[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 274)

We’re kicking December off with a whole lot of bass. Keep warm with the hottest free downloads that we’ve collected over the past seven days. As usual, we warm things up with some pre-game records and then move on to the harder tracks to keep you going all night long. This week we have records from the likes of Savoy, ARIUS, GRiZ, sfam and many more. As we stated earlier, there’s a whole lot of bass, so get yourself ready to rage this weekend. These twelve records are no joke.

’Savoy – Up All Night (feat. Laura Reed)’
’ShiShi –

’Siouxsie and the Banshees – Cities In Dust (Nazariff X Rosé Throne Remix)’
’Jameston Thieves – Ghost (DIV/IDE Remix)’
’VÉRITÉ – Saint (tofû remix)’
’ARIUS – Bring Back My Wobbles’
’Franky Nuts – Pass That feat. Azzeration’
’Freddy Todd – Audible Edibles (GRiZ Remix)’
’sfam – 2 piece w/ KTRL’
’Yeah Right (TOP $HELF Flip)’
’Nato Feelz & INF1N1TE – Manifest (feat. Born I Music)’
’Jynxx – Rocket Start’
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[Music Video] OYO – Powerless ft. TEMPLE

OYO‘s single “Powerless” featuring TEMPLE is a wonderful portrayal of modern dance music. It’s not something that is a straightforward copy and paste record, instead it shows off different sides for a dynamic listen that never gets old.

“Powerless” by itself is enough, but OYO has come through with a music video to augment the project. In it we follow a young girl dancing through the frames, changing settings as time elapses for a simple, yet captivating visual piece. It will make you feel anything but powerless. Want a copy of the single? Get it today.

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Cavalry – A Little Rough [TMN PREMIERE]

As the work week comes to a close, so many of you out there are on the hunt for new tunes to carry you through your weekend adventures. Whether you’re hoping to find that rally cry to carry you into a night at the clubs, or the latest indie folk tunes to accompany a lazy night in, you’re all sharing this common thread. This is why Friday premieres are always my favorite, and today is no different.

Coming your way from Liverpool, England, Cavalry is comprised of Alan (Vocals), Austin (Guitar), Steven (Guitar), Paul (Bass), and Gareth (Drums). Over the past few years, they’ve been garnering critical acclaim from the likes radio hosts, publications, and tastemakers across the board. Their latest release, See the Night Perform, out on Fierce Panda (Coldplay / The Maccabees), will follow along with those previous emphatic nods of approval.

Originally, we had come on board to premiere “A Little Rough,” but things progressed into an added treat for everyone tuning in. Below, you’ll not only find a full stream of their debut EP, but an accompanying track-by-track guide directly from the band. Not a bad way to kick off your weekend, eh?

Press play, then scroll below and read along.

’A Little Rough’


‘Heresy’ is really about dealing with modernity – the simple, everyday tribulations and the dystopia that’s hidden in plain sight. It’s a mortal cry for hope and sense in this troubling age we’re all in, but there’s definitely introspection as well.

Like a lot of our songs, we love creating an ambience and atmosphere, and finding startling ways to dispel and dismantle what we’ve created. But all in a way that retains a mainstream aesthetic. Heresy does the same – it’s dark and light in equal measure, but there’s a pop foundation underneath it all.


If there’s a grand concept to the whole EP, it’s found in ‘Black’. The line ‘See The Night Perform’ comes in at the absolute climax of the song, which has gone from crushingly intimate ballad, to full-blown post-rock anthem.

It’s definitely bold and takes intense turns. But it’s a patient song and for it to work, the meaning needs to be subtle. It’s about trying to validate the simple wars you have within yourself against the backdrop of everyday life.


‘A Little Rough’ is a curve ball for us. Again, it’s laden with bare emotion dealing and atmosphere, but there’s an undeniable groove. It’s infused with too many influences to count: folk, trip-hop, electronica, post-rock, but again never straying away from the simple pop-song underneath. We think of Ben Howard and Portishead, and everything between as a good.

