[Soul] FKJ – Better Give U Up

Better Give U Up

How do you define groove? No matter how it may appear, there’s an undeniable, intangible feeling tied to the term. The air between the notes plays an equal, if not more important, part than the music itself when structuring this phenomenon, and, before you know it, you’re bobbing your head and becoming part of the song. FKJ, a member of the outstanding French label Roche Musique, thrives within the lush soundscape that is his signature coordination of soul, electronic, and hip-hop influences, and “Better Give U Up” exists as yet another testament to his proficiency at creating essential grooves.

As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, and now vocalist, FKJ, short for French Kiwi Juice, certainly isn’t new to the scene, and the precise execution of his entire body of work to this point showcases an artist who has no trouble expressing his message with transparency and a genuine sense of passion that’s highly appreciated by everyone listening. “Better Give U Up” is a bouncy, boom bap centered creation that already has built high anticipation for his album on the way, and, as we’ve witnessed previously, it’s going to be a project to cherish.

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[Indie] Wet – It’s All In Vain

It's All in Vain

As they prepare for their debut album with Columbia Records, Wet gives us “It’s All In Vain,” a graceful and resounding single that pairs striking vocals with effervescent production in an absolutely effortless manner. The lyrics touch on the ever present conundrum that is love and succeeds in communicating the difficulty and apprehension that it often leads to and entails. The celestial instrumentation cascades freely in a chilling atmosphere, holding together an overarching sense of wonder and serenity that Wet has mastered through a string of consistently fascinating songs, including “Losing All We Knew” and a stunning cover of “Chasing Pavements” by Adele.

If you’re searching for a tune to rebuild your composure after or during some recent emotional sting, which all of us will need at some point, “It’s All In Vain” is a stellar place to start. This glimpse into their debut album, Don’t You, shines as a promising introduction, not that it comes as any surprise to anyone familiar with this talented trio. Find yourself a small sense of bliss today while delving into this noteworthy tune. You won’t regret it.

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[Electronica] Alizzz – Your Love (feat. Max Marshall)

Your Love (feat. Max Marshall)

It’s true – artist collectives are slowly taking over the music scene. There’s something about a group of talents coming together and making music as a form of free expression without any label restrictions that possesses a mass appeal. Sitting on top of that pedestal is the Moving Castle collective, who recently just released their debut Your Love EP featuring an up and coming artist from Barcelona Alizzz. This title track “Your Love” also features vocals by Max Marshall, which are the perfect complements to this high-energy track. Utilizing chill trap elements with an infectious melody, the Spanish producer never seizes to amaze. Crafty samples and synth stabs make for an exciting tune that will make you sing along to every word of it.

This two-track EP is available for grab here. Fans support is crucal for the growth of collectives, so make sure to show some love to Alizzz and the fellow Moving Castle members if you dig this. As fans ourselves, we cannot wait for more tracks to come.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 172)


Is the weather finally dying down yet? It seems as though things have been much hotter this time a year than before, so to help things cool down, we’ve brought a somewhat chiller playlist this week. Although you will still be partying, the party vibe is more laid-back, but if you’re looking to rage your face off, Bear Grillz new freebie has you covered. As usual, we start things off with some softer tunes, and build up into some solid trap beats from Mr. Carmack, Big Makk and others, then move through some party tracks from the likes of Venessa Michaels; then, we get deep with some house tracks to close out the night. This week is packed with some A+ remixes, but strewn about are some equally as good originals that will aid in your decompression. Stream the playlist, or download every track for free, but most of all, #danceirresponsibly.

FMHU Ft. Armies (Ouros Remix)
Inas X
Love Is
Queen B
Crazy in Luv (Dabin Remix)
TiP TOE WiNG IN MY JAWWDiNZ (Mr. Carmack And BIG MAKK Remix)
Venessa Michaels
S@y My Name
Tom Bull vs Summer Junkies
Hey Yall
Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell Williams
WTF (Ryan Collins Remix)
Jace Mek
Not Yours (Original Mix)
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[House] Allen French – Rosie

Allen French
Rosie (Original Mix)

San Francisco made Allen French has been programming dance sets under various monikers for the better part of the last decade, and that type of deep, personal club experience has clearly attached itself to his brief, but sophisticated catalog. While only releasing original music as Allen French for the past year plus, the now L.A. based producer wields a sound that would take most artists a much longer time to develop; fusing the kind of classic house soul and energy that was heard in Chicago’s mid-80’s Warehouse years, with a sprinkled air of contemporary edge to forge a sonic palate completely his own. The latest from French and first release on the aptly named French Press Records, “Rosie”, takes its listener on a fervid arc as its foundation is gradually built upon the usual house layers of thumping kick-drums, scuzzy synth builds and rolling bass, but is lifted further through its live instrumental elements including stabbing bongos and a flitting flute hook. That vocal should sound pretty familiar as well, taken from Alan Lomax’s original prison tune “Rosie”,  and while we honestly never could’ve pictured that timeless vocal taken to the dance hall, Allen French pulls it off effortlessly. Just beautiful stuff really. But rather than read about, do yourself a solid and listen to “Rosie” above.

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[Electronica/Space-Pop] Phoebe Gorry – Done This Before (NTEIBINT Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Phoebe Gorry
Done This Before (NTEIBINT Remix)

Burgeoning London singer/songwriter Phoebe Gorry rather took us by surprise in the best of ways with her debut single, “Done This Before”. With under 400 Facebook fans and 100 Soundcloud followers at the time of this article’s inception, Phoebe Gorry’s measured and sophisticated vocal reverberations carry with them the weight and maturity of an artist who’s already spent years cutting their teeth, yet “Done This Before” remains the first of her tunes to get snapped up by a tastemaking label. And good thing that the label in question here happens to be one of our favorites -U.K. based dance & electronic imprint Love & Other Records– as of course their house full of heavyweight dance producers were bound to take Gorry’s debut to another level.

First on official remix duties for the rising songstress is Greek disco powerhouse NTEIBINT, who lends his airy touch by elegantly reconstructing a slow burning groover out of Phoebe Gorry’s original Jazz & Folk inflected pop single. On his revision, NTEIBINT fixes “Done This Before” with a steadily lurching synth line that builds into a lush crescendo throughout the tune before diving all the way into a disco tinged sea. NTEIBINT’s revision was no doubt made for late nights and disco lights, and he’s deftly managed to simultaneously pull Gorry’s lovely incantations to the forefront while re-texturizing the entire soundscape. We’ve not been able to shake this one and are thrilled to rbing it to you first in the form of a TMN Premiere. Stream NTEIBINT’s “Done This Before” remix above.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 11/11 – 11/15


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over two years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there before 9PM on Sundays.
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

See you on the dance floor.

Gesaffelstein - 11/11

Vicetone - 11/12
Catch Me
Jack Beats - 11/13
Jack Beats
Zone ft. Riko Dan
Jermaine Dupri - 11/14
Pillow Talk - 11/15
Leonard Cohen
Nevermind (PillowTalk Rerub)
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