[TMN Exclusive/Premiere] Max Frost – White Lies (The Tailors Remix)

One of our favorite indie tunes of 2013, Max Frost’s “White Lies” has enjoyed a potent viral run in the past few months, even managing to push out of the blogosphere onto mainstream radio waves and charts since its sparkling inception. While we were thoroughly enamored with the original; on account of a seemingly endless amount of malleability, we’d been waiting to hear what “White Lies” could offer through another vantage point, and assuredly we’ve found the grooviest take of all. The Dutch duo of Bastiaan B & Jesse V, more widely known as The Tailors,  have taken Max Frost’s upbeat tune, and slowed its cadence to a breezy Summer stride while maintaining an air of buoyant and shimmery vibes. Their remix begins simply enough behind a snappy four bar intro, but once a sultry sax line paints its way onto the arrangement, it’s pure sexy dance-pop from there. Further bolstering The Tailors’ seductive instrumentation is of course the original hooky vocal track which gets partially pitched down, sounding even more filled out, and right as we were sucked into a sea of tasty lyrics  in waltzes a syrupy sweet 5 note guitar arpeggio, completely sealing the entire pop-house movement with a certain delicate expertise we haven’t heard on an electronic track in some time. The Tailors have managed to pull off the enviable task of creating a record that plays out equal parts club-groover and chill-listener, offering a precious quality to be aurally consumed on both a sweaty club night or driving down a coastal highway with the top down and speakers blaring.

If you couldn’t tell, we are gushing all over this one, and are ecstatic to exclusively premiere and host The Tailors’ remix of “White Lies” here for you savvy Ninjas. Take a listen above, we know it won’t let you down. Be on the lookout for Max Frost’s White Lies Remixes EP in the coming months, but until then, get your fix here at TMN.

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Victor Niglio & Happy Colors- Jungle Bass (Preview) [TMN PREMIERE]

As we wind down our month of Jiggy with Mr. Victor Niglio, we’re admittedly ready to pour an ice cold beverage and get fully turnt up. We must warn you, you will experience similar symptons from his upcoming release, “Jungle Bass.”

Teaming up with Miami based Happy Colors, our Resident Artist for the Month of May has dialed up monster summer tune, rife with a dancy, big room melody, some wicked four to the floor bass hits, and a completely unexpected drop. It’s perfect for the club, a festival, a pool party, or even dancing around in your undies in your bedroom.

The only thing we want to apologize to you for is giving you a serious case of blue ears. While science has never proved that it’s an actual condition, we’re convinced it is after hearing this clip. Look for the full to be released June 5 on Ones To Watch / Mixmash.

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[Synth-Pop] Carousel – My New Friend

Something about L.A. duo Carousel and their pensive brand of brooding, but sticky sweet take on pop music has had a most resonant affect on much of the staff here at TMN since their debut EP 26 Allston. After recently wrapping up a much revered country wide tour in support of Cherub, the former Berklee School of Music students finally had the chance to pen another original, and once again we were struck by the simplistic beauty of Carousel’s sound. “My New Friend” gets behind a Jackson Phillip’s keyed synth line delivered with all of the careful bombast of an early 80’s Duran Duran hook, but with the type of indie sensibility that could be found on a Neon Indian composition. The pair’s subdued vocal incantations echo harmoniously off of each other, invoking the kind of contented nostalgia that has its listener harkening back to their first middle-school make out session, which depending on your experience should be a mostly good thing. It’s safe to say, the boys hit the mark, and with Summer nipping at our heels, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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[Dubstep] Noosa – Clocktower (PatrickReza Remix)

After being a blogger for four years, I’ve spent quite a lot of time tracking certain artists, continually posting what they do, and watching them grow and evolve. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of, and it’s even more amazing when two of those aforementioned artists team up to put something out.

In case you missed it, we premiered every single song from Noosa’s latest album, Wonderland. After all of the nine tracks had dropped across the span of the week, we were a little bummed out. There was a little bit of a Noosa shaped void in our hearts, until the remixes started coming.

“Clocktower” took the blogosphere by storm, quickly charging up the Hype Machine charts. Today we’re excited to bring a bass-heavy interpretation by long-time TMN favorite, PatrickReza. Coming out of LA, we’ve been with this young dubstep producer since his very first remix. After having premiered multiple tunes of his, we were excited to see this come across our radar again. With one listen in, we’re immediately reminded of what we’ve come to love about Patrick. Harnessing Sky’s luscious vocals, he accentuates the original by adding in razor sharp synths and massive drops. It’s dark and gritty, yet oh so melodic and beautiful.

As most of his tracks are, this remix is available as a free download on his Soundcloud.

