The Chill Dojo #179

chill dojo

Summer is still a little while to go, but Oliver Nelson has us thinking we’re already there with a stellar remix of ‘Sober’ packed with all the classy disco action we’ve come to expect from the Swedish maestro. We bang on a lot about songs that make us want to dance, but this one is purely irresistible in that department. Every instinct in your body is telling you to move to this one, so let your feelings run wild and let Childish Gambino be the voice to your rhythm. Don’t use all your energy here though, because we’re leading straight into another groove of a different kind. NRMN has become a master of blending bright nostalgic chords with infectious basslines, and his unique skills are on display once again with ‘Pls Forgive Me’. As always, his tunes never sit still, living in a state of constant switch-up like a roller coaster of musical bliss.

Creations that make us feel will always stand the test of time, and it’s for that reason that we’ll never grow tired of new interpretations of ‘Sad Machine’. It’s a canvas that lends itself to be twisted in all kinds of ways, and on this occasion it’s Snail’s House waving his quirky magic over the iconic lyrics. Though the original melodic structure is kept very much intact, it’s the glorious touch of lively sounds and sampling that imbues this one with such a palpable feeling of joy. For many people growing up, the words ‘Kokiri Forest’ would invigorate memories of a place that celebrated similar sentiments of childhood wonder. The colorful imagination of Madnap and Metsä intends to briefly take us back to this simpler time, courtesy of a sound design that oozes eastern influence. It’s hard not to envision yourself amidst lush leafy surrounds while bumping to this one, and it’s a place we’ll likely return to many times throughout this week.

There’s plenty more to enjoy before having to bring yourself back to the real world though, so feel free to lose yourself for a good while. Peace out.

’Childish Gambino – Sober (Oliver Nelson Remix)’
’NRMN – Pls Forgive Me’
’Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Snail’s House Remix)’
’Madnap & Metsä – Kokiri Forest’
’Tim Legend – summer love’
’Mr. Carmack – champion!’
’YUNG BAE & Swindail – Here With Me’
’Flamingosis – An 8 Ball Affair’
’Lóbo – Wednesday’
’Lindsay Lowend – Comfort Loop’
’Cody G. – Sunday Strut’
’Zanski – Into You’
’Jai Wolf – Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)’
’Covex – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)’
’kuiters – loophole’
’Vaults – Cry Nomore (Audiobot Flip)’
’Ark Patrol – Soirée’
’Noclip – Cloud Kingdom’
’akihabara! – Missed Calls’
’ill esha – Crash Landing’
’Michl – When You Loved Me Least (Ghost Loft Remix)’
’K.Flay – FML (SMLE Remix)’
’Laetho – Challenges’
’whysp – virgo’
’Ciele & Mapps – Parking Lots (AK Remix)’
’Kagwe – patience.’
’33k – peaches’
’CHIEFS – Here We Go Again (feat. MAIA)’
’vbnd – blue hands’
’xander – kanwe’
’Shook – Tidal’
’Paces – 1993 (No Chill) Feat. Jess Ken (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Azura – Lost Woods’
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[Rock ‘n Roll] Ian Bern – It’s Not You

Ian Bern
It's Not You

At first listen, you might think that we’ve decided to ditch the whole “new release” approach, choosing to write up some of our favorite classics instead.The simple fact that you might think that is a massive tip of cap to up-and-coming Ian Bern, who just recently broke into the scene with his debut song.

“It’s Not You” is this up-and-comer’s second track, which will be featured on his debut 7″ along with “Enough.” The two were recorded under the legendary Xandy Berry and Wally Gagel at WAX LTD Studios, who are known for their work with Best Coast, Family of the Year, Zella Day, and Blondfire. Additionally, that studio has seen the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Velvet Underground, and countless other iconic names from the studio’s five-decade history.

Guitar-centric in nature, “It’s Not You” showcases Bern’s ability to fuse past and present with some meticulously crafted riffs worthy of that proper approving head nod we tend to throw out when hearing a solid rock tune. Couple those with some upbeat percussion work and memorable lyrics, and it won’t be long before you’re calling your buddies, firing up the grill, and stocking the cooler with some ice cold porch pounders.

