Beyoncé f/ Jay Z
Drunken Love (Official Remix) (Prod. by Detail)

Given the nature with which Beyoncé‘s last album was released, it’s no surprise that time constraints were tight. Despite the song’s resounding success on the charts, Noel “Detail” Fisher, who produced the track, recently lamented about not being able to take it into post-production and tweak it just a little bit more. Finally gaining an opportunity to share his vision with the world, he’s decided to release a remix of epic proportions just in time for Valentine’s Day. Cleverly titled “Drunken Love,” Detail’s version ups the ante a bit, wiping out many of the elements of the original and replacing them with added orchestration, extended vocals, and thundering drums. Check out the retooled interpretation above, and let us know which rendition is your favorite. You can also catch Noel’s personal feelings about the single in the accompanying video below.

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