Rose Ryot – S6X [TMN PREMIERE]

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Rose Ryot
S6X (KaterMukke Records)

Veiled in mystery, there’s very little we can share with London based artist Rose Ryot. While we would normally find a tidbit here or there on facebook, or maybe some information on twitter, for Rose Ryot, there’s nothing. When we say they don’t have anything on Soundcloud just yet, we literally mean they have nothing. Until today.

What we do know is this: today’s feature is the groups first track off of their first EP ‘Enter The Ryot’ due out on November 13 via legendary Berlin club Kater Holzig’s label “KatterMukke.” The tune, “S6X” is draped in sexuality, as indicated by the title of the track. It’s experimental in nature, exploding in frenetic drum beats, interspersed between haunting vocals and clanging bell chimes.

While this track has a very dark and ominous instrumentation, the vocals are enchanting enough to bring it back full circle. It’s quite remarkable, and we can’t wait to hear more.

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[Soul] Mapei – Don’t Wait

Don't Wait

Add Mapei to the list of artists I would have on my soundtrack for my life.
This stunning soulful singer from Sweden has a unique sound that cannot be put into one genre box which is what makes her so wonderful. Mapei’s influences range from hip-hop to dance-pop to Swedish club and gospel, combining all of them together she captures a sound all of her own. Add in her soft, deep and seductive voice and this Swedish beauty makes such beautiful music. Her song “Don’t Wait” tells a simple tale of love between two people, a love that shouldn’t wait for the world but should embrace everything in its path. This soul-filled singer is bound to make it onto other people’s soundtracks because we all need a little soul in our lives.

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Fishdoctor – Jackets [TMN PREMIERE]


With crashing waves of indie rock goodness, Brooklyn based sextuplet Fishdoctor are ready to win you over with their infectious sound. In a scene populated by numerous good acts, these surf rock crooners have plenty to offer standing next to the best of the dormitory of New York, creating feel good melodies and dance inspiring tempos.

Today we’re bringing you a brand spankin’ new tune called “Jackets,” which highlights lead singer Michael Romano’s vocal range. Carrying swelling guitars, and lyrics that just make you want to grab your friends and sing along, this new release maintains it’s weight in pop familiarity, creating an urgency to get up and enjoy life.

‘Jackets’ is the perfect sequel to their debut single, ‘Atlantic’, a jovial salute to the summer! Press play, find a beach and get ready for an early winter dance party. Hopefully it’s not too cold out there!

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[Close Your Eyes] Wet – Dreams


They call themselves Wet.
A simple word for a wonderfully not so simple group.
From NYC, this trio’s music takes on an almost water like feeling, with the flowing melodies and the beautiful tender voice of their lead singer mixed with quiet instrumentals, the group creates a sound to stream through one ear and out the other. Their song ‘Dreams’ is one of their magical songs, filled with an almost soul sound and leaves the listener in a dream-like state of music euphoria. A song of looking at everyday and seeing the simplicities in each day, good and bad, and letting the dreams be shared with the ones you love. Wet has a striking sound and we are always down with flowing away on their music.

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[Remix Obsession] Mo – XXX 88 Remixes

XXX 88 Remixes

I will openly admit, I’m obsessed with Mo’s voice.
This sexy Denmark native is taking over the music scene recently and for all the right reasons.
Recently, she put together a little three track EP of remixes of her song XXX 88. The first remix is done by Faustix and Imanos who take Mo’s song and add a bit of dirty to it. The tune is turned up a few notches with some trap melodies thrown in to give the song an addictive head tossing beat. Then there’s Joe Hertz’s remix, the complete opposite who takes the song and slows it down, way down. He focuses on Mo’s voice and adds in his own slow, electronic instrumentals to make the song seductive. Finally there is Oceaán’s remix, the sexiest of the three. I would put it under the baby making category for music. The beat is taken to an incredibly mellow rhythm with the vocals being sung by Mo but also taking on the sound of a man singing the song. All three remixes show the diversity that comes from Mo’s music and how different artists who hear her music can all put their own twist on her amazing sound.

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[Folk] Message to Bears – Moonlight

Message To Bears

Harnessing the powers of multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander, this one man recording act has a sound that the Pope himself would give a benevolent nod to. Infusing electronic production techniques with traditional folk stylings, “Moonlight,” has an ethereal feel that’s flirts across genres effortlessly, welcoming you in to a whole different world.

This tune is due up on Message to Bears’ upcoming album ‘Maps’ due for release November 12th 2013. Make sure to put a note on your calendar for this one. It’s surely one not to be missed.

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[NEW] Childish Gambino – Melrose

Childish Gambino

With an album dropping at the end of the year called Because The Internet, Childish Gambino is showing he certainly has a mastery over the web. Without including much background information at all, this latest track from Childish was included conspicuously in a tweet to “Bed Peace” collaborator, Jhené Aiko earlier tonight. “Melrose” is a rather bare track overall, featuring Bino crooning “Someone gave you all my love,” repeatedly over percolating keys and mellow percussion. We’ve heard Donald take a break from rapping before, but we can’t help but feel this track is a little incomplete. Hopefully something comes out of that message to Aiko, and we’ll be able to hear more from the pair in the future. Check out the single above, and feel free to grab yourself a free download as well.

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