[Future Bass] Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Naderi Remix)

Fetty Wap
Trap Queen (Naderi Remix) [Free Download]

The Australian producer Naderi is here with an official remix for the iconic Fetty Wap single “Trap Queen.” You’d expect a friend of Flume to make top shelf future bass, and that’s just what happens with this cut. It will turn naysayers of the original into fans, as the execution of this was, dare we say, perfect.

Naderi is coming off a remix of “Aerial Love” by Daniel Johns that was pretty dope, but what the Sydney songster did with “Trap Queen” is next level. With the intro largely being driven by the vocal, there’s a huge anticipation of energy for when the drop actually comes in, and when that happens, the magic is set free. In keeping things as original as he could, Naderi showcased why he’s someone who eyes and ears need to be on.

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NGHTMRE just doesn’t stop. He’s here with a Mad Decent original called “STREET” that Skrillex played at Ultra. If NGHTMRE was going for an epic trap anthem, he got it. What makes this even more impressive is the way the song develops from beginning to end. His superior sound design and arrangement talents are evident in this hit that has potential to be played out the rest of the year. He doesn’t hold back, and the result was something worthy of praise from the best of the best, including Bassnectar and RL Grime. This super charged single is one of NGHTMRE’s dopest tunes yet, but he’s surely got more up his sleeve. “STREET” is up for grabs for free, or if you’d like to support the release, it is purchasable on iTunes.

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Wil – What Are We Waiting For (Jose Nuñez Club Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

What Are We Waiting For (Jose Nunez Club Remix)

There’s just something about summertime that brings out the best in dance music. Producers seemingly focus on warm-weather, feel-good beats, encapsulating what is the most adored season for most. Today is no different, as we bring you a sultry, groovy, and downright infectious remix from the Big Apple’s own, Jose Nuñez.

Putting a tech house spin on Spanish international pop star Wiltay, Nuñez breathes some dance intensity into “What Are We Waiting For.” Latin flavor can be heard throughout, bringing styled-out grooves, rhythmic percussion and enveloping vocal samples. Everything culminates together, boasting a true Miami pool party vibe, and one that’s left us exploring travel sites for any last minute deals.

Nuñez has packed out countless clubs and doled out more than 30 top 20 hits, and today’s release shows that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

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Fish From Japan – Dirty City Nights EP [TMN Premiere]

Fish From Japan

Fish From Japan are returning with the Dirty City Nights EP, and the first listen is coming to the world from the ninjas. Their house roots are doused in sultry disco vibes. With two tracks that play off each other this good, there are not many other one-two punches that are as strong as these. Misshapen is the imprint that backed Dirty City Nights.

The EP starts off with the title track, which keeps things more disco than the second single “Crying Out.” The vocal is simply luscious, and the smooth production has us ninjas grooving much harder than we usually do when we get some juicy house. “Crying Out” has a slightly different mood to it than the first single, but it still shares the intoxicating vocal and crisp basslines. Out of the two, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but comment with which you dig more!

FIsh From Japan
Dirty City Nights (Original Mix)
Fish From Japan
Crying Out (Original Mix)
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[Dance/Electronica] SMLE – Every Chance You Get

Every Chance You Get

SMLE is a duo we’ve fallen head over heels for in the last year or so. We’ve featured and heavily consumed pretty much their entire catalog of remixes from their cover of Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good” to most recently having the pleasure of premiering their remix of Vaults’ “One Last Night” just a few weeks ago, as well as loads in between; and I think it’s pretty safe to say much of our eclectic staff has happy devoured at least a slice of SMLE’s repertoire in the process. Today, SMLE moves forward in a big way, in essence, from scratch after completely wiping out their Soundcloud and starting fresh with all new original music. “Every Chance You Get” -a tune encapsulating all of that previous success behind layers of analog instrumentation in the form of funky guitar lines, a vibrant synth progression and a booming underbelly-  is the first to surface from SMLE 2.0, and a great one at that. On top of that, everything put out by the pair is performed and recorded live which is a breath of fresh air in today’s overly saturated dance climate, and we’ve been skipping gleefully to their new incarnation from the moment we came into contact with it. Do your ears a favor, and stream “Every Chance You Get” above.

