Problems Problems

If you have a problem with this song, then you need to re-adjust your hearing ASAP…or you just need to re-evaluate your taste in music – whichever is easiest for you. Los Angeles’ up and coming singer and songwriter, FRANKIE, just unleashed a sensational new original, “Problems Problems”, and it might honestly be the best thing you hear all day.

The Indie Pop enthusiast warms our hearts and cleanses our soul with her airy vocals, catchy choruses, and powerful songwriting, to which we can’t help but reminisce our life’s obstacles. With its beautiful arrangement and incredible sound design, FRANKIE makes us realize that we all have our shitty problems and sometimes they’re so painful that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well ninjas, we might not be able to help you fix your issues, but we think FRANKIE can help alleviate your tension with a little ballad of reassurance. If you want a free copy for yourself, go over and give this track some love on Hype Machine, screenshot that, and send her an email with it to:  frankiedownload@gmail.com.

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