[Hip Hop] Aer – I Can’t Help It

I Can't Help It

Summer is nearly upon us and we’re all looking to take off those layers, put on our bathing suits, and make a direct beeline for the beach. Now imagine you’re driving along the coast in a Jeep Wrangler against a warm breeze, music’s on blast, and you don’t have a care in the world. This picture is exactly what Boston-based duo, Aer, draws for you with their latest release, “I Can’t Help It.”

The song is an easy listen with its So-Cal vibe and feel-good lyrics, which revive those vivid memories of a summer romance. The plucking of a guitar creates a light-hearted chord progression that places the image of a sunset in your mind. Meanwhile, the vocals bring you back to your youth, reminding you of why Summer is your favorite time of the year. So while you’re digging around for that swimwear, get yourself amped for the next few months with a listen to “I Can’t Help It,” which you can snag on iTunes here.

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Still Chasing

Delaware is cranking out more than just a Vice President these days! Here at TMN we are stoked to bring you the premiere of “Still Chasing” from East Coast pop rockers Stallions.

“Still Chasing” has an untouchable sort of nostalgia to it. The guitars burn, the minimal percussion is effective, and the melody is irresistibly catchy. Not only that, but the vocals might cause flashbacks to what you were feeling in 2002 when Tell All Your Friends was debuted by Taking Back Sunday. Stallions has rallied all the elements and then pointed them toward a summer hit.

This was the first song we wrote that set the tone for the rest of the E.P. It’s a simple love song I wrote for my girlfriend. It took us a few weeks to structure the song, I remember wanting to make the lyrics memorable to match the guitar parts and overall simplicity of the song.

The tune is the first we’ve heard from the foursome’s debut EP, One Track Mind. Rumor has it details on that release will come our way in a few weeks. What we do know is that the EP was recorded in Philadelphia and mastered by Grammy winner Mike Tarsia of Sigma Sound [Bowie, Patti LaBelle], so keep an eye out.

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[House] Flight Facilities – Down to Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

Flight Facilities
Down To Earth (Sean Glass Remix)

If there’s one thing we enjoy other than music here at TMN, it would have to be giving back. We’ve been privy to some phenomenal opportunities through our global distribution of great music, and with multi-faceted music industry mogul Sean Glass‘ latest remix, we’ve got another chance to help do some good. The Win Music founder is back with only his second official release, choosing to take Flight Facilities’ “Down to Earth” even closer towards the dance hall behind a tasteful and subtle melody shift, and glittery four-four kick-drum.

Glassnote Records, Future Classic, Win Music, Flight Facilities and Sean Glass are teaming up and offering Glass’ remix to the Dan Fredinburg Foundation. About the free tune, Sean Glass shed some more light on the situation: “The remix release has been made even more special to me because of recent events. We lost a good friend whom I looked up to–Dan Fredinburg.” (Fredingurg was part of an Everest summit team when the first Nepalese earthquake hit and was tragically lost). Also adding: “This week, there was another earthquake in Nepal. They really need our help. We have launched the Dan Fredinburg Foundation and already raised $100k. It only made sense that while I put effort into spreading awareness for my remix, I use that energy to help the causes that are really occupying my mind and heart–rebuilding Nepal and #LiveDan.” The track will be offered as a free download when users follow @DanFredinburgFoundation on Twitter and we’re encouraging everyone to donate www.crowdrise.com/CelebratingDan.

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[Electro/Trap] Aero Chord – SAIKO

Aero Chord - SAIKO (Art)
Aero Chord

“SAIKO” has the bass producer Aero Chord stepping into a new role, even if by the end of it he dips back into his trap roots. His alliance with Monstercat continues to grow with yet another huge record.

The introduction sets a dark scene up for a psychotically chopped sequence of vocals that lead up to a threatening climax. Aero Chord proceeds to murder with a wicked drop into a slobbery bassline. With the piercing synth stabs and the modulated screams, it makes for one impressive experience. He then breaks things down and dirty by cutting the beat’s time, resulting in a vicious trap section that must simply be heard. Support “SAIKO” by getting a copy from iTunes today.

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[TMN Premiere] Shameboy – Trippin (Mickey Remix)

Trippin (Mickey Remix)

Belgian producer Shameboy has been around through generations of electronic music maintaining his own unique, yet evolving, style through out. Last month, he unleashed “Trippin,” a gorgeous piece of slowly-developing, chilled-out electronic pop with stunning vocals from Max Marshall. The single has become a favorite in the blogosphere, and for good reason–it’s as intricate as it is catchy.

This morning, we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere of an equally intriguing house remix from fellow Belgian Mickey. Cutting the vocals and flipping the cadence, Mickey’s rendition draws the listener in with a 4×4, head-nodding tempo that, despite speeding things up, maintains the smooth, somber elements of the original. Once again, Marshall’s voice remains a vital component hypnotizing when combined with Mickey’s production. This one’s equally suited for a club dance floor or a sunny summer day. Give it a listen above and also make sure to check out the original here.

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[House] Lincoln Jesser – In My Place

Lincoln Jesser
In My Place

New Music Tuesday has been one for the books, providing us with a couple of top notch premieres and a handful of other dazzling releases, including “In My Place.”

Los Angeles-based Lincoln Jesser, a beyond gifted singer and producer, gives listeners goosebumps with his freshest release. Giving us a different take from the upbeat sounds we because accustomed to with tracks like “Golden” and “Something Right,” this multifaceted artist provides a trancy and therapeutic listening experience.

Jesser’s natural voice and pitched down samples contrast beautifully with the ambient production of the song. With a sound that’s constructed by a house beat and a euphoric trance-like melody, you’ll be experiencing nothing but chill vibes.

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[Trap] Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Flosstradamus Remix)

Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money” Flosstradamus Official Remix

Flosstradamus scored an official remix for Rihanna with her track “Bitch Better Have My Money.” They go mental, tailoring the remix to the season at hand. The duo even include some hardstyle breaks to really take things up a couple notches. We can always count on Flosstradamus to turn things up, and they certainly do that with this flip. The HDYNATION has been going bananas, as the song has already racked up over 200,000 plays in not even two days. We get classic festival trap by one of the genre’s most popular artists. Get your crunk juice out and turn up the speakers, because this one is a blast.

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