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[Chill] Kehlani – Jealous (Mr. Carmack Remix)

kehlani, jealous (carmack remix)

Mr. Carmack has always maintained a peculiar aura, even amidst his recent surge in fame. In many ways, he has intimated the qualities of a pseudo- ghost writer for progressive and future music as a whole (TMN has chronicled many of his releases here and here and here). Moreover, his guiding influence has been felt far and wide without direct connections to many artists, in large part, due to his staying power over the years. He may have been better suited to call himself Mr. Consistency.

To that point, Carmack is held in unanimous high esteem by his peers, despite lacking a level of popularity or notoriety (among general music fans) which would typically accompany the talent and reputation of works as great as his. By setting the bar within the Soulection crew and the music producing community at large, Carmack has been releasing tracks this summer at a break-neck pace.

Following up his #SongsFromScratch collaborative release under Adidas+YoursTrulySF with Kehlani last month, Carmack has revealed a remix to the songstress’ latest hit, “Jealous”. Kehlani’s massively popular hip-hop/soul track receives a complete revamp in this latest rendition; Carmack introduces a deep bass line and smooth vocal oscillation techniques, giving the remix a dreamy and ambient quality.

Fluctuations in the dynamic scheme and timely interjections of future elements throughout the tune keep the listener engaged with the instrumental aspects of the song and steal some of the attention away from Kehlani’s moving vocals – which is no small feat. “Jealous” really comes together at the 3:12 mark after Lexii Alijai‘s fast rapping third verse, when Carmack is able to merge the style of the original with his own distinct impression of the song.

Keep tabs on Carmack this summer: music festival enthusiasts can catch his sets at Camp Bisco in Pennsylvania, Hard Summer in L.A., and at the Canadian music festival Shambhala.

 Photo credit: GL Askew II 

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[Hip-Hop] Ethereal – Final Fantasy (Album)


To call Atlanta’s Awful Records prolific would be an understatement. The team of outlandish emcees and producers have been releasing music at a ridiculous pace while pushing the boundaries of DIY artistry in the most delightfully bizarre ways. With artists like Father and Slug Christ, regulars in our Hip-Hop Dojos who’ve both garnered substantial followings, and an array of connections through out Atlanta’s booming hip-hop scene, the label’s poised to continue its ascent. There’s still a lot of people out there, from the hip-hop purists to the “it’s not really music” snobs, who just don’t get the appeal of the style of music Awful Records puts out–often lo-fi, disorienting, highly experimental and at times superficially narcissistic (see Slug Christ’s NSFW album art as an example). What those people are missing, though, is the raw creativity and talent that this crew has as well as the camp-y, avant-garde tone of their lyrics and style.

Last week, Ethereal, a member of the Awful Recs crew, put out his latest album, Final FantasySelf-described as a ‘megalomaniac’–someone obsessed with their own power–Ethereal’s album is a culmination of its title and that introspective diagnosis. 

With airy, other-worldly production from Ethereal himself accompanied by charmingly lackadaisical, yet impressively imaginative, flows, it’s also one of the most accessible projects for those just getting familiar with the up ‘n coming crew.

Spanning from wavey, lo-fi vibes on “Fantasy!,” the Slug Christ-featuring “Ultima” and “I Can’t Feel,” which includes a cleverly placed Rick & Morty sample, to oddball bangers like “Bump” and “Come Here,” the album never loses site of its core escapist aesthetic. As a result, it’s the type of album you can just hit play on and zone out, but if you do choose to listen closer, you’ll find some lyrical gems. Stream and cop the album below. Also, make sure to follow Awful Records on Soundcloud and do your best to keep up with their near-daily releases.

Buy Final Fantasy by Ethereal

I Cant Feel
Bump (Bounce)(feat. Lord Narf)
Agoraphobia (feat. Alexandria & Archibald SLIM)
Ultima (feat. Slug Christ)
RPG (Circles) (feat. Micah Freeman)
Come Here! (feat. Playboi Carti)
Free Your Mind (feat. Stalin Majesty And Archibald SLIM)
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