Phonat – Because of You (Mr. Saccardo Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Because Of You (Mr Saccardo Remix)

We’re kicking off Monday with a special premiere from the Phonat camp. On May 19th, a project will be released by the London to Los Angeles producer that will include a remix from Mr. Saccardo. That remix is what we have for you to preview in full today before the release date.

Mr. Saccardo was commissioned to officially take on Phonat’s single “Because of You.” His vibrant, progressive take is a melodic masterpiece. It’s catchy through and through. From beginning to end you’ll be singing and dancing along to your full capacity. House music will always reign supreme in the dance music world and it’s tracks like this that contribute to that. Enjoy the stream of Mr. Saccardo’s version of “Because of You” today and check back on the web on release day to get a copy.

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[Denver Event Preview/Ticket Giveaway] TMN Presents: Fenech-Soler @ Lost Lake – 5/16

The U.K. based duo consisting of brothers Ross and Ben Duffy, Fenech-Soler, have supplied our highly sensitive Ninja ears with some of the most danceable, tasteful, and wistful electro-pop for years. First appearing on our hallowed pages all the way back in 2009, Fenech-Soler have fashioned an even tighter grasp on their cheery synth-pop iterations in the time since. This year, the pair have already unveiled two full releases in the form of their LP Zilla, and the appropriately titled cover EP The Covers; which both sound of a band confidently coming to terms with their sound while steadily refining it. Loaded with personality and excellent fits of experimentation, their latest releases have been straightforward, unashamed pop music fusing indie sensibilities with grandiose synths and razor-sharp electronic production that we know will play wonderfully in a live scenario. Yet another reason we are thrilled to be presenting their next live date in beautiful Denver, CO at Lost Lake Lounge.

Of course we had to get our Ninja faithful involved as well, so we’re giving away a pair of tickets rather simply and painlessly! As always, entering is beyond simple (click on this post header if you’re still on the TMN front page), just follow our two easy steps below, and for those who would rather guarantee their entry into the show, tickets can be purchased here as well. Best of luck Ninjas!

How to Enter

1) “Like” us (The Music Ninja) on Facebook here:

2) Comment below this post with your favorite Fenech-Soler song (we’ve included FOUR below, c’mon!) and BOOM, you have been entered!

There are a few rules, of course:
– Must be 18+
– You are responsible for your own transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to guarantee entry at the Lost Lake door.
– 1 Winner will be announced May 16th, the day of the show.

Enjoy our mini-playlist in anticipation of the show, and we will see you on the 16th Denver! Start commenting below!

’Fenech Soler – Grace’
’Fenech Soler – Cold Light’
‘Fenech Soler – Last Forever’
’Fenech Soler – Maiyu’
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[Electronic] Chris Schambacher – My World

Chris Schambacher is coming in clutch with three versions of his new song “My World” as well as a remix. Instead of keeping a few edits secret for his live sets, Chris decided it was only right to give fans a chance to grab all three versions he had on his computer. Released through Last Arrival Records, “My World” is a sensational record, no matter which one you choose to play.

The first is the most unique, expressing a sound that is all electronic, but doesn’t really adhere to anything that needs labeling. It’s cool, calm and oh so smooth. Next comes two house versions, with one being a bit more future house and the other having a bit more prog flavor to it. As we said before there is also a remix of “My World” that comes from Glenn Morrison. He continues the four-to-the-floor grind with his take that closes out the EP with some proper vibes.

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[Electronic] Exmag – Ten Thousand Chains

Ten Thousand Chains

Let’s get sexy this Saturday. Thanks to Exmag and their new jam “Ten Thousand Chains” we can do just that. However you want to interpret get sexy, you can do as you wish, we’re not going to stop you. Neither will Exmag or Majestic Casual who pushed this dreamy single out.

“Ten Thousand Chains” starts off with a little classic R&B swagger that transitions into a more soulful, relaxed state. Celestial and heavenly come to mind when the heart of the song is taking you away to new worlds. It’s one of those songs that feels big, as though it’s grabbing a hold of your entire existence, encompassing everything around you. With the craziness of festival season upon us, it’s nice to here a cool gem like this peep through the ruckus.

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[House] Sinden & Hotfire – Twiddle

Sinden & Hotfire

Insomniac Records recently dropped a completely free compilation centered around Sinden. Not only did Sinden curate the compilation, adding friends including R3LL and LO’99, but he had several collaborations on the project. One of those collaborations was on “Twiddle” with the San Diego duo Hotfire.

“Twiddle” is a techy, old-school driven funk machine. The bouncy basslines have groove written all over them. Underground house-heads will hold this dear like the treasure it is, while anybody who jives with some bass and a four-to-the-floor kick pattern will surely be dancing away to this sweet collaboration. We wanted to highlight this single, because it was one of our favorites off the entire compilation, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the whole thing. Like we said before, the entire compilation is released for free, so you can get this and plenty of others goodies for you digital library.

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[Music Video] Vargas & Lagola – Dolores (The Awakening)

We love music videos that are created by individuals who aren’t trying too hard for something. Over-the-top videos seem to becoming a staple in electronic music, but Vargas & Lagola don’t seem to care. That’s totally fine with us as the music video for their song “Dolores (The Awakening)” is beautifully stunning and just about as simple as you can get.

If the duo were going for a classy, but stylish music video, then they nailed it. They rely on the beauty of nature, in particular flowers, to entertain the viewer. That is, until they make a surprising switch to a different set of home video images that definitely isn’t what you expect, but it fits. The energetic song whisks you through these images, disregarding any expectations you have. It’s a ride and you’re just along for it. Want a copy of the track? It’s out on digital services today.

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[Electro House] Ingrosso & Salvatore Ganacci feat. Bunji Garlin – Ride It

Anything with Bunji Garlin, we’re in. We were once told by a good friend of ours that he is like the Michael Jackson of Caribbean, which gave us a little laugh, but as far as popularity goes, we couldn’t refute it. His talents have not only swayed the people of his home, but people around the world, including a whole lot of dance producers, including Ingrosso and Salvatore Ganacci who recently featured him on the single “Ride It.”

This track may take your by surprise like it did us. Epic is the only word that really comes to mind with this song. From the start the stage is set for a hit record, with a baller introduction that sees Bunji setting the tone for the party-popping drop that is to come. Even if you’re a stickler for underground music and don’t even try to appreciate the works coming from big name producers like Ingrosso, there’s no way you can’t love this track. We hate to use the over-used term banger, but that’s just what “Ride It” is.

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