[Music Video] Gallo – Sugar Daddy

The Los Angeles songstress Gallo just kicked off her project with a bang. Not like a handgun bang, but more like a Grand Theft Auto unlimited ammunition rampage with the release of “Sugar Daddy” and its music video. The Tarantino loving musician isn’t pulling any punches and she is just getting started, literally.

“Sugar Daddy” is a darkened pop hit that’s anything but your average pop song. Gallo establishes her own signature sound in a big way with this one, but more than that, she establishes her overall tone with a music video for the debut single. It’s weird, edgy and provocative in all the right ways. Check it out below and stay tuned for more from the one and only Gallo.

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[Electro] The M Machine – Talking Machine (WAVEDASH Remix)

The M Machine
Talking Machine (WAVEDASH Remix)

As a producer, getting to work with or remix an idol is a dream come true. That dream came true for WAVEDASH who took on “Talking Machine” by The M Machine. Released on Mad Zoo, this official remix is just as awesome as you would imagine it would be.

With electro slowly but surely making its comeback, this flip plays right in line with the trend. WAVEDASH deliver a unique take on the track by taking their sound in a different direction, something that both The M Machine and Mad Zoo call for with their left-field catalogs. Instead of playing things safe, WAVEDASH took a chance on making something different and it paid off big time. This remix is hot, hot, hot! Get your copy of it today on the digital service of your choice.

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Trademark Talks NEW CITY Remix and More [TMN Interview]

So far Summer has been treating mashup, and DJ veteran Trademark well with a featured ‘Made in America’ playlist via YourEDM and a recent remix for NEW CITY’s “Dirty Secrets.” Trademark does a fantastic job of taking the soulful record by Pop/R&B Canadian producers NEW CITY and creating something airy for Summer, a perfect time for the chilled out synths and strong vocals that are prominent throughout. We imagine sand between our toes, warm nights and flickering fire flies and with Trademarks upbeat touch to the slower original he’s easily created our mental picture. We got a chance to catch up with Trademark about music industry challenges, his process in creating his recent hit, and more. Check it out below.

TMN: ​What h​ave​ been some of the more challenging aspects you have faced in music as years have passed? Production wise, booking wise, and general music industry?

Trademark: One of the most challenging aspects has been to balance my mashups and edits against other artists that have been strictly releasing original music. The music industry, especially in electronic music, sometimes has a negative reaction to artists that purely release mashups. It’s a fair point to some degree, but over the last nine years I’ve worked really hard on creating a brand that revolves around combing some of the best music out there into new songs. I’ve been fortunate to be able to work directly with artists and producers who recognize that what I’m releasing can get their music to new audiences, and having their permission to make these mashups is definitely validation that there’s a space for my music in the overall landscape. It’s only gotten more fun to play shows across the country where even if everyone in the room doesn’t know my music, I can surprise people with fresh takes on pop records and big dance tracks.

TMN: Your New City remix made it onto Kaskade’s Konnect playlist, congrats! How does it feel when artists of that caliber pick up your music? Who have been the ones you have ‘fan girled’ over the most when getting recognition for your music?

Trademark: ​Thanks! It’s always pretty crazy when a big artist gives you support on a track, and Kaskade was definitely one where I had to take a step back and realize how ​wild that was. For about a month straight, Tiesto was playing a new mashup of mine in each of his Club Life radio shows. Hearing him intro each of my tracks was a big fan girl moment for sure.

TMN: ​What was your artistic process like when creating the New City Remix?

​Trademark: I had been listening to NEW CITY’s other song, “Coachella” before I got the opportunity to remix “Dirty Secrets”, so I already had a lot of ideas about how to work with the record.​ I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overshadowing the vocals on the verses because they’re so strong on their own, but also give the track really solid percussion and a bouncy bassline. The hook really came out of a natural progression from the verse, adding the vocal chops and some big synths to round out the chorus. I think the finished product has a solid summer vibe to it, something easy to get carried away with making music this time of year.

TMN: ​​I’m sure you’ve acquired more influences as the years have passed, any current artists really motivating you right now?

​Trademark: I’ve been listening to a lot of Lost Kings, Elephante, Gryffin, Party Favor, and Cheat Codes. I try and put a lot of melodic elements in my mashups and now in my own productions, so keeping up with those five recently has been a good starting point for me to get inspired about keeping melody in ​whatever music I’m making.

TMN: You’re very well known for your mashups, mixes etc., is there any original music in the near future from you?

