[Hip-Hop/R&B] Wulfy – HANNAH


Every so often an artist comes along that is truly doing their own thing. Wulfy is one of those people. Just take his latest release “HANNAH” as example of that. The self-proclaimed dog – really, he says he’s a dog – put out a super solid single to pull our attention his way.

Once you give “HANNAH” a listen your attention will be locked into Wulfy as well. His hip-hop meets R&B sound is something that, when read, doesn’t really make him stick out, but when you hear what he has to offer, you get why he’s a one of a kind artist. He’s early in his career and things are looking up. As long as he continues with what he’s got going on, he can make quite a splash.

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[Music Video] AWAY – Sleepwalker ft. London Thor

Dark, twisted but incredibly beautiful, the music video for “Sleepwalker” by AWAY and London Thor is major. It feels like a cinematic masterpiece and that’s because that is exactly what it is, despite it being a music video.

AWAY and company did an amazing job. With the song, it’s a brooding single that packs a punch by itself, but when partnered with its visual component the whole package is extraordinary. The video bounces between the high quality shots of one storyline and the home videos of another. Together they form a moving experience that you just have to see for yourself. Be careful, this one approaches the NSFW line.

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[Electronic] AObeats & Annabel Jones – Strangers

AObeats & Annabel Jones

Get ready to get your groove on with “Strangers” from AObeats and Annabel Jones. This one is about as hot as it gets. Unique, invigorating and memorable as hell, “Strangers” is undoubtedly a hit.

From the start AObeats builds a groove to set the tone, but when Annabel comes in, things get taken up several notches. Her performance on this one is one of our favorites in 2017. Her performance is amazing and the lyrics are quite impressive. AObeats works wonders with an instrumental that brings the funk in his own way. All together “Strangers” is a must have, so head over to the digital store of your choice for a copy.

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ATLiens – Alchemy (Jameston Thieves Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Alchemy (Jameston Thieves Remix)

Everyone involved in this premiere are worthy of your utmost attention. We previously supported ATLiens‘ original single “Alchemy” and its music video, but today we get to give you a first listen to the official remix by Jameston Thieves.

“Alchemy” in its new form is a breakbeat masterpiece. Jameston Thieves is hands down one of the most dynamic producers you are going to find as he’s able to bring a unique sound to whatever style he wishes to take on. In taking on the ATLiens original, he didn’t stop short of spectacular. There are few people, if any, that can hold it down like this kid can. If you can handle the heat, go on ahead and get this track as it’s been released as a free download.

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[Electronic] Whethan vs Oliver Tree – When I’m Down (Bronze Whale Remix)

Whethan VS Oliver Tree
When I'm Down (Bronze Whale Remix)

Today we’re bringing you a remix that instantly caught our attention for Whethan vs Oliver Tree’s “When I’m Down.” Austin, Texas duo Bronze Whale made up of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley have been breaking into the music scene since 2011 and giving themselves a great name between original releases and other remixes.

This bouncy, pop edit takes this piano heavy chilled out track and leaves plenty of room for dancing. The added edginess to the layers in production give us a true sense of what these two are all about and keeps us bobbing our heads. Sometimes Tuesday’s can be just as bad as Monday’s but this release is a 10/10 mood booster and has us ready to rock into the weekend. Bronze Whale sweetens the deal by making their remix available as a free download here. Make sure to check it out and add it to your favorite Summer Playlist.

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[Dubstep] LUMBERJVCK – No Sleep Tonight feat. wehavetojump (VNDL Remix)

No Sleep Tonight feat. wehavetojump (VNDL Remix)

How about we end the day with something heavy? If all goes well, the day won’t end and it will bleed into tomorrow. That’s what might happen with the newly re-imagined “No Sleep Tonight” by VNDL. The New York producer’s official remix of LUMBERJVCK is here today as a free download and it’s something you will not want to pass on.

VNDL’s “No Sleep Tonight” remix rivals LUMBERJVCK’s usual barbaric bass style. Not only is the first drop as heavy as something can be musically, but VNDL shifts things up for the second drop in a way that comes unexpectedly. Even with us telling you that, you still won’t be ready for what’s to come. It’s something you just have to experience for yourself, so go on and click play and get to the madness!

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Wongo – Crunch [TMN Premiere]


“Crunch” is here and it is going to make you dance. Thanks to the good people at IN / ROTATION, we’ve got an exclusive first listen for you of Wongo‘s new single in the dojo. If you’re not ready to move your body for whatever reason, no need to fret as this will override whatever it is that is hindering you.

Wongo went all out with this, creating an extremely cathartic record that will get even the most stagnant and shy individuals up and grooving. It’s just too damn fun. The bassline is quite simple, but it’s nothing short of genius on Wongo’s part. “Crunch” is the festival track we’ve been waiting for in that it’s not the typical “hands up!” crap we tend to see. It’s just an amazing record with great energy that will get people dancing without hesitation. You’re going to want a copy of this one, which you can get from the digital store of your choosing today.

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