[Insanity] Deadmau5 – Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) (Wild Boyz! Refix)

Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) (Wild Boyz! Refix)

At certain times throughout our lives we come across music that makes us want to go 100% bat shit crazy. You know, the kind of song that makes you feel like you need to fight cyborgs or battle laser-shooting unicorns in a field of galactic warfare. Today we have something that will undoubtedly force you out of the house and into the streets where you will want to run around screaming obscenities around town – naked.

Helping us channel our inner Hulk are San Francisco producers, Wild Boyz, and their aggressive new refix of Dillon Francis’ remix of Deadmau5‘ “Some Chords”. That’s quite the mouthful to take in, but that shouldn’t deter you from raging face to this festival anthem (that will definitely be in this weeks FPP). Filled with hard-hitting synth stabs, 808′s galore, and a HEAVY load of literal heat, Wild Boyz! straight up threw us into a vortex of total weirdness. Our ninja clan can’t stop raving about this one and we know you’ll want to drink liquid nitrogen after hearing this the first time through, so press play and get ready to get silly.

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[House/Indie-Dance] SNBRN – Raindrops ft. Kerli

Raindrops Feat. Kerli (Original Mix)

Behind tastefully deep remixes for Melanie Martinez, Indiana, 50 Cent and loads more, L.A.’s SNBRN has made quite the stamp here at TMN on his steady push to the apex of rising house producers. SNBRN’s latest original record, “Raindrops”, which features syrupy sweet vocals from Kerli; sees the California native dance guru making a warranted debut on the almighty Ultra Records. Kerli’s alluring refrain coats SNBRN’s fetching, and sunny, Cali-appropriate synth hook with just the right balance of effeminate and bouncy. About the collaboration, SNBRN told us: “6 months ago I met Kerli at a small studio in Venice Beach, California. We shared our stories, really got to know each other and came up with a concept that would evolve into the song you hear today. We wanted to create a song that would be powerful and moving yet also something you could really groove to. The lyrics really hit home for me and I’m so excited to finally share it with you guys. It was such an unbelievable experience to work with Kerli and create something so beautiful from nothing. The best things always take time; the wait was definitely worth it. I present to you Raindrops.” “Raindrops” is now available through Beatport and other online retailer, but for now, get your fix from our super fancy Ninja player above.

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Datsik talks about LA, his Firepower homies, and the future of dubstep [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


TMN: Hey dude! First off, thank you so much for being our artist of the month for January, and for letting us come on board for the Ninja Nation tour.

Datsik: Absolutely. I appreciate all of the support!

TMN: Let’s talk about the upcoming Ninja Nation tour, which kicks off this week. What can fans expect from this tour?

Datsik: Well, first of all, this tour is going to be louder, bigger, and it’s going to have different, crazy, and awesome artists. Some of them are from Firepower and some of them are just homies. We have Kennedy Jones, we have ETC ETC, TRUTH, Barely Alive, Bear Grillz, Twine, Trolley Snatcha, Fox Stevenson, and I think that’s it. They all rotate in and out of the tour.

I’m super stoked. We just upgraded to Vortex, so we have some 3.0 now, and it should be pretty crazy. It should make for a pretty fucking awesome experience!

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[Future] Sir Sly – You Haunt Me (ShadowLuxx Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 5.43.53 PM
Sir Sly
You Haunt Me (ShadowLuxx Remix)

Fleshing out the Sir Sly remix EP is a producer fairly fresh to SoundCloud, ShadowLuxx. Utilizing an almost reggae style rhythm, this remix powers through the future element in a very professional manner. From the sidechaining to the synths, ShadowLuxx crafted a tune that gets your head bobbing as soon as Sir Sly’s lyric cut through the thick and prominent production. With only an original and a remix of RAC‘s Cheap Sunglasses occupying his account, ShadowLuxx is in the early stages of making a name for himself, but this official release via Sir Sly is a spectacular start to a promising, fresh sound.

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Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape (SMLE Remix) [TMN Premiere]

SweetEscape (1)
Gwen Stefani
The Sweet Escape ft. Akon(SMLE Remix)

Gwen Stefani. Oh how I’ve missed her. Thanks to the newest remix from SMLE, she is back and better than ever. These two are becoming increasingly notorious for embellishing older songs for the benefit of our eager ears. From T-Pain to Train, there’s no telling what this duo will tackle next, and this rambunctious and dynamic vision of a Gwen Stefani classic shepherds in nostalgia while also setting up your week for a cheery start. Hopefully at some point in the near future, the weather starts warming up again, because SMLE’s newest is a tune primed and ready for car rides with the windows down and sunny days. If this track is any indication, clearly they are eager for summer to kick back in, and honestly, who isn’t?

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[Disco/Chill] Falcon Punch – Silk [TMN Premiere]

Falcon Punch

After storming Hype Machine’s Top 10 back in August with “Flying High”, and following up with an utterly tasteful disco-revivalist single for vinyl-only imprint Smokecloud Records, “Paid Dues”; Denver based Minneapolis transplant Avery Henderson, who limelights with one of the best names and sounds in downtempo dance music, Falcon Punch, is back with “Silk” for a very special ‘TMN Premiere’. Always a thinking man’s disco purveyor, Falcon Punch rolls out his latest single on a bed of subdued, shuffled hi-hats; laying a lush foundation for which the tune’s almost minimal leaning synth progression can freely skitter along. But, once the curtains are raised after a brief yet baiting four-bar intro; we’re pulled into a lovely electro-funk meets nu-jazz  guitar line which serves a majority of the track’s focal point while simultaneously evoking some Discovery-era Daft Punk or chilled out Todd Terje comparisons. Furthering you along into a sea of groove, “Silk” highlights Falcon Punch’s proficient tastemaking abilities with a sumptuous vocal pulled from Dexter Wansel. Every piece functions as a standalone, but were also all clearly thought out and pulled together to play smoothly into one cohesive movement. “Silk” drops on Karl Kling (who you might know from his work with RAC) & Cyclist’s MANI/PEDI Records -Falcon Punch’s second release with the burgeoning dance label- and you can bet we’ll be all ears for music from both entities as 2015 unfolds. Stream “Silk” from Falcon Punch above.

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[Future] Mocki – Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.17.10 PM
Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jai Wolf is a name that’s been synonymous with consistent rising success lately. He made big waves with his remix of Skrillex’s Ease My Mind, which at first was a bootleg but ended up getting picked for an official release and has been a cornerstone of Sonny’s sets since. This newest re-imagination comes to us via a Kitsune Maison release of Mocki‘s “Weekend.” Jai Wolf has ironed out his future trap sound, ranging from heavy hitters to lighter and fun chiptune inspired numbers. This “Weekend” falls under the latter, hearkening to some textbook Wave Racer influences, but with bigger drum work and an overall sound tailored for big performances. The amount of growth he’s undergone since shedding his previous title of No Pets Allowed is staggering and no one can slow hime down. His catalog of official remixes continues to impress and this take on Mocki is another thriving addition to his collection.

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