[TMN Resident Artist] 3LAU Interview: Young artist 3lauing up

This month Mr Justin Blau, aka 3LAU, is working his way even more into the hearts of all of us at TMN. He has such a great story and has risen insanely fast from regular college kid to mega artist in just over two years. He’s a Las Vegas native who is finishing up college in St. Louis all while exploring the wonderful world of electronic dance music. In awe? I know I am. So on this fine day we were able to sit down with Justin and get to know a little bit more about this incredible young artist who has taken the EDM world by storm.

TMN: As always Justin we just wanted to say thank you for being our artist of the month for February it is a true honor to have you on board and we are tickled pink to get to spend one on one time with you.

Justin: And it’s an honor to be a part of TMN! Been following you guys from the start! It was always a goal from day one to be featured on the blog, even in a simple post, so being a featured artist is HUGE! Thank you!

TMN: Let’s start with a few ice breaker questions. You are a Las Vegas native, something I have only heard a handful of people say in my lifetime. What was it like growing up there? I imagine going to see Barbara Streisand or Siegfried and Roy was not a typical Saturday afternoon.

Justin: It was definitely an experience, but I never had much to do with the tourist activities. Vegas is similar to LA, same weather, similar people, just everything is toned down a bit more. It’s a great place to be to relax when you’re not caught up in all of the action on the strip.

TMN: If you were any Las Vegas casino game, which would you be? A rowdy game of black jack perhaps?

Justin: Black Jack all the way, shit’s unpredictable.

TMN: Now we know you attend college at Washington University in St Louis, you are a senior correct? Tell us, do you have typical college senior experiences? Care to share any story of a c-r-a-z-y night? We won’t tell your parents, promise.

Justin: haha well… I ended up taking a leave of absence to focus on my career for a bit, I was still performing a ton though while I was still in school. It was pretty hard to balance all of it, and I honestly didn’t get to party at all outside of the shows I was playing. Continue reading

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[NEW] London Grammar – Metal & Dust

We previously fell in love with the English trio London Grammar back when they shared the chill, impressive number “Hey Now” in December. Now, they’re back to win our hearts over again with a new track called “Metal & Dust”. As expected, it’s soulful and soothing, packed with enough emotion and sentiment to wake up any sleepy or broken heart. And as with their previous single, the real beauty is in the simplicity, in the sincerity — the three-piece hardly ever get flashy and, instead, stick to a solid script of a sparing use of electronics and effects, lush vocals, and strong knack for resonating pop.

Metal & Dust

“Metal & Dust” will be included on a limited edition 7″ later this month. Pre-order it.

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[Deep House] Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix)

For all of those who caught our epic Coachella compilation the other day, you may recognize Bristol, UK’s own Julio Bashmore as one of the “fine print” artists to land on the Sunday portion of the lineup.  If you’re as excited as we are that he will be in attendance, then do enjoy his funky take on the recent single from Justin Timberlake, “Suit & Tie”.

If you have yet to get your first fix of Julio Bashmore, now is a better time than ever.  His signature sound of low-frequency, soulful deep house will leave you feeling ready to glide about your business in rhythm.

Should you wish to get a full dose of what Julio has to offer, be sure to check out his LA appearance at The Boiler Room.

Justin Timberlake
Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix)
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[Electronica] Sir Sly – Easy Now

After sharing the impressive cuts “Ghost” and “Gold” over the last few months, Los Angeles three-piece Sir Sly are back with yet another offering in the form of “Easy Now”. Sometimes haunting, but always stirring electronic-tinged pop is the sound that they’ve grown into nicely, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love this direction. On their songs, especially on this new one, the trio seem to perfectly know when to hit hard with huge-sounding arrangements and when to simply pull back and let things just s e t t l e. Check it out below.

Sir Sly
Easy Now
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #25

Valentines Day meant the music world was very much into the lovin’ spirit this week, which fortunately provides plenty of mellow tracks to enjoy with your special someone. If our Valentines Playlist ignited your lust for smooth tracks, then the Chill Dojo will look to continue to satisfy, now and in the weeks to come. After all, this sort of music isn’t just for one day a year, so make it a habit to keep your playlists fresh.

