Last week, singer/songwriter/musician Mateo piqued our interest with a silky smooth flashback to the heyday of RnB entitled Looking You Up. As if we could get enough of that jam, he pulled out all the stops unleashing his new mixtape, Suite 823, in its entirety a few days ago. This one is a mixed bag of straight up soul and upbeat pop-influenced tracks that are all so dynamic and well put together that it’s just too easy to listen to the whole mixtape from start to finish. Below are some of our favorites, but with a release so strong, you might have as hard a time as we did choosing the top jams.  Snag the whole project fo’ free here: Mateo – Suite 823.

Heels 2 Heaven
Mateo-Heels 2 Heaven
Over You
Mateo-Over You

P.S. Everybody knows Lana Del Rey is killin it right now. Mateo shows some love by throwing in a cover of Blue Jeans, which is one of the standout tracks of the lot. Collab in the future? I hope so.

Blue Jeans Stripped
Mateo-Blue Jeans Stripped
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