Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (LOGO Remix)

Although most of Two Door Cinema Club‘s work is made up of instantly infectious treasures, the remixes are a different story. This one in particular, “Sun” by LOGO, takes its time warming up, with little waves of synth-y bursts during the verses; they’re pleasing, but also uneven, making you anxious for something larger, bigger to hold onto. But once the track finally hits its stride, about halfway through, it does what TDCC songs do best: washes over you completely, bathing you in beautifully glistening electro pop.

Two Door Cinema Club
Sun (LOGO Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore album, Beacon, is out now.

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[Funk] French Kiwi Juice – Lying Together

This glossy, funky electronic track from Parisian newcomer French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) is quickly gaining some major internet momentum, gaining upwards of 24,000 hits in its 11 days of existence. Take one listen to it and you’ll see why. Not much is known about the artist, but with a song like “Lying Together,” I venture to think you hardly need a backstory to stay interested. After listening below, make sure to check out FKJ’s recent EP The Twins (released via French label Roche Musique) right here. Connect via Facebook, too, to stay updated on all things french, kiwi and juice. Enjoy!

French Kiwi Juice
Lying Together

via KickKickSnare

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[Indie Pop] Veronica Falls – Teenage

London’s Veronica Falls released their self-titled debut album a little over a year ago and now are gearing up to drop their sophomore effort, Waiting For Something To Happen. The indie pop quartet give us a taste today with “Teenage,” an aptly titled bouncy and carefree tune that’s so catchy and sweet, it’ll easily be the bright sun in your otherwise cloudy, bleak workweek.


Waiting For Something To Happen comes out February 4th, 2013 via Bella Union.

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[NEW] Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) – Know Til Now

Today, the My Morning Jacket frontman shared details of his forthcoming solo debut album, Regions of Light and Sound of God, along with a brand new track called “Know Til Now”. Not quite like his band’s signature trippy, soaring psych-rock sound, Jim James‘ new material is toned down and mellow, and seems to channel more electronics. His vocals, however, are still just as compelling. According to a press release, the album — which comes out February 5th, 2013 via ATO — is based on the 1929 graphic novel God’s Man by Lynd Ward, which “chronicles an artist’s struggles with temptation and corruption, along with finding true love”. Below, James comments on it:

“I wanted the album to sound like it came from a different place in time. Perhaps sounding as if it were the past of the future, if that makes any sense—like a hazy dream that a fully-realized android or humanoid capable of thought might have when it reminisces about the good old days of just being a simple robot.”

Jim James
Know Til Now
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[Remix EP] Netsky – We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) feat. Billie

Whether you’re a DnB fan or not, Netksy’s latest album, 2, was easily one of the top electronic productions of 2012. Those who have heard it will recall  “Puppy,” a unique track which deviated from the popular Belgian producer’s usual style, yet was also one of the standouts of the release. Now, the dancefloor title has received a recent vocal update along with a host of remixes that each vary in their treatment of the original and offer something different for listeners, which isn’t always the case when it comes to remix packages. The vocals from fellow Belgian Billie, though simple, are a welcome addition to the album version and do much to enhance the uplifting nature of the song. Label mates Camo & Krooked expectedly deliver a quality DnB remix of the track, ironically transforming the original back into something more in line with Netsky’s signature sound. A French touch comes courtesy of Norwegian duo Lemâitre, adding bouncing disco vibes and a whole new level of danceability. Finally, electro producer Modek brings a more aggressive take with gritty high-energy basslines designed to send large festival crowds into a frenzy. All four of the releases bring something different to the table, and they are all worth a listen. If you like what you hear, you can pick them up on Beatport.

We can only live today (Puppy) (feat Billie)
We can only live today (Puppy) (feat Billie) (Camo and Krooked Remix)
We can only live today (Puppy) (feat Billie) (Lemaitre Remix)
We can only live today (Puppy) (feat Billie) (Modek Remix)
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Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear) – Not Coming Back

Not sure if it’s the holiday spirit, but Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear fame) has been in quite the giving mood lately. Not too long ago he shared “Untitled,” a previously unreleased track, and earlier today revealed yet another unearthed gem called “Not Coming Back”. It’s a lovely, soft and subtle pleaser with Shields-esque tones. Check it out below, along with Rossen’s comments on the song:

This one is from January 2011 around the same time as a few of the EP songs. it’s not exactly finished, the lyric is rough, but I still enjoy what it is and eventually this song lead to other tunes on the EP and on Shields that I’m happy with. It’s a wintery New York song to me, it reminds me of home. And at this particular moment I miss home, and I feel like I should be there after all that’s happened recently. So there it is.

Not Coming Back
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[Electronica] Dream Cop & Outlands – Com Ocean

Electro pop artist Dream Cop joins forces with disco-noir duo Outlands to produce an electronica track that’s warm, sexy, and goes down smoothly like your favorite liquor of choice. And Outlands’ Melissa Smith is quite the temptress; her smoky vocals are tantalizing and calming at the same time, a deliciously dangerous effect for any listener. Grab a free download below!

Dream Cop & Outlands
Com Ocean
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