Captain Cuts – Love Like We Used To (TxM Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Love Like We Used To (TxM Remix)

Another day, another premiere. This time we have the debut single from TxM, a remix of “Love Like We Used To” by Captain Cuts. The California band got a makeover from one of Minnesota’s own.

TxM swayed us with his moombah-pop sound. There was no way we weren’t going to jump on such a lively, vivacious single whose tropical sound is coming just at the right time. Summer needs hits like this, but don’t expect them all to come from big name producers. TxM may soon establish himself as a much talked about up and comer if his next releases are as good as this first one. In honor of kicking off this new project, TxM has released the song as a free download.

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Clovis XIV – Santeria [TMN Premiere]

Clovis XIV

Enter the dojo for a first listen to “Santeria” from Clovis XIV. Released today through Name The Game Recordings, “Santeria” is currently available on digital stores for those looking to have it for themselves.

Clovis XIV’s dynamic single takes you through various styles all in one run. It starts off as a smooth and sexy future production, but that’s just the beginning. Clovis shakes things up as “Santeria” progresses, giving fans a listen they won’t regret. Instead, the most likely scenario is putting this one on repeat and jamming out the rest of the day. It’s well worth the purchase price, so get yourself a copy after your exclusive first listen in this premiere.

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[House] Jace Mek – Hesitate

Jace Mek
Hesitate (Original Mix)

Don’t ever “Hesitate” when Jace Mek releases a new song. Instantly click play and go to wherever you need to get a copy. Luckily, this time around the track happens to be a free download.

“Hesitate” has Jace Mek strike an optimal balance between his weird (but oh so amazing) signature style with commercial accessibility. It’s very much the Jace Mek sound, but it has an even brighter spark than tracks before it. The young producer continues to take steps forward with his talents, showing a maturity with his sound that is beyond his years. Rumor has it you may be able to see him at EDC Las Vegas this year, but you’re just going to have to go to find out if that’s true or not.

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[Trap] SCRVP – Helix


SCRVP goes ham on his latest original. Hard as a motherf….. well you get the picture. It’s not the energy that SCRVP brings, but the raw tone he expresses with the single that makes it so incredible. MMXVAC released “Helix” to the world, so if you’d like a copy you can visit digital stores.

“Helix” is a menacing melodic composition whose minimal nature adds to its memorability. It comes in at just over three minutes with the majority of that time being spent with some unique samples pounding away at your ear drum. You feel their presence with each attack as they pierce through the speakers. Ominous phrases encompass the chorus, dividing into the intro, middle and end of the track to mix up the soundscape. Overall “Helix” is what one might call “dope af.”

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[Jungle Terror/Moombah] RayBurger – Lo Terorita

Lo Terorita (Free Download)

Dallas Texas just got a little bit hotter thanks to “Lo Terorita” from RayBurger. The heat isn’t contained to Dallas, as you can enjoy Ray’s track anywhere, anytime, as it is available as a free download. Get a spot on your hard drive ready, because “Lo Terorita” is exceptional.

RayBurger goes all over the place with this song. It’s a wild, Latin flavored treat palatable to the masses. “Lo Terorita” pushes and pulls the listener through various paces, bouncing between jungle terror and moombahton in an instant. It’s just the dynamic single DJs need for their sets this Summer and there’s no excuse to sleep on it for any reason, as the cost of it is $0. Just a couple clicks and it’s yours.

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JSTJR – Fried [TMN Premiere]

It’s just about time for EDC Las Vegas. In honor of one of dance music’s biggest festivals, the hosts Insomniac are releasing a massive compilation with tracks from artists that you can see live this year. One of those artists is JSTJR. His single “Fried” is what he has to share and he’s giving you an early peak to the whole song in the dojo!

Leave it to JSTJR to bring some sweet moombahton to your ears with this premiere. JSTJR has long been someone pushing the genre forward, so it’s nice to see him getting the love he deserves, as putting forth savory hits isn’t anything new. “Fried” certainly is a hit and it will without a doubt get people moving at EDC this year. JSTJR’s single will be coming out on June 9th along with the entire EDC Las Vegas 2017 compilation. Enjoy the early listen here in the meantime.

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[Moombahton] dEVOLVE Feat. Richie Loop – Monster

dEVOLVE Feat. Richie Loop
Monster (Original Mix)

For anyone who knows me personally, they know I live for moombahton. One artists who has been killing it lately has been dEVOLVE, whose latest treat lives up to its name. “Monster” features Richie Loop and it’s hotter than the rays that shine down upon dEVOLVE’s Florida home.

Released on Flex Up Records, “Monster” is set to haunt sets all over festival season. It is easily one of the most solid moombah tracks of the year, in a year that has seen some notable 108-112 tracks pop up. Surely the genre is bubbling, with a possible comeback on the horizon and dEVOLVE is a driving force at the center of the energy. His new single is just another strong step in the right direction for this talented producer and Richie Loop is as fresh as always. Get your copy of “Monster” today.

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