Before we kick into the baby-makers, we couldn’t help but start things in an upbeat mood with 3 house tracks that are pure vibes. The first comes from German duo, Tube & Berger, who combine intricate guitar flair with a silky beat with infectious results. Our next track sees TMN favourite Classixx make a triumphant return to the dojo with a dreamy dancefloor groover, followed by a deep house jam from veteran singer/producer team The Foreign Exchange. Valentines Day is a day of giving, and a song from the heart is pretty much the top when it comes to gifts, which is exactly what Deadmau5 was pleasantly surprised with this week. A special Valentines edit of ‘GhostsnStuff’ courtesy of his fiance Katherine Von Drachenberg and producer Danny Lohner was uploaded to his Soundcloud and it is sublime. Ok, now that the vibes have been properly established, it’s time for the trap love-makers, starting with the ultimate song to set the mood right, ‘Climax’, with sex levels amped up even higher thanks to an incredible remix from Lindsay Lowend. Mashup experts The Hood Internet keep the flame burning with a masterful mix of Miguel, Shlohmo and RL Grime. However, this is the Chill Dojo, so we also can’t forget to break things up with some new beats from FloFilz, and of course two new freebies from our favourite chillstep provider in Sizzlebird. Things will then proceed to get a little deep and spaced out from here on out, until we conclude this week’s playlist with a playful jam in ‘Music for Fun’.

So it really doesn’t matter what activities you choose to engage in while the Chill Dojo is playing, just make sure to keep the music flowing. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #25 zip

Tube & Berger
Imprint Of Pleasure (SUARA072)
Holding On
The Foreign Exchange
So What If It Is.mp3
Climax (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
The Hood Internet
The Thing U Do (Miguel x Shlohmo x RL Grime)
Closer feat. Evar After & Eileen Esposito
GoldRush (Pay What You Want Download)
(TrapStyle Exclusive) DAN FARBER
ILLUSION ❤ Valentines Special ❤
Retrogott & Hulk Hodn
dreckamset (FloFilz Remix)
All Good (dl link in description)
Above and Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
Alchemy (SizzleBird Remix).mp3
Make Believe
Lana del Rey
Summertime Sadness
Justin Timberlake
Suit & Tie (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Miss You.mp3
Skyfall (SoulCircuit Deep House Bootleg) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Skyfall (Trashbat Remix).mp3
Proper Blazed.mp3
Gold Rush
The Third Omen.mp3
Gold Rush
Forever Yours feat. Evar After & Eileen Esposito.mp3
Music for fun
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Candyland feat. Lexi Forche – Bring The Rain (Brown & Gammon Remix) [TMN Premiere]

This is the first release off Candyland‘s, Bring The Rain Remix EP, and it doesn’t get much better than this. The Dubstep heavyweights Brown & Gammon tackle Candyland’s track “Bring The Rain” and slap it with some flawless melodies mixed with the sexy vocals of Lexi Forche. B&G also some how find a way to incorporate some guitar riffs as well — this remix has it all. Enjoy the free download thanks to Candyland reaching 30k likes on FB, and brace yourselves: the Bring The Rain Remix EP is going to be pure madness. Cheers.

To listen and buy the entire Bring The Rain EP, click here.

To download this track, click here. 

Bring The Rain ft. Lexi Forche (Brown & Gammon Remix)
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Röyskopp & Susanne Sundfor – Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix)

If dubstep has become too chaotic for you lately, look no further. Producers Protohype and Carnage have converted the already orgasmic single “Running To The Sea” by popular Norwegian electronic music duo Röyskopp into a chillwave masterpiece of crushing wobbles. Featuring the soothing vocals of Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfor, the track exposes the beautiful dynamics of the original with added layers of pure electronic bliss. Enjoy the free download below.

Röyskopp & Susanne Sundfor
Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix)
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