[Electronic] MARC Feat. Efraim Leo – Show You The Light

MARC Ft. Efraim Leo
Show You The Light

The Swedish gem of an artist MARC came out with a new single just over two weeks ago through Warner Music UK. MARC’s single “Show You The Light” is a collaboration with Efraim Leo.

“Show You The Light” is an incredibly smooth record that is right in the middle of a few genres. The Swedes have been killing the music game, not only with the quality of their work, but also with regard to the creative edge they seem to have over many other countries. MARC is an up and coming creator who is establishing himself as an integral piece of the country’s musicianship. “Show You The Light” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MARC, whose Soundcloud is stocked full of goodies. Stream or purchase his single today and run through his catalog if you haven’t yet!

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[Future/Pop] Basic Tape – So Good (feat. Danny Shah)

Basic Tape
So Good (feat. Danny Shah)

When pop music meets electronic, it’s either disastrous or beautiful. In the case of “So Good” by Basic Tape, the result is the latter of the two possibilities. The French duo just killed it. That’s all that can really be said.

Of course, we’re gonna dive a bit deeper than that. First off, a shout out needs to be given to Danny Shah who’s vocal performance really took things to a cosmic level. From start to finish “So Good” is as solid as it gets. Energetic, groovy, catchy; it has everything you look for in a great record. It has been a 11 months since Basic Tape’s last release, so we’re glad to see they’re back at it again. We’re stoked on this, as well as for what is to come!

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – D E E P in NY (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)

D E E P in N Y (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)

One of the coolest cats in the business is Bobby Nourmand. He’s already wowed us with his previous records including “Sister” and “Because.” Now he has brought along “D E E P in NY,” a hybrid original that may be Bobby’s best.

With “D E E P in NY” Bobby brings together deep house with hip-hop in a way that few have done successfully before. He always manages to produce with grace and precision, a deadly combination within his musical market. In delving into hip-hop, Bobby enlists D.O.C. and Goodmorning as collaborators on this vocal edit of sorts. If you’re a fan of Bobby’s you’ll recognize the instrumental as one of his previous releases. “D E E P” gets some New York lovin’ from the emcees just after Bobby gets donned as one of the hottest new artists by both DJ and Mix mag. Safe to say, he’s got some special things coming.

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Troup – Always On Fire [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Always On Fire

If ever there were a moment where you felt like dropping everything, packing a small bag, and hitting the closest west-bound highway, it would come while listening to “Always on Fire.”

Crafted by LA-based rockers Troup, this tune has a classic air surrounding it, one that’s truly worthy for the open road. With a buzzing combination of both classic and modern rock elements, it’s engaging across both verses and choruses, urging you to tap the steering wheel, nod your head, and sing along. But, before you slip into a daydream about an epic road trip, let’s get you caught up to speed on how this act came to be.

After performing as the frontman of Brit pop-punk act Crashland, and performing with the likes of Coldplay and Queens of the Stone Age in the UK, Alex Troup headed west to Los Angeles. While browsing some vinyl bins at Ameoba Records, he incidentally met producer/keyboardist Evan Beigel, and the act was born out of a love for 70s’ rock, analog synths, and Brit pop. Members Graham Roby, Claudio Tristano, and James Jannetty completed the now five-piece, which then put out tracks that received loved by tastemaker radio stations like KCRW, KCSN, and BBC Radio.

Their latest EP, Mercury and Gold, is set to release later this month, and we have an exclusive sneak peek at the official music video for “Always On Fire.” Check it out below, then make sure to RSVP to their EP release party, which takes place on October 24th, at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles.

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Treasure Island 2016: 12 Must See Acts — SF 10/15-16 [Festival Preview]

culrt-fumaam8ayIf you’ve been following The Music Ninja over the last few years, you already know that Treasure Island Music Festival reigns atop our list of best music events in the Bay Area. Rounding out peak festival season, TIMF consistently avoids the repetitive lineups that plague competitors while offering an ideal environment for attendees worn out from over-crowded events. 2016 is an important year for the festival marking both its 10th anniversary and final year taking place on Treasure Island itself as a result of upcoming real estate development. Thankfully it will not be the end altogether for the SF staple, which will be relocating to a TBD destination come 2017 (the SF Chronicle even has a poll where you can vote on where it should be).

With those milestones in mind, Noise Pop have stepped up their already fantastic curation bringing what may be our favorite lineup to date. Our best advice would be to catch as many artists as the schedule permits, be prepared for the rain and stop by the Silent Disco. Although we know and love pretty much every artist on this weekend’s bill, we’ve curated our top picks for each day below. Hope to see some of you Ninjas on the island! Continue reading

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[Electronic] Bon Iver – Over Soon (Super Duper Remix)

Bon Iver
Over Soon (Super Duper Remix)

Whenever a highly anticipated album drops, you can always expect a slew of unofficial edits and remixes to begin showing up within the first week or so of the release. What you don’t always expect, however, is that many of these will actually be quality releases instead of simply a chance to capitalize on SEO. Super Duper is here to put any and all notion of that mess to bed with an absolutely stunning edit of 22, A Million‘s first track, “22 (OVER S∞∞N)”.

This remix may seem on the shorter side (clocking in at a concise 2:28), but it’s calculated build to final minute sets the stage for an incredible resolution and rendition of an incredible song. Having the foresight to instantaneously create such a stark production speaks to the capability and innovation of Super Duper, and, luckily for us, he’s got plenty of new music on the way. What’s wild is this edit was JUST FOR FUN. However you choose to approach unofficial remixes, always know that there will be diamonds in the rough, and Super Duper is certainly proving that notion right while doing the original justice with a powerful and striking interpretation. Be sure to check out Super Duper’s recent original, “Angela“, also!

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[Indie Electronic] Samuel Proffitt – Sladky Pt. 2

Samuel Proffitt
Sladky Pt. 2

To understand Samuel Profitt is to understand sadness. Now you may be wondering, “How is that good?” It’s simple. Samuel’s music maintains a level of genuine emotion that isn’t afraid to touch on complex and difficult events from his past. One example of this in particular is his work with Josh Jacobson on the heartrending Andre. It isn’t frail. It isn’t fearful. It’s accepting what has happened in order to make sense of what will come.

I don’t want things to end this way / You’ve become another part of me / A new horizon here to stay

“Sladky Pt. 2” finds a similar plane while enlisting the always terrific Khai to bolster a message of hope. This pairing of longing lyrics and graceful production already have given us an enticing look into what to expect from Samuel Proffitt’s upcoming EP, The Grey Notebook. There’s a refreshing sense of self awareness throughout Samuel’s projects, and that’s the exact sort of manner that makes for authentic and engaging music.

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