[Pop] John.k – Wrong


There’s nothing wrong with John.k despite his new single “Wrong” that he just dropped. As Elvis Duran’s artist of the month for October and appearing on the Today Show, he’s got a lot going on for himself. His latest single is another step in the right direction.

“Wrong” is a poppy breathe of fresh air, something that John seems to provide time and time again for the cluttered, musty world of music. With this original we see John show off just where his vocal can go issuing calm lines just before belting out the next line with supreme power and tonality. It’s one of our favorite singles from him so far as he keeps honing his sound and creative skills. 2017 is the year of John.k.

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[R&B] Xavier White – Dancing After Dark

Xavier White
Dancing After Dark

Xavier White makes his return to the dojo with “Dancing After Dark” on Lush Records. This electronic infused R&B gem is just another example of why Xavier is one of the hottest artists in the urban world right now.

No matter what styles Xavier brings to the table with his work, he always nails it. He’s already well-established himself as a dynamic artist, yet he still continues to surprise us. “Dancing After Dark” is a vibey anthem for your late night retreats and drives. Because of its electronic influence it has a very clubby feel, but it still has a cool tone to it instead of pumping the energy up with force. It’s got the groove and movement to get you on your feet.

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[Video] Porches – Find Me

Aaron Maine’s Porches music project has proved itself a critical darling after the excellent 2016 LP Pool and its demo based sister release Water. Porches has undergone a complete musical symbiosis from the folk inspired pop of 2013’s Slow Dance in the Cosmos, and after having recently announced the January 19 release of The House, the third full-length album from the New York based group, they’ve released its first music video backing the single “Find Me”. Aurally, “Find Me” is an icy track with its lyrics touching on anxiety, escape and isolation. Not new subject material for Maine, but one that he has shown an ability to convey flawlessly in his brief songwriting career. A signature array of vintage synths permeate the tune’s breathing space, rising and falling behind shuffling hi’s and greasy bass, resulting in that beautiful indie-pop aesthetic we’ve grown accustomed to from Porches. In video form, the visual theme is wound tightly to Maine’s psyche, focusing primarily on his physical from in the process.

Watch the video, co-directed by Maine himself, and Nick Harwood below, and revisit our review of their 2016 live show in Denver here. The House is available for pre-order now on iTunes, Bandcamp and from their label Domino Records’ online shop with a limited run of pale-yellow translucent vinyl complete with a fold-out poster, CD, cassette, and digital download.


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Alex Barthol – Ambivalent [TMN Premiere]

Alex Barthol

Let’s kick back and chill in the dojo with the premiere of Alex Barthol‘s “Ambivalent” from his upcoming EP. This Friday the Duality EP will launch on Mad Zoo, but we’ve got an exclusive early listen for you of the aforementioned single right here.

“Ambivalent” lives up to its name by delivering a mix of sounds that changes from start to finish. The beginning foreshadows the end and in the middle we’re lead through an atmospheric journey that will calm the nerves in anyone. Things aren’t always so relaxing though as Alex switches things up by the end with a unique compositional phrase that takes the excitement up to another level. Have a listen for yourself and make sure to check the entire EP when it drops on Friday! The single is currently available on digital smarturlplatforms today too.

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SANiTY – East Coast G House Compilation [TMN Premiere]

We’ve got quite the treat today. In the dojo we’re premiering a huge compilation album curated – and partly created – by SANiTY. In honor of the producer’s forte he has put together a ten track project called East Coast G House and you get the first listen to it here!

What makes this project interesting is not only that it’s a collection of incredible house records from talented producers, but it’s basically two projects in one. The first half of the LP is made up of original collaborations between house producers and emcees all from the East Coast, including works from SANiTY himself, SOUND.E, Kapo and GORILLUH. For the second half, SANiTY collected works that are all sample based. Together each half is strong on its own, but when they come together to form the entire compilation their power and groove exponentially grows. Listen through and have a funky Tuesday!

’SANiTY & R. Legend – “Ride” (Original Mix)’
’SOUND.E, Mav’Rick, & Chillz – “2 Da House” (Original Mix)’
’GORILLUH & Modo – “Hypnosis” (Original Mix)’
’Kapo & Papi Shank – “Kaboom” (Original Mix)’
’GORILLUH & Ryan Banks – “Eargasm” (Original Mix)’
’SANiTY – “Biggie Boy” (Original Mix)’
’GORILLUH – “Jungle Show” (Original Mix)’
’SOUND.E – “Sold Out” (Original Mix)’
’GORILLUH – “Orangutan Gang” (Original Mix)’
’SOUND.E – “Cokeboys” (Original Mix)’
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[Dubstep] YOOKiE X Wooli – Voodoo

Another mega collaboration has come out, this time from YOOKiE and Wooli. Together these bass giants created “Voodoo” that has come out on the esteemed Firepower Records imprint. As you would imagine coming from these two acts, this original isn’t just a run of the mill record.

“Voodoo” implores some extra dirty sounds, but before we get to those, the producers take us through an ominous tribal introduction to set the mood just right. When “Voodoo” drops into the thick of things we’re met with a bassline that really can’t be described by words – it’s something you just have to hear for yourself. If you like what you hear, grab a copy of the single online today.

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[Trap] BEAUZ & Lenii – Not That Brave

“Not That Brave” is a new collaborative single by BEAUZ and Lenii. Released through the Spinnin’ Records umbrella this original single is a fantastic production that straddles the line between radio friendly and underground ready.

It’s got its poppy influences and for the most party, it’s a clean record despite it’s use of hard-nosed basses to spice things up. In using those sharp subtleties against the backdrop of a radio-friendly song, BEAUZ and Lenii offer up a dynamic song that’s accessible to multiple crowds within and outside of the dance music community. It’s not easy cooking up something this accessible, but they succeeded with a wonderful record.

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