It’s about being absolutely elemental – having nothing but the need to find purpose, and fighting against the temptation to give in.

‘A fire to derive, a solace in your mind, well I won’t waste my time.’


‘Cabin’ is the surefire release at the end of the EP. It’s about striving for escapism from a position of isolation and introspection.

It’s the first song we ever wrote after coming together, and it’s almost a tribute to the inception of the band. Just before we started life as ‘Cavalry’ many of us were newly back in Liverpool after living away from the city for some time in New York, Vancouver, Asia. Soon after, we were in a remote writing camp away from everything, and lighting the first fires of what would become our material to date. It’s an important song for that reason: in moments of doubt, it just helps to remember the purpose of being in a band, making music that you care about.

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Starley – Been Meaning To Tell You (Odd Mob Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Sydney Australia’s Starley just dropped her single “Been Meaning To Tell You” about a month ago adn we’ve been playing it here and there ever since. Now, we’re proud to premiere an extension of the original with a remix by Brisbane’s Odd Mob.

Odd Mob’s interpretation of the Starley’s pop hit is devilishly seductive. Their house grooves captivate the ear and lure you into their playful production. Right from the start you start bobbin’ to the beat and it doesn’t take long until you’re fully invested in Odd Mob’s fun take. This is how a proper remix is done; Odd Mob nailed it. Throw this one on repeat and let it take you into the weekend.

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Butterjack – Good Girls [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Thank god this track is coming your way close to the weekend. If I had been covering it prior to Thursday, I’m sure I’d be getting some angry tweets for unintended consequences from listening to this smooth-as-fucking-silk track from NW England-based Butterjack.

“Good Girls” has an undeniably catchy feel to it, with underlying R&B undertones coupled with sexy percussion and glowing synths. It’s one of those tunes you can’t help but nod along to, as it encourages you to head out for a wild night on the town. Don’t hold back. Give in. Let it take you for a ride.

The video for ‘Good Girls’ is special to me because all of the ideas for things like this feel like your babies. I saw this idea when we were thinking about videos and it was an idea that I took through all the stages and ended up with EXACTLY what I wanted. Emmie Bednall, who helped create the vision is an absolute animal. She totally understands the project and the evolution in the videos and having her on the team is priceless. I think videos are really important as it’s a chance to give the song another narrative, fresh ears through your eyes!

Aside from this funky fresh new tune to add to your collection, we also have a first look at the accompanying music video, which will surely be a treat to graphic novel and Archer fans around the globe. Have a look below:

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Bliss Nova

Depending on how you look at it, a little bit of gorgeous, haunting synth-pop is either the perfect thing to welcome winter in, or is better served for the shimmering light of warmer months. Personally, I feel like today’s offering from Toledo-based Bliss Nova aligns with the former, providing the perfect soundscape for the upcoming chilly months.

“Now” is the latest offering from this fraternal duo comprised of Daniel and Joel Trzcinski, which follows up their last EP release, just six months back. It’s gorgeously layered with fluttering synths paired with solid guitar work and heavily treated vocals. From a structural point of view, it serves up plenty of intrigue, straying away from a traditional pop model, especially towards the end.

On top of a first listen, we’re also bringing a first look for you today. The music video is one hell of a trip, taking you on a psychadellic ride as you listen along.

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Tyson Kraft – Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung) [TMN Premiere]

Tyson Kraft
Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung)

Enter the dojo for the exclusive first listen to “Haunt Me” by Tyson Kraft to help get you over this week’s hump. The Australian producer enlisted Tiff Fung to hop on this original for some vocal work and together they created a mesmerizing tune.

“Haunt Me” hones in on a future-centric sound. Many producers aiming at this style simply miss the mark, delivering flavorless messes that are anything but memorable; however, Tyson hits the bulls-eye on making a phenomenal record that you can come back to time and time again. A majestic introduction captivates the listener before Tyson tightens his grip with the riveting chorus of the instrumental. “Haunt Me” has everything going for it. Want a copy? Get it on iTunes today.

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