[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 156)


Another week, another batch of a dozen party poppin’ records. This week’s playlist has a fair batch of bass music mixed with house, with the former coming first. Twerk, trap and dubstep take over just over half of the playlist, with tracks from Meaux Green, Jayceeoh, ATLiens, along with a single called “Not This Time” that features the talented vocalist Aloma Steele. During the second half, groove to the boisterous beats from Contrvbvnd, Halfway House, Lost Kings and more. Stay safe tonight and tomorrow when you are getting rid of all the stress from the week. Enjoy the playlist, but most of all #danceirresponsibly.

Beatz x Maxje
Turn Me Up Some (feat Redman & Jay Psar)
Tincup ✖ Quix ✖ G
Rex ✖ King Tutt
Illenium & Said The Sky
Painted White ft. Cristina Soto
Elonious x Aloma Steele
Not This Time
Code: Pandorum
Remember Me (False Panic Remix)
Play That Beat (Original Mix)
Halfway House
Fresh (Original Mix)
Saint Motel
Cold Cold Man (Lost Kings Remix)
Cool (Two Friends Remix)
Abedz & SvanteG
Bragia (Original Mix)
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[Electronic] Rustie – Big Catzz

Big Catzz
Nostalgia (Rustie Edit)

Although he rose to popularity during EDM Trap’s prime, to constrain Rustie‘s music to that sub-genre would be selling it short. His grandiose, intoxicating productions never fail to impress and, as of late, he’s been putting out the best material of his young career. About a month ago he dropped an enormous remix of Jack Ü‘s “Where Are Ü Now” and, yesterday, he let loose yet another absolute mindfuck of an edit taking on Gammer‘s “Nostalgia,” which we’ve also included above.

After two flawless remixes, Rustie put out his first original track in a while this morning noting that he’s getting tired of waiting on upcoming release dates. “Big Catzz” opens with a fluttering, marching band-esque drum line before erupting with into an enormous synth interlude that’s quickly accompanied by a high-pitched backing melody. Triumphantly, the song climaxes into a glitchy chorus. As good as it is, “Big Catzz” almost feels like a musical sketch for Rustie–nonetheless the engineering is flawless and it flexes his versatility with trance-y undertones accompanying his signature heaven-trap style. It sounds like Rustie’s got some new music coming soon but, in the meantime, turn these ones up for your Thursday night shenanigans and grab a couple free downloads above.

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[Event Preview] Electric Adventure Releases Additions To Bloom Lineup


If you haven’t purchased your ticket for Electric Adventure’s Bloom, then you have even more reason to now. In addition to the heavily stacked array of colossal names, Electric Adventure has recently announced the additions of Juicy J, Big Gigantic, and special guest, Kygo to the lineup, making this one of the biggest festivals Jersey has seen yet.

The outdoor festival will take place on the waterfront of Atlantic City on August 1st and 2nd. So wipe the drool off of your faces and grab your tickets before it’s too late, or prepare to deal with some massive regret. Purchase them here!

Already feat. Rae Sremmurd
Seinabo Sey
Hard Time (Big Gigantic Remix)
Stole The Show (ft. Parson James)
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[NEW] Trippy Turtle – Drunk Texting

Trippy Turtle
Drunk Texting

It’s always a good day when Trippy Turtle drops off a new tune. Today, we get “Drunk Texting,” which, per TT’s signature style, combines a ridiculous arrangement of future electronic elements with strategically placed samples from hip-hop and R&B classics. This time around, the trippiest of turtles bounces pretty much all over the place in the best possible, and cohesive, way. Taking vocal chops from DrakeJhene AikoAndre 3000 and Chris Brown, “Drunk Texting” tells a story all its own while simultaneously doing all the various superstar voices justice. It’s a bouncy track that’ll keep you on your toes as do all compositions by Trippy Turtle, aka Lido. 

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[Resident Artist for July] Give It Up for Chris Lake


Back in 2012, in the midst of the EDM frenzy, we discovered someone who would soon become one of our favorite producers and DJs. In a time where the intensity of electro house and dubstep were favorites amongst the blogoshpere, Chris Lake always seemed to capture that energy and do so in a creative way.

The past year has brought dance music fans a fresh new look at this storied Scottish DJ, bringing a more house-centric vibe to partygoers and clubbers across the globe. While the inventiveness, style, and artful craftsmanship is still very much there, the sounds are much groovier, and much smoother, perhaps providing insight into his roots as a fan of dance music in its early days. Fans should also notice a strong tie into his often humorous persona, as his tracks seem to mimic that cheekiness with ease.

