As you can tell, from this and my previous post, I’ve been listening to a lot of remixes. I recently came across Bubblegum Sci Fi and discovered they just came out with an amazing remix of The Reeling by the American electronic band Passion Pit. With their popularity rising thanks to the well recieved album, Manners, Passion Pit has been targets of an enormous amount of mash-ups and remixes. Filtering through the countless remixes of their work, I’ve come up with a list of the best of the best. Enjoy!

MP3: The Reeling (BUBBLEGUM SCI FI REMIX)realpicturepassionpit

’The Reeling (BUBBLEGUM SCI FI REMIX).mp3′

MP3: Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)

’Passion Pit – Little Secrets _Jack Beats Remix_.mp3′

MP3: Little Secrets (Jaymo and Andy George Remix)

’01 Little Secrets (Jaymo and Andy George Remix).mp3′

MP3: The Reeling (Burns Remix)

’The Reeling (Burns Remix).mp3′

MP3: Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Hey Champ Remix)


Bonus: Not a remix but a feature
Chiddy Bang -Truth (ft. Passion Pit)

’07 Truth (ft. Passion Pit).mp3′
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