[House] RÜFÜS DU SOL – Innerbloom (Lane 8 Remix)

Innerbloom (Lane 8 Remix)

Despite being released nearly a year ago (ages in Internet time!), RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s Bloom remains one of the TMN Staff’s most listened to projects. That impressive staying power has only been multiplied by the steady stream of quality remixes it has spawned. The latest comes from fellow Ninja favorite Lane 8taking on the album’s epic “Innerbloom.” In typical fashion, Lane 8 crafts an atmospheric, melodic tune drawing out the original’s most irresistible parts while leaving the stunning vocals in tact. Although it employs a more standard four-on-the-floor approach, this rendition certainly gives What So Not‘s incredible “Innerbloom” remix a run for its money. Get lost in this blissful tune above.

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Buster Moe – Little Sister (Live Session) [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Buster Moe
Little Sister

We always love writing up live sessions like this. There’s a raw, emotive, and pure essence that sometimes just can’t be found in the highly polished releases that go through countless sessions with mixing and mastering engineers. Today, we’re bringing you just that–a first live look from a promising, young, Swedish artist Buster Moe.

With a recently-released, debut EP through PRMD, it’s already evident that this 24-year old is on his way to becoming a household name. We can’t help but feel like his story might come to resemble that of James Bay, who went from cutting his teeth in the blogosphere to a meteoric rise to stardom. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.

His vocals carry the weight of an old soul, and in this offering, coalesce beautifully with some rhythmic acoustic guitar work. The end result culminates in a listening experience that should have you feeling some warm-n-fuzzies and sore cheeks from an ear-to-ear smile.

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Worthy – Pull It [TMN Premiere]


ADE is just around the corner. To honor this special week in dance music, Insomniac Records has put together their ADE Compilation that will be released tomorrow, on October 14th. Today, we give you a first listen to one of the singles off the project from Dirtybird’s own Worthy.

It’s not hard at all to imagine “Pull It” being played aloud through a Dirtybird Campout. It’s chill, yet groovy mood is perfect for the atmosphere. Worthy put together an original that is both wacky and straightforward. Not sure if it’s the San Francisco in Worthy our what, but the dichotomy of those two things in this track is positively uncanny. On a compilation with tremendous talent, Worthy stands out with “Pull It” in a big way. Stream it exclusively through this premiere, and ready yourself for the full LP tomorrow!

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[Music Video] Julie Bergan – Arigato


Some of the poppy, future music that’s hitting the mainstream avenues is a bit watered down for my taste. There’s a distinct brand that artists are going for, and so far none of them have hit the nail on the head quite like Julie Bergan. There are numerous reasons why she is nominated for MTV’s Best Norwegian Act, and one of those is “Arigato.”

Not only do we get the song of “Arigato,” but we get a music video as well. The video is visually entertaining, but I think the song is where the real gold is at. Julie is at the center of the song and video, pulling us in with her magnificent performance. She has certainly got a shot at winning the MTV title, after which she can express her thanks by simply stating the title of her record. With this record came some international success, that continues to grow. Here in the dojo, we wish her well and hope she can make her way to the USA real quick!

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[Electronic] MARC Feat. Efraim Leo – Show You The Light

MARC Ft. Efraim Leo
Show You The Light

The Swedish gem of an artist MARC came out with a new single just over two weeks ago through Warner Music UK. MARC’s single “Show You The Light” is a collaboration with Efraim Leo.

“Show You The Light” is an incredibly smooth record that is right in the middle of a few genres. The Swedes have been killing the music game, not only with the quality of their work, but also with regard to the creative edge they seem to have over many other countries. MARC is an up and coming creator who is establishing himself as an integral piece of the country’s musicianship. “Show You The Light” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MARC, whose Soundcloud is stocked full of goodies. Stream or purchase his single today and run through his catalog if you haven’t yet!

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[Future/Pop] Basic Tape – So Good (feat. Danny Shah)

Basic Tape
So Good (feat. Danny Shah)

When pop music meets electronic, it’s either disastrous or beautiful. In the case of “So Good” by Basic Tape, the result is the latter of the two possibilities. The French duo just killed it. That’s all that can really be said.

Of course, we’re gonna dive a bit deeper than that. First off, a shout out needs to be given to Danny Shah who’s vocal performance really took things to a cosmic level. From start to finish “So Good” is as solid as it gets. Energetic, groovy, catchy; it has everything you look for in a great record. It has been a 11 months since Basic Tape’s last release, so we’re glad to see they’re back at it again. We’re stoked on this, as well as for what is to come!

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[Deep House] Bobby Nourmand – D E E P in NY (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)

D E E P in N Y (feat. D.O.C. & Goodmorning)

One of the coolest cats in the business is Bobby Nourmand. He’s already wowed us with his previous records including “Sister” and “Because.” Now he has brought along “D E E P in NY,” a hybrid original that may be Bobby’s best.

With “D E E P in NY” Bobby brings together deep house with hip-hop in a way that few have done successfully before. He always manages to produce with grace and precision, a deadly combination within his musical market. In delving into hip-hop, Bobby enlists D.O.C. and Goodmorning as collaborators on this vocal edit of sorts. If you’re a fan of Bobby’s you’ll recognize the instrumental as one of his previous releases. “D E E P” gets some New York lovin’ from the emcees just after Bobby gets donned as one of the hottest new artists by both DJ and Mix mag. Safe to say, he’s got some special things coming.

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