What’s not to love about this tune? Not only is Nanna Fabricius, aka Oh Land, a total babe (in fact, one of the better parts about writing this post is looking for a picture of her), but this jam’s got a real timeless feel to it, AND it makes for a couple of killer remixes. A real triple threat. Oh yeah, and her voice ain’t too shabby either and just as classic as her good looks. But what’s a classic song without an in your face electronic remix? Thanks to Swedish duo Savage Skulls, we no longer have to wonder. And if you STILL haven’t gotten enough, check out another great remix by Yuksek over here.

Oh Land – Sun of a Gun

Sun of a Gun

Oh Land – Sun of a Gun (Savage Skulls Remix)

Sun of a Gun (Savage Skulls Remix)

this post was written by guest writer Chris from dailybeatz.com

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