[Pop] MONAKR – Calling Out

Calling Out

A new project out of Chicago entitled MONAKR brings together Saam Hagshenas and Jonathan Marks of Hey Champ, two time Grammy-nominated vocalist Matthew Santos, and Dan Brunelle of Gemini Club. This major collaborative effort began just a few months ago with the release of ‘Diamond‘, set to be featured on their debut EP due June 16th. After following up with an impressive remix of RAC‘s ‘Cheap Sunglasses‘, the four-piece has now released the title-track, ‘Calling Out’ to the masses. It’s a balanced tune with a chorus sure to circulate. This supergroup will continue to test their limits and grow stronger with every passing stage. Be on the lookout for more details on their EP soon.

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[Hip-Hop] Slap Nevada – Uncle Bubble

Slap Nevada- Uncle Bubble
$lap Nvvada
Uncle Bubble

Detroit artist Slap Nevada has ridden the waves of the Midwest music scene with his self-produced, heavy-hitting Hip-Hop records. Over the last few years he’s established himself as a serious vessel of energy and creativity, releasing music consistently under three different monikers. Slap has been in hibernation mode since Summer 2014, but he has assured us that this extended period of silence was only to further ensure his long-term success. He now unleashes a poppin’ new single entitled ‘Uncle Bubble’ to kick off the next leg. This has that ratchet-anthem feel sure to draw an interesting crowd. His Soundcloud is full of glam tunes for your enjoyment including his latest original ‘Died In Your Arms‘. Head over to iTunes and purchase ‘Uncle Bubble‘.

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[Indie] Will Joseph Cook – Daisy Chains


There’s something about Kent’s 17-year-old Will Joseph Cook that we find rather remarkable. It could be his spectacular vocals that seem far more mature than his young years would indicate. It also could be his great potential to write credible pop songs, which we came to appreciate with his last track, “Message.” Whatever it is, we’re fully on board with this up-and-coming artist.

His new track, “Daisy Chains,”comes off his upcoming You Jump I Run EP, and it’s every bit as catchy as we’d hoped. The light and playful guitar arrangements serve as a warm welcome, pairing perfectly with Cook’s vocals, providing the listener with a laid-back, highly-enjoayable experience.

Get ready to hit the replay button a few times on this one.

Daisy Chains
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America (Ghosts Remix)

With just one song, XYLO turned the blogosphere on its head, causing a panicked-stricken need to hit the keyboards and write up this undiscovered act. Now, with 3/4 million plays on their single Soundcloud release, we’re sitting back and enjoying the remixes that are pouring in.

GHOSTS definitely tops our list with one of our favorite interpretations of this hauntingly beautiful tune, as this mysterious Austrian Alp-based outfit has dialed in a perfectly balanced deep house remixes. The combination of pitched down vocal samples with relatively untreated vocals artfully pair with the booming bass, and haunting bell tolls. Rounding out the experience, we found that the uplifting melody counter-balances the dark nuances, creating a highly engaging tune through and through.

This remix is available for free on GHOSTS Soundcloud page.

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[Indie] Southern – Lone Driver

this is...Southern
Lone Driver

We can almost feel it now. The warm, sunny months are slowly peeking their glorious heads over the horizon. What’s one of the best parts of those summer months? Road trips. What’s the most important part of a good road trip? Some might say sunflower seeds, but they’d be wrong. It’s a solid collection of proper road trippin’ tunes, and Southern just added in one that will get a regular spot in the rotation.

This brother/sister duo hails from Belfast, but they definitely have a certain essence of Americana to their sound. Catchy? Yes. Upbeat? Totally. It’s as engaging of a tune as we’ve heard as of late, combining driving guitar chords, gorgeous vocal hums, and a “nod your head up and down” bassline.

With summer right around the corner, this is a band you should probably keep on your radar for upcoming tunes.

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[Tropical] Kanye West – All Falls Down (Instrum Remix)

Kanye West - All Falls Down (Instrum Remix)
Kanye West
All Falls Down (INSTRUM Remix)

Talk about a throwback. “All Falls Down” has always been the favorite track of many Kanye fans. Listen as Instrum gives the Kanye classic the tropical treatment. The New York-based producer incorporates a trumpet melody into the mix without outshining the original vocals by Syleena Johnson. With tropical synth and a subtle bassline, this track is incredibly catchy and can capture the hearts of many. The acoustic guitar solo towards the end of the tune gives it an organic sound and brings out the authenticity of the track. With every element in its right place, you really can’t say no to this tune.

Instrum is generous enough to offer a free download of the song. Make sure to support as you jam along to this tropical goodness.

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[Indie] Wet – Deadwater


Whether you’re recovering from Coachella or not, the latest release from New York’s Wet is the perfect tune to chill-out to. We haven’t seen much from this swiftly rising three-piece band since they virtually disappeared after their wildly successful debut EP, but we couldn’t be more thrilled about their return.

Wet’s new song, “Deadwater,” is a dreamy gem that features an 80’s-esque vibe that glides under the singer’s sultry voice, shimmering guitar, smooth bass and percussion. Now that they’ve come back, we hope Wet doesn’t go on another hiatus as we would love to continue exploring their fresh, yet familiar, fields of sonic expression.

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