[Moombahcore] Brig – Bad

Brig Bad Art

Moombahton and an ungodly amount of bass together? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. One new example of the sound comes to us from the Russian pirate producer Brig. “Bad” is his latest single, which comes as a free download from Daily Earfood. Brig fires off a ton of calculated sounds in a complex arrangement that flow together seamlessly. Get your drunken swashbuckling on by raging your face off to this masterful midtempo monster. If you think your mixtape is fire, this single is a hundred times more flaming. Brig goes all out with the result being one insanely “Bad” record. There’s no need to turn up the bass, as this is already stocked full, but do turn up the volume for max effect.

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[Future Bass] DVBBS – Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Gorilla Bass
Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Gorilla Bass is back in the mix with another remix. DVBBS’ single “Always” is what the Chicago beatmaker took aim at, and he hit his mark with a quality laid-back future flip. He gives it an old-school vibe by keeping things simple, including his sound choice and design. With that booming bassline spearheading the drop, things get catchy real quick, especially given its hypnotic nature. This remix of “Always” is one of those tracks you pop on when you want to just mellow the whole world out, and it works. What else works, is releasing free music, which Gorilla Bass does here. Every so often, this dude comes out with something, and its always a good day when it does. Press play here, and stay tuned for more on Soundcloud from GB in the future.

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[Alternative] Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her

Mac Demarco
I've Been Waiting For Her

Mac DeMarco’s been “Passing out Pieces,” as he would say, recently. Last week, he shared a fully instrumental compilation titled Some Other Ones, a pre-cursor to his upcoming, appropriately-titled LP Another One. Today, we get another single from the highly anticipated follow-up to Salad Days. On “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” sees Mac in prime form layering breezy guitar and nonchalantly soothing vocals. As the song closes you can hear a quirky modified guitar solos that brings to mind his early LPs. DeMarco’s sound will always have a timeless feel to it, even with its oddities, and his latest is definitely no exception.

Hit play above and let your mind wander to its happy place. Another One drops on August 7th–you can pre-order here.

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[Denver Giveaway] Win Two Tix + Meet & Greet w/ Jonas Rathsman @ Club Vinyl – Saturday, 7/18

Jonas Rathsman
Wolfsbane + Denver Ticket Giveaway and Meet & Greet!

The greatest T.V. series in history, Seinfeld, once stated that “Tuedsays have no feel”. Well, today our aim is to change that by giving our astute readers something to feel happy about. And what better way than with world conquering house producer Jonas Rathsman? Recently, the frequent French Express cohort (among an impressively swelling list of other notable imprints) layed down one of the most buzzed about Essential Mixes of this calendar year for Pete Tong’s lauded BBC Radio 1 show, shortly after dropping one of the biggest tunes of his career “Wolfsbane” (listen above), to create a fire which hasn’t stopped blazing since. This Saturday at Club Vinyl in Denver, CO, we’ve teamed up with our friends at TheHundred Presents to giveaway a free pair of tickets to his Mile-High City slated performance, as well as an exclusive meet and greet with King Rathsman himself, guaranteeing an incredible night of tasteful dance music and defaced debauchery.

Rounding out the bill is a b2b set from another TMN favorite Falcon Punch (hear his latest remix which was featured today here) and Denver’s Fun Factory in the form of: Falcon Factory. Be sure to get there early and tune your cochlear cavities for Jonas Rathsman’s two-hour performance.

Entering our contest is beyond simple! Just “like” Jonas Rathsman, TheHundred Presents and The Music Ninja‘s Facebook pages, and comment below on why you’re excited or deserve to win. That’s it! We’ll notify our winner Friday, the day before the show to set up our meet and greet with Jonas Rathsman. Good luck.

There are a few rules, of course:
– The event is 16+, so tell all your friends to increase your odds of winning!
– You are responsible for your own transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the Club Vinyl box office.
– You must find a TMN representative and let them buy you a drink (perhaps a Red Bull for our non legal friends?)

Start commenting and check out the rest of Jonas Rathsman’s U.S. tour dates below!

