[Electronic] Lacei x Cape Lion – FalI In

Collaborating with someone who inspired you to get into music is not something everyone gets to do. Lacei did just that with Cape Lion and the result was a magnificent electronic original called “Fall In” that we have for you today.

Back in 2002, Viktor of Lacei and Cape Lion met while living in Spain. Years later, recent to us now, both members of Lacei got together with CL and cooked up this treat. The two acts blend their sounds together to perfection. Each style amplifies the other making “Fall In” a special tune that will be on our playlists for a long time to come.

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The Pendletons – Funk Forever EP [TMN Premiere]

It’s not quite the weekend yet, but The Pendletons out of San Francisco have come through the dojo to help get you there in style. Their EP, Funk Forever, is getting exclusively scooped early right here! Complete with five original tracks and a remix, you’ll be grooving into Friday with ease.

Funk Forever delves into various sounds including funk (obviously), jazz, soul and more. There’s a certain level of nostalgia that the group was able to harness, paying homage to older disco records that influenced their sound. From the first note until the last, The Pendletons capture your attention and body with lively grooves, emotive melodies and so much more. It’s a hell of an EP that is well worth getting a copy of. If you’re looking to do so, Bandcamp has you covered.

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James TW – ‘When You Love Someone’ + ‘Say Love’ Release Info

The modern concept of marriage itself is simple enough for young kids to understand. When two people love each other, they get married and start a family. An obvious oversimplification but often a satisfactory explanation. However, the opposite is not so simple. Divorce, beyond two people not wanting to be together, leads to more follow up questions. Especially coming from a confused son or a daughter trying to grasp what exactly is happening around them.

James TW’s 2015 single ‘When You Love Someone’ dives right into deconstructing the intricacies of two people falling out of love with genuine honesty and hopefulness. Even though his parents did not get divorced themselves, it is very much a personal story. While teaching instruments to kids a few years back, James found out of a boy’s parents were separating. The 11-year-old had not been told yet and it made James think about how will these parents be able to explain things to the boy and still paint it with positivity. How can other boys and girls understand what happened between their parents and not come out of it with negative conclusions? In Mister Roger’s fashion, James sits us down with a song that speaks directly to the heart, even if he often doesn’t perform wearing a red cardigan.

It has been some time since he has released a new song but that is soon about to change. James TW, the 19-year-old self-taught singer-songwriter from the UK will release his new single “Say Love” on March 30th. It will be the first single from the highly anticipated new album due later this year.

Listen to the acoustic version of his song ‘When You Love Someone’ below. Continue reading

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[Hip-Hop] Deezie Brown – Drive

Most writers within these hallowed grounds of The Music Ninja tend to have a few lesser known albums in their back pocket in which they keep on heavy rotation. One such album in this writer’s library comes from thought provoking Austin, Texas based artist Deezie Brown, who is riding high, fresh off the heels of the release of debut long-player Judith.  A 12-track offering delivering a rebellious synthesis of alternative hip-hop and electronic pop, Judith features more than a few high points for listeners to sink their teeth into.

Standing tall among the excellent sea of Judith’s ciphers, is the sterling single “Drive”. “Drive” runs off the fumes of burbling, synthesized two-step drum patterning, crispy snares and of course Brown’s gritty vocal cadence anchoring it all down. About the album Brown shared: “The lyrics throughout the album paint a picture of my addictions and the things that the industry place in front of us as a disguise on what success is supposed to look like.” Deezie Brown clearly has a progressively fresh mind aimed towards his art, and it’s always refreshing to hear an artist in the realms of rap and hip-hop with a true message to share. Judith is available on all major streaming services, so before you dive in, check out “Drive” below.

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Sacred Sciences & English Lit – Gym Class Hero (feat. Control) [TMN Premiere]

Firepower Records has been unleashing the 8th volume of their Flatline compilation series bit by bit and today we’re offering up a first listen to one of the tracks. “Gym Class Hero” by Sacred Sciences, English Lit and Control is, as you’d imagine from this group of artists and label, an enormously heavy tune.

These three acts joined up to supplement each others attributes for a dirty dubstep original that implements hip-hop to further sweeten the pot. The rough-toned rapping fits perfectly with the gritty low frequencies that “Gym Class Hero” boasts. The full compilation release will be happening on March 30th, so you can pre-order the LP or buy the track once Friday comes along. For now enjoy your exclusive first listen!

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[Trap] Birthdayy Partyy x BigSammyZ – Bad Bitches

Birthdayy Partyy X BigSammyZ
Bad Bitches (Original Mix)

Things are looking up for the Birthdayy Partyy twins. After their first festival announcement for Spring Awakening they’re coming in hot with a collaboration on “Bad Bitches” with BigSammyZ.

Released as a free download, this original shows off a completely new side to the duo we have yet to see, certainly BigSammyZ had a something to do with that as well. It’s nice to see artists stretch their creative abilities and this hybrid trap original has us even more excited for what’s to come from Birthdayy Partyy. It’s not hard to imagine this one booming away at festivals everywhere this Summer, so don’t be surprised when it pops up in set lists.

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[Music Video] I M Alec – Hometown (feat. GiGi)

Welcome to “Hometown” by I M Alec and GiGi. Their electro pop collaboration hasn’t come alone, its creators have partnered the single up with a rather cool music video.

Conceptually, the structure is straightforward juxtaposing GiGi with some BMX biking in a darkened warehouse. While bouncing between halfpipe runs and GiGi taking centerstage with a kick-ass Cheerios racing jacket, we are soothed with the smooth sounds of “Hometown” with its vibrant melodies and invigorating soundscapes. This is definitely one you’ll want to add to your playlists on Spotify.

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