Keep an eye on Ian Bern by following him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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[Hip Hop] Azad Right – Enough Of You (Prod. By Sango, Atu & Dpat)

Azad Right
Enough Of You (Prod. By Sango, Atu & Dpat)

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from LA-based Azad Right, but we’re not mad about it. Not one bit. He’s had his hands full with a few of our favorite artists, as he helps pave the way for one of the most impressive record labels in the game, Mind of a Genius. And, for that, we’re extremely grateful.

However, we won’t say that we haven’t missed his music because we most certainly have. Thankfully, he decided to step back into the vocal booth to not only drop some painfully honest bars, but to also lay down some back-up vocals as well. “Enough of You” brings a familiarity that we’ve come to know and love over the years, showcasing a dark and ominous soundscape and a lyrical window into Azad’s soul. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s what you can expect from him, time and time again.

You fucked the kid that introduced us
And he was best friends with your ex, that shit is fucked up
He said you was wack in the bed, it might be fucked up
But that’s how I knew he wasn’t lying…

Produced by Sango, Atu & Dpat, this tune is sure to delight fans who have been patiently waiting for Azad to release some more music. Hopefully, he’ll step away from the helm at M.O.A.G a little more frequently to hook us all up with something fresh.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 5

Saturday Selection

Hopefully you weren’t living under a rock this week, because it was a new music Friday for the books. We were lucky to get some HUGE albums, plentiful surprises, and a collection of music that continues to make the case for 2016 being a great year when it comes to quality releases. Even with all of these stellar projects, there’s plenty of gems to be found, and we’ve got some wonderful tunes primed and ready for you today. Enjoy!


Jai Wolf – Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)

Jai Wolf has come a long way since No Pets Allowed, and watching his rapid ascent to success has been quite the trip to say the least. Since his recent foray into original material with Indian Summer, he’s shifted to creating songs that make you feel like you could just jump and fly away whenever you want. “Drive” is his wonderful second original offering and it exists as a dreamy counterpart to Indian Summer, stacked from top to bottom with breathtaking production and effervescent vocals from The Chain Gang of 1974. In short, it’s miraculous. The Foreign Family Collective continues its winning streak with “Drive,” and we’re all better off because of it.


Slow Shudder – Call You Back

A timely repost on SoundCloud can be an awesome thing, and, thanks to AObeats, we were given the opportunity to hear the debut tune from London’s own Slow Shudder. She’s already on to something with “Call You Back.” She effortlessly delivers each verse with her lofty and light voice before the tune quickly turns to a combination of club kick patterns, fluttering synths, and chirpy vocal chops that exhibits a level hand and production standard of more established artists before her. “Call You Back” is a strong statement to start with, and now we’re certainly ready to hear more from Slow Shudder.


Annabel Jones – Happy

You know good pop when you hear it. It isn’t hard to decipher. However, Annabel Jones makes something better than just good pop music. “Happy” proves it. Something about her delivery and soothing voice meshes well with any and all production, even the unpredictable instrumentation of this newest tune. Juggling angelic synths and almost PC Music-esque elements, “Happy” manages to completely change course multiple times in only four minutes, but the cohesiveness is maintained throughout. When it comes to following up a huge hit like IOU, it can be a difficult time, but Annabel Jones didn’t have any trouble at all creating a sweet new single for all of us to enjoy. Grab her debut EP on iTunes here!


Thalab – Wreck

Everything about this Thalab song is gorgeous. This is the sort of crazy and beautiful result you get when you smash together the best of electronica, alternative, folk, and even a little soul. The sound design is second to none, and the spacious atmosphere created manages to also stay grounded because of the tactful use of acoustic guitar juxtaposed with careening and lush synths. We’ll be the first to admit we aren’t entirely familiar with many producers from Spain, but these Barcelona natives have managed to pique our curiosity into expanding our exploration into a more international approach. End your day on the perfect note with this one.


