JETSET – Rain (feat. osotyt) [TMN Premiere]

Rain (feat. osotyt)

Grime isn’t something I listen to on a daily, or even a weekly basis. I can’t even remember the last time I did, but now I’m all about it in the form of “Rain” by JETSET. This free download is just too unique not to love.

JETSET doesn’t take all the glory on this one as he enlisted osotyt to hop on this percussion-heavy beat. Together they pulled off a cool, but brooding single. It feels like the haunted house you just can’t help but going inside. For fans of any sort of electronic music or hip-hop, this is going to be your weekend treat. JETSET and osotyt’s “Rain” is out now, but you heard it here first in this Music Ninja premiere.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 262)

Let the weekend begin, it’s Friday. To kick off the weekend we’ve got you covered with a whole host of free downloads from some of our favorite producers, as well as some new ones we have come across. This week’s free jams come to us from Diamond Pistols, VenessaMichaels, dEVOLVE, TYNAN, Pixel Terror and more. Throughout the playlist we jump between several genres, so there’s something for everyone here. We end things with a heavy song that, although doesn’t jive with our site’s continuous stream format, we just had to share from YOOKiE and Kompany. Stay safe, enjoy the weekend and party on!

’Sia – Chandelier (Hoobs Remix)’
’WOLFE – Through With You’
’Orkid – Lava Planet’
’Diamond Pistols Ft. LX & Reese – Gold Rush (Ideas)’
’RakeItUp (VenessaMichaels Remix)’
’Lunettes Noires x Dev – In The Dark (Bootleg)’
’The Veldt (Patrick Perfetto Remix)’
’Kris Cayden – Stay With Me’
’Skrillex – First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)’
’Gryffin & Illenium – Feel Good (Pixel Terror Remix)’

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[Electronic] Parker – Spark

Spark [NEST HQ Premiere]

Parker has a lot going on. By a lot we mean a brand new single, an upcoming EP and a Fall tour. The single is “Spark” which happens to be the name of his upcoming EP, as well as his tour. This will be Parker’s first tour, so it’s not something you’ll want to miss. Neither is his new single!

“Spark” is distinctly a Parker track. The introduction sets an upbeat, vibrant scene that the drop shatters with dirty bass. It’s not your typical dubstep/trapstyle bass, instead Parker implements his own unique sounds to make something lasting. Parker’s strength is that he has a true identity in his work, a character that breathes through each track. This one is no different and we’ll bet the EP is just as lively. Get your copy of “Spark” today and make sure to check out his tour stops in case he will be coming near you!

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[Dubstep] Kennedy Jones – Can’t Hide

Kennedy Jones
Can't Hide (Original Mix)

With the new single from Kennedy Jones you “Can’t Hide” from the immense bass. There’s just no escaping it. Whether you call yourself a headbanger or not, there’s a 99% chance you’ll be doing slamming your skull back and forth during this one.

“Can’t Hide” starts off with an intro that feels like one epic build – and not in the cheesy, let’s drag this out as long as possible kind of way. It’s a tasteful, yet suspenseful build that culminates at a point where Kennedy blasts off with what you knew was coming: The Bass. When it hits, it hits hard, so do be careful when you lose your $#!+ to this one. “Can’t Hide” has been released today, so if you’re wanting a copy you can grab it from digital platforms.

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[Electronic] Lenii x Benta – Bones

Lenii X Benta

Lenii returns with her sophomore single called “Bones” with Benta. This time around she goes a completely different route with a more slow, somber sound that will seduce your soul and shake you to your core.

“Bones” moves between an acoustic and atmospheric setting, giving the listener an experience that shifts through the song. In Lenii showing this new side on her second single, we get an idea that her talent is constricted to one set of sounds or a particular style. What else she has in store we can only guess, but we’re willing to guess no matter where she takes her sound, we’re the songs will be amazing just as this one is.

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[Electronic] Dead Battery – Seeing Red EP

When I sit down to listen to music I don’t generally go for the harder, darker side of things, but I couldn’t help but to enjoy Dead Battery‘s new EP. Seeing Red is a dynamic concept EP that was released on Kannibalen Records this week with six distinct singles.

Dead Battery doesn’t go for the usual sounds you’d expect from a bass producer. Instead he does his own thing and focuses in on great songwriting to elevate his work. He has his own style that he blends in with drum & bass, electro and dubstep throughout the album, but it’s not like anything I’ve heard before. It stuck out to me and I hope it does the same for you. Get a copy of the EP today.

’Dead Battery – All I See Is Red’
’Dead Battery – Imperial Red’
’Dead Battery – Indian Red’
’Dead Battery – Coral Red’
’Dead Battery – Dark Red’
’Dead Battery – Blood Red’
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[Electronic] LAVID – BURN (feat. klei)

BURN (Feat. klei)

“BURN” might just overheat your speakers. LAVID‘s new single with klei is a flaming hot crossover tune that we’re going to be jamming to all weekend. For people who really get down to music that isn’t straightforward, this is going to hit the bullseye for you.

Even if we were to go ahead and label the influences “BURN” takes from it still stands out on its own with LAVID flipping each sound on its head on top of mixing it with other styles. The Berlin creator is only two tracks deep with this project, but has already made moves and been established as a go to source for unique music. Look for LAVID to continue that and take over the game.

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