Jonas Rathsman Tour Dates:

July 16            Verboten                     Brooklyn, NY

July 17             Audio                           San Francisco, CA

July 18             Vinyl                            Denver, CO

July 19             Woogie Weekender     Silverado, CA

August 7         Sound                          Los Angeles, CA

August 8         Splash House              Palm Springs, CA

August 9         Outside Lands             San Francisco, CA

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[TMN PREMIERE] MONAKR- Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)

Fresh off being announced on the second annual CRSSD festival in San Diego, MONAKR unleashes a cover of ‘Teardrop‘ by Massive Attack to keep things swirling. Lead singer Matthew Santos drives along the revamped production with a sense of power and fearlessness. This pretty tune successfully resuscitates a classic and showcases the band stepping outside their comfort zone. With an EP on the horizon, this Chicago-based four piece is set for a busy Summer. Both of their independently released singles (‘Calling Out‘ and ‘Diamond‘) debuted #20 on the Global and US Spotify Viral Charts, so it’s expected that a massive footprint will be made in the near future. MONAKR, born in the Winter of 2014, explores the deeper and darker side of pop music, filtered through Chicago’s R&B and House traditions. This Friday you can find them in their hometown at Lincoln Hall playing an official Pitchfork after-show with Celine Neon and Kinky Lovetickets here.

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[G House] Missy Elliot – Lose Control (Action 52 Remix)

Missy Elliot
Lose Control (Action 52 Remix)

House music is alive and well in the Mile High City, and one of our favorite contributors to this ever-growing, expansive movement in the 5280 is none other than Action 52.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from this Denver duo. In fact, it’s been a hot 11 months. None the less, we’re excited to see them back at it, especially after falling head over heels for their last tune. In case you’ve forgotten, these two dialed up a scorching hot remix of Ludacris‘ “How Low,” which garnered them a spot in the Hype Machine’s popular chart, as well as nearly 175,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Today’s tune comes via the original work of Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control.” Once again, we find ourselves lost in a perfect pairing of groovy house beats, pitched-down vocal samples, and warm crystalline synths. When combined with some thumping kicks, it’s hard for us to not get up and dance, or as some would say, lose control. Wait, is that a planned dancefloor innuendo? If it is, we certainly appreciate the subtlety, and will most assuredly follow its subliminal instructions.

Pick this tune up on SoundCloud for the low, low price of free ninety-nine.

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Little People Discusses New Album, Working in Coffee Shops, and The Need for More Lasers [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Youth & Progress Pt. 2
Presented By Jiberish

As we wind down our month-long feature with Little People, we’re anxious to bring you an in-depth look at not only the moniker, but the man behind the rich, textural, electronic music that so many have come to know and love.

We know you’re probably at work right now, but we feel like you deserve a 10-minute break to get caught up on what’s around the corner for Mr. Laurent Clerc.

TMN: Hey Laurent. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for us. We’re really excited to have you as our Resident Artist for June!

LP: Well I’m very excited too. Thanks for having me. I’ve had the pleasure to meet you guys in person several times whenever I’ve played in Colorado. It’s always great connecting with such genuine and nice people like yourselves.

TMN: Alright, it’s been nearly two years since we last spoke, back at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colorado. Back then, you were making the voyage to and from the UK to the states quite often. You’ve since moved, correct?

LP: That is indeed correct. I moved to Portland, OR in August last year – with my wife and my 4-year-old twins. The Pacific Northwest is a very special place – it’s been amazing so far.

TMN: What was it that finally made you pull the trigger on moving out here? Was it the touring schedule? The need to have your family closer? Combination of both?

LP: Me coming over to the US to play shows – and staying here for extended periods – has not been easy on all of us. So moving to the US was a means of all of us being closer together whilst I play shows in the US. It also meant that it made it possible for me to play one-off shows and festivals throughout the year – so it has given me more opportunities to play live. If you are coming over from the UK, the onus is on cramming as many dates in a short period of time. I wanted to get away from that for a little bit.

Continue reading

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