[R&B/Electronic] MORILLA – Love Me

Love Me

“Love Me” is the newest jam from the Sydney songster MORILLA. This is his second solo single and its fusion sound is something fans from several genres can come together around. In mixing R&B, soul, electronic and more, MORILLA came in hot with some extra sauce.

Australia’s rich creative community is commented on all the time and it seems to continue to grow no matter what and MORILLA is going to be a key figure in that scene. He’s new, but his work stands tall among his fellow country creatives. “Love Me” has a whole lot of good going for it and its not hard to imagine this one being blasted through the airwaves. Have a listen for yourself and grab a copy of “Love Me” if you like what you hear.

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[Electronic] Conrad Clifton – Kylo

Conrad Clifton

Conrad Clifton is back with his new original “Kylo” on Infinity Pool Recordings. He’s coming off his tech-inspired house original with this darker, trap creation. Just as he’s done many times in the past, this original is slightly off kilter, a sound that isn’t what everyone else is pushing.

“Kylo” was created in honor of Kylo Ren of Star Wars and once that fact becomes known you understand why the song has a shadowed, mystifying quality to it. It’s the modern march for his First Order. Conrad continues to impress us with quality records that aren’t the norm which have established him as a need-to-know producer in most circles. “Kylo” is currently available on digital formats if you’re looking to add it to your digital library.

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[Pop] More Giraffes – Basement

More Giraffes

There’s a new name in the mix that’s a must know: More Giraffes. The duo’s debut single “Basement” is something you’re going to enter and never come out of. Let’s dive into “Basement” and see what we find.

More Giraffes keep things very chill with this pop treat. It’s feel good qualities are inescapable; they’ll shift your mood up before your first time listening through is over. The soft sound is easy to absorb, so whether you’re fully encompassed by the track or playing it while you work, you’ll be enjoying yourself entirely. “Basement” is a first step in the right direction and we hope to hear more soon from More Giraffes!

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 283)

Do you still grab free downloads? Whether you do or don’t is pretty irrelevant because we’ve got streams and downloads for you here today as we do every Friday. Twelve of our favorite freebies are recapped here with this week’s coming from some recognizable talents. ËMMË kicks things off with a big original while artists like inverness, Modern Machines, Notixx, Dubloadz and more follow with their own gems and jams. As usual, we get the pre-game going with a few more jammy ones then we turn up the heat until the party is in full force. Friday is finally here again. Let’s let loose.

’ËMMË – Good Love’
’Lauv – Paris in the Rain (inverness Remix)’
’DISKORD – Want U (Orkid Remix)’
’Midnight (Original Mix)’
’Krewella & Yellowclaw – New World ( Modern Machines Remix )’
’Phat Loud – Phat Beat’
’Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart (Elephunk Remix)’
’Notixx – Rollin Deep’
’Badrapper & NXSTY – Swisher’
’Dubloadz – SALT’
’Sem – Youth’
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[Electro] Val Fleury – White Winter (Tuff Ghost Remix)

White Winter (Tuff Ghost Remix)

There’s something hot that’s come out of the Val Fleury camp. This time it’s not one of her lovely originals, instead it’s a remix from the fellow Los Angeles creator Tuff Ghost. We’re only just over a month into the new year and there’s been a wild amount of remixes already, but this one is something special.

Tuff Ghost peaks over the top of a lot of remixes – a lot of them of mainstream songs – with her take on Val’s housey original. She takes things up a notch, blasting more bass into her flip giving the track an edgy quality. It’s not all energy though as Tuff Ghosts implements a solid groove throughout the song, making it easy to dance along to. Take it with you into the weekend and get those bodies in motion.

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[Electronic] LMBO – Fake It

Fake It

The beginning of 2018 has seen the debut of several acts, but one of those you especially need to pay attention to is LMBO. Today they kick things off officially with their single “Fake It” that shows off the duo’s unique sound.

“Fake It” is its own thing. It’s not really this or that as far as genres go. Instead its fluid motion between sounds is what makes it breathtaking. Moving melodies embed themselves into your brain while the shimmering vocal work echoes into your ears. Both have a catchy quality that you just can’t shake. You’ll have “Fake It” in your head over the weekend, just as we will. If you’re still into downloading things, this one’s out for free.

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[Dubstep] Panda Eyes & Chime – White Magic

Panda Eyes & Chime
White Magic

We’ve got some “White Magic” to share with you. No, it’s not that kind of white magic, it’s the new single from Panda Eyes and Chime that the pair independently released at the end of January. As you would imagine coming from these two, there’s a whole lot of melody and a whole lot of heavy low frequencies.

“White Magic” draws the perfect line between the lighter, melodic style of dubstep and the in-your-face with bass. The blend makes for a majestic tune, one that is both memorable because of its beauty, as well as its power. Together Panda Eyes and Chime cooked up one of our favorite dubstep tunes of 2018 so far and we hope to see them together again soon.

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