[Indie/Electronic] argonaut&wasp – Future Protocol EP

Future Protocol

The Vermont duo argonaut&wasp have just self-released their new EP, Future Protocol, today. Their fusion of indie with electronic is staggering, with the mixture being taken all over the place for the different sounds that make up the four tracks on the project. From listening to Future Protocol, you get a sense that these guys are a band and not two dudes just making beats, which makes sense, because when hey play live, they actually do have a band with them! Jamming out to something like “Higher Ground” or “Pistol Pump Funk” would be a smashing good time. In contrast, “Stranger Lover” and “Crystal Stills” are more feely type tracks, with a softer sound that plays with the emotions in a more subtle manner. All four get thumbs up from this guy, and if you feel the same, head on over to iTunes to nab this project.

Higher Ground
Stranger Lover (When You Came Into My Life)
Pistol Pump Funk
Crystal Stills
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[House] Sander Kleinenberg ft. Audio Bullys – Wicked Things

Sander Kleinenberg ft. Audio Bullys
Wicked Things (Available February 23)

Now that we have a full week of work in our rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of devious mischief we’ll be getting into. To kick off those delightful fantasies, we’re going to ask you to press play above, and soak in all that is “Wicked Things.”

Coming hot off of Spinnin’ Deep, this tune from Sander Kleinenberg and Audio Bullys‘ flawlessly mends decades of dance music together in one three minute journey. With vocals and synthesized elements reminiscent of Grandmaster Flash, “Wicked Things” boasts a striking nostalgic appeal, only updated with modern house sensibilities.

Whatever you do this weekend, make it epic. We expect nothing less out of you ninjas.

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[Electronic] Broiler ft. RAVVEL – Wild Eyes


Scandinavia never fail to impress when it comes to bringing us the best of the best in electronic music. Broiler, a Norwegian duo have don’t just that following their most recent release, ‘Wild Eyes’. Taking a step into the deeper areas of house and away from their older progressive and big room roots, the boys alongside RAVVEL have produced a warming and elegant piece of music.

Over a subdued rhythm a blend of keys, guitar and saxophone come to life around an outstanding vocal performance from RAVVEL who pulls you in with her enticing tone. ‘Wild Eyes’ flows from start to finish with ease, building you up to those euphoric highs before dropping you back into the cushioned comfort of the groove.

Having been out for some time now in their homeland, ‘Wild Eyes’ is now available worldwide here. 

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Jace Mek – Turning [TMN Premiere]

Jace Mek
Turning (Original Mix)

One cat who’s highly underestimated is Jace Mek. This 17 year old kid from Los Angeles is no joke. His production talents are top notch for someone his age, and his creative songs come out of left field with a bang. Take his newest original “Turning,” that we ninjas have the opportunity to premiere. Breaks with a twist is what you get with this free download. It’s a pretty simplistic tune, but there’s an undeniable dope factor that just makes you wanna get down to it. This tune may catch a lot of people off guard, and you’ll only really understand why after giving it a listen. For fans of jungle, this is going to be up your alley. For any parties going on this weekend, you’ll surely want to bring this with you to help get things poppin’. Stay tuned for more from Jace Mek, as he always has more up his sleeve.

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[Americana] JJ Grey & Mofro – Every Minute

JJ Grey & Mofro
Every Minute

Every so often, we stumble across a song that perfectly embodies a particular situation. That situation could be a crazy night out at the club. That situation could be the most epic backyard BBQ you’ve ever thrown. That situation could be a sultry night in the bedroom. Well, those songs are great, but few transcend past those moments, fully encapsulating a nation. Did we just throw out a bold statement? Yes, we did. And we’re right. JJ Grey & Mofro are America, and they’re the tough as nails, beer and whisky drinking, tobacco chewing America to boot.

This often celebrated soulful Jacksonville seven-piece are set to release their newest record on Ol’Glory come March 3rd. This album marks their debut on Provogue, which is a part of Mascot Label Group. Amongst the 12 intriguing, soulful, bluesy, rock tunes, “Every Minute” stands out far above in our mind.

With instantaneous timelessness, this tune immediately boasts a historically classic sound, providing younger listeners with a taste of some influences from the best of the best (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, John Fogherty, etc). It’s one that should be held onto for every red, white, and blue get together, no matter how big, or how small.

If you have a chance to catch them live, make sure to do so. We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

2/20 House of Blues – Boston, MA
2/21 Terminal 5 – New York, NY
2/25 Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA
2/26 Vogue – Indianapolis, IN
2/27 Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH
2/28 The Vic – Chicago, IL
3/01 Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
3/04 Jefferson – Charlottesville, VA
3/05 Ziggy’s – Winston-Salem, NC
3/06 Track 29 – Chattanooga, TN
3/07 Buckhead – Atlanta, GA
3/18 Islington Academy – London, England
3/19 New Morning – Paris, France
3/20 Kaufleuten Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland
3/21 Technik Museum – Munich, Germany
3/23 Batschkapp – Frankfurt, Germany
3/24 Kesselhaus – Berlin, Germany
3/25 Bluestage – Nuremberg, Germany
3/26 Rockpalast Crossroads Festival – Bonn, Germany
3/27 Paradiso Main Hall – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3/28 Paard van Troje (Main Hall) – Den Haag, The Netherlands
4/2 – 6 Byron Bay Bluesfest – Byron Bay, Australia

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[DnB] Steven Lee vs Goldie – SuperHero feat Macy Gray (Goldie Remix)

Steven Lee vs Goldie
SuperHero feat Macy Gray (Goldie Remix)

This ninja has been going to parties and clubs for over a decade and half. Through all the sets, all the singles, all the albums, and all of the crazy nights, one genre has always stood out – drum and bass. Something about the fast paced snare hits, the smooth, rolling bass, and those often uplifting vocals always have us beaming, and today, we have just that.

London-based Goldie threw us for a bit of a loop on this remix, leading us to believe we were going to enter a world of fluid liquid sounds, gracefully rolling throughout a six-minute drum ‘n bass journey. Macy Gray’s soulful vocals helped with to build that assumption, all of which came blissfully crumbling down as razor sharp industrial elements came charging in after the build.

Reminding us a bit of Dieselboy’s The 6ixth Session, this remix is an intriguing ride. Hopefully it adds to the growing movement of this often forgotten, but legendary genre.

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[Chill] Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon (Deuxième Revisit)

Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Deuxième Revisit)

We use the term “chill” on TMN to describe everything from dubstep to Norah Jones covers. What we have for you today can be found elsewhere throughout the blogosphere as well as next to the definition of “chill” in your 2015 Merriam-Webster dictionary. I challenge you to have pants on by the time this tune ends, by your doing or someone else’s. “Sun & Moon” has been remixed and covered and mashed up to death in the electronic music world but nobody ever mentioned anything about jazz. Enter Deuxième aka the two most creative cats to come out of Connecticut in a minute aka the offspring of Duke Silver and Kenny G. Their spin on this is romantic, if not ethereal, and we are at a loss of words to truly put in words the type of way this has us feeling. Enjoy Ninjas and Ninjettes.

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