[LoFi] Someday I Will Miss You – Hold On

Someday I Will Miss You
Hold On

While we love writing about the monster tracks from people dominating the blogosphere, there’s just something about finding someone practically unknown and sharing it with the masses. Someday I Will Miss You is a perfect example of this, bringing their shoegazey, lo-fi sounds to our home page.

“Hold On,” is the first single off of their debut EP. Hailing from Karlovac, Croatia, this outfit has a delightfully depressing sound, combining slow guitar strums, rattling snare hits and atmospheric elements to create a dreamy, dark and welcoming sound.

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[Dance] Duck Sauce – Duck Droppings EP

ABL Test 2

It’s a shame that I just sold my goldfish platform shoes on eBay. If I had those bad boys on me right now, I’d be lacing up and gliding across my office. The 70’s are back, ninjas, and they’re here via A-Trak and Armand Van Helden.

This often quirky duo, better known as Duck Sauce, throws conventional beat-smithing to the window, creating music that is quite simply smile-inducing.

In this four track EP, we’re transported to the days where John Travolta was king, dancefloors lit up with the music (what happened to that, by the way), and shirt collars went clear down to your nipples. In a fury of nostalgic samples, rythmic disco house beats, funky basslines and non-stop energy, these two have put out something that might have your parents asking for a link to this free download.

Our favorite out of the bunch has to be “Louie the First,” which samples Storie’s classic tune, “Brother Louie.” The simplistic, repetitious sample is amped up in comparison to the original tune, syncing perfectly with the twangy bass, and heavily accentuated drums.

Party In Me
Louie The First
Calamari (Put The Sauce On It)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #68

chill dojo

And we’re back! After a bit of a break the Chill Dojo is ready to launch into the new year with its signature lineup of stellar tunes discovered over the holiday period. 2013 was a massive year and we can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer. If this first edition is any indication, we’re in for a very enjoyable time.

We kick things off with a golden cover of a track that has seen plenty of remixes featured in past playlists. Le Youth’s ‘C O O L’ has been the gift that keeps on giving for lovers of chill music, and this sultry RnB cover from London duo July Child certainly continues this trend. The amazing vocals alone were enough to sell us on this one, but when the beat kicked in just after the minute mark consider us well and truly under its spell. 2013 was an incredible year of releases for the Future Classic label, and one that happened to slip past us late in the year was an uplifting remix of Panama courtesy of none other than Cosmo’s Midnight. In signature fashion they put their retro style on full display in a way that is sure to make you smile. This song doesn’t have a care in the world, and that’s something we can all appreciate. Fans of that feeling will love another recently discovered gem from young Canadian prodigy Syre. One listen and you’ll agree that we’re sure to hear more from this talented producer in the dojo this year. If you were caught napping early last week, you may have missed this feature on a fresh new tune from Sydney’s Empia. We heard a lot of this rich electronic sound coming out of this city last year, and we’re more than happy for a good thing to continue into 2014. It’s going to be a long while before we’ve had enough of this style. Another thing sure to keep on this year is seeing Stwo dominate the various playlists on the site. If you happened to miss the latest from him in recent weeks, then let this be a reminder that he’s not one to sleep on.

So did you miss us? We could only keep these tracks to ourself for so long. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #68 zip

July Child
C O O L (Le Youth Cover)
Destroyer (Cosmos Midnight Remix).mp3
Let Me Go
Morning Call
Cashmere Cat
With Me (Stwo Edit)
Sango ft. SPZRKT
Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife (Stwo Remix)
You Dont Know My Name (YET!)
BB Dont Cry (Its Gon Be Ok)
The XX
Angels (Beau ReMake)
No Differents Between Us
sombre, green
King Avriel
Prelude (IAMNOBODI Remix)
Rameses B
Transformations (feat. Laura Brehm)
You (Original Mix)
Galimatias & Sorrow
White Snow (Shy Luv Remix)
Scar Tissue
De Hofnar
Zonnestraal (MÖWE Remix)
To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix)
Amsterdam ( LCAW Remix )
Le Roi Crocodile
Heart Of Gold (Neil Young cover)
Lightzoff ft. Trifonic
Broken (James Dax Remix)
Miley Cyrus
Adore You (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 10]

Sunday Night Soul

Well, the NFL  Conference Championship games are over, and the Super Bowl teams have been decided (congratulations to Denver and Seattle). Win or lose, we’ve got the perfect dose of soul here to help keep the celebrations going, or lift your spirits and heal your wounds (sorry New England and San Francisco). If you scroll down, you’ll see that we have a packed house once again, and the output doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Tonight’s entertainment includes such esteemed names as Raleigh Ritchie, Stwo, Tinashe, Willow SmithBlackbear and Freeze-Tag. We also have a few newer acts throwing their hats into the ring, including Rubee RaynePrelow, Jon E.K., Jeftuz, abstract youth and Kayla Steen. That’s just a fraction of what you can expect from this week’s Sunday Night Soul, which might actually last you the full week. Enjoy!

