Patti Yang Group
Invisible Tears

If you’re not ready to be fully entranced by a modern-day psychedelic listening experience, one which would certainly garner an appreciative nod from Jim Morrison, then we encourage you to re-think that position and just press play anyways. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

When we first heard “Invisible Tears” from Polish artist Patti Yang, we were left in such a state of overwhelming wonderment, that we got completely and blissfully lost in the task at hand. The beautifully long build-up is more than enough to lock people in, providing a cinematic escape worthy for opening credits to a 70’s spy thriller. From there, the song builds into distorted flowing guitar riffs, danceable percussion, and Patti’s sultry voice which carry memorable lyrics along for the ride.

This tune will eventually be found on her debut album, which is set to release early in 2016 through Giant Rock Airport. We highly suggest keeping a keen eye out for it by following her on SoundCloud.

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