[Post-Trap] Cazzette – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Cazzette - Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)
Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Following the success of his last hit remix “Stay With Me”, Prince Fox has been on a roll with producing dope tunes. Coming out with yet another Cazzette remix, the NY-based producer is gaining popularity in an unbelievable pace. “Blind Heart”, similar to his “Sleepless” remix, exemplifies Prince Fox’s signature post-trap rendition to a rework and it gets your adrenaline going like no other. Featuring vocal samples from UK singer The High, he replaces the original house drop with an epic synthwave melody that is extremely catchy and addicting. The heavy hitting drums just further accentuates the post-trap approach of the tune.

With an eargasmic sound resembling Flume, Prince Fox is set to take over the genre with these eye-opening jams. You don’t want to miss out on any new features by the talented artist, so stay tuned!

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Camel Power Club – Laika [PREMIERE]

CPC-Laïka - copie
Camel Power Club

Before you press play, know this: the playful vocal harmonies, tribal percussion, tropical tones, and the chatter of children’s voices might illustrate some sort of festive, island celebration, but the message of “Laika” carries a much more solemn than one would first guess.

Taking the opportunity to use their music to share their thoughts on a serious matter, Camel Power Club has crafted a cautionary tale to anyone who would dare dream of hunting. Using a fabled character from their childhood, “Laika” showcases that childlike imagination with a Ghost Killer, a superhero who hunts the hunter, ensuring the safety of the animals.

If you feel like going hunting, we’re gonna shoot you down. Ghost killer, works better in the night.

Below you’ll find a little insight into the song’s production, showcasing the children they worked with to craft this infectious tune. After you’re done checking that out, head over to iTunes and pick up their latest EP.

Camel Power Club – Laïka (Making Of) from MVGGY on Vimeo.

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[Melodic House] Sirena – Chemicals (Addal Remix)

Sirena - Chemicals (Addal Remix)
Chemicals (Addal Remix)

Here’s a feel-good tune for all of you who are stressed out with exams and work. Italian producer Addal released this remix of a Sirena tune titled “Chemicals”, and it hits us right in the feels. Addal is known for making quality music that possesses a heavy emotional appeal. Stripping down Sirena’s track and adding in a downtempo drumbeat, Addal creates a tune so relaxing and wonderful it’ll make you ponder life. A series of beautiful piano cadences start off the track, followed by some muted guitar melodies. These maneuvers all come together and help convey a powerful effect to all the listeners.  No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, take a minute and listen to this track. Addal never disappoints.

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The Chill Dojo #112

chill dojo

As it gets to the end of the year, you’ll see plenty of lists floating around the internet as different music curators aim to voice their opinions on the top tracks of 2014. No doubt Cazzette’s highly popular ‘Sleepless’ is likely to feature on quite a few of them, with a seemingly endless supply of remixes surfacing since its release. While the year is almost out, it seems like one of the best was saved until last, thanks to a super polished rendition from Hotel Garuda and Thero. You may have thought you had heard them all, but this smooth summery effort packs enough freshness to make you fall in love with the catchy lyrics all over again. All that combined with a sweet sax melody and you have a winner. Yearly lists are always a pretty contentious topic though, so we’ll keep our focus on the hottest tracks of the week as always, and the recent release from Sydney’s Hayden James has definitely made waves in its short lifetime so far. It’s no surprise that Future Classic knows how to put out ridiculous grooves on a consistent basis, but ‘Something About You’ is pretty close to perfection. Forgoing grasping at dramatic words to try and describe this properly, it’s just a straight-up tune, no better way to put it.

Keeping on trend with incredibly smooth sounds, Finnish talent Lenno has served up a special dish in his latest Wake Up EP that fits in just perfectly into the vibe we’re starting with for this edition. He’s no stranger to the Dojo, but ‘No More’ is certainly on the mellow side of his usual upbeat disco jams, and we’re digging this new approach. It’s a kind of style that’s bread and butter for another favorite artist in Moon Boots, and sure enough we’re gifted with another bumpin’ addition to the playlist from the man himself. Funky basslines and bright percussion hero this dancefloor starter, so gear up for some sweat-inducing antics when this one comes on. Pomo ensures that feeling continues on seamlessly, courtesy of his sweltering take on ‘Supernatural’. So addictive we just had to post about it twice, rest-assured it will be spun on heavy rotation well beyond any New Year’s celebrations. Slowing the tempo but not the quality, we return to another title from Hayden James as fellow Sydney producer Oshan gives us a fresh take on ‘Permission To Love’. Top notch vocal work and generous layers of funk make for one satisfying experience. Usually things this good have some kind of guilt attached to them, but you’ll find no strings attached to your enjoyment as you hit that replay button over and over again.

