[Future/Trap] SLUMBERJACK – Open Fire feat. Daniel Johns

Open Fire (feat. Daniel Johns)

SLUMBERJACK is one of the most hype electronic acts on the market. There’s a reason for that; they are one of the best. Morgan and Fletcher are magicians when it comes to music. We don’t know how they do it, but every time they pull something out of their sleeves that is unexpected and blows our minds.

Most recently, the Australian duo teamed up with vocalist Daniel Johns on “Open Fire,” a hybrid single that brings sounds of trap and future into one. “Open Fire” could easily be a radio hit, which is why Mad Decent had to jump on it, among other reasons. Their top shelf production quality and high-level song writing skills are rivaled by few, as you’ll understand after having a listen to this original. Every little detail is on point, and we’d expect nothing less from SLUMBERJACK. “Open Fire” is currently available on digital stores, so head to your store of choice to get the single. It’s worth every penny. Last, but certainly not least, the duo are about to embark on a North American tour. For more info, head over to their Facebook page, hyperlinked above.

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[Trap] TastyTreat – My Crew Feat. Malcolm Anthony

Tasty Treat
My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony

Twerk music is one of our guilty pleasures here at Music Ninja. Recently, our friends over at Buygore put out a record called “My Crew” that fits that booty-shaking sound. We knew it was going to be a doozy when we saw it was by TastyTreat featuring Malcom Anthony. After having a listen, we weren’t disappointed.

In fact, it was even better than we imagined. “My Crew” is a hands-down party anthem. There is no way around it. It’s perfect mix of hip-hop meets electronic is undeniable and its energy is off the charts. Twerk’s prime time has passed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems like this one coming out, blowing away the competition. With this single, TastyTreat has everyone on their seats and ready for their upcoming EP, Wayward, that is dropping May 20th. If the rest of the songs are this good, then TastyTreat may be putting out one of the biggest projects of the year. Until then, stream “My Crew” and head over to iTunes to wait impatiently for the rest of the EP.

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[Indie] Girl Ray – I’ll Make This Fun

Girl Ray
I'll Make This Fun

As a blogger, one of the best feelings in the world is stumbling across budding young talent. This time around, we happened to come across this London-based trio while we were rummaging around in SoundCloud. Yes, the track has been out for a few months already, but with only 10,000 streams, we’re assuming a good lot of you haven’t heard it yet. And, you most certainly should.

Comprised of Sophie, Poppy, and Iris, Girl Ray has already developed an incredibly charming sound with only two releases. Today, we’re highlighting “I’ll Make This Fun” which is a soft, pleasantly dreary, and deeply engaging indie rock tune. Musically, it calls on associations of Neutral Milk Hotel (which they cite as one of their influences), boasting hazy guitar chords and understated percussion work. Vocally, we can’t help but think of fellow Londoner Marika Hackman, both of which have a pleasantly ominous glow around their tone.

These three have a few upcoming shows. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend checking them out live.

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[Rock] The Bay Rays – New Home

bay rays
The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays are about to get this blogger in trouble. I can feel the sting of the hangover right now, and when it happens, I’m placing the blame solely on Harry Nicoll, Maxwell Oakley, and Anthus Davis. You hear that, boys? This is your fault.

There’s nothing I can really do about it at this point. “New Home” stirs up the nostalgic, long-lost need to stomp around a small, sweaty venue, alternating PBR tall boys and Jameson shots as I belt out each lyric. Now, I’m not quite sure when this will happen, given that these up-and-coming rockers are all the way across the pond. Eventually, though, they’ll make the trip to Denver and this epic prophecy will be fulfilled.

Until then, we’ll happily throw this raucous gem into our regular rotation, routinely falling in love over and over with the frenetic guitars, crashing percussion, and twangy bass work. And, we can’t leave without mentioning the catchy-as-all-hell lyrics, which should have you singing along in no time. We picked them up after only a few hits of the repeat button, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

Look out for these lads by following them on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

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Vicetone – Bright Side Ft. Cosmos & Creature (Boehm Remix) [TMN Premiere]

SPRMX Vicetone - Bright Side ft. Cosmos & Creature (Boehm Remix)

Boehm of Bucharest has something special coming out soon. The Romanian producer was tapped for an official remix for Vicetone’s “Bright Side” that features Cosmos & Creature. Spinnin Records is backing this remix, as they hosted the original, but the ninjas come in to premiere the song to you.

“Bright Side” was a soft house record that focused more on vibes than hype. With Boehm’s remix, we still get a similar tone as the original had, but the energy jumps up a few notches. It’s a club friendly remix that has everything you want and more. Boehm pairs a solid bassline with subtle vocal chops for a coupling that is minimal, but extremely powerful at the same time. For fans of the strings that were the main element of the original, don’t worry, Boehm kept those in there in the introduction to pay a little homage. Sometimes these big remixes fall a bit flat, but this one certainly does not. Boehm did more than justice to Vicetone with his edit that you are hearing first here!

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Goldensuns – EP [TMN PREMIERE]

press photo

Goldensuns are a band of brothers. Literally. Whether or not that’s a key factor in their songwriting process, they’ve conceived a brand new EP for our listening pleasure. Right off the bat, traces of Empire Of The Sun are felt as “Gold Chains” washes in with a dreamy flourish, later shifting into fuzzy, alternative goodness on “Give It Up.” The pinnacle of this new project lies with “I Feel This Place,” marking the high point of the EP with an air of Rogue Wave and other choice influences. Everything is wrapped quite nicely with the bass-driven “I’m So Confused,” and Goldensuns has provided us with another brilliant EP to flesh out our spring playlists with. If sunny and 75 had a distinct sounds, it would certainly be these three. Brighten up your day with a little Goldensuns and enjoy below.

’Gold Chains’
’Give It Up’
’I Feel This Place’
’I’m So Confused’
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[Indie Electronic] Samuel Proffitt & Josh Jacobson – Andre

13184552_10206144073711398_596779417_o (1)
Samuel Proffitt & Josh Jacobson

When life shakes you to the core, sometimes the best method of working through it is to create something beautiful. Samuel Proffitt and Josh Jacobson have finally joined forces to do exactly that. “Andre” is first and foremost a remarkable tribute to a fallen friend, but it also stands strong as an exceptional coalescence of troubled but sincere writing paired with dazzling production.

In only three and half minutes, Samuel and Josh capture your attention and your heart, and it’s driven by a moment in time that we all will experience at some point. “Andre” is more than a song. Andre is a life, and, just like this life, you’ll want to hold onto this song closely. Despite an initially grave message, we can (and do) later find hope and solace in knowing that Andre will never be forgotten because of these two.

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