[Smooth] Trey Songz – Na Na (Cowp Remix)

Trey Songz
Na Na (Cowp Remix)

Cowp may not be a familiar name to you, but he certainly has a developed sound not unlike a majority of producers with a larger following. His most recent remix treatment covers Trey Songz‘ “Na Na,” and he flips the DJ Mustard helmed hit into his own (and honestly much more fitting) creation. Cowp’s version is stripped down to essentials and sprinkles the vocals along the sprightly instrumental without any clashing elements and has an overall nice balance. This is one of those cases where the remix transcends the original, and Cowp yet again has shown himself capable of providing a stellar remix like he has for well over a year now. Be sure to catch his previous remix of Portugal The Man’s “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” and support his latest above!

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 45]

Sunday Night Soul

Before we begin, we’d like to give a special shoutout to the guys over at Soulection, who recently surpassed the 200,000 follower mark on SoundCloud. In celebration of that achievement, they decided to release a new compilation titled, Love Is King, which also doubles as a tribute to the one and only Sade. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to include in the playlist below, but you should definitely check out the full project. Without Soulection, we probably would have no Sunday Night Soul, so we have a lot of respect for what they’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

If you were down in Austin for SXSW with some of our other ninjas, chances are you could use a moment to just breathe and relax. What better way to wind down after an insanely hectic week than with a little soul? Although tonight’s edition doesn’t approach the massive scale of last week’s playlist, there’s still plenty of gold to be found in this one. We’ll let you sift through the collection yourself, so please let us know if you have any favorites! Also, make sure to follow us on SoundCloud, where you can find all of our playlists after they’ve been published.

Small Talk
Bitter / Sweet
Diverse & IanEwing
Slow Down (Ft. K.Raydio)
Gizzle Beatz
Falling short
Ego Ella May
How Far (Prod. Wu Lu + Reiss G)
Just The Way I Like You
dae zhen.
Stereo Out
Lauriana Mae
NYPD Blues
David Morin
Life Goes On
FSR x Athanasia
California Girls
Leks Rivers
Blur Feat. Amun Ra
Henny 101 ft. DAE & Garrett Julian
Midnight Medusa
Tre Samuels
I Just Wanna Know
Ro James
5th Gear
Maria Simone
If I Stay (Prod. by K BeatZ)
Jhene Aiko
living room flow
Blanche Eden
Sex 101
Elijah Blake
I Just Wanna..
Sunny & Gabe
Dirty Dancing (The Magnets Remix)
Morning Glory (Pazmal Bounce Edit)
Something Else
Abraham Blue X Workers
Happiness ( J LOUIS )
I Want You
Andreya Triana
Gold (Max Graef remix)
sometimes (ft. hilton)
tinashe ~ dreams are real (raava edit)
1, 2 Step (Gonzo Lechat Remix)
Hang On
Telescope Thieves
Sweet Lies Of Sweet Love
raava ☁
días en sydney ft. ryanjacob
+ VALE +
J Louis
Bringing Out The Best In Me
Post Malone
White Iverson (Hiko Momoji Remix)
Kim Vallido
Do I Wanna Know (dojo. Remix)
Glamorous (TheGammaBot Remix)
Love Like This (Booty Fade Remix)
A Message (SassyKittyFlip)
Ice Box (eli dawson Rework)
Jason Derülo
Whatcha Say (noï remix)
Parisian Dawn (WE SINK Remix)
Gangsta Luv
You Like It (KBoW x GRRL Remix)
Christina Aguilera
What a Girl Wants (Q Remix)
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[Future] JIA LIH – Stronger Feat. Debs

Jia Lih
Stronger Ft. Debs

JIA LIH brings the world some hot future beats right out of his home of Australia. The producer, who’s a part of the Hebinomichi crew, has released an original composition with the British act Debs. Their combining of skills resulted in “Stronger,” a magical tune that, if still Winter, would pick you right up out of the cold blues and put you under the sun. It’s uplifting nature is likely the inspiration for the name, along with the female vocal that is strewn about the arrangement. So far this tune is receiving a good amount of attention, much like his other tracks in the past have. JIA LIH has released “Stronger” for free, so get to downloading it for no charge after you have a listen.

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[Event Preview] Miami Andhim – 3/24 – Treehouse

Miami Andhim

It’s that time of the year again folks! Miami Music Week is quickly approaching, and the fine folks at Minimax have got us feeling like kids on Christmas Eve. Our first spring soiree will be going down at the ever-elating Treehouse. Self ascribed “superhouse” producers Andhim will be dropping their signature mix of grooves alongside Thugfucker, Baez and friends. Miami vice is sure to abound on this magical night , so go grab your tickets here before the clamoring hordes beat you to it.

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[Electronic] Jamie xx – Alba

Jamie xx
Alba (Radio Rip)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The xx and their mastermind producer, Jamie xx, but with a new record on the way from both, hopefully all of that will change soon. Yesterday, on BBC Radio 1Jon Hopkins shared a tune from Jamie xx, which was released a few months back on Nowness as part of the Continuum experimental video project,  and as always it’s a uniquely beautiful and intricate composition. “Alba” carries a similarly tranquility as “Sleep Sound,” feeling like a hazy lullaby powered solely by an electronic instrumental. Little info is known about the release schedule for Jamie’s highly anticipated debut solo album, but if the releases thus far are any indication, it has the potential to be a game changer. Enjoy this short but sweet joint above and look out for new music from The xx, who are set to release their third album this year, soon. “Alba” will be released as a limited edition vinyl on April 18th for Record Store Day. 

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[Trap] Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (E-V and Koala Kalam Remix)

trap queen remix
Fetty Wap
Trap Queen (E-V & Koala Kalam Remix)

Fetty Wap‘s debut single “Trap Queen” has been trickling its way through the radio and club scene, finally implanting a spot in mainstream rotation. Today, fans of the catchy tune get a little taste of something different as LA-based DJ E-V and Ohio-native Koala Kalam give the successful single the remix treatment. Maintaining the high energy of the original, the two later flip the beat with the addition of some synth production, electro sounds, and a turnt vibe that is sure to keep the party going. Just in time for the weekend, take a listen to the free new mix and be sure to check out each DJ’s respective Soundcloud pages to hear more new and innovative mixes.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 3/19 – 3/21


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

- Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
- Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

Oliver Heldens - March 19
Oliver Heldens
Melody (Original Mix)
Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens
You Know
Delta Heavy
Turbine VIP
Green Velet - March 20
Green Velvet
Electric Playground Podcast 2/28/2015
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