HU₵₵I’s label VEYRON ARCHE has some of the hottest trap sounds you are going to find. Their latest release lives up to the prestige of the rest of the imprint’s catalog. “Wrath” from HOUNDS and SENOJNAYR is that track. Innovative, dirty and mind-bending, the song can be (somewhat) summed up by the following comment on Soundcloud: “Trapped in a dark alley while too much acid kicks in slowly.”

“Wrath” feels like two songs when you listen all the way through. HOUNDS and SENOJNAYR take you on a trip, first throwing you into a more traditional trapstyle tale and then into a more cerebral expression that comes quite unexpectedly. It’s this fusing of two distinct sounds that makes “Wrath” so spectacular. Each piece could have superb songs on their own, but these two producers didn’t let up and brought both fires together. “Wrath” is currently available on digital stores for those who want a copy.

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The Outros – Face The Evil [TMN Premiere]

The Outros
Face The Evil

“Face The Evil” in the dojo with The Outros in today’s premiere. The New York band says on Facebook that they only have “some” talent, but we’d beg to differ. Their new track is evidence of that. Here you’ll get the first listen to it!

The Outros bring an old-school classic style together with a modern twist. Their works, including “Face The Evil” take notes from rock, disco and house music. The eclectic array of sounds make for an intriguing listen. “Face The Evil” shares the intrigue and a certain energetic quality that invigorates the more you listen. The Outros are looking to stand out and with a sound like this, they certainly will. Catch them on social media and keep on the lookout for more music and performances from these guys.

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Rui – Feel Alright [TMN Premiere]

Feel Alright (Radio Edit)

Enter the dojo with Portugal born, Netherlands raised Rui. Musically speaking, Wall Recordings is his home and together we’ve partnered with them for the premiere of “Feel Alright” that comes out in full tomorrow. Rui and company wanted to give you a sneak listen to the record in its entirety, so here we go.

“Feel Alright” sports a deep, but beachy sound that is about as appropriate as you can get for this time of year. Bubbly basslines and spirited vocals keep the energy up for crowds to get their dance on. Rui always manages to keep a fun sound and that’s just what “Feel Alright” has. It will make you feel more than alright with its upbeat attitude. As mentioned previously, the song is out in full tomorrow for those looking to add it to their digital libraries. For now, enjoy the exclusive stream!

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[Multi-Genre] Feder – Back For More The Remixes EP

Feder‘s “Back For More” is a fresh one, but he didn’t stop with his own single. In comes Back For More The Remixes EP, complete with three takes of Feder’s futuristic original featuring Daecolm. The EP has come via Big Beat, so you know you’re getting some quality remixes.

If you haven’t checked out the original, we’ve included it below to kick off the tunes. To kick off the remixes, we must seek Mr. Belt and Wezol, whose vibrant house flip officially leads us into the EP. This may be our favorite, but don’t let that dissuade you from continuing, as the next two remixes are hot hot hot. Betical kicks up a future meets house hybrid that is tasty to the ears. Rrotik’s darker remix gives a brand new feel to the song that none of the others have. If you’d like the remix EP, go on to iTunes for a copy.

’FEDER “Back For More”‘
’Feder “Back For More” feat Daecolm (Mr. Belt & Wezol Remix)’
’Feder “Back For More” feat Daecolm (Betical remix)’
’Feder “Back For More” feat Daecolm (Rrotik Remix)’
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[Electronic] Trey Songz – Nobody Else But You (Mozado Remix)

Trey Songz
Nobody Else But You (Mozado Remix)

“Nobody Else But You” by Trey Songz got a cool remix by the Boston beatmaker Mozado. Mozado has been a name that came on our radar recently with his host of top notch remixes of songs from artists like Usher, Beyonce, JLo and Ashanti.

For Trey’s song, Mozado keeps the soulful R&B feel, while adding a bit more groove and sway to the mix. Although the original is a good song, Mozado rivals the original and takes the sound even further. If Mozado doesn’t get commissioned to produce some of these legendary artists’ songs soon then we’d be surprised. Mozado’s sound fits well with the underground/mainstream crossover, making him a dynamic creative that can make it to the top. “Nobody Else But You” in its new form has been released as a free download, so grab it!

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Sonny Wharton – Vice [TMN Premiere]

With Spring here and Summer approaching, that means bring out the house tracks with all the good vibes you can handle. Today we have such a treat from Sonny Wharton, whose new record “Vice” comes out tomorrow on SIZE Records. Instead of making you wait until tomorrow, we’ve partnered up for this premiere to let you stream the song a day early!

“Vice” is just what you want with warm weather. It doesn’t take much to imagine yourself in a few weeks, chilling outside with a drink in your hands with “Vice” playing about. Sonny’s vivacious single is an energetic expression with a sound that is reminiscent of some classic tunes. Bustling percussion beat away while an array of subtle elements fill out the grooving soundscape. Enjoy “Vice” today and make sure to hop on the single when it drops in full tomorrow!

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The Griswolds talk Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jamie Lee Curis, and Tim’s Last Show [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Images courtesy of Nikolai Puc

Exactly three years ago, I premiered “Beware The Dog” by The Griswolds, and I’ve felt a kinship with these Aussies ever since. Their infectious energy is felt throughout both their recorded music and live performances. I don’t need to tell you that, though. Just head out to one of their shows and try jockeying for position amongst throngs of relentless fans who have patiently waited outside the venues on hours on end, awaiting that precious spot at the front of the stage.

In March, we had the pleasure of catching up with bassist Tim John and frontman Chris Whitehall at Denver’s charmingly divey Marquee Theater, where the group closed out their U.S. High Times for Low Lives album tour. Our lighthearted chat was pleasant – as it always is with these consummate professionals and all-around good guys — but the room felt heavy with the anticipation of what would be a momentous show in the band’s history: Tim, the band’s original bassist, was about to play his last gig in America, and after a few more shows overseas, he would retire from the Griswolds.

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