[Deep House] Ferdinand Weber & Fabich – Aaliyah

Ferdinand Weber & Fabich

After gaining much esteem with their recent edit of The Weeknd’s ‘Devil May Cry’, the partnership of Ferdinand Weber and Fabich returns with another polished performance set to build their profile even higher in 2014. As the title suggests, this time the pair have put to use the stunning vocals of the American songstress in a fitting tribute to her smooth style. Impeccably clean sampling and infectious bounce saturate the tropical feel of this track, and it was no doubt the intention to echo the vibes  from ‘Rock the Boat’, which they’ve done here with great success. Though through tragic circumstance the artist’s career was cut short, it’s heartening to know her voice will live on through glorious re-imaginings like the track above.

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The Outkast Cover Artist Named ZHU, Releases Another Gem Titled “Superfriends.”


The unknown artist responsible for that glorious “Moves Like Ms Jackson.” Outkast cover is back with an upload to a random Soundcloud. There’s no download for this track which leads us to believe it’s an Original from our unknown prodigy. Starting off with some infectious synth work, and a melody that carries perfectly throughout the entire tune. Accompanied by some very on point, slowed raps vocals, and some funky drum work that definitely goes one deeper. There’s also some impressive vocals from our unknown prodigy singing about being “Superfriends”. The mix between Hip-Hop and Disclosure-esque House is just a taste of the future, and we can only hope there’s more where this came from. Cheers.

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[Trap] Beyoncé – Drunk n Luv (Diplo Remix)

drunk n luv (diplo remix)

We told you there were a ton of remixes to this single didn’t we? What it basically sums up to is that if you weren’t listening to Beyoncé last night, you weren’t doing Valentine’s Day right. As the third major remix to drop in the last 24 hours (we promise this is the final one), Diplo definitely makes sure to stand out from the crowd (as he always does). Dropping a massive, festival ready tune, Diplo’s reinterpretation certifies that this song won’t be escaping your rotation anytime soon.

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[NEW] Beyoncé – Drunk In Love (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West & Jay Z)

Kanye West
Drunk In Love (Feat. Kanye West & Jay Z)

If you’re a Beyoncé fan, Valentine’s day was either a blessing or a curse for you, as it seems like everybody and their mother put out a remix to the diva’s hit single, “Drunk In Love.” Arguably enough though, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Premiered late last night by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, this revision features a raunchy verse from the one and only Kanye West, along with some fine tuning courtesy of Mike Dean. It always make for an interesting dynamic when Yeezy hops on a single with his big brother. We’d like to think Kanye steals the show this time around, but we’ll leave the judgment up to you.

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[Hazy] Oliver Wilde – On This Morning

Oliver Wilde
On This Morning

‘On This Morning’ is the shape-shifting, unorthodox new track from Bristol based artist Oliver Wilde.

Confidently categorizing Wilde would seem like a reductive and unfair exercise. Whilst ‘On This Morning’ possesses the woozy introspection of shoe gaze and a back bone of laptop-pop, Wilde hasn’t subscribed to any formulaic blueprint. Instrumentalisation is woven and chameleon-esque in its fluid changeability. Analogue recordings and experimental visions are harnessed with the usage of household items and the imagination to assert that what’s more important is the effect created, rather than the component used to make it.

Wilde’s bedroom proves the liberating environment this track pays homage to, in its cerebral escape from generic song structuring. Made for late night musings and moulded from twilight tinklings, this understated record was crafted for keeps.

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[Gorgeous] Laurel – Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover)

Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover)

One thing we love about holidays is the influx of themed releases, covers and remixes that come out in perfect harmony with that day. Valentine’s Day has presented us with some soulful gems, including this gorgeous interpretation of the overwhelmingly classic tune “Crazy,” from country music legend Patsy Cline.

UK based indie vocalist Laurel has not only paid tribute to one of the most recognizable American classics out there, but she reinvented this 1961 gem with immaculate class and respect. The woeful sorrow is still very much present, as it is in the original, yet we’re brought into this century with a light spattering of synthesized drums, echoing piano keys, and classic movie samples.

We would be remiss to not talk about the flawlessness of Laurel’s vocals. In a cinematic swelling of haunting sentiment, Laurel has us wondering if this song had personal meaning to her, as her raw emotions are left in front of the listener, with unabashed honesty.

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[R&B] Beyoncé – Drunken Love (Feat. Jay Z) (Official Remix) (Prod. Detail)

Beyoncé f/ Jay Z
Drunken Love (Official Remix) (Prod. by Detail)

Given the nature with which Beyoncé‘s last album was released, it’s no surprise that time constraints were tight. Despite the song’s resounding success on the charts, Noel “Detail” Fisher, who produced the track, recently lamented about not being able to take it into post-production and tweak it just a little bit more. Finally gaining an opportunity to share his vision with the world, he’s decided to release a remix of epic proportions just in time for Valentine’s Day. Cleverly titled “Drunken Love,” Detail’s version ups the ante a bit, wiping out many of the elements of the original and replacing them with added orchestration, extended vocals, and thundering drums. Check out the retooled interpretation above, and let us know which rendition is your favorite. You can also catch Noel’s personal feelings about the single in the accompanying video below.

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