Commandeur – Wasted (Ardency Remix)

We love Ardency. They’ve pulled together a reputable collection of remixes and a handful of originals, and their latest project stems from the former. Fun Fact: Commandeur is the side project of the drummer from the great Australian band Panama, and this duo snagged a chance to give their own spin on his tune “Wasted.” There’s a classic, almost revamped 80’s edge to Ardency’s production that makes for an emotional rollercoaster on certain occasions, and this is absolutely one of times. It’s hard to deny the power of an electronic pop tune like this, and Ardency prides themselves on demonstrating their abilities in reshaping an older sound into something fresh and new. Do yourself a favor and snag the free download their remix here.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 194)


Ready for twelve free downloads? It’s Friday, so as we have for the past 193 Fridays we have collected our favorite party tracks from the week that were out out as free downloads. This week we have some special records from the likes of SMLE, Razihel, Diamond Pistols, No Mana and more. Other tracks include collaborations by Tha Trickaz x Creaky Jackals, Warez x Bad Catholics and Yultron’s single with Ookay, Kayzo and Dotcom. There are a good number of hard records in here, as this is indeed a party playlist. We have some twerk, some trap, future bass, house and even a groovy glitch hop single for you. Check through all twelve, bring them with you to your festivities this weekend and make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’K.Flay – FML (SMLE Remix)’
’Flosstradamus ft. Casino – Moshpit (Razihel Remix)’
’Slynk – Gorilla On The Floor’
’Tha Trickaz ✖ Creaky Jackals – Dopeness’
’Panda (CONVEX Flip) Free DL = Buy Button’
’Tempura Roll (feat. Ookay x Kayzo x Dotcom)’
’Warez x Bad Catholics – Check It Out’
’Diamond Pistols – Anchor’
’Benasis – Bring It Like That’
’No Mana – Cube Thing’
’ASDEK – Never Stop’
’No Way Back – Honey’
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[House] Steello & Zinity Ft. Sanna – Faith

Steello & Zinity Ft. Sanna

Sweden and Denmark paired up by way of artists Steello and Zinity who put out a single called “Faith” this week. Singer Sanna hopped on the track as well to round out the record with some high quality vocals that are essential to the soulful vibe.

Right off the bat, “Faith” gets your attention, and keeps it. The heavenly piano chords just grip you and don’t let go. Sanna’s voice then takes the lead atop an instrumental that grows and grows throughout the introduction until we are met with the kick drum. With some vocal chopping alongside a variety of other elements, the chorus of the song is powerful, despite it’s lack of lyrics. There are so many little details in this song that you can just keep listening to it over and over and it never gets old. Well, that and because it’s just one damn good song. Every party involved crushed it to make “Faith” one of the most well put together and executed songs we’ve come across recently.

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Noble Oak – Past Life [TMN ALBUM PREMIERE]


Whether you’re getting ready to enjoy a warm, sunny, spring night on your back porch, or you’re staring out at a rain-soaked landscape, enjoying a glass of your favorite whiskey, Noble Oak’s Past Life will most assuredly be the perfect accompaniment to your Friday night wind-down.

If you’re not quite familiar with this self-proclaimed “epiphany pop” artist, there’s no time like the present. This crafty Torontonian has been slinging up artfully composed and downright dreamy tunes for the past four years. With a collection of 25+ tracks, he’s amassed hundreds of thousands of streams and garnered support from some of the most notable tastemakers both online and off.

Past Life is a collection of snapshots from the last few years before leaving my hometown, with unreleased material ranging from 1 to 3 years in age. It predominantly narrates the person I used to be, with references and flavours of my old habits and shortcomings.

Today, we’re bringing you a first look and listen to his beautifully cohesive Past Life, which casually flirts back and forth with stunning ambient, downtempo soundscapes and building, ethereal pop tunes. Tracks like “The Spirit,” “Oceanworld,” and “Perfect Sky” will have you melting into that comfy chair of yours, providing the perfect environment to delve into that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Conversely, you’ll find a perfect balance of engaging vocals and fluttering synths in “Moonlight,” “No Air,” and “Walk on Me,” all of which are worthy for a rhythmic foot tap, and an ear-to-ear grin as you kick off the start to your weekend.

Without further ado, we’d like to invite you to get settled in for an immersive listening experience that will surely be the perfect start to two days of pure bliss.

’The Spirit’
’Begin To Say’
’All I Said’
’No Air’
’This Wave’
’Fall Backward’
’Perfect Sky’
’Rain Falls’
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