[House] Chris Lake – Turn Off The Lights feat. Alexis Roberts

Chris Lake is starting off 2018 with some huge moves. Not only did he just release his latest original “Turn Off The Lights” with Alexis Roberts alongside a remix from Cages, but he also launched his label, Black Book Records.

“Turn Off The Lights” marks the partnership between Chris and the streaming app WAV, lead by the hip-hop legend Steve Rifkind who helped bring the likes of Wu-Tang Clan to the forefront. With regard to the actual song, Chris delivers a club-ready house hit that fans have been asking about for quite some time. It’s finally here and available on various digital platforms.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2018 Round #4)

Routine. Love it or hate it. But when there’s a brand new Indie Dojo waiting for you every Tuesday, how can you possibly hate it.
People Change’
Again & Again’
’Steve Benjamin
’Harry Pane
Beautiful Life’
’All The Luck In The World – Contrails’
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[Pop/Electronic] Surprise Party! – Suprise Party! EP

We had no idea that Suprise Party! was launching, which makes sense given their name, but we’re glad they did. The duo is made up by our friend Brooks Brown whose own solo project has been making waves, as well as vocalist J Ingram.

Together they created their self-titled EP, complete with six songs that fuse electronic and pop together. Both artists’ strong suits are shown in full with this project that could see them making waves in the crossover communities. These youngsters could make some waves this year if they keep up the good work. Who knows when the next project is coming; it will likely come without warning. Stay tuned!

’I Know U Know’
’No More’
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[Future Bass] VLNTN – Moan (ShiShi Remix)

Moan (ShiShi Remix)

The LA artist VLNTN recruited the Indian artist ShiShi for a magnificent remix of his track “Moan.” The stylistic jump isn’t jarring as ShiShi keeps it in the same arena as the original, but puts his own characteristics to it.

“Moan” in its original form is a poppy future cut and the same could be said about the remix. However, ShiShi brings some more international flare to the mix with his own sounds that really take the track to the next level. It’s a bit more jovial than the original and even more catchy. Leave it to ShiShi to astonish us again. We’ve been fans of his for a while now and we’re looking forward to seeing what this year is going to do for him.

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[Hip-Hop] Manila Grey – Friends of Friends

Friends of Friends (prod. azel north)

The Vancouver duo Manila Grey dropped their latest song “Friends of Friends” last week. Produced by azel north, this hip-hop heater is two and a half minutes of flames. They dip into the R&B style with the performance, blending the line between rapping and singing, a trend that’s been going strong for quite some time. “Friends of Friends” is a dope tune to throw on at any time, whether you’re looking for something to move along to during your work day or at a party. Share it around with your friends in the hopes they share it around – after all it is called “Friends of Friends.”

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 105: Eclectic Selections

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode 105: Eclectic Selections

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

This week’s episode featured some serious ketchup across a wide range of sub-genres in indie, hip-hop and house. Highlights include Beach House‘s flawless latest single, Paul Cherry‘s slacker pop, MGMT‘s synthpop anthem “Little Dark Age,” Makeness‘ genre-defying jam, SOB x RBE’s relentless hyphy flows and Crackazat’s jazzy house monster.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 285)

Let’s turn up the heat and get the party started! It’s Friday, the week is finally over and you can let loose. As we do every Friday, we’re partying it up in the dojo with some hot free downloads from incredibly talented producers from across the world. This week is no different, unless you count the fact that we’ve delivered one extra song more than usual as different. This week we’ve got tracks from Paperwings, Snowmass, Motoko, Teknicolor, Kompany, Crankdat, Sam Lamar and many more. We’ve even got the 21 Savage remix that UZ dropped in conjunction with his tour announcement. If you’re looking to party, that’s the place to be… after the dojo of course! So dive right in and get the party started properly with some epic music.

’Miguel – Sky Walker Ft. Travis Scott (Paperwings X BLSZRD Remix)’
’Snowmass –

’21 Savage – No Heart (UZ Remix)’
’Motoko – CATARACT’
’Exale – To The Stars’
’Ballistic (Teknicolor & Puzzles Flip)’
’ATRIP – Kinky Tie’
’Borgore Ft. Bella Thorne – Salad Dressing (WKND BAES REMIX)’
’Big N Slim – Be Here Now Feat. Rae’
’Kompany – Pit’
’Jaden Smith – Icon (Crankdat Re
’Sam Lamar & CYMN – Run Up (feat. Gravity)’
’8er$ & Front Bass – High Af’
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