her before, it was my second gig in the us. I opened for Polish Ambassador so it’s nice to be back as the headliner.

TMN: How do US crowds compare to European crowds for you?

LP: My point of view is slightly skewed because bizarrely I’m actually a lot bigger in the US than in the UK (or Europe generally). I actually don’t play that much back in Europe. Crowds in the US are crazy, you get a really good response and with the last few years electronic music blowing up, it’s amazing to hit some random towns that know what I do.

TMN: Have you have a favorite city to date? Any favorite shows in specific?

LP: Playing Sasquatch was pretty amazing! That was crazy.

TMN: We are obviously huge fans of your work, but we just gotta drive this home. You tend to create musical scenarios that are drenched with emotion. What inspires you to produce a track, is it emotional base, is it technical?

LP: It is more technical, bizarrely enough. I started making music in the computer. I had my dad’s computer and I worked out sampling and he had one of those recorder programs that came free and I would do loops and stuff like that. I always had the technical kind of background. I also do IT on the side too so I am fairly technical. I like what I do and I am always trying to find new sounds to generate new sounds and I use something technical and something odd to create something, and then from there I hone it and make it a full track. It is really a technical part that comes first but I guess you can say my music “emotional charged” but I do like that kind of stuff. It definitely ties in later on in the process.

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[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – Centipede

Childish Gambino

Yesterday, Childish Gambino tweeted out a link to his website, iamdonald.com, without much further context. That link led to a rather blank page with nothing but an empty field to type in an email address. Within minutes the site crashed, and many fans were left wondering just what exactly they were subscribing to. Well, we didn’t have to wait very long to see some fruitful results, as we have the first official material from Bino since last year’s Royalty mixtape. “centipede” is a jazzy, piano-driven track that builds up pretty slowly and climaxes around the 3:00 mark, transforming from a soulful ballad to an absolute banger. It’s typical Gambino flair, featuring honest lyrics and witty punchlines. No word yet on what Gambino’s next project will be or when it’ll drop, but it seems like he’ll plenty of time on his hands to focus on his music career now that he’ll be leaving his role on Community.

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[Alternative] Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

Kings of Leon

Yeah, it’s about time! After more than a two year long hiatus, Kings of Leon finally make a fitting return this season with the track, “Supersoaker.” The band had cancelled tours in 2011 when lead vocalist, Caleb Followil, was advised to rest his voice to prevent further damage. And what good advice it was. We’re glad to let you know that those familiar, signature, gravelly vocals are back, and here to amplify your summer playlists.

Revel in their performance last night on Jimmy Fallon, and save the date for the launch of their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, on 9/24. 

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[TMN Exclusive Interview] Dj Carnage – Global Dance Festival, Red Rocks CO

Carnage & Tony Junior
Michael Jordan (Original Mix)

If there is one thing I can say about Global Dance Festival every year at Red Rocks in beautiful Colorado it is this; three epic nights with some of the best artists in the music world today. And of course for a music blogger, these are the experiences I live for, seeing live acts, sitting down with amazing musicians and seeing music lovers everywhere unite for a grand weekend. This past Saturday I had the chance to sit down with one of my favorite up and coming EDM artists (or as he says, the artist who is the death of EDM) Dj Carnage. Have a read below as I sat down with the King of the Chipotle gang as we discussed his new release “Michael Jordan”, his Maryland upbringing and why his music is like an Okapi.

TMN: On this lovely summer evening up at the beautiful Red Rocks theater, I have the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Dj Carnage. Thank you so much for taking time before your set to chat with us.

TMN: It sounds like music has been part of your life for a very long time. So let’s start off from the very beginning when you were just a little nugget in your mom’s belly, did your mom tell you that she ever listened to any particular music while she was carrying you, put you up to the speakers and let some old Jazz tunes roll or anything?

DjC: Nobody has any musical background in my family, so no.

TMN: And how about when you were a kid, growing up, was there any music in your household? Have you been musically trained in any way, shape or form such as singing lessons or piano lessons?

DjC: Yeah I mean there was Spanish music in my household growing up.

TMN: Like a little samba in the kitchen kind of thing?

DjC: No, it was just, I was raised in Guatemala for 8 years, until I was 7 or 8…(laughs) I was raised in Guatemala until I was 8 (laughs). And yeah it was pretty chill and we used to listen to whatever, it was never a no music kind of thing just whatever was playing ya know?

TMN: Of course and I know there are stories about you going for long car rides with your mom where you would play mixed cd’s to pass the time along. Who were some of your favorite artists to have on those cd’s?

DjC: Eminem, 50 Cent, Mase, Ja Rule, Nelly, Chingy…Murphy Lee, D12.

TMN: Wow, you are bringing back some memories here from high school, Ja Rule needs to make a comeback right?

DjC: (Laughs)

TMN: And then, in the back skirts of Maryland, you were given Fruity Loops and your world turned upside down a bit. How was it first teaching yourself to make your own music?

DjC: It was cool, you know when you are a kid and you get something cool and then you forget about it?

TMN: Yes.

DjC: That is exactly how is was. I got Fruity Loops and then didn’t touch it for a year. Then I moved to the country side of Maryland and had nothing to do but play football and I didn’t have many friends so I started becoming a computer nerd and making beats with some of my friends.

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The Trap Dojo #48 [MP3 Playlist]


Starting off this weeks Trap Dojo we got a massive remix from Ta-ku of The Aston Shuffle‘s track “Can’t Stop”, and it’s sure to be on repeat all summer long. Next is another summer time anthem from DJ Snake, and he throws his own spin on Aluna George‘s mesmerizing track “You Know You Like It”. Kill Paris running the trap? HugLife dropped an Edit of Tiesto & MOTi‘s track “Back To The Acid”, and he tweaks it in all the right ways. Butch Clancy remixed Candyland‘s track “Castle Of Affair” and brings some filthy laser infused synth work. Yet another DJ Snake remix, this time he tackles Duck Sauce‘s glorious track, “It’s You”. The second half features some Love Trap tunes from RustieCRNKN, Mr. Carmack, K Theory, BeazyTymes, and Falcons. Cheers.

The Aston Shuffle
Cant Stop Now (Ta Ku Remix)
You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)
Kill Paris
Horn Beat 2.0
Tiesto & MOTi
 Trap to the Acid (Huglife Edit)
Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup
We No Speak Americano (BUSTED By HeRobust)
Ratchet (Rustie Remix)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Jericho (C2C Remix)
Castle Of Affair (Butch Clancy Remix)
Its You (DJ SNAKE Remix)
noodling, with papi
Jay Z
Heaven (K Theory Remix)
Jack (Sleepy Tom Bootleg)
Makin Papers (ft. Lupe Fiasco, Snow Tha Product & Too $hort)
Kanye West
Blood On The Leaves (Vonzie & Subset Bootleg)
The XX
Shelter (BeazyTymes Remix)
Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Paul Wall
Still Tippin (Falcons Rmx)
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