[Future] TV Noise Feat. Jessame – Think (Sean Turk Remix)

TV Noise Ft. Jessame
Think (Sean Turk Remix)

New York’s Sean Turk managed to put together an official remix for TV Noise‘s single “Think” that features vocalist Jessame. This isn’t the first time Sean has worked with a vocal from Jessame as the two acts came together on a previous remix several months ago.

Sean’s take on “Think” got backed by Spinnin’ Records as an official remix, which you’ll see why once you hit play on the song. We’re met with what his camp is calling ‘Bedroom Bass,’ a brand of future that has a hint of funk in that makes it extra groovy. It’s chill, fun and mesmerizing. Sean did an incredible job in taking on this song, making it his own and impressing the the label that pushed the original. They couldn’t pass on it, and we couldn’t either. Get your copy today for free.

I spent a long time working on perfecting my craft and to look back at what we have done in 8 months is just insane. We have a long way to go and some ambitious goals, but we are ready to work to make them a reality. Thank you to every single person who has been supporting so far, I truly appreciate all of you. Y’all are dope! Oh, by the way, this isn’t the only Spinnin’ Records release happening this year.
– Sean Turk

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[Music Video] Luna Shadows – Cherry


One of our favorite musical talents, Luna Shadows, is back with another music video. This time it’s for her single “Cherry” that comes from her previously released EP Summertime.

The soft indie pop tune was just asking for a music video, but in all reality each one of Luna’s works deserves a visual counterpart. With “Cherry” Luna steps away from her black and white aesthetic to bring some color into the world. What she brings in color, she takes away in movement as this video is reminiscent of the ongoing mannequin challenges that are attempting to take over the internet. Even if you’re not a fan of those, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this beautiful work of art. Luna is as amazing as always, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the new year. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Summertime yet, you should do so immediately on iTunes.

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[Multi-Genre] Buku – No Dramas EP


Is it just us or is Spinnin’ Records making some moves away from their usual grind? Take Buku‘s new EP, No Dramas, for instance. The Pittsburgh bass producer put out a four track project through the label, and it is certainly not what you would expect to be in Spinnin’ Records’ catalog.

“Terminal” opens the EP in a manner that you would expect to come from a song released by this label. It’s a cool single, but things really turn up when “No Dramas” comes next with its heavier sound. “Front To Back” keeps up the half-time groove but shifts the sound to a whole new territory. Lastly, “I Can” comes with its dirty trap sound. Overall, No Dramas is a diverse EP that is strong from start to finish. It makes it even better that you can download it for free. That’s right, now you have no reason not to get it for yourself.

’Buku – Terminal’
’Buku – No Dramas’
’Buku – Front To Back’
’Buku – I Can’
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[Music Video] Anabel Englund – London Headache


Anabel Englund has just launched her solo project; with skill and grace we might add. We knew she already had those qualities from her previous collaborations, so we were excited to see that she was venturing out on her own. To get things started, she dropped a single and music video through Defected Records.

“London Headache” is her debut song. Anabel is being deemed house’s pop princess, so you can imagine the style of the record. It’s deep, it’s catchy; it’s wonderful. The video? The same could be said of it. The visual portion of “London Headache” centers around Anabel in various locations, including her hotel room and a performance. If only all headaches were like this, everyone would be doing everything they could to get one. Luckily to get this one all you need to do is head over to Beatport and buy it! PS, there are remixes and an acapella you can grab too.

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[House] calper – Crossroads feat. Mark Asari

Crossroads (feat. Mark Asari)

When house gets acoustic, we get delighted. It doesn’t have to be all acoustic, but tossing in some elements is almost always a good idea. It certainly was a good idea for “Crossroads” a single by calper featuring Mark Asari that was released through Let Me Hear It.

From the get go “Crossroads” is a fun track. It wastes no time jumping into the heat of things with Mark Asari’s amazing voice. Mark is one hell of a singer; all you need is to hear one word of his performance in this song to realize that. The other talent, calper, is as impressive, creating this record to near perfection, if not reaching it fully. The instrumental is lively and charming, to say the least. “Crossroads” is one of the better house tunes of the year. Don’t miss out on this one and don’t let your friends either. Get your copy today.

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[Future] Hotel Garuda feat. Violet Days – Fixed On You (Aire Atlantica Remix)

PRMD Music
Hotel Garuda ft. Violet Days "Fixed On You" (Aire Atlantica Remix)

Aire Atlantica has been on a hot streak with remixes lately. After successfully taking on Billie Eilish’s “Six Feet Under” and K.Flay’s “Blood In The Cut,” the New York producer got his hands on Hotel Garuda‘s “Fixed On You” featuring Violet Days.

This official remix was released alongside three other remixes through PRMD Music, so it is currently available through digital services, including Spotify. “Fixed On You” went from a bubbly house record to a chilled out future tune. When we first saw that he was dropping this, we couldn’t help but to get excited. Upon hearing it, our expectations were more than satisfied. If by now you haven’t hopped on board with Aire Atlantica, you’re already late. But, better late than never.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 222)


We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for the weekend. Friday marks the beginning, but for us the real sign is when the Friday Party Playlist is up. The work day is then over, and we can relax, or more importantly: PARTY! This week we have tunes from some of our favorite producers including, but not limited to, Said The Sky, ill-esha, Atom Pushers, Crankdat and Tisoki. We start off with a few future tracks, hit some moombah, then some house/electro and finally finish with some heavier bass tunes. As always, all twelve of the playlist tracks are available as free downloads. Don’t sleep on them, and don’t sleep tonight. Instead, party! And don’t forget to #danceirresponsibly.

’The Chainsmokers – All We Know Feat. Phoebe Ryan (Said The Sky Remix)’
esha – Loose Leaf feat. Ross Pennock’
’The Odds x Bronze Whale – Call Me Out’
’Alon Mor & Sex Whales – Jasmine’
’Adair & Nitti Gritti – Gin & Juice’
’UNCT – Middle Finger’
’Cosmos & Creature – Young (Win and Woo Remix)’
’Atom Pushers & 5ynk Feat. Blak Trash – Dirty Vans’
’Skrillex ft. Sirah – Weekends (Crankdat Re
Crank) ⚙’
’31 Feat. Crichy Crich’
’Decadon – Burn (Original Mix)’
’Wanna (Tisoki Flip)’
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