[Electronic/Indie] OddKidOut – Full Circle EP

The Full Circle EP from OddKidOut is more than a simple collection of six singles. It’s a declaration, a beacon of light coming straight from Philly, the birthplace of Neo-soul; a place that hasn’t paid enough attention lately to it’s musical child. OddKidOut’s goal with this project was to push the neo-soul sound to new heights from his and the genre’s home.

Full Circle is a smooth soiree of sounds that move fluidly between each other. Although OddKidOut and producer 1403 were aiming at neo-soul, they don’t exclusively stay within the genre, bringing different moods and textures to the table with each song. Favorites that we’ve been playing out in the dojo are “Angel Dust” and “Wonderfull” but “30,000 Feet” and “Blush” are quite seductive as well. Like what you are hearing? Get a copy of Full Circle off iTunes today.

Our mindset on the EP was to create music that was true to us. We didn’t want to create something that everyone has already heard before. Drawing on inspirations from space, the sea, and many more, we were able to effectively create a project that had influences from a plethora of concepts.

’Thoughts (Intro) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’30,000 Feet (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Angel Dust (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Blush (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Wonderfull (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Back to the Sea (Exit) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
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[Multi-Genre] Bear Grillz – This Is Your Brain On Dubstep EP

Bear Grillz is one of dance music’s most iconic characters. The hairy-honey loving bear came before the days of Marshmello, a time before a surge of DJs thought it was necessary to wear something over their face. He’s always done his own thing and he continues to do so with This Is Your Brain On Dubstep.

Whether you like him or not, you’ve got to respect him. BG’s tenacity for doing what he likes was apparent from the moment the project came into the scene. With the new EP, it’s a got a little of what you like, some of what you didn’t know you needed, as well as a single that is something entirely new from Bear Grillz. With five songs, there’s a lot going on, but we’ll sum things up for you. Every collaborator on the project killed it; they include Sullivan King, Selah Ford, Sam King and Kompany. This Is Your Brain On Dubstep gets started with one of the project’s best songs in “Hold On” and ends with the other heavy hit “Honey Drop.”

In between we get a barrage of cool tracks, all of which are worthy of a full listen through. This is where you’ll find the future faced “Long Run” that has Bear Grillz going outside of his usual realm. Check out all five singles below and get your copy of This Is Your Brain On Dubstep from iTunes today.

’Bear Grillz – Hold On’
’Bear Grillz (feat. Sullivan King) – Rage’
’Bear Grillz – Brain On Dub’
’Bear Grillz (feat. Selah Ford) – Long Run’
’Bear Grillz X Kompany – Honey Drop (feat. Sam King)’
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[Multi-Genre] Klahr – Dreaming Wild EP

Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Remember the name. If you already know it, you know how talented the producer is. If you don’t know the name, then you’re about to find out just how talented he is thanks to the newly released Dreaming Wild EP.

Released on Axwell’s Axtone, Dreaming Wild is a stunning collection of four singles. When an extended project like this, one that takes the listener on a journey usually pans out better for both parties. That’s the case with this wonderful EP. Each song is different, each one fresh to the others, making the full EP experience highly enjoyable. He touches on future bass, electro and more, with our favorite being the house hit “Koto.” They’re all fire, but this one is especially hot. Dreaming Wild is currently available through digital retailers. Trust us, get a copy.

’Dreaming Wild’
’Shinjuku Speed Dating’
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[Music Video] Sonny Alven – Girls EP

Sonny Alven didn’t just stop at dropping a spectacular three track EP through Universal. To expand upon the project, a concept video was made for the entire EP, connecting the songs like never before. The Norwegian really did something cool with this exploration into different aspects of relationships.

It’s not easy to create one emotional tune that will connect with the world, let alone three. That’s just what the Girls EP is, but then to go ahead and make a short film bringing all three pieces together is incredible. The video does a great job of conveying the emotions that each song brings to the table while also taking things a step further. Enjoy the video below and if you haven’t bought your copy of Girls, then you can do so through the digital store of your choosing.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 241)

Every time the ninjas gather for the Friday Party Playlist, it’s always a great time. For us it signifies the mark of the weekend and we hope that it has come to mean the same for you. After all, we’ve only been doing it for nearly 250 weeks now. We want you to keep your money to spend on weekend fun, so we’ve gathered our favorite free downloads for you to have while you’re out enjoying your leisure time. The weekend is only 2 days, so you gotta live it up! This time around you will be joined by the likes of Rad Cat, Mickey Valen, Axel Boy, Jameston Thieves, KJ Sawka, Kasbo and more. Stream ’em, download ’em, whatever way you choose to listen, make sure you #danceirresponsibly to ’em.

’Rad Cat – sorry 4 flexing ft. compulsive’
’I.Y.F.F.E x Paul Couture – Call Me’
’Mickey Valen – Wildcard (feat. Feli Ferraro)’
’avery shyra – pause (MAG Remix)’
’Thracian – OTHRSD (Bootleg)’
’Seafret – Blank You Out (Anden Remix)’
’Axel Boy – I’m With U (Feat. Stevyn)’
’Jackal – Gunshot feat.Jammin (Jameston Thieves Remix)’
’KJ Sawka & WB x MB – Very Bad Things’
’Sam Lamar & Holly – Police’
’Prismo – Weakness (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Kasbo – Found You (Feat. Chelsea Cutler)’
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[Trap] Faethoms – Hypernautics


Get ready to get hype with “Hypernautics” from Faethoms. If you like hybrid bass (you know, that heavy trapstyle good good) then you are in for a treat. Strap in, turn up the volume and get prepare for some booming bass to fill the room.

“Hypernautics” has a sort of dark, haunting intro that really sets the tone nicely for what’s to come. With the first drop we only get a taste of some heavy sounds, but don’t worry, they come in full force soon enough. In mentioning the sounds, we do have to say each and every one is designed to perfection, especially the main synth in the drop. It stands out among one of the most interesting samples we’ve heard. Overall, “Hypernautics” is a hit and it is a song you need. Don’t worry, it’s a free download, so hop on it.

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[Future Bass] Daijo – Right Now feat. Raeliss

Right Now ft. Raeliss

We’re happy to present to you the return of Daijo with his second single. “Right Now” is here, delivered independently by the producer himself. Although it was released by Daijo, the song was created alongside Raeliss, who smashed the vocals on this one.

“Right Now” shows Daijo continuing with his future pop sound. The song starts out with a more ethereal, cosmic vibe that feels as though it is encompassing the listener. The Raeliss vocal comes through as a shining light among the atmospheres. After a minute, Daijo drops us into the heart of the track. Sky-rocketing synths headline a subtly frenzied composition that will take your breathe away. If Daijo can continue his streak of solid singles or maybe even a whole EP, then he’ll be well on his way to the top.

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