[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 110: Coachella Recap & New Stuff

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Episode 110: Coachella Recap & New Stuff

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After a couple weeks off due to Coachella and a post-festival cold, I had a lot of show stories and music to share in this episode. Time is pretty evenly split here between Coachella favorites and brand new music from the last couple weeks.

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[Electronic] Mlapa – Ice Coffee

Ice Coffee

How about some nice “Ice Coffee” to start off your morning from Mlapa? His chilled out treat is as refreshing as the drink it was named after and the best part is… Mlapa dropped this one as a free download.

“Ice Coffee” sets a serene stage of sound with calming tones. Mlapa’s morning ritual is grabbing iced coffee from around the corner and after one of those trips he cranked this tune out in one sitting. The sweet atmosphere Mlapa builds is just the right one to relax in every morning before the hectic day begins. Take a sip and see for yourself.

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[Electronic] Franke – Bad Tattoo (ZAXX Remix)

Bad Tattoo (ZAXX Remix)

If you’re an up and coming vocalist, picking the right producer for a remix is crucial. Franke did the right thing and tapped ZAXX for a flip that is going to blow you away like it did us.

You know when you have a great song, then you get to the end and something just comes in and wrecks your mind in the best way possible? That’s exactly what happens here. ZAXX made all the right moves from start to finish on this record and it shows in the result. “Bad Tattoo” went from a catchy, poppy hip-hop hit to an unforgettable bass track that could be two songs in one if ZAXX wanted to split things up, but he trusted his gut for this next level take.

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[Electronic/Alternative] Top Bunk – Figure It Out

Top Bunk
Figure It Out

If you ask your hipster friend if they like Top Bunk, they’d probably say they liked their old stuff – but then you can call them out on it because Top Bunk just launched with “Figure It Out” last week. So if you’re reading this, you’re getting in on the ground floor and trust us, you’ll be getting in.

Top Bunk is pure unadulterated energy. “Figure It Out” has all the right sounds, taking from numerous sources and blending them together in a beautifully playful, yet deep record. Kicking off their project with this was perfect, it’s a huge first step to establish just who they are and how unique they are. We’ve been jamming this one all weekend long and it’s likely not going to slow down this week. Now it’s your turn to rinse it.

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[Electronic] DJ Sliink, Zak Leever – Never Stop

DJ Sliink, Zak Leever
Never Stop

DJ Sliink keeps up with his impressive releases via “Never Stop” alongside Zak Leever. This crossover blend has just the right combination of sounds to be fresh and exciting.

“Never Stop” takes from several influences including R&B, future bass, trap and more. Together these influences culminated together for an adventurous three minute ride that you won’t want to ever stop. Sliink and Leever mix well together, augmenting each other’s creative talents to new levels. Definitely worth adding this one to your digital library.

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[Rock] Mosaic – Home / Playing With Fire

Before I was slinging up the latest-n-greatest indie rock, deep house cuts, and soulful folk gems here on TMN, you would have found me throwing my head back and forth to punk, emo, metalcore, and pretty much anything and everything that centered around top-notch, intricate guitar work. That music has somewhat fallen into the shadows of the music industry, but there are a few bands who are hoping to spark that flame that so many of us enjoyed.

Obvious acts aside, one group I’ve been digging into lately is Denver-based Mosaic, who’s demos made me pop up both brows with surprise. Simply put, these guys rip. Their lyrics and song structure remind me of one of my favorite throwbacks, Circa Survive, coupled with a degree of heaviness that tugs on my late-teen/early-twenties heart.

It’s not often you catch wind of someone who’s fusing pop-sensibility into their songwriting, alongside of beautiful complexity in instrumentation, but that’s exactly what Carl (bass), Erik (drums), Phillip (vox), Nema (guitar), and Zachary (guitar) are pulling off with ease. Below are my two favorites, with “Home” leading the way. Have a listen and then head out and support these cats.

’Playing with Fire’
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The Glorious Sons discuss touring, their origin story, and sobriety [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Photo Credit: Greeblehaus

Nestled into the tiny stage at Globeville’s half BBQ joint, half music venue, Kingston, Ontario-based rock and rollers The Glorious Sons seized my attention with authority. I wasn’t alone, either. The entire crowd was entranced throughout. This didn’t come as much of a surprise, though, given the nature of their music.

I had previously spent some time with their latest album Young Beauties and Fools, finding solace in the down home instrumentals and Brett’s anthemic lyrics. It’s easy to get addicted to it. The blue-collar vibes, crunchy riffs, and expert story telling create an atmospheric listening experience that’s hard to come by.

But, Jay Emmons, Chris Koster, Adam Paquette, Chris Huot & Brett Emmons seemingly make it easy. Which, is why I wanted to chat with them ahead of their fourth trip through Denver.

TMN: Welcome to Denver! Is this your first time in the Mile High City?

Jay: Fourth! We opened for a band called Ten Years three years ago. We came back twice to Marquis Theater after that. We headlined for like five people. Tonight is going to be a real show.

How has the tour been going so far?

Jay: It’s been good — busy. I think this is the most distance we’ve traveled in such a short span. We did 15 days in Europe. 14 of them had shows attached to them. The last three dates of the tour we were flying from Norway to Sweden, then to Denmark. That just adds a whole other element — being up at 7:00 or 8:00AM every day. It’s the first we’ve experienced something like that.

Here, we started in Chicago. Then to Minneapolis, North Carolina, New Orleans, Kansas City.

TMN: Any cities rise above the rest as far as highlights go?

Jay: Minneapolis was cool. We did 7th Street Entry. It’s attached to the club First Avenue where ‘Purple Rain’ was shot. It’s a really legit venue, kind of a rite of passage, I guess.

New Orleans was interesting. We had our AirBNB broken into by a crackhead. I had to chase him out shirtless. I had been completely naked, jumped into a pair of jean shorts.

TMN: What?!

Jay: We heard this booming, and I woke up. Me and my girlfriend were like “what the fuck is going on?” Our drummer thought it was gunshots. So, he pushed his girlfriend off the bed and dove on her. It was actually some crackhead kicking the door in. The guy walks in and is stand over them.

TMN: Jesus. That’s terrifying.

Jay: The look in her eyes — she was speechless with fear — made him (our drummer) realize there was a guy who busted in. Everyone was in shock. He got up and pushes him back. I jump into my jean shorts, rip off my belt, and start screaming at the top of my lungs at this guy. We both managed to get him out. It was scary.
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