California based reggae-rock four piece Rebelution is hosting a remix competition for their sweet summery tune, “Good Vibes”. The song has has warm weather, cold beers, and pool parties written all over it. How can we make this song just that much better? Add a beat of course! Let’s be honest – the only thing better than a pool party, is a pool party full of dancing people.

NYC based producer/dj Rex Buchanan has done exactly what I stated above. He utilized the songs chill reggae structure to his advantage by adding in a sexy dubstep beat. It’s not overwhelming, and it’s not obnoxious. The wobbles play perfect with the good vibes. Pun intended.

Make sure to vote for Rex, so he can win some cash, gear, and the ever-so-coveted bragging rights.

Good Vibes (Rex Buchanan Remix)

’Good Vibes (Rex Buchanan Remix)

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