It’s hard enough to cut down a list of weekly features let alone a year’s worth of collation. If you want to look back at the best of 2014, there are another 50 previous selections where this came from. Peace out.

Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)
Hayden James
Something About You
No More
Moon Boots
Theres No Love
Supernatural (Pomo Remix)
Hayden James
Permission To Love (Oshan Edit)
La Mar
Anchor (GRMM Remix)
Tut Tut Child
The Last Time (Feat. Augustus Ghost)
Coward Ft Ngaiire (Akouo Remix)
Sam Smith
Latch (TonyTritone Talkbox Remix)
Inside Out (Lazerdisk Remix)
Azealia Banks
Chasing Time (Nebbra Remix)
MNEK x Disclosure
White Noise (3Monkeyzz Remix)
When A Fire Starts To Burn (Axala Remix)
2Pac feat. Kurupt
Still Ballin (Lucas Chambon Remix)
Stay Away (Harrisons Happy Version)
Pink Medicine
Futuristic Love (Herzeloyde Remix)
UV Boi
Thank U (Re Strapped)
Sun City
Paralyse (Samuel Proffitt Remix)
aywy. & Ekali
Used To The Melody (Ft. SPZRKT)
Forever In My Mind
LeMoti X Knight Riderz
Golden Boy
The Hics
Lines (YK Remix)
Tom Misch & Carmody
With You
Y//2//K x Honest
Relucent ft. Zes
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Mr G Sings – The Caged Bird Sings (Maywald Remix) [PREMIERE]

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.19.51 AM
Mr G Sings
The Caged Bird Sings (Maywald Remix)
Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning. – Maya Angelou

Last month, Mr G Sings dropped a lovely tribute to not only one of the most prolific poets of all time, but also one of the most prolific people of all time. With her unfortunate passing earlier this year, it was a perfect time to pay respects to Miss Maya Angelou, and “The Caged Bird Sings” does so with effortless beauty.

Today we have the privilege of brightening up your Monday morning with a glowing tropical house remix from German deep house producer Maywald. Taking sections of the original vocals and the iconic whistling from the original, this remixer has re-crafted this pop tune into something perfect for some much needed pool time, a long drive, or even grooving around in your bathroom while you’re getting ready to head out for the morning.

We’re offering up the premiere of the stream today, but you can snag this tomorrow for your personal collection via Ultra Records.

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VÉRITÉ – Heartbeat (Lightwaves Remix) [PREMIERE]


New York based singer/songwriter VÉRITÉ has seen a tremendous following swell to almost unimaginable numbers within the past year. Included in that adoration are some notable achievements including becoming most blogged about artist twice over, charting on popular charts on Hype Machine, and racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on souncloud. It’s pretty damn apparent that the blogosphere has a new darling, and it’s not hard to see why.

Released just a month ago, “Heartbeat” features a clean soundscape created by a pronounced bassline, emphatic percussion, and glowing vocal harmonies. With those pieces in place, there was more than enough for a stellar remix to follow, which is exactly what we’re bringing you today.

DC-based electronic pop outfit Lightwaves have spun this tune into a sultry, vibe-driven lounge classic complete with a lush bassline and glowing melody. VÉRITÉ’s vocals shimmer across the head-nodding percussion with ease, once again displaying why remixes of her work are some of the most popular tunes on the internet.

Below you’ll find the remix, along with a few other of our favorite tracks. If you’re not familiar with this rising star, take a few minutes to sit back and drink it all in.

Heartbeat (Lightwaves Remix)
Strange Enough
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 128)


It might be a rainy day but that doesn’t mean you should lock yourselves indoors and give up on having a kick ass weekend. We’ve got your 128th volume of FPP to help make all those ugly Christmas sweater parties that much more turnt. So grab the rum and egg nog and get ready to make Santa proud – and by that we mean be naughty.

#Danceirresponsibly ninjas.

Until next time.

FUNKNROLL (Canblaster ReMIX)
Jump In Another Land (Koyote Edit) Will Sparks // Harry Belafonte
Space Jungle (Instant Party! vs. Party Thieves Remix)
Dj Kool
Let Me Clear My Throat (LUZCID Bootleg)
Lady Parts UNBLVBL
Lion (Dropwizz Festival Trap VIP)
Adrian Lux
Teenage Crime (K Theory Remix)
Thats Not Me (Howlers Forefather Edit)
Nobody To Love (Young Bombs Remix)
Ariana Grande
Problem Feat. Iggy Azalea (TKDJS Remix)
Dante Klein
Ertesuppe (Club Mix)
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