[House] Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Action 52 Remix)

Twenty One Pilots
Stressed Out (Action 52 Remix)

To be quite honest, I’m anything but stressed out listening to this latest flip from Denver-based Action 52. In fact, the only thing I’m really feeling is the need to lace up some dancing shoes and cut up a mean rug. This isn’t a new phenomenon experienced while listening to these guys’ tunes. In fact, it’s pretty much to be expected at this point.

Following up on a string of tasty g-house remixes, these two stepped away from cutting up legendary hip hop acts like Ludacris, Kanye West, and Missy Elliot to cross over into the alternative realm, dialing up one dancy-as-hell interpretation of Twenty One Pilot’s “Stressed Out.”

With some strong nu disco vibes, Action 52 brings some serious dance floor flavor to what once was a somewhat somber song. Yet, as much as the mood has changed, enough elements of the original are in place to make even the most devout Twenty One Pilots’ fans to nod their head, shake their hips, and tap their feet.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2016 Round #2)

In the midst of chaos, music can be the perfect escape. Come get lost with us for a while….

’Bamily – Hello Stranger’
’The Lonely Rivals – Save It For Tomorrow’
’Hi Fi Cali – Ocean Love’
’Tuskha – No Pain’
’Glenn Davis – Off The Line’
’Berlin Bar Hounds – Skeleton’
’Chess Club – Careful’
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[Deep House] Lincoln Jesser – Time Will Tell (feat. Samuel Jacob)

Lincoln Jesser
Time Will Tell (feat. Samuel Jacob)

It’s been nearly three years since we first stumbled upon Lincoln Jesser. Looking back, it didn’t take much for us to instantly fall in love with the infectious, dancy, and (now that we’re listening to it again) timeless sounds of “We’ll Be Fine.” Since then, we’ve featured him and his music over a dozen times, showcasing our rapidly-growing adoration for his musical talents.

Each time we listened, release after release, we always asked ourselves the same thing – “why isn’t this guy blowing up right now?” Well, “blowing up” is rather tricky, but definitely well-deserved in this case. And, his most recent release will certainly help him get in front of millions more, as he releases his second tune with Spinnin’ Deep.

“Time Will Tell” features a lot of the same nuances we’ve come to know and appreciate from this LA-based producer, but also highlights some new tricks in his growing repertoire. Boasting an energetic piano melody, hard-hitting kicks, and a smooth-as-silk bassline, it has everything you’d want from a proper summer jam whether you just tuned into Jesser’s work, or you’ve been a long-time fan.

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Mat Zo talks about “Self Assemble,” Tennyson, and his Asshole Cat [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


Just a little while back, we hosted the legendary Mat Zo in our Residency Program to help highlight someone who has continued to impress us year after year. Part of this residency included a deep look into his recently released album, Self Assemble, which has been one of the most impressive listening experiences we’ve heard in quite some time.

We wanted to know a little more behind this perennial star and his latest body of work, which brought us to this Q&A.

TMN: Hey Mat – first off, thanks for coming on board to be our Resident Artist. We’ve been fans for quite some time, so it’s an honor to have you.

Mat Zo: Thanks for having me.

TMN: Let’s talk about Self Assemble. We’ve been spending a lot of time with it since it came out. It definitely feels like it’s organized to be a true top-to-bottom listening experience. Does it tell an underlying story, or is the track arrangement solely for proper flow?

Mat Zo: When I was making it I had a general story in mind, but by the end the story was so vague that it became purely open to interpretation.
Continue reading

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[Indie Electronic] KOLAJ x Eric Nam – Into You


If you haven’t heard of KOLAJ yet, you definitely will after “Into You”. This is one of those singles that can define an artist’s trajectory into big things, and their signature blend of tropical house and K-Pop brings together the best of both of those worlds. In their premiere with Fader, they exclaim,

We first got inspired by the tone of Eric’s voice, it’s breathy but cool in the verse so we wanted to playfully complement each other in a way that felt like we were incomplete without each other. We only got together for one day and basically turned out the entire song. We were big believers in the song even if it was outside of all of our comfort zones we still wanted to share with the world. K-Pop and Tropical could sound sweet together… perhaps we invented “K-Trop.”

