After months of speculation, following the announcement of a ‘house’ album, Hilton’s reps confirmed with Mixmag today that she is in fact getting behind the decks for a one-hour set at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 23 and has more gigs on the way.

Sigh, nothing surprises me anymore. Let’s review the facts here. It has been reported that Paris Hilton has gone Dutch dating dj/producer Afrojack (Seen here together at Ultra 2012). That, plus the fact that she does spin on her spare times for private party and friends makes this venture all the more obvious. Following the natural evolution of music and the explosion of dance music, DJ’s are the new rock stars and leave it to Paris Hilton to try to capitalize on a trend.

What do you guys think of her new venture? Leave your feedback in the comments bellow.

(via mixmag)

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