[House] Autograf – Dream (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Dream (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s always a treat when two of your favorites–in this particular case the trio that is Autograf and Swiss producer Sebastian Carter–come crashing together, and this time around, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The Autograf boys have been on what we music pundits like to call “a tear” as of late, racking up literal millions and millions of plays across listening platforms far and wide on seemingly every release, and their first original single “Dream” (released 5 months ago) may just have been the catalyst to that success. Of course, they couldn’t just leave those juicy stems alone without giving a handful of other adept artists a shot at molding them as well.

In stepped 21 year-old youngblood Sebastian Carter, certainly no stranger to TMN, and he’s dusted “Dream” with a signature blast of caressing house melody while maintaining the heart and soul of Autograf’s future-forward original. A penetrating yet muted four-four kick paces Carter’s revision while congruent, modal harmonies run aplenty on top of effected synth topline for a remix that plays as pristine as it is warm. We’d feel equally comfortable letting this one fly through our monitors whether in the middle of a jam-packed club floor, at our computer, or beach side with a mojito. So follow suit, and stream Sebastian Carter’s excellent “Dream” remix above.

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BB Diamond – Instinct (Rafii Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

BB Diamond
Instinct (Rafii Remix)

Irish producer Rafii has brought the ninjas something exquisite for this premiere. With Soundcloud honing in even more on bootlegs, official remixes are going to be taking over, and Rafii nabbed one for himself from BB Diamond, an artist who’s career has already had some success working with the likes of Iggy Azalea, Clean Bandit and Katy B. Now, she’s making a run for herself, and Rafii’s helping out with his flip of her single “Instinct.”

He brings a unique sounding future house remix to the table, fusing deep house and electro like few have done before him. The sound even translates well over to trapstyle, as is evident from the second drop which cuts time to shift the energy for eight measures. Rafii jumped on my radar quick with this single, and come to find out, his Soundcloud is stocked full of goodies. Check out the stream of his remix for “Instinct” here first, then dip on over to the cloud of sounds to see what else he’s published.

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FANS PRESS 1------
Take It

This Yorkshire-based rock outfit is looking to capture the nostalgic post-punk fans around the globe, and they’re doing it in a way that will also garner an appreciative nod from the greener fans within the massive, blanketing term of “alternative rock.”

Heavily rooted in lyrical craft, FANS touch on popular aspects of social commentary, without overwhelming listeners in their message. There’s a certain artful dexterity in the songwriting that latches listeners in, encouraging them to not only appreciate the lyrics but appreciate the song as a whole. “Take It” will take older listeners back, finding themselves in a sea of familiarity with grainy, yet powerful vocals. Accompanied by distorted guitar hooks, a steady bassline, and the steady interchange of snare and kick, it envelopes listeners with ease, easily obtaining undivided attention.

Find this tune, as well as a few others, on their upcoming debut EP, out September 4th. Follow them on facebook to make sure you pick it up as soon as it’s available.

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Jolympix – Let it Go [TMN PREMIERE]

Jolympix. Foto© Kristin Lidell. Fotografens namn ska anges vid publicering. Pressbild. Fri publicering.
Let It Go

Getting out of bed on a Wednesday morning isn’t always the most pleasant feat but today we’ve got a premiere that should alleviate some of your mid-week stresses. “Let it Go” is the debut single from Swedish four-piece, Jolympixand serves as the perfect introduction to their minimal, yet emotional, electro-pop sound. Backed by a peaceful piano progression, textured percussion and sprinkled psychedelic elements, vocals from Jolympix’s Johanna Nordström shine from the very start possessing a Jonsi-esque tranquility. Around the 1:40 mark, though, the instrumentation subtly erupts with glimmering synths complementing the stripped-down beauty at the song’s core. That understated contrast results in a captivating, immersive listening experience.

Less can often be more with music, and fans often don’t realize the painstaking process it requires to successfully achieve minimalistic bliss. Jolympix have been fine-tuning their craft for quite some time now in their hometown of Gothenburg and it truly shows on this cut. Their debut, self-titled EP is due out near the end of this year but, in the meantime, let your problems melt away with this soothing tune above.

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[House] The Delta Mode – Wake Up EP

The Delta Mode

The Crime Kitchen Crew got behind a super solid four track EP from the Hamburg trio The Delta Mode. With the act’s Wake Up EP, they deliver a quartet of house tracks that each has their own unique sound, making this a special EP for those house fanatics that love all styles in the 128 range. First, “Deja Vu” starts things off with a softer sound that is most akin to future house. Secondly, “Wake Up” brings a more festival driven sound to the forefront, but don’t think cheesy big room. It’s what big room wants to be. The third single emanates a more progressive style with a strong vocal, making it a more radio-centric song. Concluding the EP is perhaps my favorite track “You and I” that turns up the energy to an extreme level. For those looking to rage, this track will be the one you’re looking for. If you’d like to grab the Wake Up EP, head over to iTunes to get a copy!

The Delta Mode
The Delta Mode
Wake Up
The Delta Mode
Find A Way Back To You
The Delta Mode
You And I
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[Trap] Fight Night – Call Me Back

Fight Night
Fight Night
Call Me Back

Fight Night, the self-proclaimed punks from the DMV, have brought forth an original single that many of us can relate to. Most people, if not everybody, have been in a position where the person you are admiring just doesn’t feel the same way back. Sometimes, that results in a blocked number, like stated in “Call Me Back,” but hopefully you don’t reach that point. The good thing about those feelings, is they conjured up the Fight Night boys to create this amazing original work. “Call Me Back” is unique in the sense that it gets the feels going, thanks to its vocal, however it’s not on the lighter side of trap that has future undertones or the “heaven trap” label. With the drop, we get get a strong bassline that will get stuck in your head just as easily as the lyrics will. Fight Night did an incredible job putting together this original that is only the second track on the duo’s Soundcloud at the moment. Listen via our stream, and grab the free download if you like what you hear.

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[Indie-Rock/Shoegaze] Forebear – People’s Champ [TMN Premiere]

| Forebear |
People's Champ

L.A. four-piece Forebear have been quietly carving out a special place in many a critic’s heart since unloading their first four tasteful, genre straddling and cinematic indie-rock tracks over the last year. Consisting of some of the Los Angeles area’s most prolific professional musicians -who as individuals have worked with everyone from Feist & Bastille to Randy Jackson & even Keith Urban- Forebear consists of ex-Wise Club frontman Scott Goldblaum weaving melodic guitar and sharing vocals with the rangeful Molly Rogers (who herself also adds carefully strung viola and keys), rounded out by the methodical rhythm section of Nick Chamian’s bass and Mike Musselman’s directed drumming. The quartet’s forthcoming EP, Cody, from which we have the distinct pleasure of debuting its first single “People’s Champ”, carries with it some lofty expectations as famed producer Scott Gordon (Alanis Morissette, Ringo Starr) has taken lead production reigns for what is quite the exciting pairing of notable engineer and burgeoning indie act. “People’s Champ” is a wonderful first taste of Forebear’s impending EP -a poignant and dazed track narrating the story of lost love through a drizzling and reverb soaked vocal, hazy guitars and melodic hooks and we can’t wait to consume even more of their uniquely detailed sound. We’re getting all primed and excited for the rest of Cody, but for now, revel in all that is Forebear’s shiny and new ‘TMN Premiere’ “People’s Champ” above.

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