Good luck getting this one out of your head because you’ll be hearing it all summer. Hit play and enjoy!

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Following a slew of strong singles, MOSAICS released their sophomore project, Year of Valor, last month capturing the attention of various publications and a growing online fanbase. Delivering on the promise of its title track, the 5-song EP sees the SF-based three piece defining and solidifying their craft. While plenty of artists combine organic and electronic elements effectively, their positioning within that intersection proves novel. The intro track, “Freedom,” finds Mosaics at their best—with an inventive percussion arrangement, layered guitar loops and powerful, pop-tinged vocals. Even with its attention to intricacies, “Freedom” never waivers from a stripped-down aesthetic. Those same qualities make it a prime tune for remixing–either by adding to the arrangement or completely re-inventing it.

For that reason, we’re stoked to be teaming up with MOSAICS to give producers an opportunity to reimagine the song through a remix competition! Winners will receive a post on the The Music Ninja including their remix, a short interview and placement on our Soundcloud page. 

To enter: 

1) Download the stems here

2) Send your submission to ash@themusicninja.com with ‘Freedom Remix Competition’ in the subject line. Private Soundcloud links and MP3 attachments are both acceptable. 

The winner will be announced on July 18th. May the best tune win! 

You can grab a copy of the Year of Valor EP here now.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 10

Saturday Selection

Here we are at volume 10 of Saturday Selection. It feels good. What makes this so enjoyable is the fact that we’re lucky enough to get great music released every week, and we’ve got the artists & producers to thank for that! Whenever, wherever, and however you can, support these talented people. They make our lives better and the least we can do is attempt to reciprocate by showing we enjoy what they create. On that note, let’s explore what we’ve found from the last week!


San Holo – Still Looking

You may have caught this tune in our latest Wednesday Workout segment, but it’s so good that we just had to mention it again! With that being said, San Holo needs no introduction. He’s been on a roll for a while now, especially since his monumental release “We Rise”. He’s taken to bitbird to show off his latest track, and the first taste of the label’s upcoming Gouldian Finch compilation. “Still Looking” is textbook San Holo in the sense that it combines the best of melodic, trap, and bass elements into his festival-ready style. It’s carefree. It’s substantial. It’s innovative. Enjoy this one when you just want to feel good.


KHAI – Alive

Here’s what’s cool about Khai: he’s unapologetic in his ability to detail exactly how he feels in his music and creates something beautiful around that principle. “Alive” is the latest shining example of this and, after his awesome If You EP, we’re just so glad to he’s back at it. There’s an air of optimism amidst the brooding production in this tune, and the balance between the two defines this stellar single as one of Khai’s best releases to date. Play this tune when you’re feeling a little down, but you’re also sort of okay with that.


Jerry Folk – Where I’m Going

Jerry Folk has been on an interesting journey with his music as of late. Each release really has been something entirely different from the last, and this is somewhat the mission statement of loosely structured project, The Kids Tape. With “Where I’m Going”, he actually lends his own vocals to the radiant production that juggles prominent and funky slap bass, smooth keys, and an overall sense of positivity. Enjoy this one with the windows down.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.19.36 PM

g l u e 7 0 – Conclusions

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of lo-fi in our lives. Some may find it stale, but when it’s done right, it’s pretty phenomenal. g l u e 7 0 is here to provide some of the best of it. “Conclusions” feels like a hazy and slightly distorted dream world driven by a hip-hop influence while scant vocals flutter every which way across the soundscape. You sort of get drawn in without noticing, and before you know it, you’re digging through the entirety of g l u e 7 0’s material. The magnetism of this sort of music is tough to deny. Listen to this one on a late summer night right as the sun is going down.


M!NT – Sleepwalker

M!NT just dropped off his Through Darkness EP and it is NICE. It was difficult to only pick one tune from it to talk about, but “Sleepwalker” stood out after a few listens. It’s part spooky, part chill, and wholly great. Without a doubt, the innate sense of head-bobbing-ness (let’s just pretend that’s a thing) is strong with this one with a smoothly riding beat and big presence that’s tailor-made for a night cruise. Explore the city late night and enjoy the flashing lights with this one.

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