[Electronic] Said The Sky – Show & Tell feat. Claire Ridgely

Said The Sky
Show & Tell (feat. Claire Ridgely)

We really shouldn’t have to write anything to get you to listen to a Said The Sky song. No review is needed, no extra information or analysis to allure your ears into what he’s released. Everything is amazing and you just need to close your eyes and click play. Do that now with his song “Show & Tell” featuring Claire Ridgely.

Now, we can’t just tell you to click play and be done, so we’re going to talk a tiny bit about it and let you go ahead to digital stores to grab a copy of the song. “Show & Tell” is the producer’s first original of the year. It has a more pop-centric tone than some of his usual works, but it’s not far out enough away for long time fans to be butthurt about where the sound is headed. Said The Sky keeps his unique voice alive while testing his diverse abilities. While he did that, Claire Ridgely gave a performance we can’t forget and neither will you anytime soon.

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[Music Video] KenKode – The Primordial Soup

Enter the darkness by diving into “The Primordial Soup” of KenKode. KenKode comes out of one of our favorite duo’s, Cyberpunkers, to deliver new music under a completely different style. The project just launched with a debut single and music video that are sure to turn some heads.

“The Primordial Soup” has been concocted with ingredients from synthwave, lo-fi and pretty much anything dark meets experimental. It’s a striking blend of sounds that some are just flat out not going to be able to handle, but that is the point with experimental music. It’s probing the outskirts of the ocean of genres. With KenKode’s music video, we get a similar mood in the visual format with images shaking up our brain just as the music does.

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[Music Video] Karl Phillips & The Rejects – Plastic Gangsta

Sit down, strap in and get ready for one wild ride. Although it’s hip-hop at heart, “Plastic Gangsta” by Karl Phillips & The Rejects is more than meets the eye. Who would have thought ska and rap could go well together? These guys did and they didn’t stop at those two genres when blending their mix together.

“Plastic Gangsta” was played on BBC Radio 1, which goes to show where you can end up even if you stick your middle finger up to convention. Today we have not just the song for you, but the music video that sees Karl and company going about the town. It’s a straightforward music video that adds a bit of fun to the already exciting song. Check it out today and let this be a reminder that you’re probably not as gangster as you imagine.

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[TMN Premiere] Hyphy Zen – Kelly Kapowski (feat. J New and Hayley Goldstien)

Hyphy Zen
Kelly Kapowski FT. J New and Hayley Goldstien (Prod. by Seriph and Hyphy Zen)

A little over a year ago I stumbled across Enthusiastic P via “On Like Rick,” a clever Rick and Morty-themed party anthem that felt like more than just a novelty–showcasing his distinct voice, flows and songwriting approach. In digging a bit deeper into his catalogue, I found an interesting contrast. While his baritone delivery blends well with often sparse, heavy-hitting trap beats, his lyrics, even when delving into partying, tell a somewhat more existential story. That juxtaposition adds some spiritual depth to what on the surface may feel like run-of-the-mill odes to inebriation.

The Bay Area-based emcee is back in 2017 with a new, fitting moniker, Hyphy Zen, and we’re excited to bring you the first single from his upcoming debut album. “Kelly Kapowski” features an extended, Rihanna-esque intro from Hayley Goldstien that sets the tone. When the Seriph-produced beat drops in, it hits hard, but moves slow, making for an intoxicating backdrop only further emphasized by an interlaced Weeknd sample. Hyphy Zen matches the production with a steady, spaced-out flow boasting individuality. Fellow Bay native JNew steps in for the second verse showcasing a more nimble approach that ties the song together perfectly.

Give this Saved By The Bell-inspired jam a listen above. Hyphy Zen’s debut album, YEA HIT ME UP WE SHOULD TOTALLY HANG SOMETIME, is due out in the fall.

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[R&B & Soul] Driftwood. – Medusa (ft. Aurora Rose)

Driftwood. ft. Aurora Rose

The best hooks take a big idea and mold it down to the simplest form. They can carry specific emotion or instantly inspire you. And the greatest often get a universal reaction. I was thinking about that the other night while playing some music and this song “Medusa” came up. The line, “frequencies between you an me are exchanging” just stuck out and got me thinking. The artist is Driftwood and I recommend checking out the project for yourself. Chill hip-hop and minimalist influences go perfectly with the songwriting and Aurora Rose’s vocal feature. There’s also a music video that fits well, the concept is simple and mysterious but effective. Driftwood is just getting started but this new single is quality and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next.

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[Pop] Sophia Ayana – If I Had Your Love

Sophia Ayana
If I Had Your Love

Good pop is great, but Sophia Ayana‘s new one is absolute gold. “If I Had Your Love” is a dancehall-embracing pop record that we wish took over the radio in a hurry. It’s worthy of such exposure and it just could get to the top of the charts.

Regardless of where it deserves to be, it’s her for you to enjoy. Sophia’s voice is one that we’ll gravitate towards every time she picks up the mic. As this is her debut single for her own project, we’re sure to have many more that we can pleasure our ears with, but for the time being “If I Had Your Love” is what we’ve got. It’s upbeat, fun and exciting; no matter if you like pop or electronic music, this is going to satisfy. Want the song for yourself? Get it on iTunes.

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[Electronic] Blinded Hearts – You & I (feat. Chris Burke & Louise CS)

Blinded Hearts
You & I (feat. Chris Burke & Louise CS)

Blinded Hearts, Chris Burke and Louise CS? Yes please. Thanks to the song “You & I” this collaboration was made possible. Released through Diamond, “You & I” is an emotionally striking song that isn’t going to get just one play from you as you’ll be inclined to listen at least a few times through.

“You & I” has a unique sound, which isn’t surprising when you look at the three artists who contributed to the project. With each artist infusing their own flavor into the batch, “You & I” turned out to be something that anybody could consume. It’s a song even your parents would like – grandparents, maybe, but it’s worth the shot with how beautiful it is. If you want to do more than stream the single, you can add it to your digital library via iTunes today.

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