Love Is you (Carol Williams)

Let’s face it. With the explosion of EDM over the years, there’s also been an explosion of producers. With that influx of people manning their laptops, buying CDJs and mixers, and putting their music out to the world, it’s only natural to expect a lot of the same. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still plenty of good dance music being released, and this tune is a perfect example of that.

Coming off their multi-genre, debut EP through Ultra (1/28), PELUSSJE has released their first tune. In their take on Carol Williams’ Salsoul classic “Love is You,” you’ll find a bevy of different influences, including original disco elements, mixed heavily with some electro house synths.

The tune recently gained the attention of Italian duo, Cyberpunkers, stating this about PELUSSJE’s remix:

something smart and different…for everyone in this boring music period

Make sure you keep an eye out for Salsoul & West End Remixed Vol. 5 coming out later this month.

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