[House] Digital Farm Animals – Didn’t Know ft. Yasmin (DFA Club Mix)

Digital Farm Animals
Didn't Know. Feat Yasmin (DFA Club Mix)

We’ve had our ears perked towards London based genre-skirting producer Digital Farm Animals for years now, and his latest evolution has only fanned the flames to our fire. Back in February we featured “Didn’t Know”, a sensual, electronic R&B burner from the Brit that had us all feeling some type of way. Today however, DFA’s taken the Yasmin featuring single straight to the floor with his own Club Mix on the tune, and quite honestly we can’t decide which we like better. While the original floats on top of the type of two-step melody and lush vocal work from which many of us were conceived, the club mix stokes Yasmin’s refrain with a perfect amount of reverb before delving into a huge, jackin’ synth sample and pointed cymbal shuffles to remind us all that we were listening to Digital Farm Animals’ housey side. And that reminder is always a welcome one. We won’t get too deep into our blurb however, and are opting to let Digital Farm Animals’ solid production do the talking instead; check out the DFA Club Mix for “Didn’t Know” above.

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[Electro] Zedd Feat. Jon Bellion – Beautiful Now (Far Out Remix)

Zedd Feat. Jon Bellion
Beautiful Now (Far Out Remix)

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means – we’re almost at another weekend of fun and relaxation! Since we know the next 24 hours looks like a never-ending hallway, we’re tossing you guys a little pick-me-up track for some much-needed motivation.

Ninjas, meet Canadian electro house duo Far Out. Only earlier today, they debuted their musical aptitude through a remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now,” which features the sublime vocals of Jon Bellion. The remix is nothing short of exhilarating, comprising crisp synth work that fills you with surging energy. So, go ahead and charge yourselves up with this free download!

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[Hip-Hop] The Game – 100 (Feat. Drake)


As he gears up for the long awaited sequel to his classic debut album The Documentary, The Game attempts to take things 0 to “100” real quick on this brand new cut featuring Drake. All jokes aside, this soulful Cardo and Johnny Juliano produced joint actually has a chance to be a hit single for the West Coast emcee, whose star hasn’t really shined as bright as it once did when he first hit the scene ten years ago back in 2005. Let’s just hope he’s able to rekindle some of that magic on the album’s remaining tracks as well, because it will definitely take some work on his part to craft a worthy follow-up in The Documentary 2. There’s no set release date yet, but The Game definitely has us intrigued about what he has in store for the upcoming project.

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[Indie-Dance/Nu-Disco] Saint Motel – My Type (Eau Claire Remix)

Saint Motel
My Type (Eau Claire Remix)

Washington D.C. based dance bender Eau Claire has been cruising on a tsunami sized wave of buzz lately, and clearly has no plans on slowing down. Certainly one of the busier remixers to permeate our airwaves, Eau Claire’s latest revision comes on indie supergroup Saint Motel‘s radio sweeping single “My Type”, and she’s slathered her feelgood corner of dancefloor directed sound all over it. If you’ve heard the original tune, you may have most likely gotten that original sax hook stuck inside your temporal lobe for better or worse; but Eau Claire effortlessly errs on the better side. Saint Motel’s vocal  gets swaddled in syrupy sweet synth and glittery pads before letting that aforementioned hook burst through, bolstered by pulsating yet light kicks and airy claps resultign in just a beautiful alternate take on Saint Motel’s. Good luck getting this one out of your head today. Stream Eau Claire’s “My Type” remix above and be on the lookout for more additions to her steady and tasteful output soon.

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[Trap] Major Lazer & DJ Snake Feat. MØ – Lean On (Stellar Remix)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake
Lean On Feat. MØ (Stellar Remix)

When it comes to remixing music, especially some of the biggest songs of today, you are always taking a risk. Some originals are so revered by the fans that anyone who tries to lend their own flavor are immediately dismissed. On the other hand, because we may know a song so well, it’s intriguing to hear it in a different light.

Stellar’s remix of Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s dance hit, “Lean On,” takes the original in a new, bass-filled direction. Entirely replacing the melody with a ridiculously serious series of bass lines, listeners will find themselves unable to resist the hold of its brilliant rhythm and beat. But just to give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, think of a song with one of the heaviest drops you’ve ever heard. Now imagine that drop continuing through out the track, only instead of getting repetitive, constantly switches up, and consistently introduces you to a new rhythm. Basically what we’re getting at here is: this track is a monster, but you won’t know this until you hear it for yourself.

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[Tropical House] Kav Verhouzer – Hiding (feat. The Nicholas)

Kav Verhouzer
Kav Verhouzer
Hiding (ft. The Nicholas)[OUT NOW!]

It’s impossible to catch every good record out there. Some stay hidden as gems forever, but some come to light, much like “Hiding” has from Kav Verhouzer. Last year Kav dropped this collaboration with The Nicholas on his Soundcloud, but since then it has been taken up by Epic Amsterdam as an official release. Tropical house is pretty hit and miss, but this hits right on the money. This melodic wonder is the perfect laid-back Summer record that will cool off the scorching heat of the season. Kav has already received over 700,000 plays, but there’s much more ground to be covered. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more music from Kav soon!

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[Future Bass] CRWNS – Vibe Machine

Vibe Machine

Chicago and New Orleans are no doubt music meccas. They’re insane places to be for inspiration, which is partly why this cat CRWNS has got some gold. “Vibe Machine” is his latest work of art that brings an upbeat future sound to your ear drums. He’s received live support from producers like Adventure Club, Prince Fox, What So Not and Slander, which isn’t too surprising once you peep around this guy’s Soundcloud. With “Vibe Machine” we get some intriguing synth work that pushes and pulls the energy up and down throughout the three and a quarter minutes. Although his hip-hop influences come out, the production largely keeps things in the more dance/electronic realm for ravers to enjoy. Download it for free, pop it in your playlists and turn up the volume for the full experience.

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