[Chill] Y//2//K x Honest – Funeral

Y//2//K x Honest

Today just seems to be like the type of day where all we want to do is listen to some down tempo music and let those chilly vibes permeate our bodies. Helping us turn down this evening is Y2K and Honest and their chill trap rendition of an old time favorite, “Funeral” by Band of Horses. As soon as we heard that famous mellow guitar intro, we instantly glued our ears to our headphones in order to let the retrograde ambiance settle our anxious nerves. Slowing down the initial tempo, y2k and Honest amplify this track with subtle atmospheric elements, eerie synths, and top it off by pitching the vocals down to a heavy, deep resonance. We just fell even more in love with Band of Horses, y2k, and Honest, so make sure you prepare for a good old fashioned throwback sensation and cop your free download in the mean time.

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[Soul] Maiday – Wish You’d Met Me First

Maiday_Met Me
Wish You'd Met Me First

This song is for my ladies out there (fellas, you will like this one too but, my ladies get ready).
London artist Maiday has released this powerful single ‘Wish You’d Met Me First’. From the title you can guess exactly what this song is about, something many of us have been through. You meet this amazing guy/girl and because of the timing, you cannot be with them. Then you find out the person whom they are with is an amazing individual, beautiful, caring, smart, sucks. Not really but sometimes, it sucks. And Maiday captures this feeling so well. With her absolutely seductively stunning voice, she captures the heartbreak felt and the hopefulness of maybe one day all in one song. With a strong drum and instrumental beat to add power to the song, this melody is stirs a feeling within of wanting and desire. Maiday shows on this track that she is just beginning to make her mark and she welcomes you to join her for the ride.

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[Beautiful] Amber Run – Just My Soul Responding

Amber RUn
Amber Run
Just My Soul Responding

Let your soul get ready to respond to this song.
The boys from Nottingham, Amber Run, are back with a stunning single ‘Just My Soul Responding’. This heartbreaking song tells the tale of someone hurting someone else, or in a sense, their soul responding because their heart is so hurt from the love taken. With a sound that reminds us of Mumford mixed with Bastille, these five gentlemen know how to capture true human feelings with their vocals, lyrics, and instrumental melodies. Amber Run is still fairly new but they have shown over the past few months just how much their sound is soaring and how they are going to keep making music that speak directly to the human heart and head. I know this song has my soul responding, feeling, loving, wishing, and hopeful.

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[Future House] Vanic Feat. K. Flay – Make Me Fade

Vanic X K.Flay
Make Me Fade

Vanic. Where do we even begin? All you have to do is hit play, and you’re hooked. Vanic and K.Flay truly make an amazing team. About a month ago we were graced with Vanic’s remix of K.Flay’s “Can’t Sleep” and now the two join forces once again for their most recent release, “Make Me Fade.” The track was originally released on K.Flay’s “Life as a Dog” album, which managed to place 14th on the billboard Rap Chart just this past summer.

Ninjas, take a second to set aside what you’re doing for the next four minutes and thirty seven seconds and check out this incredible track. What we have here is an artist that is truly innovating the scene and we are really happy to support this type of music here at TMN. We are looking forward to catching a live show in 2015!

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[Tropical House] Cazzette – Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)

Cazzette - Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)
Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)

What happens when indie dance meets tropical house? The answer lies in this Cazzette remix by house specialists Hotel Garuda, which consists of Manila Killa & Candle Weather, and Thero. The electronic trio’s ever-changing sound is what catches our attention, and their true talent shines through on this track. The original vocal sample is used to drive the tune, accompanied by bold drum beats and tropical synth. The killer sax melody that comes in after definitely stole the spotlight for this track, which also marks Thero’s signature sound. The tropical approach to this tune seems so organic without being overdone. Kudos to Hotel Garuda and Thero for being able to collaborate on this feel-good track.

Stay tuned for more from these talented musicians! We are definitely expecting big moves from them in 2015.

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[Chill] Sun City – Paralyse (Samuel Proffitt Remix)

Samuel Proffitt
Sun City- Paralyse (Samuel Proffitt Remix)

Since his debut back in July Samuel Proffitt, has strategically taken himself off the music radar so he can spend more time figuring out the direction in which he wants to take his sound. After “Sladky” hit the internet, people were struck with emotion-evoking frequencies that helped tell Samuel’s story in a much more melodic way. We here at TMN instantly wanted to experience more of Samuel Proffitt’s unique music because, again, it resonated something entirely new with us.

After a long 4 months of silence, Samuel Proffitt is back and this time with a remix of Sun City’s, “Paralyse”. The Australian artists really took off this year with this song, so Samuel decided to turn this uplifting, dreamy track into a much more smooth, harmonic wonder. Filled with intricate percussive elements, delicate builds, and elongated synths, Samuel Proffitt creates a symphony of ethereal vibes that make us feel at peace. This is easily one of the most atmospheric remixes we have heard in a very long time. If this is the type of vibe we should expect from him, then we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the next year. So let this one chill your bones and move your soul, ninjas, because you’re about to transcend into a universal realm full of celestial bliss.

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[Nu-Disco] AlunaGeorge – Supernatural (Pomo Remix)

AlunaGeorge - Supernatural (Pomo Remix)
Supernatural (Pomo Remix)

We always get real eager when a new Pomo tune drops, and the Canadian producer kills it with his latest, a remix of AlunaGeorge‘s “Supernatural”. The re-work starts off with subtle static sounds combined with Kaytranada-esque intro instrumentation (a fellow HW&W artist). As Aluna’s vocals come in, a funky bassline emerges with another catchy synth melody to create some groovy goodness. The original track is stripped down to the bare bone and, when Pomo’s signature elements are incorporated, the end result is a tune so addicting that we just can’t get enough of it.

It’s barely been a month since the release of Pomo’s stellar debut EP, The Other Daybut we’re already eager for more. His releases guarantee quality music, and we are definitely excited to see what he has in store for 2015.

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