[Live Show Review] Emancipator – Denver, CO

Opening for Emancipator, with an array of inimitable sounds, was Inspired Flights, Natasha Kmeto and Blockhead. Inspired Flights, the boys from San Diego OpenOptics (Eric Poline) and Chavez (Gabe Lehner), brought their own mix of turntables, live instruments and cultivating vocals. Their music divided from electronic to dub to indie rock, an energizing sound that kept a surge of undeniable energy throughout the audience. Natasha Kmeto captured the audiences’ bodies (and hearts) with her hypnotizing voice and her mix of R&B, hip-hop and cool jazz. Anthony Simon, aka Blockhead whose head does not resemble a block even though he makes that claim, dropped seductive beats mixed with an array of vocals ranging from the sexy songstress to the bad boys of rap. All of these artists made the audience sway with love for the music.

As a person who truly loves electronic music and dubstep there is one thing that I sometimes miss when going to live shows; the use of actual instruments in an artist’s set. It is something few artists use, but for the ones who decide to bring that genuine use of sound to their numbers, they always show their bona fide love for the music they are making. Emancipator, aka Douglas Appling, is one of these artists. He was joined on stage by the very talented violinist Ilya Goldberg, who offers unique plucking sounds and strung out picturesque melodies that fit together flawlessly with Emancipator’s Electronic beats. Emancipator’s love of music recently led to the start of his own record label, Loci Records, which combines the likes of instrumental hip-hop, electronic and melodic downtempo. From the violin to the banjo, from the sounds of horns to the angelic voices of choirs, Emancipator illustrates his undeniable skill of mixing sole sounds that touch the souls and pleasure the ears of all who listen.

Black Lake
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[Electronica] Rhye – The Fall (Yalls Bootleg Rework)

Rhye‘s ultra smooth track “The Fall” gets thrown into the remix machine by California’s Dan Casey, AKA Yalls. Though its soulful essence is still intact, it emerges having sustained some major chopping and blitzing as its given a healthy kick of edginess and electronic vigor. Listen to more of Yalls’ music, including a Blackbird Blackbird remix, on his Soundcloud page.

The Fall (Yalls Bootleg Rework)

Check out our past Rhye coverage: “The Fall” and “Open”.

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[Folk Rock] The Amazing – Gentle Stream (Album Review)

The Amazing, a band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is tough to categorize.  Their sound places them somewhere between a folk band and a jam band, producing an all-together unique sound. Interwoven guitars create beautiful melodies, punctuated by horns and wind instruments, and anchored with masterful drumming. The vocals drift effortlessly through each track, complementing the instruments perfectly. While The Amazing’s songs seem to draw from folk music, they are almost certainly a jam band. Out of the nine tracks on their album, Gentle Stream, five of them are six-plus minutes long. “Gentle Stream,” the title track of the album, which you can listen to below, is a perfect example.  At just over seven minutes in length, the song steadily builds to a melodic crescendo of electric guitars, horns, and drums.

While The Amazing may not produce songs that instantly draw you in with catchy pop hooks and predictable melodies, they make a different kind of music, the kind that is crafted down to every detail to provide the best listening experience possible. So, give them a shot and allow yourself to be taken in to the world of The Amazing.

The Amazing
Gentle Stream

Gentle Stream is out now via Partisan Records. Purchase it via iTunes.

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Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (3.A.M. Bootleg Remix)

It’s really uncanny how well Florence + The Machine‘s songs translate into dance floor-consuming, earth-shattering electronic remixes, but producers 3.A.M. make it look so darn easy here with their soaring take on “You’ve Got The Love”. We featured them in the past when they splendidly reworked M.I.A.’s classic “Paper Planes,” but this one certainly takes the filth up a notch. Grab a free download below and check out the rest of 3.A.M.’s tracks on Soundcloud.

Florence and the Machine
Youve Got the Love (3.A.M. Remix)
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[TMN Premiere] The New Division – Night Escape EP

Los Angeles’ The New Division, though undoubtedly influenced by ’80s forefathers Depeche Mode and The Joy Division, approach electronic music with an ever-expanding open mind that’s ready to party as much as it’s ready to brood, equipped with both the crunchy glitches and the silky synths. The band’s latest output, the Night Escape EP, shows off this brilliant versatility in mood and sound exceptionally well with just four tracks and we’re proud to premiere it right here on The Music Ninja.

“Pride” starts off the collection strong, with its enticing balance of dreamy and hyper electro pop moments. Glistening and bubbly is “Kids,” a treat you’d be hard-pressed not to keep on infinite loop. Luscious, so sweetly tender, and emotional to the core is the title track “Night Escape,” featuring Greek chillwave duo Keep Shelly In Athens. The EP ends on a very high note with closer “Start Over,” a truly kaleidoscopic anthem that, despite all its varied parts — gushing synths, a warping mini-drop, delicate piano, fierce lasers — culminates perfectly and leaves you wondering: Will this EP ever grow old? And the answer would be: NO.



Night Escape (Ft. Keep Shelly in Athens)

Start Over

Night Escape is out via the band’s label Division 87. Be sure to check out The New Division on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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[Preview] Gramatik – Denver, CO 10/17 + Ticket Giveaway

Every person has that one musician that just makes their insides light up. That special artist who connects with that listener on a deeper level and makes them come alive whenever they hear that artist’s undeniable sound. The artist that a person can pick out whenever they hear those familiar jazzy beats or those jaw-clenching drops or those addictive whimsical lyrics. Well this Saturday night at the Fillmore, one of this writer’s favorite musicians is making his first headlining appearance. Gramatik, a master of mixing, is bringing his addicting sound to the mountain state. His unique jazz like sound combined with old school vocals and instrumentals always leaves this girl’s music soul begging for more. Helping Gramatik throw down what is sure to be an epic night is none other than Mux Mool and Talib Kweli. And what is even better, The Music Ninja wants to give you tickets to check out this awesome show.

All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us why you want the free tickets. We’ll pick one lucky winner Wednesday at 3pm Mountain to get a free pair of tickets. You must be 18 and up, and you also must provide your own transportation to and from the show. While we’d love to send you in style, we unfortunately spent all of our budget on throwing stars.

Expedition 44
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[Stream] Björk – bastards (Biophilia Remix Album)

The profound and nearly indescribable Björk released her seventh album, Biophilia, last October. On November 19th, she puts out its remix album entitled bastards via One Little Indian. The 13-track collection includes work by folks like Hudson Mohawke, Death Grips, These New Puritans and more. You can check out two of its songs below and then stream all of bastards via the lovely folks at The Guardian.

Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Rework)

Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)
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