​Trademark: Absolutely. I’ve spent a lot of time working on my own productions and remixes over the last few years, getting ready to jump into fully original material. I want to make sure I’m giving my fans the best music possible, and I think everyone will be surprised with some of the new stuff rolling out soon.​

TMN: You’ve been DJing since about 2009, how do you keep it challenging? Anything new you’ve learned using the equipment?

Trademark: ​Every time I play a set I feel like I’m pushing myself to be more unique and creative. In 2009 I was playing long sets at bars or parties, maybe three or four hours at a time. Recently I’ve been playing for an hour or an hour and a half, but I’ve learned a lot from those extended shows about trying to shape my music over the course of a night. I try to never map out what I’m playing because it lets me make decisions on the fly and put together the best possible set. Working with the crowd is super essential to being a good DJ, and you limit yourself if you have a preconceived idea of what people will like.

TMN: What is your best advice on mastering the art of DJing and providing a great show for the crowd for those just starting out?

Trademark: ​I think everyone will tell you, jumping off of my last point, that you learn new things as you go. The best way to learn is to play as much as possible, and if you can get in front of a crowd ​that’s even better. I was lucky to have low pressure gigs early on like bars and small parties, but even when it was in front of just a few people, you’re still testing yourself in a live environment. Take every opportunity someone gives you to get out and play music, make those connections, and challenge yourself to do something different and exciting each set.

TMN: What are some things you know now that you wish you had known when you first started out?

Trademark: ​I’m not sure if there’s a specific set of things I wish I had known when I started, but ​it’s still amazing that I’ve been able to push this project into 2017 and beyond. The fans that have been there since 2008 have seen a trajectory that has never strayed far off from what I originally was doing. Music changes, but adapting without sacrificing your own vision entirely is a huge part of artists that have lasted a long time in the industry. I try to keep that in mind with everything I’m working on, and especially now with remixes and originals coming out, I want to always give my fans the best music possible.

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[Indie Dance] Hymner feat. Bast – Apart

When a debut single blow us away, we tend to get extremely excited in the dojo. This just happened with the Swedish band Hymner who dropped their song “Apart” with Bast. The indie dance vibes on this one are unlike most things we come across, making it just the right first step for the group.

Emerging with “Apart” was the perfect move. Us and other fans alike are enjoying this one as much as we can and thinking about just what is to come next from Hymner. They have established their sound in part, but given the myriad of influences on this, we’re going to guess they’ll surprise us in the future with something else that isn’t anything like the debut single. In due time the full scope of the project will be revealed, but for now take time to fully envelop yourself in “Apart.”

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[Electronic] Kasbo – Lay It On Me (Feat. Keiynan Lonsdale)

Lay It On Me (Feat. Keiynan Lonsdale)

“Lay It On Me” is the latest work from Sweden’s Kasbo. The independently released single features the Australian vocalist Keiynan Lonsdale. It’s coming just at the right time as Kasbo has some upcoming festival slots, as well as some tour stops with ODESZA.

Kasbo is coming off the start of a new mix series as well as his last original that received over one million plays on Soundcloud alone. “Lay It On Me” has the potential to rack up that amount for Kasbo again with its bubbly personality and catchy nature. This track is definitely something you are going to want to catch live, so if Kasbo is making a stop anywhere near you, then you need to attend. Upon listening to this you’ll see why it is a must.

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[Trap] Styles&Complete – Run Cities feat. Waka Flocka

Styles&Complete ⛽️⛽️
Run Cities ft. Waka Flocka

If you see Waka Flocka involved in a project, then you know the turn up is real. If you see that Styles&Complete are involved as well, like with “Run Cities” on Buygore, then you have no chance of escaping the madness. All you can do is prepare yourself for a whole lot of raw energy that will blow you away.

“Run Cities” is a ferocious trap tune that is one of our favorite Waka Flocka crossover collaborations yet. The concept of this song is pretty straightforward, those involved in its creation will run your city and after listening through this song once you see why. It takes hold with a certain swagger that only Waka and company can express. With all the Summer singles that are coming out, this is near the top as far as bass music is concerned. Want a copy? It’s out now on digital platforms.

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[Electronic] Steve Void – Rooms

Steve Void

Pop/electronic crossover tracks are here and they are here to stay. One of the acts pushing the sound is Steve Void. The producer hails from the Netherlands and has managed to sway fans with his upbeat records, including his latest work “Rooms” on The Falling Apple.

“Rooms” is a vocal driven hit that’s catchy beyond measure. It has the perfect balance of pop and dance, making it a striking track that can seduce a listener from both fields. That has been Steve’s strength in the past and it doesn’t look like he’ll be ditching his formula anytime soon. “Rooms” is the next step in the right direction for someone looking to make it out of the EDM bubble and into the mainstream music arena.

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