The Bellows (free download!)

Don’t you just love when you get to a show early, not knowing who the opener is, and end up being wildly impressed with what you’re witnessing? That’s exactly what happened this week when we went to check out Bad Suns at the Marquis Theater in Denver. We showed up a bit earlier than we wanted to, but we’re sure glad we did. Catching Bear on only their second live show, we were instantly hooked by their impressive sound.

Hailing from the Mile High City, this brand-spankin-new post rock outfit knows how to put on a show. Their lead singer switches back and forth between softly sung lyrics, and big, boisterous choruses. The guitar work was something to be noted as well, articulately providing a melodic, heavy and enticing backbone to their tracks.

The only song on their soundcloud happens to be one of our favorites from their live set. “Bellows” is an emotional ride driven by calculated guitar work, driving drums and powerful vocals. While the production isn’t top notch, it’s to be expected from such a new endeavor, who is most assuredly paying for studio time on their own dime. Regardless, the song still carries an impressive heft, leaving us wanting to hear more.

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