With Halloween now in the rearview, we’re unfortunately forced to embrace the upcoming winter months. As the snow starts to fall, plenty of music lovers turn to darker tunes to match the bleak, dormant landscapes, and chilling winds that force us into layer upon layer of clothing. For those of you who shun the colder months, choosing an angsty approach, we have the perfect tune for you.

PLAZA is only three tracks into their career, today’s included, and they’ve already cemented quite the stamp on the industry. With support from BBC Radio 1, Radio X, and Amazing Radio, as well as countless online tastemakers, this teenage 4-piece isn’t showing any signs of slowing up. Especially with what we believe is their best track yet, premiering here, today.

“Youth” comes to life with emphatic snare hits, welcoming in vocals reminiscent of some of our favorite 80s New Wave artists. Yet, those brooding lyrics and hazy vocal treatments are nicely balanced out by soaring guitar work and crashing percussion. The end result is a sonic treat you’ll want to hold onto throughout the winter and beyond.

PLAZA will be releasing “Youth” this Friday through Beyond the Wall. Follow them on Facebook so you can keep pace with this release, as well as future recordings and shows.

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