Within our dojo walls, tracks from captain-of-industry level producers often go overlooked. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the talent that cats like Deadmau5 turn out, it’s just that we’re often focused on highlighting the up-and-comers. Well, after one listen through “Blood For the Bloodgoat,” we just simply couldn’t fucking help ourselves.

Deadmau5 recently released this tune, along with another tune called “Beneath With Me,” and it stirred up that massive collection of feelings we first encountered when we stumbled across his name, saying “have you heard of that Dead Mow 5 guy?” It’s progressive in nature, slowly building with gorgeous vocals and Mau5’s signature structured synths. As we’ve come to love with this outspoken Torontonian, it drops into a steady kick-drum-driven beat, giving lovers of this masked musician everything they could ever dream of.

While we’re not going to feed you bullshit articles about him tweeting his latest automobile purchase, or who he’s beefing with on twitter, we’ll be sure to bring you legendary tunes like this whenever they pop up on his “Fuck My Life” soundcloud account.

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