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[Summer Anthem] Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS ft Aleesia – Gold Skies (Preview)

They say only two things in life are garaunteed: death and taxes. Well, we can now amend that age-old adage with a third. We guarantee that you will hear “Gold Skies” at every festival throughout the rest of the summer. Take a listen and get carried away for a second. Can you picture it? Tens of thousands of people all dancing, singing along with Aleesia’s captivating lyrics. It’s not hard to imagine what will draw people to this track, especially in a warm-weather festival setting.

Comprised of an all-star team of EDM giants, this buzzing, progressive house tune is coming your way via Sander van Doorn, youngster Martin Garrix and duo DVBBS. It features a larger than life melody that will capture people’s attentions without even having to hear a word of the lyrics.

Dropping June 2nd via Spinnin Records, this is sure to be an international success. Make sure to pick up your copy next week.

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Candy Says – Not Kings [TMN ALBUM PREMIERE]

Opening with handclaps and a frantic chorus of “got to get out before my heart explodes” throughout title track ‘Not Kings,’ Oxford-based newcomers Candy Says have burst onto the scene with their self-released debut. Possibly the most endearing pop duo to come out of the UK since Slow Club, Juju Sophie and Ben Walker create a similar sort of homemade sound that twists and turns, impossible to pin down.

As sweet as their name suggests but with an edge, Candy Says effortlessly meander between synth-driven melodies and acoustic rhythms. Their unique brand of chic charm is charged with bold claims of being “the Lord’s mistake,” but if that’s the case then ‘Not Kings’ is a mistake worth making.

Stand-out track ‘Favourite Flavour’ continues the sugary motif with an injection of that classic Brit-pop brand of sexuality (complete with a kiss) and an infectious round of Na-na-nas that will remain in your head long after the record stops spinning. Only the over-eager lullaby ‘Melt Into The Sun’ borders on saccharine with its declarations of like and sing-along counting.

‘C’est Pas Comme Ca’ and ‘Hummingbird,’ sprinkled with sultry and bilingual whispers, increase the intimacy, romantically drawing in listeners like sirens before unleashing the Kevin Barnes-esque barrage of stream-of-consciousness ramblings and electronic dance beats of ‘Dreamers.’ Towards the end of the album the tone shifts again with ‘Cool Sensation,’ a fuzzier track not unlike Phantogram at their sleepiest.

Overall, Candy Says launch a solid freshman effort in ‘Not Kings,’ proving DIY creativity and energy trump outside resources. They may not be royalty, but they’re certainly on the rise.

Tour Dates:

May 28 – The Waiting Room – London, UK
May 29 – Truck Store – Oxford, UK

’Not Kings’
’Favourite Flavour’
’C’est Pas Comme Ca’
’Lord’s Mistake’
’Dead On Arrival’
’Understand The Night’
’Cool Sensation’
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[Video/EP Stream] Rashid Ajami, Haroun Hickman – They Wanna Know EP [TMN Premiere]

’Rashid Ajami, Haroun Hickman – They Wanna Know (Original Mix)’
’Rashid Ajami, Haroun Hickman – They Wanna Know (Mark Jenkyns Remix)’

Have we got a special treat for our house heads today in Ninja land. New York via London deep-house maestro Rashid Ajami gave us the drop on a brand new collaborative EP with Haroun HickmanThey Wanna Know, along with an exclusive video premiere to pace your hump-day wonderfully. Ajami, who has authored stellar releases on some of our favorite dance labels including Anjunadeep, Get Physical and Kitball Records, and Hickman’s stylistic production aesthetic coalesce superbly on “They Wanna Know”. A punchy four-four kick-drum and snappy snare clear the way for Ajami and Hickman’s chilly vocal to ride in on a wave of reverb before bursting open under a deep synth line, which serve as the track’s bedrock up until the first break. Following that crucial space is an arpeggiated chord progression, again pushing “They Wanna Know” further into the dance hall, while a scooting hi-hat wraps the deep groove up with a neat little bow.

The extended play’s latter half comes in the form of a remix from Hot Creation’s Mark Jenkyns who pumps a little more jack onto the original with a deep, MOOG tweaked synth and almost Gesaffelstein leaning snare kick, which for us Ninjas might as well be auditory bait. While a bit darker in execution, Jenkyns’ revision also had us scooting around the office, while simultaneously injecting some serious bounce into our step. Both the A and B side play as well thought out, and expertly crafted dance movements, and we hope you have as much trouble as we did deciding which version to vibe with more. Here’s a hint, they’re both incredible.

We’re not selling you short either. The official and beautifully psychedelic music video for “They Wanna Know” is below, which for our more visually inclined readers, is the clear Yin to the audio track’s Yang. Stream both tunes, take them home for free above, and stream the official music video for Rashid Ajami & Haroun Hickman’s “They Wanna Know”  below.

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