Skrillex – Reason (Tom Budin Remix)


When I see Skrillex in a title of a track, whether it is an original or a remix, I just prepare myself for a corpus amount of heavily layered music with an extremely aggressive wobbles as if to simulating two sweaty robots having hot and oily sex. And while a few months back that heavy sound was appealing, for me at least, it has run its course. Talented as any producer may be, the trends keep changing and it is really their adaptability to adapt and create new experiences that sets talented musicians apart from others.

This brings me to up and coming seventeen year old Austrian producer Tom Budin. Taking on one of Skrillex more controversial tracks, Tom injects it with so much electro funk that even the original dubstep foundation is molded into an easily digestible and amusing sound. From its melodic backdrops within its build ups to the evolving and textured bassline, this remix brings a breath of fresh air to the already saturated dubstep scene. And it is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Reason (Tom Budin Remix)
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[Electronica] Bago – I Forget You (Wet Paint Remix)

Rising Canadian producer Wet Paint — who we’ve covered before — gets both playful and sexy on this remix of Bago‘s “I Forget You”. It’s still got the original’s soulful, sassy R&B swagger, but comes with an added dose of electronic flair that not only gives it some glowing & warped after-effects towards the end, but also emphasizes its ovearall slow-jam sensuality and warmth. Check it out below.

I Forget You (WET PAINT Remix)
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[Indie Pop] Still Corners – Heart of Fools

A few months ago we heard “Fireflies” from Tessa Murray & Greg Hughes, aka London’s pop duo Still Corners. The track was the A-side to their recently-released 7″. This week, we get to hear its companion piece, “Heart of Fools”. This B-side is much more toned down and almost lullaby-like, but it is just as enchanting and dreamy as their previous material. Murray’s vocals are especially worth noting; her phrases are like soft whispers that ever so soothingly caress the ear — it doesn’t even matter what she says, we’ll fall in love either way.

Hearts of Fools
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[Electro] Tony Junior – Pawg (Original Mix)

With a relatively easy start, “Pawg” will have your full attention at the 1 minute mark. We guarantee it. Tony Junior‘s latest single will make you a believer as soon as the relentless pounding of electro bass queues in. Our friends at Tehchibeats proclaim this track to be a turning point for the up and coming Netherlands producer and we tend to agree. Tony Junior is signed to Spinnin Records and you can check out his other releases on beatport here.

Tony Junior
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[New] MØ – GLASS

The powerfully beautiful sounds of Copenhagen-based electro-pop artist have come to life once more with her new single “Glass”. Coming off her release of “Pilgrim” back in October of last year, her new track is a much calmer rendition that accentuates her magnificent vocal range over a subtle rhythm of trap influenced drum patterns, calypso-like melodies and non-intrusive electronics.

MØ will be releasing ‘Pilgrim’ in February Neon Gold Stateside and Chess Club in Europe. ‘GLASS’ can be purchased now on Danish iTunes.

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[Fresh] Lapalux – Guuurl

With the announcement of a March Release for his debut album Nostalchic, the 25 year old DIY producer Stuart Howard, better known as, Lapalux exposes us to yet another masterpiece of effortless synergy.

“Guuurl” is a seductive and lucid piece with emotional undertones, wrapped in an atmosphere where elements of R&B and soul combine to form one.

This track is the first preview of his debut album Nostalchic, being released this March via Brainfeeder.

(from the Album Nostalchic out March 2013 on BRAINFEEDER)
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Ryan Hemsworth – An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You

Ryan Hemsworth, known primarily for his well executed and minimalist influenced hip/hop productions, is back an absolute gem to kickstart the new year. Just after his release of ‘BasedWolrd’ on January 2nd of 2013, to which he gave away for free, the Canadian producer experiments once more with an emotional filled instrumentational track titled ‘An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You’. While it lacks the grandeur of its predecessor ‘BasedWolrd’, he remains consistent at layering intricate sounds to form one smooth and coherent environment of harmony.

‘An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You’ comes from a recent Friends of Friends (FoF) Compilation, an eclectic 7-track compilation “exploring all aspects of the electronic soundscape with elements of wintry vibes”.

Ryan Hemsworth
An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You
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