TMN: Hey Scott – so stoked to have you back in the Mile High City again. This city, and Beta Nightclub, seem to be one of your favorites. What keeps bringing you back here?

TCM: To try and have as much fun as the last time at Beta! The room sounds great, you are close to the crowd, and who doesn’t love the big cryo moment? Denver has always been one of my favorite places to play.

TMN: We’re curious – when was your first show here in Denver?

One of our earliest shows was at the Bluebird back in ‘97 I believe. Our first show at Beta was at least 5 or 6 years ago.

TMN: This time around, you’re flying solo. Can you fill us in on the situation with Ken? Is he taking a touring hiatus?

TCM: Ken and his wife Janine are happily building a new life in Costa Rica and I am very happy for him. I am also excited about the music I am making right now in the studio.

TMN: There’s so much to cover with you guys, considering your long and impressive tenure in the scene. But, let’s look back on Vegas. For older fans, tracks like “Busy Child” and “Keep Hope Alive” help define their adolescence. Is it weird looking back on that for you guys, especially given the meteoric rise of dance music?

TCM: We are very proud of our career, our album, and have been humbled many times by conversations with people who love our first album Vegas. I wouldn’t say it’s weird, more so incredibly proud to be one of the artists involved in the early days of this thriving and exciting scene.

’The Crystal Method – Busy Child’

TMN: Your tracks have appeared in countless films, TV shows, and video games throughout the years, perfectly accompanying scenes time after time. Is scoring something you’ve ever been interested in? Or has the combination just been a happy accident?

I have always made music in a cinematic way, probably because when I was a kid I would listen to the John Williams score for the first Star Wars movie and would play with my action figures. I would recreate the action from the movie with the help of the melody in the score, and from that moment sound and visuals sort of vibed with me.

TMN: Last year, you guys released a remix album that had a breadth of new talent on it. How did you guys go about selecting all your remixers?

TCM: We have found a lot of music by doing our radio show on Sirius XM called Community Service. So I am always looking to find new artists and new music to play, not only for the show, but also when I am visiting great nightclubs like Beta.

TMN: More recently, you collaborated on Refracture’s Going In EP, which had some really nostalgic vibes to it, especially with the percussion. Talk to us about bringing that approach into 2016.

TCM: I love what Refracture did with the warehouse bass vibe on that track. I love haunting spatial bass vibes in general.

’Refracture ft The Crystal Method – Going In’

TMN: What’s next on the music front? Can we expect some new tunes soon?

TCM: I currently have 20 partial tracks going and I am looking forward to narrowing them down at the beginning of next year to an EP or album to be released in 2017.

TMN: Alright, that’s all we have for you. Can’t wait to see you in Denver this weekend!

Thank you! I am excited!
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