Ari Lennox & DJ Grumble
Cold Outside
Cookiee Kawaii
M U S I C & Poetry Prod. JTBS
Willow Smith
5 (Feat. Jaden Smith)
abstract youth
Thats How Life Goes (NeguimBeats Remix)
Rubee Rayne
Breathe (Prod. El Train)
Gates (Georgia On My Mind)
Bianca Raquel
Dear Summer (Original)
Jiggy (prod. by @iamblackbear)
Jordan Grizzle
Better Words (Prod. by Lamb & Bigg D)
August Alsina feat. Jeezy
Make It Home
Medusa Feat. Rush Davis
Jon E.K.
Raleigh Ritchie
Stronger Than Ever
Algebra Blessett
Right Next To You
Max Marshall
Your Love Is Like
Kenneth Whalum
Away (featuring Big K.R.I.T.)
Echo •
For The Team
Think Of You (Wildcat! Wildcat! Remix)
Freeze Tag
You Do
Mary J Blige
Be Without You /// T.Hemingway Remix feat. Maximus MMC
Wifey ・ NΞHZVIL Remix
Exotic Lover
ąŁǿɲƹ ƮǿǥƹƮɦƹř
Sango ft. SPZRKT
Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife (Stwo Remix)
Justin Timberlake x Sango x Dpat
Wake Up, TKO
Duncan Gerow
Usher & Young Jeezy + Esta  = Love In This Club
Maejor Ali ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber
Lolly (Jeftuz remix)
Girl you know I
2 On feat. ScHoolBoy Q
No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix Ft. Spank Rock)
Supreme Cuts
Down (ft. The GTW, Khallee, and David Ashley)
If You (Out Now On Play It Louder Volume 1)
FUNKTWERK   (From BeatTape)
OMG (Noïthingness remix)
My Love (Forthcoming on The Dutch, January 17th)
Bring It All (James Tambiance Remix)
Blood Orange
Chamakay (Cousin Cole Edit)
Tomi Jones
Tell Everyone
Kayla Steen
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[Resident Artist of the Month] Martin Garrix

Crackin' (Martin Garrix Edit)

With a new start to the year, we’re kicking off our 2014 Residency program with a bang, welcoming in one of the hottest names in music right now. For the past year, no matter what club, festival, podcast or mix you’d come across, you’re almost certain to hear one song in particular. You know which one we’re talking about. “Animals,” exploded onto the scene, dropping by way of Spinnin’ Records.

Shrouded in mystery, the teaser that was released had no name associated with it. People curiously wrote up blog posts with incorrect artists being credited, chomping at the bit to finally find out who was behind that behemoth of a track. When the artist was finally announced, belonging to 17 year old Martin Garrix, people were instant ennamoured with this Netherlands born youngster.

Garrix has since released numerous chart-topping tracks, all of which have maintained his polished style that so many have come to know and love. Now that everyone is a little more familiar with this rising star, we’re offering up the opportunity to get to know him even better.

All this month we’ll be featuring content on Martin Garrix, offering up a deeper look at the man behind the animal mask. Make sure to check back in on the regular to see what we have in store.

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[Sexy] Wet – No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix) (Feat. Spank Rock)

Wet EP
No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix Ft. Spank Rock)

Xaphoon Jones is no more, and Noah Breakfast finally emerges to take his place. It’s kind of like when Robin split from Batman, and embraced the identity of Nightwing to ironically spread his wings and vanquish evil on his own, except in this case our hero stays steady slaying remixes. Comic book comparisons aside, we’re glad to welcome Noah in with open arms as he serves up this sultry remake of Wet‘s “No Lie.” In contrast to the ruminating, restrained nature of the original, this spunky revamp is a blipped out, glitchy affair with a sticky bass that’ll force you to want to loop endlessly “on and on and on and on…” Also featuring a worthy verse from Philly’s Spank Rock, this tune makes for a perfect listen at the beginning or end of your night. Peep the single above, and treat yourself to a free download as well.

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[Lovetrap] The Chain Gang of 1974 – Sleepwalking (Just A Gent Remix)

The Chain Gang Of 1974
Sleepwalking (Just A Gent Remix)

Many of you out there probably recognize The Chain Gang of 1974‘s “Sleepwalking” as that song from the GTA V trailer last summer. From henceforth, this remix by Just A Gent shall be known as that song that knocked you out of your seats the instant you pressed play. Originally conceived as an uplifting synth/electro pop record in the same vein as M83, Just A Gent really wakes the song up, invigorating it through sped up vocals, an unrelenting bassline, melodic piano keys, and an unbelievable refrain that sounds like it was ripped straight out of a video game of its own. We know we probably say this quite a bit, but this one is definitely a MUST LISTEN. Stream the awesome track above, and grab a free download in exchange for liking Just A Gent on Facebook (it’s totally worth it).

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