[Electronic] Asmow – Don’t Know How (feat. Aviella)

Don't Know How (feat. Aviella)

The mystique surrounding the Portugeues producer Asmow is no gimmick and doesn’t play into the fad of enigma. Instead, the mystery is there to allow for the focus from fans to be directly on what’s important: the music.

Most recently the music is the single “Don’t Know How” featuring the vocalist Aviella, which was released through the Manifesto imprint. Given the producer’s background as a multi-instrumentalist this single is heavily influenced by natural, acoustic sounds with even the synthetic ones having an organic edge to them. “Don’t Know How” is a beautiful single that sets itself right in between several styles of electronic music, giving us something that is extremely accessible, even if you don’t call yourself a lover of anything that can be construed as “EDM.” Love the song like we do? You’re in luck, it’s been released as a free download.

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SLUMBERJACK – RA (Sippy Remix) [TMN Premiere]

RA (Sippy Remix)

All of the ninjas get excited every time we premiere something. Sometimes a song comes along that we get even more riled up for and that is happening today. In this TMN Premiere we’re showcasing one of Australia’s hottest talents, the basshead Sippy who took on a remix of “RA” by SLUMBERJACK.

Innovative, lively and heavy as hell, Sippy’s flip of “RA” is too fresh not to love. She pays enough homage to the original so you make the connection, but for the most part the song is all her own. With festival season here, producers are bringing out their big guns, but here we have a behemoth of bass whose quality and immeasurable size can’t be denied. It’s just a magnificent piece of electronic music, plain and simple; a remix done right. Sippy swayed us and now she’s landed one of our favorite premieres of the year so far. Enjoy it for yourself and stay tuned for what else is to come from Sydney’s own. Make sure to grab the free download as well.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2017 Round #2)


Got a case of “the I have no idea what to listen to” blues? Well, you’ve landed yourself on the right page friend. Enjoy an Indie Dojo on us.

’Tipling Rock – A Side / B Side’
’Know Fortune – Help Myself’
’Lex Low – Build Me Up’
’Black Fly – I Don’t Know’
’Antony Left – Evil’
’Drew JH York – How Do I Know?’
’Tasha – Naive by The Kooks (cover)’
’Sydney Robinson –

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[Music Video] Feder – Back For More feat. Daecolm

Warner Music’s successful release of “Back For More” from Feder has prompted the creation of a music video. With it we get a set of seaside images to accompany the collaboration with Daecolm, who makes a cameo in the video. As you would expect from a major label signee, the video is quite incredible, looking more like a short film than a music video.

If you’re wondering where this beautiful piece of art was filmed, look no further than Sicily. The landscape and story are both assets that will pull on your heart, not to mention the song at the head of the pack. Everything about this project is packed with strong emotions that no doubt conjure up feelings in anybody who lays their eyes and ears on it. If nothing else, you’ll groove to the song and be amazed by the scenery. But, there’s more to it than that, so enjoy. If you haven’t gotten a copy of the song yet, do so today through digital stores.

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[Future/Trap] DJ Snake – Here Comes The Night (NGHTMRE Remix)

A few days ago DJ Snake dropped a mega remix pack for the single “Here Comes The Night.” Among the remixers was one of our good friends, the one and only NGHTMRE. As you may expect, his flip of the hit single is a masterpiece.

NGHTMRE didn’t go the easy route in taking on the original. Instead of looping the drop back, each section is completely different, showing off the producer’s songwriting ability and creative fortitude, as the styles aren’t exactly the same. They fit together and because NGHTMRE was at the helm, the flow was spotless. We won’t spoil anything further, just know you are in for a treat. After you check out NGHTMRE’s remix, go on ahead and check out our other favorite flip from Crankdat.

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[Future Bass] OTR – Already Gone feat. Kelsie Rimmer

Already Gone (feat. Kelsie Rimmer)

Cincinatti’s OTR just dropped a hot one. Luckily “Already Gone” isn’t going anywhere. This fun future original was created alongside help from the Australian vocalist Kelsie Rimmer who deserves a standing ovation for her awesome performance on this one.

“Already Gone” is what most producers set out to make when they wanna pin down this style. The thing is they just don’t do it like OTR. It’s hard to stand out among so many talented creators who are pushing future bass, but OTR gives us some compelling evidence as to why those three letters need to be near the top of your list. With “Already Gone” we get something that isn’t just playable a few times and then it’s stowed away; rather, it’s something that you’ll be abusing the repeat function with. Check it out today and grab a copy from iTunes.

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[Music Video] Stolen Jars – Long New York

“Long New York” comes to us from the New Jersey band Stolen Jars through their glint EP. The soft-spoken single was a highlight among an EP that was filled with lovable tracks. Even more lovable is the adventurous music video for the tune.

Perfectly encapsulating the light, playful vibe of the song, the music video does everything right to be a great visual fit. Good videos are not new to the band, who recently released an animation for their single “Eliot” which was amazing. With that and this video, a certain nostalgia is built into their work, one that is an echo of the worry free times of childhood. Despite the uplifting tone, there lurks the reality of time and memory, both of which can fade. Enjoy the music video below and make sure to keep up with Stolen Jars as their entire EP will be put into visual form!

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