[Electronic] Autograf – Future Soup ft. Patrick Baker (option4 Remix)

Future Soup ft. Patrick Baker (option4 Remix)

Denver’s deacon of dance music is back at it again. This time around, he’s twisted up a delightfully unique version of Autograf’s smash hit, “Future Soup,” which features singer/songwriter Patrick Baker.

It didn’t take long for option4’s signature grooves to grab a hold of us, especially because they’re accentuated by percussion-style vocal samples with this latest remix. While tactics like these can sometimes be overwhelming, often taking over an interpretation, their subtleties in option4’s application create a lush and invigorating accompaniment to the layers of deep bass hits, light rattles, and soaring synths.

Switching back and forth from a 6/8 signature to 4/4 should also offer up plenty of intrigue for dancers looking to shake up their experience on the dance floor. It sure as hell did for us, and we’re only grooving in front of our computers.

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[Indie Dance] E C H E L A N – Perspective (feat. Logan Swirsky)

Perspective (feat. Logan Swirsky)

San Diego-based electronic group E C H E L A N showed their colors for the first time since their creation this week with their debut single “Perspective (feat. Logan Swirsky).” It’s a great summer tune that shows maturity in vocals and composition alike, leading us to believe that this won’t be the last track from them that we really dig.

The track combines a Flume-like production of synth and vocal manipulation while integrating an airy guitar that’s reminiscent of an indie rock sound you’d expect out of their hometown—a sound that leaves you feeling ready for a whole lot of chilling. Logan Swirsky’s vocal talent is certainly a key part of this track, and we hope to hear her on more tracks in the future. The finesse of her tonality is both pleasing to the ears and calming to the soul, and since we could describe the production of the instrumental parts of this song similarly, they really come together as the perfect pair.

E C H E L A N just brought on a very successful first release, and we’ll definitely be following them to see what they bring next.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2016 Round #1)


For some of us, the harsh reality of the end of a long weekend will hit us really hard today. May we suggest easing into it with a new Indie Dojo? We know it’s not another day off, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

’Wild – Silver & Gold’
’Softer Still – New Age’
’Chain Wallet – Shade’
’Toulouse – Hurtin”
’Bo Rocha – Hold My Gaze’
’Daniel Spaleniak – Back Home Feat. Katarzyna Kowalczyk’
’Avid Walker – Who’s Your Lover’
’Merival – Alay Alas’
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[House] EC Twins x Guordan Banks – Keep You In Mind

EC Twins

The EC Twins crushed it with their new single “Keep You In Mind.” The veteran brother’s partnered up with vocalist Guordan Banks of Philadelphia for an original that could very easily find its way onto the airwaves of the radio.

“Keep You In Mind” is a spunky disco house record that has some poppy elements, similar to that of The Weeknd. There’s a certain classic style that was implemented within this single, paying homage to the diverse array of influential sounds that came before this track. EC Twins amaze us again with their production; it can only be described as top notch. From the songwriting, to the programming and onward, EC Twins did a hell of a job molding “Keep You In Mind” into the beautiful record that it is. Guordan’s performance doesn’t lack in a single way, as he really sticks out atop the instrumental. Stream the single now, and if you’re vibing to it like we are, then hit up iTunes for a download.

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[Future] Crywolf – Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)

Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)

Up and coming Austin Natives, Bronze Whale, have been developing their sound for years. With each release only more captivating than the last, BW’s sound has our undivided attention, along with our firm conviction that they are definitely a name to be keeping an eye out for. Most recently, they’ve reinforced this belief with their fresh take on Crywolf’s emotional piece, “Slow Burn.” Approaching it with a contrasting perspective, the remix manifests just the same passion as the original. Bronze Whale provide a direct spotlight on Crywolf’s reverberating lyrics, while expertly executing a sterling slate of vocal chops as the intensity of his words builds up. After a steady run of listens, we think it’s inevitable that listeners will find themselves lost in this exquisite musical maze designed with layers of resonating harmonies that are laden with rhythmic waves of futuristic synths.

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[Trap/Dubstep]Holly X LEViT∆TE – Heavyweight EP


If you don’t know The Block Society, you better get to familiarizing yourself with their crew. One of the boys who is a part of their familial team is the talented producer LEViT∆TE. If you don’t know LEViT∆TE, you better get to familiarizing yourself with him and his catalog, starting with his most recent release, the Heavyweight EP, a collaborative project created alongside Holly.

After you hear this EP, you’ll understand why LEViT∆TE scored a collaboration with the almighty Bassnectar. This cat, and Holly, devised three hybrid singles that will blow the roof off any venue, anywhere. “They Don’t” is the introductory track that comes with some industrial vibes that are juxtaposed with grinding basses and dripping wet synth hits. The title track finds itself in the middle with its high capacity for jaw-dropping low frequencies. It’s style is similar to the first single, but when we get to the closing track, things move in a bit of a different direction. “Caliper” was released a few months ago as a single, and finds itself as the last song on Heavyweight. Although it deserves a spot on the project, the composition is a bit more unconventional than the previous singles. Check out all three below, and try to pick a favorite. Word of warning: choosing a favorite is going to be a harder task than you think.

’LEViT∆TE & Holly – They Don’t’
’LEViT∆TE & Holly – Heavyweight’
’LEViT∆TE & Holly – Caliper’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 202)


This week we wanted to bring you a little extra for the Friday Party Playlist. Not only are you given the usual batch of free records, but we also are providing you with an hour of extra tunes thanks to Carter Cruise, who released the fifth edition of her Cruise Control mix today. Aside from that, you’ll get records from some of our favorites including, but not limited to, Said The Sky, Bad Royale, Herobust, and SKULS. Whether you want banging remixes, new originals, or any specific genre, you can find it here. Genre wise we tap into moombah, house, dubstep, trap and even hip-hop in this week’s collection. Stream them all, download the ones you want, but most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Ellie Goulding – SITWYM (Said The Sky Remix)’
’Voice feat. Bad Royale – Get Away’
’No Funks Given – Run The Trip’
’INF1N1TE – Bassdrop (Free Download)’
’I Love You (Nitti Gritti Remix)’
’Yultron – Headbang N Chill Part 2’
’Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers (BUSTED By Herobust)’
’Lektrique – Spark ft. Panther (Trumpdisco Remix)’
’Yntendo – Know Me’
’Dack Janiels – Xanny Pacquiao’
’Baauer – Body (SKULS RIP)’
’Boombox Cartel – Colors Ft. Grabbitz’
’Number One (Prod. Ivan Jackson)’
’Carter Cruise – Cruise Control v. 5’
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