Preview ZHU’s Remixes of “Michael Jackson – Thriller”, “Chic – I’ll Be There”, and More


ZHU’s first BBC Radio 1 Mix aired a few days ago, and now you can preview some of the gems he played. First off is an infectious remix of Michael  Jackson’s classic hit “Thriller”, which was first debuted at Hard Day of the Dead last year. Next up is a very sexy flip of Nile Rogers funky project Chic. ZHU tackles the track “I’ll Be There” and nails it on all levels. And last is an “ID” that is most likely a new single off his next EP/Album and it doesn’t disappoint. Cheers.


Thriller (ZHU Remix)
Ill Be There (ZHU Extended Vocal Mix)
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The Chill Dojo #132

chill dojo

This may be an unorthodox way to kick-start a playlist that’s all about chill, but we’re packing some dance-floor heat to get things going for Dojo #132. Ever since it first went up on the site, we’ve been struggling to shake the hold of the furious funk from the Autograf boys and the sweltering display of groove they’ve cast over this Fatboy Slim number. Slick breaks pave their way through sun-drenched surrounds until the exotic tribal bassline takes over and asserts itself as one of the craziest sounds of the year. Want something else insane? Despite the numerous times Oliver Nelson has been a feature in our write-up, it has always been on remix duties. This week we break that trend with his first ever original ‘Found Your Love’ with the vocals of Heir, and what a way to make a debut! It figures after all that experience working his magic on other lyrical works he’d know a thing or two about crafting his own piece of gold. This is vintage Oliver Nelson finally able to shine with his own song-writing merit. It wasn’t the only breakout original for the week, as the bootleg specialist Sammy Bananas shared a brand new tune echoing some feel-good Spring vibes to celebrate the season. Dreamy vocals and bopping chords combine for joyous sensations and one certified jam we’re sure you’ll dig.

We may have started with plenty of warmth, but now it’s time for our true chill nature to show with some wintery themed delights beginning with Maxo’s playful edit of ‘Fresh Static Snow’. One of the more emotion-filled tracks off the Worlds album, Maxo turns up his trademark chord skills and infuses the melody with renewed energy and a sweetness that is hard to resist. To cap it all off we finish with a frosty affair from Sam Gellaitry. The aptly named ‘glacier’ is a musical journey into majestic snowfields and icy monuments intertwined with servings of glorious trademark synths from the young talent who continues to blow our minds with every new showing of masterful composition.

It’s a wave of different temperatures in the air this week, but all conditions are conducive to keeping it chill. Peace out.

Fatboy Slim
Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)
Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir
Found Your Love
Sammy Bananas
Skyline (feat. Lindsey)
Porter Robinson
Fresh Static Snow (Maxo Hammermix)
Sam Gellaitry
Oh Wonder
Midnight Moon (Melvv Remix)
Mirror Masa (Tribute)
Surreal (Feat. Abby Sevcik)
Memory (feat. Holly Drummond)
Digress (ft. Alex Larsson)
Until It Falls Apart ft. Madi Larson (nimino Remix)
Daytime Disco ft. Neon Bunny (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)
Astrid S
2AM (Matoma Remix)
Far From Home (feat. Cozy)
Fall In (feat. Sophie Galpin)
The Music
Keeping You Up (Pomo Remix)
Electric (ft. Erin Marshall)
Set Mo
White Dress Feat. Deutsch Duke (Satin Jackets Remix)
Kanye West
Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Shoffy remix)
90210 ft. G Eazy (Matt DiMona Remix)
Maejor ft. Sammy Adams
Me And You (REMIX)
2Pac & Trey Songz
How Do You Want It (Glastrophobie Bootleg)
Ellie Goulding
Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)
POPOF Feat. Arno Joey
Words Gone (Jamie Jones Remix)
Muzzy Bearr
Synapse Synthesis
Muzzy Bearr
Radio Glider (feat. Exmag, BRANX, & Benny Bloom Of The Shady Horns)
Swimming Stone
Witching Hour
Crywolf & Ianborg
Oceans Pt. II (Gladkill Remix)
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[Electronica] Nicole & Zuri – 21 Questions (50 Cent Cover)


It’s no easy feat to choose an untouchable hip-hop classic like ’21 Questions’ as the basis for an experimental cover, but two talented women in the Australian electronic scene have turned an unlikely scenario into a success that is so damn satisfying. Nicole Millar of Peking Duk’s ‘High’ fame and the forward-thinking Zuri Akoko have combined their unique skills to flip the iconic lyrics and breathe a fresh perspective onto a track that others would dare not try and touch. The allure of this version comes in their ability to take inspiration from the song’s underlying emotion and craft an interpretation that lets them speak through their own artistic strengths. The sultry vocals of Nicole meld with the hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of Zuri’s sound to create a piece of music that will seduce your ears into instant obsession.

