Pure Colors – Make Things Better [TMN Premiere]

Pure Colors
Make Things Better

Get ready to turn Friday into a funk-fest with Pure Colors new single. Premiering today in the dojo, “Make Things Better” is going to just do that. No matter if you’re down in the dumps or flying high, this jam will give you a mood boost.

“Make Things Better” is a groovy, acoustically driven jam that would be an absolute monster live, whether in a DJ set or being played out by a band. Pure Colors did a number on this with all the melodies and riffs working together in conjunction for a classic record. Do yourself a favor – throw this one on repeat and soar through the rest of your day on the funky wings of Pure Colors. Need the pot to be sweetened further? Pure Colors dropped this one as a free download. You’re welcome!

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ZAXX – Belong [TMN Premiere]


It’s not an easy thing to put your music out there and it’s even harder when you’re singing. ZAXX has done both for the first time together with his single “Belong” that we’re premiering for you right here in the dojo!

“Belong” sees ZAXX further expand his creative abilities not only in that he sings for the first time on one of his records, but in that he is trying different styles out. Here he delivers an almost industrial sounding original that doesn’t fit neatly into one genre-box. What makes this song particularly spectacular in our minds is that it develops from beginning to end, not simply being a copy and paste tune like many producers do between halves. Enjoy the first listen to “Belong” and make sure to get a copy of it from digital platforms.

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[Electronic/Pop] John.k – Best of Me

Best of Me

John.k moves forward in 2018 with his first original of the year. “Best Of Me” is a smash, further showing just what John can do with his musical creativity. As he’s done before, but maybe to a higher degree here, he mixes genres beautifully for a wonderful record.

“Best Of Me” has an old-school feel to it with a few modern treats mixed in making this a hit for crowds of any age. It’s invigorating, lively and inspiring with its message that John defines simply below. John.k is set to have a massive year this year and this is just one of the many steps he’ll be taking to the top of the game. If you’re not on board yet, you will be after this one.

‘Best of Me’ is about evolving through young love, admitting to past mistakes and committing to giving someone the best possible version of yourself.
– JOHN.k

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[Electronic/Pop] Cape Lion – Week One EP

Do you think you could make an EP in a week? That’s just what the Stockholm’s Cape Lion did between 5th and the 12th of February. The result of his hard work was four incredible tunes all packed into one project.

Week One starts off with the soulful “Moped” whose atmospheric sound is as intoxicating as it is alluring. Next comes “Be So Bad” that has a retro vibe to it that makes it sound like an instant classic. Our favorite single on the EP, “Call Of The Void” comes next with its clubby sound. “The Open” closes things out with its epic sound, lead by strong horns throughout the production.

’Cape Lion – Moped’
’Cape Lion – Be So Bad’
’Cape Lion – Call Of The Void’
’Cape Lion – The Open’
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[Indie Dance] Allertz – Brave


Just a few days ago the Swedish producer Allertz dropped the new single “Brave” to the world. It is one of the many releases that are signaling the shift of sound to the more Spring/Summer friendly vibe. Although it’s among a stream of releases of people readying for the season, this one is among the top.

“Brave” shares an indie dance sound that is perfect for the upcoming pool parties – don’t be surprised if this one shows up while you’re at Miami Music Week if you happen to be going. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Allertz, but he’s coming back extremely strong with this original. We’re looking forward to more from him this year, a year that could be a big one for him!

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#TMNMailbag #4: Sam Eagle – 15/8

Sam Eagle

This is actually the second time 18-year-old Sam Eagle has submitted music to the #TMNMailbag. This time, it stuck with me.

While I believe that he would benefit from a little refinement with his recording, mixing, and mastering, there’s something inherently charming about this Essex-based act. He’s lyrically adept, weaving in engaging storytelling through unique instrumentation. He goes well beyond “the guy with the guitar” stereotype, offering up playful, yet simplistic percussion work and intriguing song structures.

“15/8” has me head over heels, to be perfectly honest. And, we’re not alone. He recently got love from Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlist, and got some love from BBC 6Music and XFM. You’re catching on before almost anyone else, as this up-and-comer only has 50 soundcloud followers. Give him a follow, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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#TMNMailbag #3: Flower Cult – Violet


Hailing from the Pelican State, Flower Cult is our latest addition to our #TMNMailbag series. Consisting of Dave Fol and Chandler Young, two producers from the pop/soul 5-piece OK Music, this developing act is following down a road of personal inspirations like Wilco, Yo La Tengo, and Local Natives.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with “Violet.” The calming and intriguing vocal harmony was the first thing that piqued my interest, calling on associations of TV On The Radio. Coupled with ethereal guitar work, smooth bassline, and a pronounced kick drum, it wound up hooking me in for the long haul.

With less than 50 Soundcloud followers, you’re coming in at ground level. Enjoy the ride as they continue to pick up steam.

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