Caden Jester ft. Christopher Blake – Slow [TMN PREMIERE]

Caden Smith - Slow (feat. Christopher Blake)
Caden Jester
Slow (ft. Christopher Blake)

Here in TMN, we strive to discover music that turns heads but is also outcast to genres. This gem by Caden Jester is the perfect example of that.

“Slow” is an infectious tune that explores elements from R&B and soul to future bass without them overshadowing one another. The vocals by Christopher Blake are powerful and add a nice R&B touch to the melody. Slow-paced drums and a groovy bassline bring out the downtempo vibe of the track up until the drop, which combines casual wavy synths and a more upbeat approach. Whichever genre you fancy, it would be very difficult to not vibe to this lovely tune.

Being that Caden is only 18 years old, it is amazing how he came to familiarize with all these different genres and is able to combine them and give his own spin to create an original track. With the release of “Slow”, it is safe to say we’ve found our next favorite producer to religiously follow.


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Saturday Selection Vol. 9

Saturday Selection

This weeks has been something else, and I’m still catching up after being at Governors Ball this weekend. We’re primed and ready for another slick collection of new tunes, from Louis Futon to the first cut off of midnight’s new EP, so go ahead and jump right into it. Enjoy!


O R I O N – Gold Dust ft. Cammie Robinson

This song is from a little while ago, but it was new to us and instantly caught our ears. O R I O N put together a beautiful brain-melter with “Gold Dust”, and the sparse, but angelic vocals of Cammie Robinson are the icing on the cake. The innate feeling of escapism creeps out throughout the tune, and you’ll want to go explore the world as it plays. Enjoy this one on a bright and day. You’ll feel absolutely wonderful.


SWIMS – Bedrooms

SWIMS is an exciting new duo that combines the best of trap, R&B, and electronic music into a breezy and ethereal creation. Optimized for complete relaxation, “Bedrooms” stands as a strong debut for these two. It’s a serenade with all the right trappings. It hits all the right spots. Soak this one in with a special someone tonight.


midnight – Native America (feat. The Internet)

The combination of midnight and The Internet is impossible to be apathetic about. Touching on the marred past of the United States, these talented people describe the constant push for the best life available in a seductive fashion that gives the message a new appearance. We’ve been hooked on midnight ever since his XXI Labors EP, and seeing him work with The Internet to deliver such a powerful message only solidifies our admiration of his work. Find some time to really sit and reflect on these lyrics.


Goldlink – Unique (Louis Futon Remix)

This one is simply fun. That’s no surprise, coming from Louis Futon. He decided to return to his earlier remix roots by flipping this Goldlink and Anderson Paak original into absolutely irresistible scorcher of a dance tune. We’re not even sure what the best part of it is, but there is one thing we know for sure. It’s ALL great. Kick off the shift into warm weather with this one.


The Geek x Vrv – Coming Up’ Feat Kellylee Evans & Atom

So much soul. The Geek x Vrv never fails to bring out the best funk, hip-hop, and soul crossovers with their material, and “Coming Up” is a vibrant new addition to their stellar sound. Featuring a fourth of C2C and the striking singing of Kellylee Evans, this song triumphs on its 90s rap atmosphere and style that’s revamped and repurposed into a more modern sound. You can’t NOT bob your head. We’re making sure to keep the double negative there just so you know we MEAN it. Throw this tune on when you just want to groove.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 198)


