Shake The Earth (OLWIK Remix)

I have a soft side for progressive house that actually PROGRESSES, and OLWIK, a Swedish producer who’s 18 years young, has a natural ability for it. Within the last year, he’s released four gigantic originals, each garnering a good amount of success and are on par with the production quality of some of the biggest names out there. Speaking of big names, OLWIK’s newest endeavor reimagines Elephante‘s prominent original, Shake The Earth, scaling back on the heavier electro sound and bringing out strong and uplifting progressive touch he’s started to master so well. There’s a budding main stage sound within OLWIK, and this remix is yet another stepping stone to achieving a large amount of notoriety and well deserved recognition. Don’t miss out on the free download and show OLWIK some love!

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