[Electronic] Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere (EP)


After hinting at a new project at the beginning of the month, Mura Masa just surprise released his latest EP, Someday Somewhere.  The follow-up to his superb, instrumental debut, Soundtrack to a Death, sees the UK producer bringing in some friends to take on the vocals with features from NaoDenai Moore and Jay Prince. Sonically, Mura Masa continues evolving on the project with his lush, experimental and psychedelic approach shining and, although his production overachieves on its own, the talented featured singers and emcees (including himself!) make for a welcome addition that’s sure to add to the project’s appeal for some. Stream the whole project below or on Spotify here.

Mura Masa
Are U There
Mura Masa
Firefly (ft. Nao)
Mura Masa
Terrible Love (ft. Denai Moore)
Mura Masa
your bones (intermission)
Mura Masa
Low (ft. Jay Prince)
Mura Masa
Lovesick Fuck
Mura Masa
When U Need Me
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[Future] Said The Sky – Darling feat. Missio

Said the Sky
Said The Sky
Darling (Ft. Missio)

Trying to write up “Darling” was a little difficult. Why? Because it’s incredibly not hard to get lost in Said The Sky‘s new beauty and get your feels flowing. His newest original, featuring Missio, will put you in a trance with its sensual future sound. Seriously, this is one of the most magnificent things you are going to hear this year, guaranteed. Said The Sky is always able to deliver powerful music like no other, and in his relatively short career so far he has been able to woo listeners all over the world. There’s a reason we think this cat special, and “Darling” may just be the best evidence we have yet. Love it? You will, and you’ll end up downloading it for free.

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[House] Prince Fox – Wait Until Tomorrow

Prince Fox
Prince Fox
Wait Until Tomorrow

Does anything really need to be said besides Prince Fox released a new song? To the surprise of many, the New York mastermind has shifted his style on his latest song, “Wait Until Tomorrow,” proving no matter the genre, he can hold it down. The single has already made a splash on the blogosphere, as more and more people get behind Sam. Some would call this song future house, some would disagree, but I think the producer’s own declaration of “future pop” does justice to the sound he has created. Look for Prince Fox to take over the industry, as he has already begun his swift ascent to the top. “Wait Until Tomorrow” was released for free, so if you would like it for yourself, get it here.

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[Future] Varien – Beyond the Surface (ft. Aloma Steele)

Varien Below the surface
Beyond the Surface (feat. Aloma Steele)

As he prepares for his debut album out soon on Monstercat, Varien takes a slight left turn away from his usual snarling dubstep drops to take a trip to a realm of future beats. Teaming up with vocalist Aloma Steele again, the Tampa-based producer picks and chooses seemingly incongruent elements to expertly craft them into what is “Beyond the Surface.”

First, Aloma Steele’s tempting vocals contain a duplicitous element to them where listeners do not know the songstress’ true nature. Varien trickles piano keys to lay a tranquil vibe alongside nebulous synth arrays and Steele’s croons. The rising future producer then pulls together a sultry sax, international percussion ensembles, and accented snarls that makes the drops half comforting, half vicious. All in all, its a beautiful offering by Varien as he prepares for his debut LP. Grab the free download above.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 4/9 – 4/11


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

Note: This deal is not valid for the Carnage show tonight.

Carnage - April 9
I Like Tuh Feat. ILoveMakonnen
Protohype - April 10
Protohype X 12th Planet
Bacon Psalm
John Acquaviva - April 11
John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Dan Diamond
Let It Go (Original Dub Mix)
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[House] Kryoman feat. KimKat – Riddim Bass


Coming off Laidback Luke remixing his track, London’s own Kryoman now has his own song to offer us. It’s not entirely his own, as the DJ/producers KimKat come straight out of Los Angeles to contribute to this collaboration. “Riddim Bass” is a minimal electro track that has the type of sound that is intimate enough to be played in a club, but also it has enough power behind it to hold its own at bigger events with more monstrous crowds. Nervous Records released this song in March just in time for Miami, where it rocked crowds that danced away reality in the sun. Check it out and head on over to Beatport if you want to buy a copy.

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[Trap] Bro Safari – Scumbag (Aero Chord Remix)


Bro Safari
Scumbag (Aero Chord Remix)

Someone get the extinguisher, because Aero Chord is on fire. I thought that Bro Safari’s “Scumbag” couldn’t get any better, but Aero Chord has us contemplating whether that’s the case or not. Not only has he released this hit for free, but he’s done it right as he announces his Aero Tour. If you want to be blown away by massive bass tracks, then you’ll need to attend one of these shows. This remix is just one of the many, as this producer has proved time and time again that he is one of the best young guns in the game, having had releases with Monstercat and Kannibalen Records. “Scumbag” has quickly become one of the producer’s most popular tracks, so have a listen, and if you want to experience the goods live, get yourself a ticket if he passes near you.

Purchase Tickets

Aero Chord Tour

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