[Music Video] Logan Henderson – Bite My Tongue

Logan Henderson‘s single “Bite My Tongue” came out in the middle of September and has since received praise from media, as well as plenty of plays from fans. Although it’s only his second solo single, Logan has quickly established himself with this endeavor. Today we’ve got the music on top of his brand new music video.

For those who are new to “Bite My Tongue” it’s a well done track created in fusing genres like electronic, pop and indie. Logan’s distinct style is clearly evident in this. With the music video we get to see a dark portrayal of the London streets. To be honest it feels more like a full on Hollywood production than a music video, telling a story instead of simply adding a stimulating visual component to a song. It’s very well done. Take a peek below and add this to your Spotify playlist if you haven’t yet!

Bite My Tongue (Explicit) by Logan Henderson on VEVO.

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[Hip-Hop] TastyTreat- Summer (Don’t Go) ft. Wasiu

Summer (Don't Go) feat. Wasiu

Today we have the newest song from producers Tasty Treat and Montreal rapper Wasiu called “Summer (Don’t Go).” If the title doesn’t give it away, this song talks about the good things about Summer and how the majority of people don’t want the season to go.

Treat’s production gives off the Summer time feeling; it’s bouncy and it even has birds chirping at some points in the song to give it some natural tones. Wasiu’s rapping is a list of things that makes Summer the best time of the year when he raps, “This feel like BBQ parties, pools uncles who say it’s way hotter out in Haiti/ It tastes like sweat dripping drunk kisses smudged lip stick dumb water fights gone crazy.” This track is an essential for any future summer time parties/cookouts. If you want to add this song to your playlist check it out on TastyTreat’s SoundCloud or on itunes.

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[Hip Hop] Big K.R.I.T- Confetti

Today we have the new single by Meridian, Mississippi’s favorite son Big K.R.I.T called “Confetti”. I have been a fan of Krit’s since his Return of 4eva mixtape in 2011, so when I saw he was posting cryptic posts on his Instagram I knew his return was imminent. This is the first release of Krit’s since his album Cadillactica came out in 2014 and boy this didn’t disappoint.

Krit talks about how rappers now a days are only focused on the now instead of their long term legacy and he uses confetti as an analogy when he raps, “Your confetti ain’t even heavy nigga/ Got the win, I want the record nigga/ What’s a crown if you don’t even protect it nigga/ What’s a name if they don’t respect it nigga/ Nah, your confetti ain’t even heavy nigga.”

Take for example the 2008 New England Patriots, throughout the regular season and playoffs they had a perfect season but all those games were worth nothing because they didn’t win the Super Bowl and didn’t have the “heavy confetti” like the champions do. Getting back to the music this track is perfect for Krit to let other artists know even though he’s been away he’s still hungry to hold the crown as the best rapper. This track has spacey keyboards, booming bass and guitar riffs in the beginning of the song that would make Jimi Hendrix proud. I encourage you to listen to this track because this has got me excited about what’s about to come with the inevitable release of Krit’s newest album.

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Thomas Feelman, Teamworx & STV – Never Stop [TMN Premiere]

Electro will never stop. Plenty of producers now and in the future will make sure of that. In the dojo today we’ve got a track for house mavens everywhere from Thomas Feelman, Teamworx and STV. Together they created the energetic single “Never Stop” that comes out tomorrow on SIZE Records. It may come out tomorrow, but we’ve got it for you today.

“Never Stop” is a song that any dance music fan can enjoy, no matter their age. It’s got classic characteristics that scene veterans can enjoy while giving the sound some updated features that really make it shine. The composition is simple, yet playful, adding in different components from beginning to end to give the listener a fun listen. There’s never a dull moment in this collaboration. Listen here today and make sure to grab a copy of the single tomorrow when it drops in full!

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[Future Funk] Naxatras – Space Tunnel (Kaptain Remix)

Space Tunnel (Kaptain Remix)

It’s not often you see official remixes by producers for bands that are located a world apart from each other. That happened with Kaptain of San Francisco who was asked to take on “Space Tunnel” by the band Naxatras.

Kaptain’s funky style has breached markets across the world, which isn’t all that surprising considering everyone likes to get groovy. With this Kaptain keeps up the funk, but accents the band’s psychedelic sound with his own hypnotic tone. Part of what makes this remix so incredible is that Kaptain created it without the use of stems because the original track was recorded onto one channel. I’m no producer, but I’m not even sure how you’d go about that. Kaptain succeeded though and now we have a free download to enjoy.

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[House] Syskey – Personal Disorder EP

France’s Syskey has hopped on board with the Uprise Music label with his EP Personal Disorder. Within it we get two dark and deep house tracks that will keep any party going until the sun comes up.

Shoadowed atmospheres and brooding basslines characterize this EP. Although both tracks share similar characteristics, they each deliver a slightly different tone, giving the A/B sides some distinct features. This slight diversity is all that was needed to make this next level. It’s not easy to pick a favorite out of the two, but you go ahead and give it a try. Listen through each and let us know in the comments which you like most!

’Syskey – Chasing Perfection’
’Syskey – Atypique’
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[Indie Dance] NONONO – Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)

Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)

“Masterpiece” by NONONO was just that. It wasn’t something we thought we’d be getting a remix to, but it has happened thanks to Vargas & Lagola. It wasn’t that the original didn’t have the capacity to be remixed, it just was that it’s such a great track, hard to do justice to. However, V&L did just that.

The duo keep a similar vibe as the original, but give it a more electronic edge. Bouncy with infectious grooves, the newly formed “Masterpiece” is a tasteful take on NONONO. Vargas & Lagola went a slow-jam route, which is fitting for their and NONONO’s styles. It’s the perfect remix for your Fall playlists, as it has just the sound you need no matter what you get yourself into this season.

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