Switch (Polar Youth Remix)

Having worked with Pusher previously, it’s no surprise that Polar Youth is showcasing her well developed futuristic chops yet again with a brand new remix of her Hebinomichi comrade. Her contribution to this “Switch” remix EP is defined by bright piano, chirping synths and thunderous bass that rattles your speakers in the best way possible. She’s continuously expanding her horizons with every remix and original, so it’s no surprise that she is tackling the equally stellar work of Pusher and effortlessly excelling at it.

The “future” state of mind and production has grown exponentially within these last couple of years, and it’s encouraging to see producers like Polar Youth truly pushing it to its full potential. But wait, there’s more! Luckily for us, there are additional remixes to catch on this project put together by Boogatti Records, so don’t miss out on the other great tunes by promising up and comers HERE.

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