Modern Machines
Feel It

Two of New York’s finest dance producers in Modern Machines are here with an original track after a long string of remixes. “Feel It” landed the two on Swanky Tunes’ label Showland. Progressive house has been a strength of these two, however with this they bring their own little twist to the sound to amp up the energy a bit for a style that’s a little more electro infused. I can only imagine how this track would go off at a festival, as they really brought both emotion and hype in one package without watering anything down, or bringing in cheesy elements. “Feel It” is a firm song whose shelf-life isn’t going to be limited to this year. Modern Machines have been making a lot of moves, so expect them to finish of the year with some epic records, and continue into 2016 for a memorable year. Beatport has “Feel It” on its digital shelf, so if you want to add it to your library, head over to their store to purchase it.

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