[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Reality EP

Ray Volpe is charging forward through 2017 with a brand new EP entitled Reality. Complete with four tracks, including the previously released title track some of you may have heard, this EP sees Ray bringing his sound to new heights and territories.

It begins with the hybrid bass “Reality” then moves onward to “Waiting,” a dirty dub single that you can tell Ray really had some fun with. Next comes “Mind Games” which continues with the style of the previous track, but brings a bit of a different flavor to the sound. Lastly, Ray goes future bass with the vibey original “Hunt Me Down” that he sings over as well. All in all it’s a fantastic EP that you can grab on digital stores today.

’Mind Games’
’Hunt Me Down’
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Marc Benjamin & Regilio – Thunder [TMN Premiere]

Today we’ve got the only “Thunder” you’ll be wanting. Marc Benjamin and Regilio‘s upcoming single will be released on Size Records tomorrow, but today we’re offering you an exclusive early listen.

“Thunder” is an electrifying electro house track that cuts back to when this style took over festivals across the world a few years ago. Together the producer’s give it some contemporary flash and flare for an unforgettable single. As we mentioned previously, “Thunder” will be out in full tomorrow, but you can enjoy this premiere all day a day early in the dojo.

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[Electronic] John.k – OT


John.K continues his streak of beautiful tunes with his newest “OT” that dropped today. The Orlando songster may have just delivered our favorite tune of his yet. “OT” is simply magical. If you’re not ready for a song to get stuck in your head, you might want to wait on this one.

BUT, you shouldn’t wait at all. In fact, you should have already clicked play and knew what we were talking about. John.k gets down with an intimate single that is the perfect song to transition from Summer to Fall with. “OT” will last you until the end of the year with its seductive sound. John really did something special here and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Saro – Looking (City Father Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Looking (City Father Remix)

Today in the dojo we’ve got some good ol’ breakbeat for you. The Los Angeles producer City Father is making his debut with an official remix of “Looking” by Saro in this premiere. He’s looking to make a big splash and that’s just what could happen with his unique sound.

City Father is bridging the gap between club music you can dance to with music you can sit at home and listen to. It’s a weird dynamic on paper, but in reality it makes for a dynamic listen that allows the listener to take away what they wish from the song. With this remix, the funky industrial grooves are easily dance-able, but the song still has a chill feeling that makes this one good to keep you going throughout the day at the office. No matter where you are, you can enjoy this one. You heard it here first in the dojo!

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[R&B/Soul] Jay Watts – Single Friends

Jersey’s Jay Watts gets as smooth as you can get with his newest single. “Single Friends” was produced by Reefa and 12Keyz. Together these three acts put together something you won’t forget.

Jay Watts takes center stage on this minimal masterpiece. Anybody who’s been into the hip-hop/R&B/soul swing as of the past couple of years will certainly find this one appealing, but even if you haven’t, this is just a good song no matter what. You feel the soul and that’s what connects you when it enters your ears. You can’t help but to love it and sing along.

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[Future Bass] Ruchir – So I’m Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh

So I'm Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh

Get ready for some sexy future bass from the Dubai to New York creator Ruchir. The single “So I’m Gone” sees Ruchir collaborating with NGO and Croosh for a smooth single that has been released as a free download for fans to grab for themselves.

“So I’m Gone” is sweet blend of R&B, hip-hop and future bass for a track that will have you melting where you sit. At such a young age – literally just becoming an adult – it’s hard to imagine something this mature coming from Ruchir, but leave it to him to wow you to a high degree. It will be interesting to see what else Ruchir has up his sleeve because he could make a dash for radio play with tracks like this. Download “So I’m Gone” and stay tuned for more.

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[Hybrid] JETSET – Sawed Off

One of our favorite bassheads JETSET is coming out with his sophomore EP at the end of this month. He has kicked off the project by releasing a free download of “Sawed Off” which is the first single from the EP.

For fans of gritty bass, this is as good as it gets. JETSET has established himself as a dominant up and coming producer already and with this step he further shows he is a force to be reckoned with. With all the videos of people rail riding, breaking down the barriers at festivals, so many people are trying to make tunes that hit hard, but just miss the mark on creativity, but JETSET doesn’t fail in any aspect with this new single. Check it out today and stay tuned for more throughout the month from this cat.

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