It’s the first Friday of June, so we’re bringing you an extra hard party playlist this week. This week we packed on some more bass records than usual, even dipping into some drum & bass with Reid Speed’s Bernie Sanders inspired track. Aside from the bass queen’s single, we meet up with some of our favorites including Havok Roth, NYMZ of Milo & Otis, Wuki, Slander, Virtual Riot and Choppa Dunks. Each of these acts, along with the other producers you will find all deliver some high quality tracks that you’ll be raging to very shortly. As usual, all of the singles in the playlist are available for free. Whether you stream or download them, one thing is for sure, you’ll be partying it up with these songs over the weekend. While you’re partying, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’Havok Roth & Zankyou – Luucid’
’NYMZ & Chris Bushnell – Back Way’
’No Funks Given – Steve Wants Your Body’
’Dion Timmer – My World (ft. Nutty P)’
’Put A Little Grit In It’
’Wuki – Where You At?’
’Beastie Boys – Sabotage (AKTUP mistreatment)’
’Kill The Noise – Kill It 4 The Kids (Slander Remix)’
’Reid Speed + Siskiyou – Love & Unity’
’Virtual Riot – Stay For A While’
’Skepta – Nasty (Choppa Dunks Remix)’
’Who’s John & MaxX & EJ – Blacatah – Free DL’
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[Music Video] Slumberjack – Open Fire feat. Daniel Johns


On April 29th, Mad Decent released a single by Slumberjack and Daniel Johns called “Open Fire.” It blew fans away, pulling in close to 300K plays on Soundcloud alone. Fans wanted more, and now they’ve got it.

Slumberjack and Mad Decent went ahead and put together a cool music video for the hit record. If you haven’t heard the song yet, you’re in for a real treat, as it is one of the best future meets trap productions you can find anywhere. With the music video, we get an interesting gaming meets virtual reality concept that will turn some heads. Dig in to the video below, and hit up the digital store of your choice if you don’t have a copy of the single yet. SLumberjack are currently on tour, so if you want to catch the song and some visuals live, grab your tickets.

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[Multi-Genre] dark cat – finite EP

dark cat

There hasn’t been a project that Cloudhead Records backed that wasn’t dope. This past week they released an EP called finite from an Icelandic cat-loving producer named dark cat. After listening to one of the tracks, we were a fan, but after listening to the whole EP, we were blown away.

Over the past year, dark cat has been releasing a myriad of tracks here and there, but we feel that this new EP is the start of something special in his career. The musicality throughout this EP will knock you off your feet. From the start with “BANANA STREET,” you get sucked in and dark cat never lets you go. This EP builds strength and speed as it progresses, with the first two future tracks seducing your ears, then “IRENE” hits with its dynamic sounds. After that, “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” brings the pace down a bit with its jolly composition that will give you frisson at least once. The last song on the finite EP, is the only collaboration on the project. dark cat teams up with lonemoon for what may be the best track on the project, as well as the most different stylistically. Safe to say, we’re all about dark cat now, and chances are you will be too. Check out the EP and open up iTunes if you want a copy.

’CAN’T YOU SEE (w/ lonemoon)’
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[Electronic] MODEL 86 – MONO


MODEL 86 is an intriguing new artist on our radar. His latest track is called, “Mono” and sees the London-based producer blends hip-hop, electronic and world elements effortlessly. This makes for an extremely dynamic listen.

After playing through this one, you might wish you had discovered MODEL 86 sooner. Going back through his catalog, we’re really feeling his other releases as well. Peep this electronic song Holdin’ from a month ago for another taste of the MODEL 86 sound.

But “MONO” is the latest greatest and it might be the perfect out-there addition to your music rotation. There are some cool pitch-bend vocal samples, but hopefully we’ll get to hear a rapper on it at some point too. A few wild bars would really top this one off. If you like the beat, you will want to keep an eye on MODEL 86.

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[Electronic] GOLDHOUSE X Lostboycrow – Free From The Start

GOLDHOUSE X Lostboycrow
Free From The Start

Two up ‘n coming pop artists have teamed up for a big single collaboration titled, “Free From The Start.” The more well known artist, Lostboycrow, works alongside the rising singer & songwriter, GOLDHOUSE, to thrill pop and electronic music fans alike. Ultra clean production complements a crisp vocal part for a killer combination.

A tasteful, crowd pleasing track is always welcome. “Free From The Start” has the songwriting down– fit for laid-back, casual listeners while possessing production elements to impress an intense music buff. After a high profile collaboration like this we imagine to be seeing a lot more of GOLDHOUSE. So listen up and see if this pop anthem, “Free From The Start” is up your ally.

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