Back in 2012, in the midst of the EDM frenzy, we discovered someone who would soon become one of our favorite producers and DJs. In a time where the intensity of electro house and dubstep were favorites amongst the blogoshpere, Chris Lake always seemed to capture that energy and do so in a creative way.

The past year has brought dance music fans a fresh new look at this storied Scottish DJ, bringing a more house-centric vibe to partygoers and clubbers across the globe. While the inventiveness, style, and artful craftsmanship is still very much there, the sounds are much groovier, and much smoother, perhaps providing insight into his roots as a fan of dance music in its early days. Fans should also notice a strong tie into his often humorous persona, as his tracks seem to mimic that cheekiness with ease.

It’s always interesting when we see an artist switch gears in their career, especially when they do so flawlessly, executing their next move with ease. For that reason, and our longtime adoration, we’re bringing you a month-long look at Mr. Chris Lake.

Welcome to The Music Ninja Residency, Mr. Lake.

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Chris Lake