[Electronic] Cashmere Cat – 9 (After Coachella) ft. MØ & SOPHIE (KRANE Remix)

Cashmere Cat
9 (After Coachella) ft. MØ & SOPHIE [KRANE Remix]

“With this one I sat down, didn’t overthink it and just had fun…” -KRANE via Pop Crush

Fun is the first word that comes to mind when listening to this record. Krane has taken the unique production of Cashmere Cat, the vocals of MO and style of SOPHIE and turned “9 (After Coachella)” into something completely original. This rising producer does a fantastic job of incorporating his own sounds of synths and hints of trap, separate of Cashmere’s funky plucks that permeate the original version. The flip creates an excitement and energy that is surely going to be found throughout the rest of the festival season. To top it all off this remix is available for FREE download here.

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[Electro House] PatrickReza – OVERDRIVE


We’re pretty sure PatrickReza can do anything. His works have spanned genres from future bass to trap to dubstep and beyond. Today we share with you his latest, which hits the electro house sound right on the head. “OVERDRIVE” was released for free, so you should just go right on ahead and download it before even taking a listen.

Listen you shall, though. “OVERDRIVE” has that classic 2012-2013 sound that so many of us just can’t shake anytime we hear it. It was a time when electro was at the top and artistry was put first. Patrick brings that sound and style back while implementing newfound elements and his own signature for a huge record.

I wanted to capture a feeling I experienced this year while dancing with my friends and the crowd during Justice’s Sunday night performance at Coachella this year. During their set I saw everyone dancing, having a good time, present, and in the moment. No phones to block our view, just a crowd of people hungry for good times and good music. It was extremely refreshing to see the audience engaged and tuned in to the music and after getting home, I knew I had to capture or document that energy and feeling in the form of “Overdrive”, an homage to those that came before me and influenced me to create and continue to evolve as a musician, performer, and artist mashed up with my own melodic bass heavy sounds. PLAY THIS LOUD!
– PatrickReza

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[Electronic] L D R U – Me (feat. BOI)

Sydney songster L D R U just announced his upcoming EP, Sizzlar. Instead of simply telling the world via social media or doing some cheesy stunt to get people hyped up, he dropped a heater called “Me” with BOI. Get strapped in, this is a wild one.

“Me” is fresh as can be. There are a ton of stand out artists from Australia, but L D R U is looking to reign supreme with tracks like this one. It doesn’t necessarily fall into one distinct genres, which is one of the things that makes it so remarkable. If the rest of the EP is like this, then L D R U is going to make a splash akin to an atomic bomb going off in the middle of the ocean. Suffice to say, we’re pumped for Sizzlar.

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – MIND (feat. DOC & Goodmorning)

Bobby Nourmand : "MIND" (feat. DOC & Goodmorning) (Extended Mix)

It’s a good week anytime Bobby Nourmand steps out with a release. Luckily, that happened this week. Potion released this collaborative jam yesterday. Bobby couldn’t resist throwing some hip-hop/R&B vibes into the mix thanks to DOC and Goodmorning.

“MIND” is as smooth as can be. Bobby’s laid-back attitude breathes through the clubby composition. It has some energy behind it, pushing forward through the inescapable grooves. Minimalism is somewhat of a motif in Bobby’s catalog and he’s one of the producers who hits the bullseye every time. At no point do things get dull, Bobby always keeps the party going with his infectious music. If you’d like a copy, which you will, you can get it through digital stores today.

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[House] Jace Mek – Conjunct

Jace Mek

Good Enuff has come back with another Jace Mek tune. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, then you’ve had to come across several Jace Mek tunes as he’s one producer that never disappoints. His streak continues with “Conjunct.”

“Conjunct” is just as dark and weird as the usual Jace Mek but it has a bit of a different mood to it than his usual work. The best way we can describe it is Jace Mek in Summer. It’s clubby, but not in any way that has you thinking Top 40 or David Guetta. Far from it in fact, as Jace manages to take his signature and bring it into a new field that is perfect for this time of year. Don’t be surprised when you hear this being played out by house guys at festivals all over the world. Get your copy today.

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[Future Bass] Daijo – Heart Sting feat. Aloma Steele

Heart Sting

Daijo and Aloma Steele return together with another future bass hit. “Heart Sting” will do just that, so be careful with this one. Daijo’s only released a handful of records over the past year, but he’s quickly risen among the ranks as one of the go-to guys for memorable songs.

“Heart Sting” balances out Daijo’s catalog as it comes as the third original complimented by three remixes. We’re glad he moved to originals as it really showcases his abilities all around. His previous two originals had him bringing a pop edge to the mix, but here he goes a pretty traditional route with his future sound. It’s just got a slightly different tone to it, but he keeps the strong vocal work involved. Aloma, as usual, killed it on that front. “Heart Sting” is out now on digital stores.

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[Indie/Hip-Hop] Ash Riser – Ghosts LP

If there was only one project you could listen to all week, make it Ghosts by Ash Riser. For one, it’s packed with seventeen tracks, so you’re sure to get your fill, along with some variety. Secondly, it’s an extraordinary project that only Ash has the ability to put together.

As you might guess from an album called Ghosts, the mood overall is quite haunting and dark. Ash has already established himself as a unique creator, but with this LP he cements an undeniable pillar deep in the ground and high in the air for everyone to see that he is a must know artist. He kicks up some hip-hop, but his indie sound doesn’t hold him to any one genre throughout the project. Ghosts isn’t something that should really be analyzed as it speaks for itself in a way that is unrivaled. If you’d like a copy, hit up the digital service of your choice to get it.

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