[Hip-Hop] Clams Casino – Bookfiend (Feat. DOOM)

Clams Casino - DOOM
Clams Casino
Bookfiend ft. DOOM

Any time we get to hear new material from MF DOOM, you know it’s going to be a good day. While a collaboration between the masked villain and New Jersey’s Clams Casino may seem odd at first, after listening to “Bookfiend,” you’ll know this is a match made in hip-hop heaven. The track blends DOOM’s atypical flow and complex rhyme schemes over some patented, atmospheric Clams production. Both artists stick to their formula here, but in this case, that actually leads to the creation of something fresh. Let’s hope to hear more from the duo in the near future.

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[Video] Smokey Robotic – Unlike Anyone

Smokey Robotic
Unlike Anyone

With the sun finally shining here out here in the Midwest, I’ve been searching for a song to match the summery vibes I’m feeling on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I think I’ve finally found the perfect one in Smokey Robotic‘s “Unlike Anyone.” The title is an accurate description of the group itself, who never cease to surprise us with the diversity in their sound. This infectious single is the type of tune that gets you bouncing on your heels almost immediately, which may cause you to miss the true meaning behind it. The song is all about the topic of true love, traversing through its difficulties, and emerging whole once again in the aftermath. If you’re as hooked on this as I am, it might be wise to check out the group’s recently released album, Musium, which you can stream for free on SoundCloud, and purchase on iTunes now.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #35

chill dojo

If you’re looking to start off your week in the most relaxing way possible, this installment of the Chill Dojo will be sure to deliver with some of the most mellow features to date.

It was looking to be a difficult decision for track of the week for #35 until the music of Dutch duo The Planty Herbs flowed through the speakers. ‘There’s Us” may just be the most chilled song ever to grace the dojo, and utilises a sound that epitomises the sensation that this playlist hopes to bring. It could be looped for hours on end and still maintain the same calming effect and amazing vibes it does upon first listen. From a song whose sound represents what we’re all about to one whose title does, the next tune, “Lazy Sunday” fortunately delivers on its promise to provide a killer Sunday feel. Mastefully crafted by German producer XTRAFUNK, a quick browse through his Soundcloud revealed a wealth of other great additions which carry similar feelings of bliss. If this has built up your cravings for disco vibes, then look no further than Louis La Roche to remedy your funky desires with his remix of the massive hit from Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding. It seems European artists are dominating the dojo this week, and Norway’s Cashmere Cat has become a definite favourite of late, and has seen his popularity skyrocket thanks to consistent displays of unique sounds and astounding production talent. For those of you who missed it in the Trap Dojo a little while ago, his latest remix of “Do You”  is an amazing mix of sexy synths and drumwork which work in pure harmony with the smooth vocals of Miguel.

There’s plenty more to write about this week, but this array of magical music is better heard than read, so delve into it at your own leisure. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #35 zip

Theres Us (ft. Marlon Penn)
Lazy Sunday
Summer Sun feat. MaGana
Calvin Harris
I Need Your Love (Feat. Ellie Goulding)(Louis La Roche Remix)
Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Julien Mier If You Are
Karma Kid In My Arms (Maths Times Joy Remix)
Owl Eyes
Closure (Giraffage Remix)
Ready For The World
Kissy Sell Out & Machines Dont Care (DrDr Cover)
Fade (Sane Beats Remix) (Free Download)
At Dawn We Rage
Always Ahead
Calling Me
Axel Boman
Not So Much
Golden Light (MATRiXXMAN Remix)
Rain Or Shine
Retrogott & Hulk Hodn
Ein$note (FloFilz Remix)
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[Awesome] Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

This weekend, folk trio Daughter take on “Get Lucky”, the ubiquitous new comeback single by Daft Punk (whose official artwork is above). It’s exactly what you might expect, in the most unexpected way, and a definite “must listen”. Check it out.

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Snakehips – On & On ft. George Maple

Snakehips - ft George Maple
On & On

Get cozy on the couch and turn up this weekend gem, “On & On”. It’s a pleasing, ultra-smooth, soulful pop track, which owes much of its sparkly production work to London duo Snakehips and its silkiness to vocalist George Maple. If Maple’s name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve spotlighted her beautiful R&B-esque vocals before — not just for her original song “Fixed”, but also for her collab with Aussie electronic artist Flume.

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[Indie/Soul] Young Fathers – I Heard

Young Fathers - I Heard
Young Fathers
"I Heard"

Call it catch-up Sunday, but I think it’s better to post a song that’s 23 days old than to never expose it to the masses at all. “I Heard” by Scottish trio Young Fathers is one such track; it’s hardly “hot-off-the-presses”, but it doesn’t make it any less write-up worthy. The cut is difficult to neatly categorize, but know this: it’s soothing, but rapturous, and offers a fresh blend of indie rock, soul, hip-hop and other unnameable, but creative elements. Plus, that light and cool falsetto is hard not to latch onto. Check it out above, and also peep its newly-released official video here.

Young Fathers’ new album, TAPE TWO, comes out June 11th via Anticon.

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[Indie Pop] Night Panther – All For Love

Night Panther - All For Love
Night Panther
All For Love

It’s kind of a bummer day as the NBA team I’ve been rooting for took a tough loss this afternoon, but “All For Love” by Night Panther, a track I’ve been meaning to throw up on TMN, eases the pain a little; plus, I figured I douse myself in good vibe tunes rather than alcohol. It’s a groovy, percussion-loving, synth-happy pop jam with a badass little rippin’ guitar solo during the bridge. Just what I (and maybe some of you, ninjas) need right about now. Tune in.

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