It’s just one of a series of gorgeous covers recently from the pair, with similarly enchanting adaptations of Shlohmo and Mya rounding out this incredible showcase of musical prowess. No doubt you’ll be craving for more of these in the near future once you’ve peeped all three below.

Nicole & Zuri
21 Questions (50 Cent Cover)
Nicole & Zuri
Bo Peep (Shlohmo Cover)
Nicole & Zuri
Like Wo (Mya Cover)
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 147)


Work? That’s nonexistent until Monday comes around. Enough about Monday though, because it’s Friday today. For some students, it’s the first Friday of Summer, or even better (or worse?), the first Friday of post-college life. Congratulations to all those graduates! This week’s party playlist is made especially for you to let loose and get wild. A dozen must-listens from artists like heRobust, Bad Royale, Party Thieves, Fight Clvb and more are present along with a bonus mix from the Chicago producer Phives. One of our mottoes is the more music the merrier, so why not extra? Dig in to the collection and have yourself a safe, but fun weekend. #danceirresponsibly

Skurt Reynolds
Bad Royale
Champagne feat. Teflon
Lady Parts
Samson (Original Mix)
Hasse de Moor
Time Out
Piece of the Puzzle (Crazy Daylight Remix)
Party Thieves & Instant Party!
RUN (Jayceeoh & B
Lean On ( Major Lazer
8Er$ Edit )
LordOf Maximus
Feel Like An Unicorn // FREE DOWNLOAD
Bone N Skin
Quantum (10k Freebie)
Ino (Original Mix)
The Only Way Is Up (FIGHT CLVB Remix)

Bonus Mix:

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[Electro] Cazzette vs. Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Cazzette vs. Tomoyasu Hotei
Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Fans of Quentin Tarantino and Cazzette are going to be in love with what the Stockholm act did to “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity.” You may recognize Tomoyasu Hotei’s original from the film Kill Bill Vol. 1. Now it has been updated into a French electro masterpiece that’s just as worthy of being in a blockbuster film. When producers think outside the box with song choice like this, the result is usually spectacular, and in the case of Cazzette, it is a smash. Rocking riffs and obese basslines work together to build a solid groove that permeates most of the song. This bootleg was dropped for free for fans before the upcoming single “Together,” which comes out through ICONS on May 29th.

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Introducing Our Resident Artists for May – Moving Castle [TMN RESIDENCY]


This month, we’re changing things up with our Residency Program. We normally like to focus on one of our favorite artists, but, there’s a collective out there who’s sweeping through the blogosphere like a wildfire. While some of you might be familiar with a few of the Moving Castle’s artists, or at the very least, their long-sleeved tees that are seemingly everywhere, we know that you’re not familiar with every single artist. We’re going to change that this month.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a playlist that features one song from each of the 22 artists within the collective. This way, you can at least get introduced to each of these talented producers musically, and we’ll bring you deeper insight as the month goes on.

After you’re done jamming to this playlist, head over and pick up their last four collections, Moving Castle I, II, III & IV:

Juice (AObeats Remix)
Teedra Moses
Be Your Girl (Bamf remix)
Dirty Chocolate x Bonae Bonae
Catt Moop
Joule Max like its hot
Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip)
Porter Robinson
The Weeknd — Where You Belong (Dave Luxe Edit)
Lay It Down (Dirty Chocolate Remix)
Dugong Jr
Ur Body
Gypsy Woman
Hunt for the Breeze
Awake feat. Josh Jacobson
Jailo & Vices
Loving You (Long Time)
Certified Freak (Jailo & Yung Wall Street Refix)
Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)
Josh Jacobson
Kappa Kavi – Talk 2 The Heart
The M Machine
Dont Speak (Manila Killa Remix)
Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)
Rowdy Rebel
Computers ft. Bobby Shmurda(Vices & Gutta Remix)
Didrick // A Part Of You (WRLD Remix)
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[Progressive Trance] Trivecta – Evaporate (feat. Aloma Steele)

Evaporate (feat. Aloma Steele)

For lovers of dance music who just became hip to the scene in the past couple of years, there are decades of DJs, producers, and trends that they’re probably completely unaware of. For this blogger in particular, having been to his first club in 2000, trance always has a special place the continued infatuation with electronic dance music.

Trivecta and Aloma Steele are not a new duo to come together for a collaborative effort. This duo has a slew of songs together and have recently added another one to their growing list with “Evaporate.” This one is a serious dose of emotive, progressive-inspired vibes that go against the grain of his normal melodic dubstep tendencies.  

A true musical expedition, “Evaporate” fuses entrancing melodies, steamy vocals by Steele, and flaring elements that come in towards the backend when the crescendo nature of the song is in full force. Sit back, take a seat, and allow Trivecta to guide you through an extraordinary progressive-trance adventure.
“Evaporate” is available on iTunes via Monstercat.

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