[Electronic] Two Friends – Out Of Love EP

Out of Love

Two of our friends, Two Friends, have finally released their EP after leaving fans in anticipation. Out Of Love was released by SOURCE/Spinnin Records complete with three singles, including collaboration with MAX and Cosmos & Creature.

The duo started with out with the release of one single, then another and the last coming out with the full EP launch a few days ago. This means you might already be privy to the great songs “Pacific Coast Highway” and the title track, both of which have already gotten plenty of love, with more to come. They differ in style, but not in quality. The third song “Mona Lisa Eyes” is more along the lines of “Pacific Coast Highway,” sharing a house sound that is both upbeat and fun. The full EP is well worth the time and price if you’re looking to get a copy for yourself from a digital service.

’Two Friends ft. MAX – Pacific Coast Highway’
’Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature – Out Of Love’
’Two Friends – Mona Lisa Eyes’
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[R&B] Ronin & Xavier White – Sudden Change

Xavier White x Ronin
Ronin & Xavier White
Sudden Change

Ronin and Xavier White return for yet another single together. Their track “Sudden Change” was released today through Lush Records, one of New York’s greatest independent labels. Speaking of New York, the two artists who put this one together happen to both be some of New York’s top underground talents.

“Sudden Change” is a sexy tune. We know just how good these two creators are together, but they took things to a whole new place with this one. It’s got that future pop meets R&B sound that not many can pin down like these two have done. With so much music sounding like people are trying too hard for something, it’s nice to hear a genuinely good record that feels that it came about organically. They weren’t trying to be anybody but themselves, which is something we can always count on from each contributor. Stream “Sudden Change” today and grab the free download.

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[Electronic] RYNO – Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)

Wishing Seed Cover v2b
Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)

It’s always good to see up and coming artists get official remixes. This was the case for Dulsae who was tapped by New York’s RYNO to remix the single “Wishing Seed.” Although Ryno may be a new name to many, as a Battle of The Bands champion, he is a respected talent in the industry. Not a bad person to get to be supported by!

Dulsae’s sound is something straight from the stars. An overwhelming cosmic characteristic emanates from this remix. If you’re looking to escape the week early, then you have what you need with this remix. The chilling mood of the newly defined “Wishing Seed” is undeniable. It whisks you away to another place with its soft soundscapes and mystical melodies. The fellow New Yorker Dulsae did not disappoint his creative brother with his interpretation and he didn’t disappoint us either.

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[Multi-Genre] black. Vol. 3 Compilation

black vol 3

We can always count on black collective to deliver some next level records. Their LPs are some of the best in the world. They’ve previously released two as a part of a compilation series that gives money to charity. The chosen charity this time around is Give A Beat.

In partnership with Cadence & Cause, these compilations serve not only as beacons for musical evolution, but also as philanthropic pillars in the dance community. Artists like Kompany, ESQ, Adair, Revazz and Tuslo come back with some extra hot fire that is well worth the donation price. The third volume of black. rolls deep with a whopping fourteen singles. You just don’t find this much quality bass music in one place. Check out the full project and head over to Cadence & Cause to donate and get your copy. For more information about where your donation is going to, you may find out in the quote below.

Donations from black. Vol. 3 will go to Give a Beat, a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for social change by bridging global electronic dance music culture with youth and families impacted by incarceration. The money provided will help fund DJ workshops designed to promote self-confidence, empowerment, individuality, and healing from trauma. Many of the youth participants come from underserved communities that are grappling with poverty, crime and gang culture, over-policing, and incarceration of a family member. Expression through music and dance can foster positive connections and be a powerful force in inspiring a future that breaks the cycle of poverty and incarceration.

’Kompany – Curse’
’BENTZ – Speed’
’Adair – Summoning’
’Tempest – Turbulence’
’Patches x Sampson – Hustlin’
’ESQ – Waves’
REX – Bout This’
’Tuslo – Tao’
’TYNVN – Hey’
’Revazz – Typhoon Alley’
’WILLY P – Fly By’
’LXXK – Airblade’
’Lemay – Alive’
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[Future Bass] Daijo – Red Dress ft. Aloma Steele

Red Dress ft. Aloma Steele [OUT NOW]

Depending on who you ask, Daijo may or may not be a new face to the scene. Although the Canadian producer just released his first original, “Red Dress” today, Daijo has already been making records. In the past he’s released a few remixes, as well as produced records for other artists. Now, he’s going full steam ahead with his own project.

“Red Dress” is a wonderful start to a new direction. One of our favorite vocalists, Aloma Steele, was recruited to aid in the creation of this smash hit that is just about as big of a statement as one could make. It’s an amazing record through and through. Daijo’s future synths work nicely together with Aloma’s sweet voice. “Red Dress” is an intimate song that plays around with your feelings between the different phases of the composition. Daijo is on our radar big time because of this one, while Aloma cements herself further as one of the premiere vocalists in the industry.

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[Pop] Adara – Oasis


Colorado’s own Adara just came out with a superb song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. We would apologize, but we’re not going to. “Oasis” is the single we are referring to. Released by Archipelago Ent., Adara’s masterpiece is going to take your breathe away.

“Oasis” is exactly as you’d imagine, a sonic escape from the worries of the world. Her pop sound fits extremely well with the spunky future bass instrumental that her vocal soars from. There isn’t one thing wrong about this record; each tone, riff, drum fill, everything is where it needs to be. It’s sad to see when singers rely on the instrumental too much, but with Adara that is not the case. She is undoubtedly the star, shining with a performance that will leave you goosebumps. Love what you’re hearing? Get a copy of “Oasis” from iTunes.

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[Electronic] LIOHN – Gold


We’re happy to tell you that LIOHN is back with another treasure. “Gold” has been released via Refune Music recently, coming after his spectacular single “Over U” that we fell in love with instantly. With “Gold” the same thing happened.

“Gold” is a bit more upbeat than the previous release by LIOHN, showing some degree of variation that we hope continues into the future. The future meets pop style is increasingly being the go-to sound and LIOHN owns it like no other here. “Gold” is exactly what it is, gold. Although it’s barely been out, we already know this is going to be a classic within the LIOHN catalog that is filled, and will continue to be filled with gems. If you don’t know LIOHN, “Gold” is a great place to start.

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