[Indie/Electro-Pop] Autumn in June – Hours [TMN Premiere]

Autumn In June

Molded in the depths of South Central Los Angeles’ tumultuous and effusive streets, Autumn in June‘s paradoxical moniker has always seemed to fit the burgeoning alt-pop artist. Whether you’re comparing the pleasantly slick indie-pop output of Autumn in June to the incredibly deep amounts of hip-hop and rap dominating the area’s musical landscape, or those syrupy sweet, reverb laden vocal incantations against what has become a hotly charged political backdrop since the late 60’s; it would be difficult to think up Autumn In June’s story for a fictitious film, let alone believe it in the real world. But fiction, Autumn is not. Behind an impressive debut EP, he’s blessed our Ninjas with an exclusive premiere for latest single “Hours”. “Hours” bends the kind of 80’s synth-pop progression that would make Martin Gore and Vince Clarke green with envy around dynamic, hip-hop tipping drums, droning guitars and even a cheerful xylophone pattern which gleams like a cracked rose through a melancholy soundscape; creating a beautiful view into Autumn in June’s artistic psyche and powerfully emotive vocals. We’re already drawing comparisons to early Devonte Hynes with a subtle, grittier edge (check out his entire soundcloud here), and you can bet we will be all hands on deck for anything else coming from the genre eschewing producer. Until then, stream “Hours” above before anyone else.

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[Smooth] Gosh Pith – Child

Child - KATAI A
Gosh Pith

Duo Gosh Pith resurfaces with a brand new single entitled ‘Child’. It feels like the perfect time for 69 to unleash their most vibrant tune yet as the Spring season in Detroit just begins to bloom. ‘Child’ certainly feels like a dream, but it also carries a set conscious lyrics filled with comforting reminders. This song is a reward to all of us for simply living and learning everyday. Gosh Pith continues to elevate an already impressive collection with this brand new piece to follow up the Jonah Baseball remix of ‘Smoke Bellow‘. It serves as just their fifth original release to date, but they’ve promised major releases shortly. Stay tuned.

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Andy Shauf – Hold Out [TMN PREMIERE]

Andy Shauf
Hold Out

It doesn’t take long to become quickly infatuated with Andy Shauf’s mesmerizing vocals. For us, it was the first time we heard “Your Heart,” which drips with authentic emotion and thoughtfulness. Our adoration furthered when we finally got to see this Canadian singer/songwriter at an intimate venue at SXSW, where we saw Shauf’s timid stage persona woo a crowded bar full of swooning fans.

Today, we have the honor of bringing you “Hold Out,” which was written and performed by Shauf, Carl Johnson of Library Voices, and James Armstrong at Red Brick Songs writing retreat. As expected, the song simply glows with enchantment, effortlessly carrying the listener along to subdued fingerpicking and wonderfully calming vocals.

“Hold Out” will be released as a part of The Red Album next month, but you can hear the other songs from this album here.

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Higher Self – Ghosts (Bit Funk Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Higher Self
Ghosts (Bit Funk Remix)

Just because it’s Tuesday doesn’t mean we can’t throw on some beats and boogie at our desks a little bit. In fact, if anything, we need something to carry us up and over hump day, and into the weekend’s sweet, glorious glow.

Big ups to Bit Funk for bringing such an opportunity our way, as he serves up his interpretation of “Ghosts,” here on TMN. This is definitely one for the vocal house lovers out there, as the up-and-coming producer has made Lauren Mason’s lyrics shine throughout the remix.

Boasting an uplifting melody, 90’s dance style percussion, and a dancefloor pleasing bassline, it’s a remix that could easily be well received at the club, as well as through your phone’s speakers, as you get ready. In fact, we’re pretty sure some of you will sing along in your bathroom mirror and we certainly won’t judge you for that.

Pick this tune up today on Bit Funk’s soundcloud and get yourself primed and ready for the weekend, even if it is three days away.

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[House] No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

No Doubt
Don't Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

He’s shown it countless times before, but Dennis Kruissen certainly doesn’t shy away from taking on the classics. With names like Mary Mary and Florence and The Machine already under his belt, there was seemingly no limit to which timeless anthem could be next to fall victim to his addictive deep house spell. Well the wait is over as his latest transformation is complete and once again ready to reignite the passion for an iconic song. Like a blast from the past, all those memories of belting out the chorus of ‘Don’t Speak’ over the top of Gwen Stefani’s lyrics will come flooding back in an instant. Only this time, those unforgettable vocals are accompanied by an infectious groove geared to set dance floors ablaze and have that undying chorus shouted out into the early hours of the morning.

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[Future Bass] Urban Cone Ft Tove Lo – Come Back To Me (Redial Remix)

Urban Cone Ft Tove Lo
Come Back To Me (Redial Remix)

Around a month ago, bass veteran Redial resurfaced with a fresh outlook on where he wanted his music to go next, and an EP to solidify this statement to the rest of the electronic scene. There was promise of more excitement to come, and now that is delivered in the form of a massive official remix for Urban Cone. Don’t be fooled by the soulful tone of the original, because it’s astounding just how well those vocals lend themselves to a fierce future bass anthem. From the hypnotic builds to the crunchy industrial beat, everything about this track has been constructed with the purpose of igniting an eager crowd, and the energy it emits will bring things to fever pitch in a matter of seconds. Look out for this one to be the feature of sets all throughout the festival season this year.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #4)


So Monday is over. That’s cool. And Tuesday is here. Even cooler. Why? Because it’s not Monday AND there is a free Indie Dojo just waiting to get played.

Bird Dog
the ocean and the sea
Rebel Kites
Atlas Sky
New Navy
Van Damsel
Best Of Everything
Stranger Cat
Stole The Night
Liza Anne
Take It Back
Billie Marten
Heavy Weather
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