[Underground House/Techno] Sabb – Turning Point (Original Mix)

Swiss base DJ/Producer Sabb is back and returns with a brand new label. His debut album ‘Randiant’ marks the ten year point of his musical adventure into sound. His ever evolving quality of music is what makes him a vibrant artist. After touring the world and appearing on BBC’s Radio 1 show w/Pete Tong and Annie Mac, you should expect nothing but greatness. In 2015 he was one of Resident Advisors top charted artists.

When creating sound, Sabb has the ability to make you feel like you’re somewhere else. With each kick, snare, and swirly synth, Sabb generates organic layers of texture that equal a balanced techno experience. Sabb has a classic and elegant way of communicating his musical talents with the world. With all of these elements combined you receive a nice vibration.

Be on the look out April 6th when ‘Radiant’ drops.

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[Breakbeat] Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)

Justin Timberlake
Sexy Back (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)

The brothers Birthdayy Partyy are on fire this year. After launching in January they’ve already released four tracks, with the latest being their remix of “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake, a classic. It couldn’t have been an easy task to take on, but the twins went ahead and succeeded with one of our favorite flips.

Birthdayy Partyy’s boisterous sound is levied against a breakbeat backdrop. Looking for bass? They’ve got you covered with dirty, sexy basslines that you won’t be able to get enough of. With festival season just around the bend, look out for this – and the duo’s other works – to be played out by DJs all over. If you’re a DJ yourself or just a collector of songs, you’ll be glad to know this remix dropped as a free download!

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[Pop] Dan Miz – DIVE Vol. 2

The New York singer, songwriter and producer Dan Miz has just dropped volume two of his DIVE compilation series. This project comes in a bit larger than his previous, with one more original than prior, as well as a remix for six tracks total.

Released independently, this collection of pop works shows just where Dan can take his sonic abilities. It’s not your average pop record in that it moves through various styles to keep things fresh and exciting from start to finish. The entire EP is top quality, but our favorites include “All Falls Down” and “T Shirt” with its lively disco vibe. Check out the EP for yourself and let us know your favorite in the comments!

’All Falls Down’
’Tell Them’
’T Shirt’
’Fake Friends’
’Touch The Sky’
’Touch The Sky (Tropical Remix)’
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[R&B/Electronic] starRo – High Tide feat.TZAR

High Tide feat TZAR

2018 is already looking up for the Grammy nominated starRo. His single “High Tide” with the Russian artist TZAR has been released on Highball House Records in conjunction with another major project, a clothing capsule with the highly sought after company The Well.

What makes starRo so unique is his obvious international sound. He takes influence from unlikely sources and brings them into his contemporary popular music. His partnership with TZAR on this soulful R&B meets electronic song is just one superb example of that. Together they fuse their own diversified influences for a hell of a record that we can’t get enough of. It has us asking ourselves, can’t it always be high tide?

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[Deep House] Kav Verhouzer – Love Into Gold

Kav Verhouzer
Love Into Gold

With Miami Music Week just around the corner that means that house music is going to be taking over. A recent release from Kav Verhouzer fits perfectly for all of the upcoming pool parties – or if you’re not going to be there, to imagine like you are soaking in the sun.

“Love Into Gold” features the vocalist Lawrie Martin and was released on Disco:wax. The deep, yet poppy original is melodically memorable and has a hook that you can’t easily get out of your head. Kav has always managed to deliver top quality tracks and he doesn’t seem to be losing his touch, in fact the opposite is true. Look for him to keep up his great production work this year.

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[House] Chris Lake – Turn Off The Lights feat. Alexis Roberts

Chris Lake is starting off 2018 with some huge moves. Not only did he just release his latest original “Turn Off The Lights” with Alexis Roberts alongside a remix from Cages, but he also launched his label, Black Book Records.

“Turn Off The Lights” marks the partnership between Chris and the streaming app WAV, lead by the hip-hop legend Steve Rifkind who helped bring the likes of Wu-Tang Clan to the forefront. With regard to the actual song, Chris delivers a club-ready house hit that fans have been asking about for quite some time. It’s finally here and available on various digital platforms.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2018 Round #4)

Routine. Love it or hate it. But when there’s a brand new Indie Dojo waiting for you every Tuesday, how can you possibly hate it.
People Change’
Again & Again’
’Steve Benjamin
’Harry Pane
Beautiful Life’
’All The Luck In The World – Contrails’
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