PIGEON (official)
Two Moon Love

The internet is a funny thing. No, I’m not talking about anything in your search history (you should probably clear it though), I’m talking about the connectivity of the world in the snap of a finger. Just yesterday we started speaking to Brisbane based five piece Pigeon on twitter, and today we’re bringing you a premiere of their newest track, “Two Moon Love.”

With admittedly not knowing much about this group, we wanted to ask a few questions in hopes to get to know them a little bit better. Check out what Chris Paget (Bass & Synths) had to say about the name Pigeon, the Brisbane music scene and plans to head up to the States for a proper tour.

TMN: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for us. Let’s start from the beginning. How did you guys all meet and decide to create Pigeon?

P: Thanks for your time! Well… more or less we all met in high school or uni. Pigeon is made up of five lads and we had all played together in various musical projects before forming Pigeon but nothing too serious. None of us had ever played around with dance / electronic music so there was an excitement to give it a go and try something new. It was early 2011 when the five of us came together in the studio and Pigeon was created. The intent was to form a electronic / dance band that had a killer and energetic live show.

TMN: We have to ask, how did you land on that name?

P: The old name question… every time I get asked this I wish I had a more exciting answer. Pigeon was just a word that we all agreed on that looked and sounded cool. We tried to find a simple word that has a blank canvas and hasn’t been used before… this can be quite a mission! We still have a little while to go before we take priority over our flying grey friends on a google search.

TMN: You guys have a really infectious electro pop sound, fusing indie dance with some more mainstream EDM styles. Talk to us about what goes into your production.

P: Cheers. A lot of work goes into the production element of the band. We work out of a studio in Brisbane and this is where most of our time is spent. The standard writing process is someone will come in with an idea and we pass it around to each other to add to / make changes. More often than not we will complete a song before we have ever played it live.

TMN: What’s the scene like down in Brisbane? Have you toured to any other countries? Any plans to head to the states soon?

P: Brisbane has a really strong music scene at the moment. There is so much young new music coming out of here and it is a great environment to be in as it pushed you to work hard and put out solid content. Australia is producing some amazing electronic acts… I would recommend you check out Rufus, Safia, The Kite String Tangle, World’s End Press (I could go on for ever).

We have toured extensively across Australia along with playing the festival circuit here a few times. As of yet we haven’t played outside of Aus but there are plans on the horizon to head to the States. You might be seeing us sometime next year 😉

TMN: One thing that we’ve found intriguing in this era of music is the exchange of remixes for other artists, which you guys seem to do regularly. Are these more so passion projects, or are they strategic from an exposure standpoint? Or both?

P: I would have to say both! Some remixes we do because we absolutely love the track and others we do from a strategic point of view. Remixes are a great way to build friendship between groups and share each others fan base. Personally I am a big fan of remixes… it is also great content to give away for free to people who dig your music.

TMN: We loved the Daft Punk medley you guys put out a while back. Obviously they’ve had an influence on your style, but talk to us about a few other artists that have help mold your guys sound.

P: Cheers… the Daft Punk melody was a fun little experiment. Glad you enjoyed it!
With five of us in the band the influences are extremely broad. Our drummer Nick used to play in a grind-core band and sax played Luke is a sucker for reggae. A few artists that we all agree on would be Friendly Fires, The Presents, Royksopp, Simian Mobile Disco. We get inspired by almost anything… we have been pulling a lot out of a bunch of local band at the moment also.

TMN: Alright, the new single, “Two Moon Love”, is dropping today here on TMN. Outside of this fantastic track, what can people expect from Pigeon in the next few months?

P: Two Moon Love is the second single from our forthcoming EP ‘Settle In’ due out February 2014. We are super pumped to drop this new EP early next year. We are very proud of all the songs on it and can’t wait for you all to hear them. Over summer we have a few festival to play in Australia. We love playing NYE festivals! We will hopefully be seeing you sometime next year in the states!!

TMN: Thanks again for taking some time with us! We really appreciate it.

P: Thank you!!

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