Frequency Palenque

Irish house producer REPLETE purveys an incredibly mature feel for deep groovers, and his latest single “Frequency Palenque” falls in line with that established, almost minimal-deep-house pattern. Coming as a fortuitous welcome entry into the TMN Premiere vaults, “Frequency Palenque” kicks off behind a sinister flat four-four kick-drum sprinkled with a lightly ominous string pad before being taken hostage by a straight up addicting muted horn sample which pump even a hint of electro-swing onto the tune. After the simple yet sophisticated bassline is revealed and evolved our psyche was already smack dab in the middle of REPLETE’s loungey house stylings, proving how easy it was to be pulled along until its apex. REPLETE looks to polish up his already sterling set of production chops throughout the remainder of 2014 as “Frequency Palenque” will be available as a bonus track on REPLETE’s forthcoming EP due out on March 4th via Champion Sound Music, but until then we’ll be the only source to get your fix. Stream REPLETE’s “Frequency Palenque” above before anyone else.


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