It’s always interesting when we see an artist switch gears in their career, especially when they do so flawlessly, executing their next move with ease. For that reason, and our longtime adoration, we’re bringing you a month-long look at Mr. Chris Lake.

Welcome to The Music Ninja Residency, Mr. Lake.

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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Welcome To The Badlands

Bad Royale

Just a few weeks ago, Bad Royale came out with their first EP with Mad Decent, Move Like. They’re already back with another one, this time with their friends at Buygore. Welcome To The Badlands is another five records that show why these four are here to takeover the dance music world.

Each song on the release was done with a collaborator, with the list going in order from Richie Loop, S’Vone, Nina Dioz, and Alyse to the Ragga Twins. The EP starts off with some jungle vibes, with the third song, “Sweat” slowing things down for a saucy moombah single. With the last two tracks they trap things out for quite possibly the two hottest tracks on the EP. Grab yourself a copy here, and stay tuned for more records from Bad Royale.

Bad Royale
King (feat. Richie Loop)
Bad Royale
Tight (feat. SVone)
Bad Royale
Sweat (feat.Nina Dioz)
Bad Royale
Ride The Lightning (feat. Alyse)
Bad Royale
Mash It Up (feat. Ragga Twins)
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Little People shares what songs helped influence him [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


Most of the time, we can hear slight nuances of influences in an artist’s work, but we never really know the full breadth of what got them to where they are today. With that in mind, we’ve asked our Resident Artist to share five tracks that influenced him when he was just starting music, and five tracks that currently inspire him today.

What Inspired Me When I First Started Making Music

Method Man – “Bring the Pain”

This was my first Wu-Tang experience. I heard it in a skateboarding video. It just didn’t sound like the hip hop i’d been listening up til then. More than any other, the Wu-tang clan made me want to try and make my own hip hop beats.

Gangstarr – “Full Clip”

Dj Premier was and is a big influence as a hip hop producer. Just listen to his drums. I wish my drums hit like that. He got me into chopping up my samples and generally being more creative with my sampler.

DJ Krush – “Duality” (feat. DJ Shadow)

This is how i discovered DJ Shadow. I’d heard DJ krush on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show and got the album. Duality is a peculiar collab. You can clearly hear the first part was made by DJ Krush and the second was DJ Shadow (those drums at the end are amazing). On the strength of that song i bought Endtroducing in the shop without even listening to it. Oh boy i still remember listening to ‘Building steam with a grain of salt’ for the first time… amazing.

Photek – Hidden Camera

I heard this in bed in the middle of the night on the radio… Blew my mind. Those drums are ridiculous. Even to this day. I never went on to make any drum and bass type music, but it was all around me when i went to University in Manchester in Enlgand. Some of that bled through into what i do i think.

Gwen McCrae – “All This Love I’m Giving”

One of the best things hip hop gave me, was the curiosity to dig up all the original samples used in all these great tracks i’d. I often found that the original songs were actually better! Gwen McCrae song wasn’t actually sampled by any hip hop i knew, but my french house outfit Cassius. Whilst French house had some influence on me, my dance music of choice when i was at university was Soul and Funk. This song is so good. It has the added bonus of having a synth bassline. I always drop this in DJ sets.

What Inspires Me Now

David Axelrod – “The Dr. And The Diamond”

David Axelrod’s catalogue is ridiculous. So many samples were lifted from his work. His sonic palette is great – its drums, piano, strings, horns etc – and can be very cinematic. I’ve taken a lot from his arrangements. My next album contains an homage of sorts to him.

Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians
I’ve listened to a lot of Steve Reich over the past few years. It’s so compelling. I love the clinical nature of the performance. He’s my favourite minimalist composer for sure.

Floating points – “Sais”
Floating Points has been a huge influence over the past few years. I love his jittery drums and how the track builds and progresses. It’s brainy dance music at its best.

Four Tet – “Lion” (Jamie XX remix)
Since Jamie XX is all the rage these days, thought i should name drop him. The beauty in this track is the space he allows for all the elements. Nothing is rushed. It’s amazing.

Jon Hopkins – “Breathe This Air”
Graceful and beautiful yet gritty and muscular all at once. I want to make this music…

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